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Frieze Art 2017 Highlights

Frieze Art Fair 2017

For the  15th edition of the Frieze Art Fair in London we pick up some highlights amongst the 160 international galleries. You still have a few days to enjoy the Frieze sculpture park (covered here) featuring 23 international artists hosted in Regent’s Park.

Frieze Sculpture Park 2017

Often underrepresented in the art world, a need for rebalancing has been recognised by Frieze itself this year and a specially curated section showcases work by feminist artists from the 1970s and 1980s.  Andrea Bowers’ neon-glowing installation at Andrew Kreps, declares: My Body My Choice, Her Body Her Choice.

Frieze Art Fair 2017

Jeff Koons Gazing Ball sold for £2 millions at David Zwirner Gallery during the VIP opening.

Frieze Art Fair 2017

Gallerie Perrotin dedicated its booth solely to Kaws paintings and sculptures (including the sculpture park)

Frieze Art Fair 2017

Frieze Art Fair 2017Frieze Art Fair 2017

For their Frieze Project, Lucy & Jorge Orta invite you to become part of a collective world citizenship with their passport project Antarctica World Passport Office. At their deconstructed wagon-esque installation – actually made from a customised ex-army trailer and various army surplus – you’re asked to symbolically transfer your individual national identity to receive access to the no borders community. There are only 5,000 passports available during the fair, so be quick to join the new nation.

Frieze Art Fair 2017

Hauser & Wirth created an unconventional booth featuring solely on works made in bronze with artefacts on loan from various British museums and institutions, together with loans from private collections. Visitors can discover sculptures by the likes of Louise Bourgeois, Henry Moore and David Smith and more.

Frieze Art Fair 2017Frieze Art Fair 2017 Frieze Art Fair 2017
Frieze Art Fair 2017Frieze Art Fair 2017
Frieze Art Fair 2017Frieze Art Fair 2017

At Frieze Masters, amongst the highlights are works by Lichtenstein and Jean Michel Basquiat ( in parallel of the current retrospective at Barbican ‘Boom for Real’).

Frieze Art Fair 2017Frieze Art Fair 2017

Frieze Art Fair 2017Frieze Art Fair 2017

But the main stand out was the recreation of Peter Blake studio, that brings together not only works for sale by the artist but also elements from his personal collection of paraphernalia that hugely informs his practice.

Frieze Art Fair 2017
Frieze Art Fair 2017Frieze Art Fair 2017

View the full set of pics here

Frieze Art Fair
5-8 October 2017
Regents Park London

Frieze Sculpture Park 2017

Frieze Sculpture Park 2017

Ahead of the awaited annual  international Art Fair in October with Frieze London and Frieze Masters, Frieze is launching its  first ever summer outdoor exhibition open to the public in The Regent’s Park in London as an exciting teaser .

“It’s fantastic that the free Frieze Sculpture park will open as part of an exceptional summer of culture in the capital, showing that London is open to innovation, creativity, and to visitors from around the world,” London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has said in a press release. “I’m delighted that this incredible exhibition will bring new audiences to contemporary art, inspiring Londoners and tourists alike.”

Frieze Sculpture Park 2017
Frieze Sculpture Park 2017Frieze Sculpture Park 2017

The new and significant works on display this year have been selected and placed by Clare Lilley, director of programs at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. “From the playful to the political, these 23 works explore contemporary sculpture’s material and technical dexterity, together with its social role and reflection on the human condition and our environment,” said Lilley.

Featuring 23 international artists : Magdalena Abakanowicz, Rasheed Araeen,  Reza Aramesh,  Miquel Barceló,  Anthony Caro, John Chamberlain,  Tony Cragg,  Michael Craig-Martin,  Urs Fischer,   Gary Hume, KAWS, Takuro Kuwata,  Alicja Kwade,  Mimmo Paladino, Eduardo Paolozzi, Jaume Plensa, Thomas J Price,  Peter Regli,  Ugo Rondinone, Sarah Sze,  Hank Willis Thomas,  Bernar Venet,  John Wallbank,  Emily Young.

A series of public tours throughout the summer as well as a free Frieze Sculpture Audio Tour app featuring commentary by Lilley will be organized by Frieze programming partner Art Fund.
In addition, the free London Summer Art Map, co-produced by Art Fund, Art on the Underground, Frieze, the Mayor of London, and Sculpture in the City, will be available to guide you through the season of public artwork across the capital, including the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square and Sculpture in the City.

