Studio visit: Hisham Echafaki

We stopped by the London studio of contemporary artist Hisham Echafaki as he prepares a new body of work with drawings, surrealist paintings,3D paintings and prints to be showcased at the Talented Art Fair opening this Friday.

His surrealist compositions show a real fascination for nature and the animal world through intricate symmetry and patterns with a trompe l’oeil effect.

Most intriguing are the 3D paintings. Using several layers of resin, Hisham Echafaki paints three-dimensional insects, that give the optical illusion they are taxidermy specimen embedded in resin. Each piece is a tribute to the beautiful intricacy and complexity of the insect world but also a critique of how humans are affecting and shaping evolutionary changes in animal species.



In parallel a series of prints from his famous Ballets will be released at the Fair and online here

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Hisham Echafaki
Talented Art Fair
17-19 March 2017
Truman Brewery
London E1 6QR

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Dresden: ‘Monument’ to Aleppo sparks emotional debate

Monument - Dresden

A Syrian war memorial is currently dividing Dresden, itself a symbol of the ravages of war.
‘Monument’, featuring three buses standing upright, was erected in February 2017 next to the famous baroque Frauenkirche, which was initially devastated by Allied bombs in 1945 and then rebuilt brick by brick after the German unification, becoming a symbol of peace and reconciliation.

Manaf Halbouni, a Syrian-born artist with German roots, was inspired by a powerful image that was seen worldwide in 2015: Residents of Aleppo put bombed-out buses on their sides in the heart of the formerly thriving industrial city to protect themselves from sharpshooters. The buses became a symbol of the resistance movement in the town which, by the end of 2016, had been nearly totally destroyed by war.

In Dresden, the sculpture is comprised of three outdated public buses. The artist said he intentionally used buses that had not been wrecked, as a symbol of the peace that can still be found in Germany – unlike in Syria.

Designed to draw attention to the Syrian war while appealing for peace and humanity, the art installation has sparked an emotional debate in the city. Halbouni’s work was installed to coincide with the 72nd anniversary of the Allied raids that devastated the city. The bombings by British and American warplanes on a militarily insignificant city remain the source of resentment, and far-right groups tried to use the annual memorial to push a revisionist view of history that Dresden was a victim of an Allied war crime.

Curator of Kunsthaus Dresden Mennicke-Schwarz added: “It’s thought-provoking and that’s what we wanted: to connect the terrible suffering of the war in Syria to Dresden, to connect the commemoration of the victims of the past with those of the present. It seemed so appropriate to give us a small insight into how civilians are trying to get by at the moment in Syrian cities.”

On display in the city through April 3, the installation was funded through donations from the local community. The artist said he found it important to show that there is a side to Dresden which stands in contrast to the anti-foreigner movement that has become associated with the city.

Monument - Dresden
Monument - DresdenMonument - DresdenMonument - DresdenMonument - Dresden
Monument - Dresden

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Nice: C215 ‘Introspective’ @ GCA Gallery

C215 - Introspective @ GCA Gallery

A month after his opening of his show ‘Athlètes’at the Musée National du Sport, French stencil artist C215 is back to Nice, South of France, for an exhibition entitled ‘Introspective’ at the GCA Gallery.

Featuring a series of intricate stencilled portraits, the artist retranscribes a wide range of emotions whether the gentle insanity in Dalí’s look, the disillusioned impression of his daughter Nina, questioning with Renoir, dreamy with Brigitte Lahaie, the serenity of his Simone Veil. The medium starts to echo the subject depicted and participates in the narration like Niki de Saint Phalle on a rifle or Pasteur on a milk carton. The artist also created a tribute mural to Lili, his recently adopted dog, who was happily posing for pictures while C215 was signing books to the delighted audience.

C215 - Introspective @ GCA Gallery
C215 - Introspective @ GCA Gallery C215 - Introspective @ GCA GalleryC215 - Introspective @ GCA Gallery C215 - Introspective @ GCA GalleryC215 - Introspective @ GCA GalleryC215 - Introspective @ GCA GalleryC215 - Introspective @ GCA Gallery
C215 - Introspective @ GCA Gallery

C215 – Instrospective
Until 1 April 2017
GCA Gallery
16 bis rue Catherine Ségurane
06300 Nice – France

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Bethlehem: Banksy opens The Walled Off Hotel


10 years after his first initiative in Bethlehem, elusive British artist Banksy has returned to unveiled his latest project: The Walled Off Hotel , with 10 rooms nestled against the controversial barrier wall separating Israel from the Palestinian territories.

