Paris: La Tour 13

Over looking the Seine ,  La Tour Paris 13 ‎  is a project curated by Mehdi Ben Cheikh from Galerie Itinerrance. During a year the entire building was painted by 100 international street and graffiti artists, each leaving their mark with murals and installations within the 36 apartments over 9 floors and cellars. Opening to the public for a … Continue reading Paris: La Tour 13

London: Urban Masters

Urban Masters is a group show we have been curating together with Opera Gallery London and ANV. We asked international artists from the street art and graffiti scene to pay tribute to the masters that inspired them with their own tools and techniques. The response has been phenomenal as we received participation from fantastic artists … Continue reading London: Urban Masters

London: Walls And Frames Book Launch

  The latest book by Gestalten, Walls & Frames, edited by Maximiliano Ruiz focuses on emerging international street artists and documents how they are transitioning from street to galleries, using innovative tools and techniques that are shaping a new direction of contemporary art. Featuring interviews with the artists and colourful pictures of their studio artworks, … Continue reading London: Walls And Frames Book Launch