View the full set of pics here

Frieze Sculpture Park
Until 8 October 2017
Regent Park – London

Frieze Art Fair 2016

The 14th edition of the London Frieze Art Fair gathered over 160 of the world’s leading galleries showcasing works by newly discovered artists alongside some of the most respected names in contemporary art.  We were lucky to visit the Fair ahead of the busy crowds and collectors so here are some of the stand-out pieces and booths.

Haus + Wirth created ‘L’ atelier d’artistes’, with a multitude of objects and materials in a fictitious artist’s studio. This booth is highly entertaining and provides in reality a jumble of small and large works by a multitude of artists from Louise Bourgeois to Martin Creed, Francis Picabia to Henry Moore, mixed with an abundance of artfully arranged material including bottles, palettes and fruits.

Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016

Gagosian has devoted its entire stand to a spare installation of the ceramics of author-artist Edmund De Waal while on Marianne Boeski’s booth, fans of Hans op de Beeck,  who missed his Collector’s House project in Basel earlier (covered) this year, could be transported to the Silent Library, a serene monochromatic white space .

Frieze Art Fair 2016 Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016

Visitors could play with the reflection of glossy artworks by Anish Kapoor or the snowman by Gary Hume, and discover the exclusive release of the limited edition of the ballerina by Jeff Koons at Almine Rech Gallery.

Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016

This year’s Frieze devoted an entire section to the Nineties with 14 galleries collaborating to recreate seminal exhibitions from Daniel Buchholz’s recreation of Wolfgang Tillmans’ very first show at his gallery in 1993 to the recreation of  Karen Kilimnik’s romantic Fountain of Youth with bucolic garden and maze at 303 Gallery.

Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016

In parallel to the Turbine Hall installation at the Tate Modern,  the Pilar Corrias Gallery
is showing Philippe Parreno’s balloons—Speech Bubbles together with Shahzia Sikander’s mesmerizing Singing Suns (2016) video animation.

Frieze Art Fair 2016

Galerie Perrotin featured a  broken glass and pink quartz encrusted boombox by Daniel Arsham,  as well as works by Takashi Murakami and  JR to name a few.

Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016

Galerie Martin Janda  is featuring a written banner with ‘ An Artist who Can Not Speak English is No Artist’ , an artwork by Croatian artist Mladen Stilinović, who recently passed away.  He was one of the leading lights of conceptual art in Croatia, detourning banners and signs repeating stock ideological phrases from communist political speeches  in the 1960s and ‘70s.  In this piece from the time of the Soviet Union’s disintegration, Stilinović seized upon a phrase that evoked the difficulty Croatian artists had in breaking into the Western art market, but which could also conceivably come from a nativist speech in Britain or the United States today.

Frieze Art Fair 2016

Victoria Miro presented sculptures and tapestry by Grayson Perry, Yahoi Kusama and Chantal Joffe. One of Grayson Perry’s tapestry illustrates the British sensor of humour post-brexit with “Britain is Best”  embroidery, below a nationalistic tribe riding a crowned, careening horse.

Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016

Giant bronze bells by French-Moroccan artist Latifa Echakhch lie shattered across the floor at Kamel Mennour booth in symbol of how time inflects its content and how easily important things can be forgotten.

Frieze Art Fair 2016

The highlight of P.P.O.W.’s booth is certainly Portia Munson‘s 1994/2016 Pink Project: Table, in which the artist collected hundreds of pink, plastic items—dolls, My Little Ponies, makeup receptacles, hair accessories, sex toys and mirrors among them—marketed at young girls and women and explores how pink has been embedded in the female subjectivity by consumerism.

Frieze Art Fair 2016

Wandering around the Fair, visitors were surprised by the impossible’ Infinity Column’ of stacked everyday objects by Ouyang Chun (ShanghART)  or gathered on Francis Uprichtard‘s  exhibition (Kate MacGarry), critique of a museum, with pastels coloured walls, while Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin’s hotel signs illuminated the aisle of the Rampa booth.

Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016

At Seventeen Gallery visitors could experience vitual reality by wearing Oculus Rift headsets and dvelve into Jon Rafman’s parallel apocalyptic universe, while seating on a giant sculptural snake eating its tail.

Frieze Art Fair 2016

Canada Gallery invited the viewers with Samara Golden’s new dimension, destroying the concept of gravity and what is physically possible as furniture, everyday objects and breakfast table food hang suspended from the wall.

Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016 Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016

View the full set of pics here

Frieze Projects 2016

Frieze Art Fair 2016

In parallel to the regular booths at Frieze Art Fair (covered) , selected artists have been commissioned to create unusual projects.  Artist Julie Verhoeven intervened in one of its lavatories. Upon arrival, visitors are led by the pink and blue coloured carpets, only to get confused about what is going on in the facilities. Verhoeven’s project is called The Toilet Attendant … Now Wash Your Hands  with the artist dressed as the attendant while all the lavatories have been decorated with fun features, from menstrual pads decorations in the men section to artistic poo painting palette.