Located in the historic city, the hotel with its nine rooms for £30 a night and one presidential suite, will be open for bookings on its website later this month. It’s a real business adventure, aiming to bring jobs and tourists to a town whose pilgrim and sightseeing-based economy has been ravaged by ever tighter Israeli controls on travel between Israeli and Palestinian territories.

There have been few reasons for Israelis to visit Bethlehem in recent years, because they are banned by law from visiting the town and all its main tourist sites.

It contains dozens of Banksy works, a themed bar and interactive exhibits.  One depicts the signing of the Balfour Declaration which set the conditions for the establishment of Israel 100 years ago this year.


The hotel has been “decorated to resemble an English gentlemen’s club from colonial times” in recognition of the historical role Britain played in the region.

Banksy says people from all sides of the Middle East conflict are welcome to stay, and he is not affiliated to any political party or pressure group.

From the 11th March the museum and art gallery will be open to non-residents every day. Guests can peruse a collection of Banksy artworks that include vandalised oil paintings and statues choking on tear gas fumes. The gallery space enjoys complete autonomy from the rest of the hotel and is curated by the venerated historian and critic Ismal Duddera. He has assembled a permanent collection of real heft and significance. Many of the most notable Palestinian artists from the past 20 years are here – including Sliman Mansour with his iconic “And the Convoy Keeps Going”. An adjoining space is dedicated to temporary shows by upcoming artists.

The museum is dedicated solely to the biography of the wall. It contains state-of-the-art audio visual presentations and a very old tree. Other highlights includes an animated history of the region, military pornography and original beach sculpture from Gaza. The cinema plays excerpts from the mighty Oscar nominated ‘Five Broken Cameras’ – and one of those very same bullet-damaged cameras is on display.
Curated in association with Dr Gavin Grindon from Essex University the museum contains almost fully fact-checked material and will be an ongoing repository for local stories, artefacts and testimonies.

The Hotel also features a graffiti supplies store called ‘Wall – Mart’ that will launch on 20th March, providing supplies for clients who want to paint the Wall nearby.



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Photo credit: The Guardian / The Walled Off Hotel

The Walled Off Hotel
182 Caritas Street, Bethlehem, Palestine

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Malaga: Mark Ryden’s  “Cámara de las Maravillas”

Mark Ryden @ CAC Malaga

Since its opening last December “Cámara de las Maravillas”, the first solo show in Europe by American artist and father of Pop Surrealism Mark Ryden (1963, Medford, Oregon), has brought thousands of people to the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (CAC) in Málaga, Spain. Curated by Fernando Frances, the exhibitions retraces over 20 years of creation by the artist, and features 55 works including iconic pieces such Incarnation (2009) –which inspired inspiration Lady Gaga’s 2010 meat dress-, most of which are kept in private collections.

Mark Ryden @ CAC Malaga
Mark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC Malaga
Mark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC Malaga

Visitors are greeted by the 2012 painting The Parlor – Allegory of Magic, Quintessence, and Divine Mystery , which anticipates many of the elements to be encountered throughout the exhibition: a magical juxtaposition of hybrid creatures in a theatrical setting surrounded by a myriad of symbols, with a perfect rendering of oil painting techniques. The meticulous and detailed work reminds us of Renaissance and Surrealist masters with a contemporary pop culture twist.

Mark Ryden @ CAC Malaga

The earliest work in the exhibition is the painting Saint Barbie (1994), while the most recent, the sculpture Wood Meat Dress (2016), was created especially for the Málaga show. From the young girl worshiping a goddess-like Barbie doll to the eerie, sad-eyed sculpted lady, we can appreciate the evolution of Mark Ryden’s distinctive portraiture of the female characters through the years.

Mark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC Malaga

The show presents all the different series that the artist has exhibited in the past –The Meat Show (1998), Bunnies & Bees (2001), Blood (2003), The Tree Show (2007), The Snow Yak Show (2009), The Gay 90’s (2010), The Gay 90’s West (2014), and Dodecahedron (2015)— as well as the original artwork for the cover of Michael Jacksons’ album Dangerous and three delicate porcelain figures made in the last five years.

Mark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC Malaga

Science and the destruction of Nature are a recurring theme within  Mark Ryden’s  body of work.
Mark Ryden @ CAC Malaga
Mark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC Malaga
Mark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC Malaga

The big exhibition space of the CAC has been articulated in a way that allows the visitor to see many of the pieces at the same time, encouraging many dialogues and correspondences not also between the works, but also between their magnificent frames. These have never been a secondary element for the artist, who designs many of them himself so they perfectly match and complete each of the paintings.

