See No Evil

2012 See No Evil Festival in Bristol

See No Evil

As part of the second ever See No Evil event, Street artists from around the world are in Bristol city centre to take part in the UK’s largest permanent street art project.

Nelson Street is being transformed with graffiti during the second year of the See No Evil urban art exhibition.

Last year projectors were brought in to help artists create graffiti on buildings up to 10 storeys high.

A RECORD 50,000 people from across the UK and Europe flocked to Bristol over the weekend for the city’s See No Evil street art festival.

See No Evil - Nychos and Flyin Fortress See No Evil - Seize
See No Evil - Sickboy
Organisers estimate more than 20,000 poured into Nelson Street during Saturday daytime alone for the urban art festival, which saw 40 top street artists from across the globe showcase their work.
See No Evil was organised by Team Love, made up of music producers Dave Harvey and Tom Payne plus festival director Mike Bennett and art curator Inkie, with funding from Bristol City Council, the Arts Council and London 2012 Festival as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

See No Evil- Conor Harrington and Nick Walker See No Evil - Conor Harrington See No Evil - Lucy McLaughlan See No Evil - Mark Bode See No Evil - Roa See No EvilSee No Evil - Inkie See No Evil - Stik See No Evil - Pixel Pancho See No Evil - Block party

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