Paris – Art Paris

ART PARIS ART FAIR – TILT SOLO EXHIBITION With Switzerland being the guest of honour at Art Paris Art Fair (covered here), the Swiss Kolly Gallery focuses on the universe of French graffiti artist Tilt by dedicating a Solo Show. Tilt has won the First Prize of the Art Paris Art Fair, with “L’art est … Continue reading Paris – Art Paris

Paris Match group show at Opera Gallery

Celebrating the 64th anniversary of French magazine Paris Match, in partnership with Opera Gallery in Paris, 19 artists paid tribute by revisiting some of their iconic covers in paintings, sculptures, photos and other mixed media. Participating artists included Speedy Graphito, C215, Blek Le Rat, The London Police, Kan, Dest, Paul Alexis, G.J. Plisson & Brusk, Andre Monet, Gully, Gris1, … Continue reading Paris Match group show at Opera Gallery

London: Walls And Frames Book Launch

  The latest book by Gestalten, Walls & Frames, edited by Maximiliano Ruiz focuses on emerging international street artists and documents how they are transitioning from street to galleries, using innovative tools and techniques that are shaping a new direction of contemporary art. Featuring interviews with the artists and colourful pictures of their studio artworks, … Continue reading London: Walls And Frames Book Launch

London: Evol and Friends at POW

Following his recent installation in London Smithfield market, German artist EVOL and a full supporting cast of artists took over Pictures on Walls for the Christmas show with installations, sculptures, books and limited edition prints. Other featured artists include Banksy, Barminski, Dran, Tilt, James Cauty, Paul Insect, Wayne White, Might Mo, Todd James, Invader, Cept, Jerome Miller, Pacolli, Victor Van … Continue reading London: Evol and Friends at POW

Interviews / Studio visits

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