Mark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC Malaga

Visitors are invited the view this cabinet of curiosities with the eyes of a child, letting the imagination run free. Fans of Mark Ryden will be delighted to see together such a careful selection of old as well as new pieces, while those unfamiliar with the artist have here a wonderful opportunity to dive into his enigmatic universe, which is very much alive and still evolving.

Mark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC MalagaMark Ryden @ CAC Malaga
Mark Ryden @ CAC Malaga

View the full set of pics here

Mark Ryden – “Cámara de las Maravillas”
Until March 5,2017
CAC Malaga

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Dresden: Magic City – Art of the streets

Magic City - Dresden

Opened since last October in the German city of Dresden, ‘MAGIC CITY – THE ART OF THE STREET‘ is a touring and evolving exhibition showcasing over 40 international street artists as well as local graffiti writers with their different practices and tools within 2500 square meters. Visitors can learn more about the different art forms, explore the streets of this dream city and interact with the immersive installations.

Curators Carlo McCormic and Ethel Seno declared that their goal was to create a “playground for the imagination”, in a new hybrid form. Starting with an initial ‘ white walls ‘ gallery setting , the streets are getting more and more covered with artworks and installations as the exhibition evolves and continues to tour.

The show starts with a chronological introduction to graffiti with a pictures gallery from legendary photo-journalists Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant, as well as Graffiti writer Daze, who bombed the New York subways in the mid-1970s and writer FINO’91 who grew up in the 1970s in the American sector of divided Berlin

Magic City - Dresden
Magic City - Dresden

Rats have a favorite place in the heart of street artists. This week end saw the reveal of additional artworks to the Magic City exhibition from Ericalcaine to Banksy.

Magic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - Dresden

To celebrate the European premiere of the documentary ‘Saving Banksy’ , the special week end was featuring an all-nighter of documentaries and talks with Blek Le Rat, Colin Day, Herakut, Jens Besser, Remi Jaccard, David Chaumet,  René Kæstner, Andreas Schanzenbach, which we were honoured to participate. In parallel kids could improve their graffiti writing skills in the Spike Labs with Akim Walta and graffiti legends.

Magic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - Dresden Foto: @[100890010083913:Frank Embacher Photographie]Foto: @[100890010083913:Frank Embacher Photographie]
Discussion photos by Frank Embacher Photographie

In the first room of the exhibition, the public can play and create their own artworks using laser pens on the multimedia interactive screens by Akrylonumerik  or get immersed within 3D anamorphic installations by Leon Kerr, Truly, Replete, The Yok & Sheryo .

Magic City - Dresden
Magic City - DresdenMagic City - Dresden Magic City - DresdenMagic City - Dresden

Looking up, twin brothers Skewville ‘dogs have invaded the alleys, while shopping trolleys have been transformed into a playful seating duo. Asbestos ‘Lost’ posters  advertise items never to be found.

Magic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - Dresden

Activist artists like Icy & Sot, Biancoshock and Ori Carino & Benjamin Armas present works about the refugee crisis in Europe while SpY and Shepard Fairey highlight the surveillance society.

Magic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - Dresden

The city also contains a square with a colourful carrousel by crochet queen OLEK, a phone booth installation by Ernest Zacharevic as well as a red light district decorated by AIKO.

Magic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - Dresden

Walking along the streets, visitors can play with the wooden panels by ROA and enjoy the murals by HERAKUT, Tristan Eaton, MadC, Ron English,  discover an urban installation by Brad Downey made of found material andet immersed within the miniature city of Isaac Cordal.

Magic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - DresdenMagic City - Dresden

Magic City also features a cinema with a selection of movies curated by our friends Jaime Rojo and Steven P. Harrington at Brooklyn Street Art.

Full list of participating artists includes Akrylonumerik, Andy K, Asbestos, Ben Heine, Benuz, Biancoshock, Bordalo II, Brad, Downey, Dan Witz, Daze, Ernest Zacharevic, Ganzeer, Henry Chalfant, HERAKUT, Icy & Sot, Isaac Cordal, Jaime Rojo, Jens Besser, Juandres Vera, Lady Aiko, Leon Keer, Loomit, MAD C, Mark Bode, Martha Cooper, Oakoak, Odeith, Olek, Ori Carin / Benjamin Armas, Qi Xinghua, Replete, ROA, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Skewville, SpY, Tristan Eaton, Truly, WENU Crew, Yok & Sheryo.