While it is hugely entertaining and brings some much needed fun to the sometimes too serious Fair, it also mixes genders and highlights the invisibility of certain working groups and labour ethics. With the enhanced experience,  visitors are leaving the playful installation with a big smile on their faces and sometimes taking away some felted poo.

Frieze Art Fair 2016 Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016
Frieze Art Fair 2016  Frieze Art Fair 2016   Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016   Frieze Art Fair 2016  Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016    Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016    Frieze Art Fair 2016

Wandering along the alleys of the Fair, Lloyd Corporation interventions (Carlos Ishikawa Gallery) presented random street vendors with Vuitton and Hello Kitty  bags visitors .

Frieze Art Fair 2016

Additional performances included a comedian miming different paintings expressions, foams where visitors were invited to interact with and relax.

Frieze Art Fair 2016    Frieze Art Fair 2016

In the Nineties Section of the Fair, with Air de Paris Projects, artist Pierre Joseph presented his series of “Characters to be reactivated”, living sculptures, moving or standing (not talking) with a policeman, a prisoner and a depressed Cinderella with her broom.

Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016

View the full set of pics here

Frieze Masters 2016 Highlights

Frieze Masters

As the entire art world collides to London for a plethora of exhibitions and fairs, Frieze Masters presents antique works from the Egyptian era to Modern Masters, 130 international galleries with 1000 years of art under one roof.   We selected some highlights from Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol , JM Basquiat, Rene Magritte, Miro, Fernand Leger, Roy Lichtenstein. 

Frieze MastersFrieze Masters     Frieze MastersFrieze MastersFrieze Masters Frieze MastersFrieze MastersFrieze MastersFrieze Masters   Frieze Masters   Frieze Masters Frieze Masters     Frieze MastersFrieze Masters     Frieze Masters

View the full set of pics here 

Frieze Masters
6-9 October 2016
Regent’s Park, London

Frieze Highlights 2014

Frieze 2014

The leading international contemporary art fair, Frieze London, returns to the heart of the UK’s capital, London’s Regent’s Park, for its 12th edition.

This year’s event brings together 162 of the world’s top contemporary galleries in the UK and features exhibitors from 25 countries.

Artist Carsten Holler transformed the Gagosian booth into a giant and fun playground ‘Kinder Garten‘, with oversized dice and giant scrabble, where visitors were invited to squeeze a plush octopus, much to the children’s delight.

Frieze 2014     Frieze 2014
Frieze 2014

With a price tag of $300K,  Jamie Lee Byars created a pink silk ‘Hat for Ten” for the Michael Werner Gallery. Ten participants, all dressed in black, interact and collaborate in a form of contemporary dance, all connected through the hoods.

New York based artist Kaws was heavily present at the Perrotin Gallery, from his giant Companion sculptures to colourful canvases.

Frieze 2014     Frieze 2014     Frieze 2014

Brit artist Mark Wallinger selected works by different artists in order to recreate Sigmund Freud’s Hampstead study for the Hauser&Wirth booth. In the corner, oblivious to the dialogue between the conscious and unconscious, is Christoph Buchel ‘s Sleeping Guard. And for 80,000 Euros you can buy the concept, not the man.

Frieze 2014 Frieze 2014     Frieze 2014
Frieze 2014

The most expensive price tag goes to Damien Hirst at the White Cube Gallery. The two part work of fish in formaldehyde from 1993 ‘Because I can’t have you I want you’ sold for £4 millions within the first 15 minutes of the VIP opening.

Sunny smiley objects from Takura Kawata, Jayson Musson and the Smile Face Museum adorn the walls of the New York gallery Salon 94  with a canary-yellow floor, bringing a happy face to the visitors.

Frieze 2014Frieze 2014     Frieze 2014

Colour is also a big theme for several galleries, from Yves Klein and Jason Martin at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, to Steven Shearer & Lothar Hempel at Stuart Shave/Modern Art. 

Frieze 2014    Frieze 2014Frieze 2014    Frieze 2014
Frieze 2014

View the full set of pics here

Frieze Art Fair
13- 18 October 2014
Regent Park, London

Frieze Park - Kaws

With the launch of the Art week in London is the opening of the Frieze Sculpture Park, selected by Clare Lilley, Director of Programme at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Located in the beautiful surroundings of the English Garden, The Sculpture Park features contemporary sculptures alongside historical pieces, with new works by both established and emerging artists represented by Frieze London and Frieze Masters exhibitors.