Magic City - Dresden

Photos by Butterfly Art News unless otherwise stated.

View the full set of pics here

Big Thanks to the SC Exhibition Team, Christoph Scholz, Oliver, Thobias, Britta, Colin Day, Hera, Blek Le Rat, Remi Jaccard, Akim Walta, Dizy, Astrid, René Kæstner, Andreas Schanzenbach, Frank Embacher and the participating artists.

Magic City – The art of the streets
Dresden – until 12 March 2017
Kultur-Quartier Zeitenströmung
Königsbrücker Straße 96
01099 Dresden

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Paris: Lab14

LAB 14 - Paris

Between December and 26 Feb 2017 a former building belonging to the French Post Office in the 14th district of Paris has been transformed by 30 street artists before its refurbishment.  Supported by ARTANA, Poste Immo and Altarea Cogedim, the project LAB 14 is an ephemeral experimental creative space with artist residencies, workshops and creative interventions across 1600 square meters.


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LAB 14
Until 26 Feb 2017
140 Boulevard du Montparnasse
75014 PARIS

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Paris: Cleon Peterson ‘ Victory’ @ Galerie du Jour

Cleon Peterson - Victory

American artist  Cleon Peterson  presents his first solo show at Agnés B’s Galerie du Jour in Paris. Entitled VICTORY, the new body of work features sculptures and paintings with his instantly recognizable black and white characters entangled in vicious cycles of violence. With a fascination for violence, brutality and power, the artist shares a reality he experienced and still observes within the current socio-political situation in the world.

He further explains – “This show explores the hedonistic triumphs of those who recognize themselves as victorious in the unfolding mirror of history. Their right to pleasure hinges on their projection of pain onto the unvictorious other. This often expresses itself in pleasure derived from the misfortune of the defeated. As the winners display their hubris and take their trophies the losers are left insignicant and marginalized. VICTORY explores one mans victory over another, what that victory looks like and the result that victory has on the losers.”

Cleon Peterson - Victory
Cleon Peterson - Victory     Cleon Peterson - VictoryCleon Peterson - Victory  Cleon Peterson - Victory   Cleon Peterson - Victory
Cleon Peterson - VictoryCleon Peterson - Victory     Cleon Peterson - VictoryCleon Peterson - VictoryCleon Peterson - Victory     Cleon Peterson - VictoryCleon Peterson - Victory

View the full set of pics here and a video interview of the artist by We are Our Choices


Cleon Peterson – Victory
Galerie du Jour
Until 18 February 2017

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Paris: Invader PA_1266

Space Invader - Paris 2017

In parallel to his current show ‘Hello My Game is’ at Musee en Herbe (covered) , French artist Space Invader is back to the streets of Paris with a new large mosaic featuring a self portrait in action, masked and running away with a ladder after putting up a framed invader in a starry night. For all Flash Invader addicts it is PA_1266.

Space Invader - Paris 2017 Space Invader - Paris 2017Space Invader - Paris 2017

View the full set of pics here

Hello my game is… will run until 3rd September at Musee en Herbe, 23 rue de l’Arbre-Sec, 75001 Paris.

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Paris: Invader – My Game is…@ Musee en Herbe

Hello My Game is...

Invader takes over Le Musée en Herbe in Paris for an exhibition entitled Hello, My Game Is… with over 100 new works on show.

It’s the first exhibition of Invader in Paris since 2011 (see our coverage of the 1000 exhibition) . The title refers to the name stickers, popular in the graffiti scene, with  a twist on the name emphasizing the playfulness of the work as Hello, My Game Is… seeks to engage with the inner children within us all.

Invader explains – ‘I have myself often drawn inspiration from the world of childhood. Besides, who other than an adult with a child’s soul could devote his life to invading the world with video game characters? Also, this exhibition is very close to my heart because children represent the future. Education and dialogue with children are the key to a good future for humanity and tomorrow’s world.’

Upon entering the museum, children and fans alike can collect stickers from the vending machines and swap any doubles.

Hello My Game is...     Hello My Game is...Hello My Game is...

Since the creation of the Flash Invader app many years ago, which involves hunting down his street pieces across the world, the level of engagement with his work has been deepened with 13,000 registered users to date. For all Flash Invader fans eager to top up their score, the most recent mosaic has been placed inside the museum.

Hello My Game is...

The first room references both video games such as Pac-Man and Q*bert and characters from children’s animation including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Miyazaki’s Ponyo that have inspired Invader’s work. People from all ages are invited to try and play the infamous arcade games.

Hello My Game is...     Hello My Game is... Hello My Game is...

A large-scale interactive map of the world is showing the 67 cities which have been invaded over the course of the last 20 years as well as lifesize ‘alias’ mosaics that have been installed across the world, from London CCTV flower (covered), Toulouse Pink inavsion (covered) to the one in the ISS station.

Hello My Game is...      Hello My Game is...      Space Invader Toulouse - TL_08Hello My Game is...     London Invasion 2016 - Wave 18London Invasion 2016 - Wave 18

The Rubik Cubism room is a nod to the 80’s Rubik’s Cubes game.  Rubik Cubism pieces on display include Disney characters as well as Peter Pan, who previously appeared in PA_1085. This particular work is made from 1,320 Rubik’s Cubes making it his largest such piece to date.

 Hello My Game is...Hello My Game is...Hello My Game is...     Hello My Game is...Hello My Game is...

A magnet wall  allows children, both young and old, to create and remake their own 8-bit inspired creations. The last room presents works on paper as well as a series of masks used during Invader’s streets interventions and a glimpse of the artist’s studio.

A 40-page book containing games and stickers published by Casterman also accompany the exhibition.

Hello My Game is...     Hello My Game is... Hello My Game is...Hello My Game is...       Hello My Game is...     Hello My Game is...Hello My Game is...Hello My Game is...Hello My Game is...     Hello My Game is...Hello My Game is...Hello My Game is...Hello My Game is...

View the full set of pics here

Hello my game is… will run from Monday to Sunday (10am to 7pm; 9pm on Thursdays) from 26th January to 3rd September at 23 rue de l’Arbre-Sec, 75001 Paris.

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London: Daydreaming with UNKLE – The Road Soho @ Lazarides

Daydreaming with UNKLE

James Lavelle , infamous DJ and electronic recording artist, better known as founder of Mo ‘Wax record label and co-founder of music group UNKLE is curating a multisensory exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone titled: Daydreaming with…

Lavelle’s Lazarides show is celebrating 25 years of UNKLE and will kick-start the release of his brand-new album, THE ROAD. For UNKLE, this will be the start of a multitude of events celebrating his history in music so it was only logical that the first exhibition takes place where it all began: Soho.

The exhibition is focussing on creating an immersive experience  with UNKLE’s new music and combine the past, present and future of UNKLE over two floors at the gallery, with the first floor being a virtual reality experience featuring the first trailer to The Man From Mo’ Wax as well as two new videos for two new UNKLE tracks from the forthcoming album The Road. In the adjacent room visitors can experience with a VR headset  a new 360° version of Doug Foster’s Beyond the Infinite installation.

Daydreaming with UNKLEDaydreaming with UNKLEDaydreaming with UNKLE     Daydreaming with UNKLE

Featuring original canvases by Futura and 3D, photos by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones  that were used to illustrate LP covers, screenprints,   limited edition toys, sneakers, and LPs,  there’s something to enjoy for every age and every background.

Some of the UNKLE collaborators attended the overcrowded opening including James Lavelle, Ben Drury, Elliott Power and Dorian Lutz much to the delight of the fans.

Daydreaming with UNKLE     Daydreaming with UNKLE
Daydreaming with UNKLE     Daydreaming with UNKLE
Daydreaming with UNKLE  Daydreaming with UNKLE   Daydreaming with UNKLE
Daydreaming with UNKLE
Daydreaming with UNKLE     Daydreaming with UNKLEDaydreaming with UNKLE Daydreaming with UNKLE

View the full set of pics here

Until 23rd February 2017
Lazarides Rathbone
11 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HR

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With 2016 coming to a close, we look back at the highlights of the year.
Click on the titles to view more information.

Banksy – Les Miserables (London)

Banksy - London 2016

Venturing Beyond @ Somerset House (London)

Venturing Beyond at Somerset House

Space Invader – Wave 18 in London

London Invasion 2016 - Wave 18

Subcultures @ Espace Croix Baragnon (Toulouse)

Subcultures - Toulouse

Paul Insect – It’s only a Dream (London)

Paul Insect - It's only a dream

 Jardin Rouge for Marrakech Biennale 2016

Poes & Jo Ber Mural - The Game of Life

Hisham Echafaki @ Donmar Warehouse Theatre (London)

Sea Ballet

Yayoi Kusama @ Victoria Miro (London)

Yayoi Kusama

Future Iz Past  <++ (Bordeaux)

<++ Future Iz Past

Jeff Koons – Now (London)

Jeff Koons NOW

Rose Beton Festival (Toulouse)

Tilt - Voyage Retour

dran-Tiens (Brussels)

dran 'Tiens'

Conor Harrington – Watch Your Palace Fall (London)

Conor Harrington - Watch Your Palace Fall

MIMA City Lights (Brussels)

MIMA - Parra

Save Yourselves (London)

Save Yourselves

Studio Visit Remi Rough 

Remi Rough - Studio Visit

No Commission (London)


Gavin Turk (London)

Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery

Creve Hivernale 016 (Toulouse)

Creve Hivernale - Toulouse

Thank you for inspiring us throughout the year
Best Wishes for the year to come!