The exhibited artists include:
Caroline Achaintre, Reza Aramesh, George Condo, Michael Craig-Martin, Martin Creed, Gabriele De Santis, Matt Johnson, KAWS, Yayoi Kusama, Seung-taek Lee, Roelof Louw, Marie Lund, Fausto Melotti, Richard Nonas, Not Vital, Kristin Oppenheim, Jaume Plensa, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Thomas Schütte and Franz West.

Frieze Park -  Jaume Plensa
Frieze Park - Not Vital     Frieze Park - Reza ArameshFrieze Park - Yayoi KusamaFrieze Park - Matt Johnson     Frieze Park - Michael Craig-MartinFrieze Park - George CondoFrieze Park - Ursula von Rydingsvard     Frieze Park - Seung-taek LeeFrieze Park - Martin Creed     Frieze Park - Franz WestFrieze Park -  Gabriele De Santis     Frieze Park - Thomas Schütte

View the full set of pics here

Frieze Art Fair
15-18 October 2014
Regent’s Park
London NW1 4NR

Coverage 2013

Frieze Art Fair 2013

Frieze Art Fair returns to London from 17 to 20 October 2013 showcasing 152 galleries from around the world. Highlights this year include the Gagosian Gallery, displaying five large scale works by pop artist Jeff Koons, from his stainless steel inflatable sculptures series to his Sacred Heart sculpture estimated to $2 billion.
Frieze Art Fair 2013 Frieze Art Fair 2013   Frieze Art Fair 2013  Frieze Art Fair 2013

At the Stephen Friedman Gallery booth, viewers can enjoy the ultimate rebirthing experience by interacting with a giant sculptural self portrait of American artist Jennifer Rubell by climbing into a cavity made in her pregnant stomach. Lisson Gallery is focusing on veteran minimalist Dan Graham’s spiraled plexiglas pavilion, which visitors can enter and be temporarily taken away from the crowd whilst still in full view. Gavin Brown has put in some fun with a series of humanoid traffic cone sculptures by Robb Pruitt.

Frieze Art Fair 2013     Frieze Art Fair 2013Frieze Art Fair 2013     Frieze Art Fair 2013

Galerie Perrotin is displaying a golden sculpture, Naked self portrait with POM, by Takashi Murakami while numerous paintings and sculptures by Yoshimoto Nara can be seen at Pace Gallery and Blum & PoeAnd lastly, a series of photographs by Ryan McGinley, titled Me & My Friends is featured at the Team Gallery booth.
Frieze Art Fair 2013
Frieze Art Fair 2013     Frieze Art Fair 2013Frieze Art Fair 2013     Frieze Art Fair 2013Frieze Art Fair 2013 Frieze Art Fair 2013     Frieze Art Fair 2013Frieze Art Fair 2013     Frieze Art Fair 2013     Frieze Art Fair 2013 Frieze Art Fair 2013     Frieze Art Fair 2013

View more pics from the Frieze Art Fair here

Coverage Frieze 2011

Frieze Art Fair 2011

Every year in October, London becomes the center of the Art world with so many Fairs and simultaneous shows, attracting galleries, artists and collectors to the capital.

The Frieze Art Fair features over 170 of the most exciting contemporary art galleries from all over the world, and you can see all kind of art, contemporary, conceptual, controversial, etc.

Here is a selection from this year:

Click on an image for further details and to enlarge

Frieze Art Fair 2011  Frieze Art Fair 2011  Frieze Art Fair 2011  Frieze Art Fair 2011  Frieze Art Fair 2011     Frieze Art Fair 2011Frieze Art Fair 2011     Frieze Art Fair 2011Frieze Art Fair 2011 Frieze Art Fair 2011     Frieze Art Fair 2011Frieze Art Fair 2011     Frieze Art Fair 2011Frieze Art Fair 2011 Frieze Art Fair 2011     Frieze Art Fair 2011           Frieze Art Fair 2011     Frieze Art Fair 2011Frieze Art Fair 2011 Frieze Art Fair 2011     Frieze Art Fair 2011Frieze Art Fair 2011  Frieze Art Fair 2011  Frieze Art Fair 2011  Frieze Art Fair 2011     Frieze Art Fair 2011 Frieze Art Fair 2011 Frieze Art Fair 2011 Frieze Art Fair 2011

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Featuring over 170 galleries, Frieze opened its door to VIPs ahead of the official opening tomorrow. Here are some pics:

VIP preview 01

Artist Grayson PerryVIP preview 06
VIP preview 04
VIP preview 09 VIP preview 05
VIP preview 10

VIP preview 03
VIP preview 07 VIP preview 08 VIP preview 11
VIP preview 02


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