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Toulouse: #Creve Hivernale / Decembrrrr 016


December 2016.  A wasteland surrounded by barbed wire with a view on passing trains, home to travellers and less fortunate people. This is not a picture taken in a distant country, but actually in the center of Toulouse, France.

With Creve Hivernale / Decembrrr 016, local and international artists continue to raise a red flag and highlight the urgency of the current situation and socio-political climate in Europe, this time by gathering outside in this wasteland and creating immersive installations, visual and audio performances, as well as artistic collaborations with children and families living there .



NADIA VON FOUTRE (Toulouse) – JEAN DENANT (Sete) (?) – MANUEL POMAR (Toulouse) – A4 PUTEVIE (Toulouse) – MADEMOISELLE KAT (Toulouse) – SID POLIEKOFF (Toulouse) – MATHIEU TREMBLIN (Strasbourg) – TILT (Toulouse) (?) – MARDI NOIR (Rennes) –  UPGRAYYDD RECIDIVE (Toulouse) – MOLO MOLO (Toulouse) – CLAIRE SAUVAGET (Toulouse) – BERTRAND FRAYSSE (Toulouse) – DON QUICKSHOT (Toulouse) – LURK WARM (Toulouse) – BUTTERFLY (London) – SOPHIE BACQUIE (Toulouse) – LUCIE LAFLORENTIE (Toulouse ) – /+ OFF/ … ANNLOR CODINA (Toulouse) – NATALIE SVIT-KONA EIFYRAN (Toulouse) ) – /+ OFF/ …

From 16 Dec with ongoing interventions until the end of the year

Next event: 29 DECEMBER FROM 17:00

GPS  Location  : 43.632685, 1.475884


Creve Hivernale - Toulouse
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Video: ART4SPACE with Space Invader

Back in 2012, prolific Parisian artist who has ‘Invaded’ cities around the world took over a new territory by sending a piece into the stratosphere, becoming the first artist to send an artistic creation this far above the earth’s surface.

While preparing his exhibition for the Pulse art fair with Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Miami the artist-activist took advantage of his proximity to the Space Coast, making his first space foray, a project he had long been planning.

On August 20, 2012, the mosaic Space One flew aboard a special device designed by the artist who adapted advanced technologies with his own resources. Equipped with a camera, the weather balloon crossed terrestrial atmospheres for a short stay in space before returning, bringing the premier astronautic work back to Earth along with a series of photographic images showing the mosaic work’s perspective distance from space.

Along the Florida coast adjacent to the NASA launch pad, the mosaic One Space blasted off in August 2012 into the stratosphere, thus becoming the first artwork from Invader to travel in space. The ART4SPACE film documents this eponymous project as the artist invites us to follow him through this artistic expedition and embark into the galaxy.


The documentary movie ART4SPACE was screened only in selected locations like Miami, New York or London up to now.

On his instagram account @Invaderwashere the street artist has finally released the full ART4SPACE movie online via his Youtube channel both in French and English versions



A year after the launch of SPACE1, Invader continues to conquer space, this time with the help of the European Space Agency (ESA). On July 2014, a new mosaic SPACE2 took off with Ariane 5 towards the International Space Station (ISS). It floated aboard ISS for several months until the arrival of astronaut Samantha Cristoferetti who on arch 2015 installed it inside the Columbus Module.


Check more coverage on Space Invader here

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No Commission : London with The Dean Collection x Bacardi


Following the success of previous events in Miami  and New York,  The Dean Collection & Bacardi are presenting their immersive art and music event No Commission: London from December 8-10. Curated by music producer Swizz Beatz, the art fair is designed specifically to support both new and established artists. All participants are given their exhibition space for free and 100% of the sale of each artwork goes directly to the artists.

Participating artists include: Ricardo Cavolo, Sandra Chevrier, DANK (Dan Kitchener), D*Face, Ben Eine, Jamie Evans, FAILE,  Fanakapan, Hassan Hajjaj, HANDIEDAN,  Conor Harrington, Paul Insect, Kai and Sunny, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Miss Van, Jaybo Monk, Oker, Felipe Pantone, Lucy Sparrow, Matthew Stone, Gary Stranger, Jason Woodside. 

‘When Music meets Art’ 


“Our theme for No Commission: London is ‘Juxtaposition’ and celebrates the journey from street art to fine art.  Visitors will experience art and music, street art and fine art, street culture and high culture, a bit of grit, a bit of glamour,” explains Swizz Beatz. “It’s great to be in the UK. London in particular has a strong connection with graffiti and contemporary art. But it doesn’t stop here. We want to take No Commission around the world!”

In parallel to the art, guests also enjoyed immersive live music performances from Blood Orange, Emeli Sande x Ainey Zion, Swizz Beatz and Lady Leshurr.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

View the full set of pics here

The Dean Collection x Bacardi present

8-10 December 2016  
Visit here for more information.

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Release: Underground Does not Exist Anymore


Fresh from their return from their one year artistic residency at Villa Medici, Lek & Sowat present their latest book  ‘Underground Does not Exist Anymore‘ together with curator Hugo Vitrani. The book retraces the events between December 2012 and June 2014, where the two artists supported by curator Hugo Vitrani invaded the Palais de Tokyo through various official interventions, secret or ephemeral .

What started out as a mural on a peripheral space of the institution then evolved into an ambitious long-term project. We look back at the project in more details, as we’ve been keeping the secret for a very long time…

John Giorno x Lek X Sowat - Palais de TokyoJohn Giorno x Lek X Sowat - Palais de Tokyo     John Giorno x Lek X Sowat - Palais de TokyoJohn Giorno x Lek X Sowat - Palais de Tokyo     John Giorno x Lek X Sowat - Palais de Tokyo

After a first collaboration with the American artist John Giorno ( see more here) Lek and Sowat were invited a second time to the Palais de Tokyo in December 2012 to paint on the walls of an emergency exit overlooking the technical premises of the museum. Rather than acting as a duo on the agreed space, the artists invited a dozen of graffiti artists including Dem189, Sambre, Wxyz, Katre, L’Outsider, Swiz, Rizot, Legz, Seth to join them and created an immersive installation by painting from the floor to the ceiling and began an urban exploration of the building.

Palais de Tokyo - ParisPalais de Tokyo - Paris    Palais de Tokyo - Paris      Palais de Tokyo - Paris     Lasco Project - Palais de Tokyo

In October 2013 with the complicity of the president of the Palais de Tokyo, Jean de Loisy, new spaces were made available and the project now titled ‘Lasco’ in tribute to the prehistorical cave paintings, the first wall paintings. Curator Hugo Vitrani with Lek and Sowat decided to pay tribute to French graffiti writers with individual dedicated spaces featuring Azyle, Bom.K, dran, Monsieur Qui, ….

In parallel to the authorized areas,  Lek and Sowat as well as invited artists like dran, Alëxone, Kan, Blo, Evol, Cleon Peterson  would also discreetly wander corridors, push doors, paint unofficially and create hidden or ephemeral installations,  illustrating the evanescent nature of graffiti and its ability to penetrate everywhere.

Palais de Tokyo - ParisLasco Project - Palais de Tokyo  Lasco Project - Palais de Tokyo  Lasco Project - Palais de Tokyo

The results can be seen within the video ‘Invisible Vandalism’.


Traces Directs / Direct Outlines

The book also features all the artists ephemeral interventions on a blackboard ( see our coverage here) from Philippe Baudelocque, Wxyz, Alëxone, Smo, L’Outsider, Sowat, Babs, Skki, Jay one, Tcheko, Apôtre, Kan, Seb174, Sambre, Nassyo, Popay (pictured below), Spé, Fléo, Lek, Dem189, Swiz to  Jacques Villeglé.


The short feature film Traces Directs is now part of the permanent collections of the Centre George Pompidou.


La Trappe 

Pushing their exploration of the building further and further, Lek and Sowat discovered a hatch leading to the ventilation lines underneath the Palais de Tokyo.

This is the epilogue of their artistic journey. Lek and Sowat adorned the narrowed and out of reach spaces with graffiti and with curator Hugo Vitrani invited legendary Mode2 and Futura to paint using ochre, black and white colours, reminiscent of the sacred prehistorical paintings in the Lascaux caves.   Large graffiti letters by Mode2  form the sentence  ‘Underground doesn’t exist anymore’.

Lasco Project - Palais de Tokyo                  Lasco Project - Palais de Tokyo Lasco Project - Palais de TokyoLasco Project - Palais de Tokyo     Lasco Project - Palais de TokyoLasco Project - Palais de TokyoLasco Project - Palais de Tokyo

View the full set of pics here

Due to the nature of the space and for security reasons, the Palais de Tokyo has now closed  the access to the hatch permanently. While these paintings will never be accessible to the public, they have been documented in the following video.

Underground Does not Exist Anymore by Lek &Sowat and Hugo Vitrani
ISBN: 978-2-91-917217-81-8
340 pages – Format 17 x 24 cm
Editions Manuella
€ 30 Available here

In parallel Le Palais de Tokyo just released a special issue  Palais Magazine #24 focussing on the urban interventions together with artist interviews from Andre, Azyle, dran, Craig Costello, Futura, Mode2 to Os Gemeos.


Palais Magazine # 24
ISBN: 978-2-84711-071-5
216 pages – Format 22.5 x 28.5 cm
€ 15 Available here


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London: Gavin Turk @ Newport Street Gallery

Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery

Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery is showing the first major solo exhibition of work by British artist Gavin Turk since 2002.

Who What When Where How and Why’ spans twenty-six years of the artist’s career throughout Newport Street’s six gallery spaces featuring over seventy works including new and previously unexhibited selected work drawn from Hirst’s extensive art collection.

Damien Hirst first saw Gavin Turk’s work – which he has been acquiring since 1998 – at his Royal College degree show in 1991, where Turk exhibited the iconic Cave, a commemorative blue plaque installation, presented here in the Gallery 2.

Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery


Since emerging onto the London art scene in the early 90s, Turk has dedicated much of his career to exploring notions of authorship, identity and value.

The Gallery 1 focusses on Signature and Decisions with a series of early works from the 90’s.  Unoriginal Signature (1996) shows the artist’s signature spelled out in an anamorphic installation using Yves Klein blue sponges, only viewable from a particular angle.   En plein air (1994) features a bottle of Perrier on that never stop spinning on a white table, like never reaching for a decision.  For Identity Crisis (1994) a mock up of a Hello Magazine is presented in a light box, parody of an advertising campaign but also highlighting ahead of his time the complexity of sharing the artist private life with mainstream media and tabloids. 

Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery     Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery Gavin Turk - Newport Street GalleryGavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery   Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery  Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery

Exploring the notion of identity, Gavin Turk has portrayed himself in a series of figurative disguises over the past 25 years.

Pop (1993) is a  life-sized waxwork of Turk  as Sid Vicious in the gunslinging pose of Andy Warhol’s Elvis Presley, a comment on the nature of celebrity and the inbuilt self-destruction of the star system. The exhibition also includes lifesize figures of Turk as a tramp in Bum (1998), a Queen’s Guard in Somebody’s Son (2007)  as well as a fountain in Self Portrait (2012).

Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery     Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery   Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery     Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery
Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery

Abstract impressionist canvasses on first glance look like Jackson Pollock, only to reveal the result of an innumerable repetition of Gavin Turk’s signatures.

Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery     Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery

The next floor is an immersive installation dedicated to two infamous symbols of British identity: Punk and white transit vans, which have been camouflaged in the Warhol aesthetic with yellow sneer wallpaper. His own sculpture Pop has been screenprinted in duplicate or triplicate to reiterate the image and blurring the lines between familiar and unfamiliar.

Gavin Turk - Newport Street GalleryGavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery

For his Transit disaster series,  Turk substitutes Warhol’s road side wrecks with the image of a torched transit van. In Britain white vans are synonymous of white working class men. Pictured in flames the implication is violence and vandalism. The repeated image highlights an increasing hostile social divide, consequence of capitalism and desensitisation. Completing the series is a Cesar-like compression of the white van.

Gavin Turk - Newport Street GalleryGavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery     Gavin Turk - Newport Street GalleryGavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery

In one of the corridors lays Nomad (2002), a disarmingly realistic bronze cast of a rough-sleeper buried inside a battered sleeping bag, highlighting the growing issues of social divide and homelessness.

Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery

A series of everyday objects are scattered on the floor and could be discarded as trash, but Gavin Turk loves to play  with our perception, trompe l’oeil, illusion and what is defined as thruth, waste and beauty.

In the Detritus series the artist magnifies these everyday perishable objects and waste and transform them into lifesize bronze sculptures painted to look real, giving them a new value and status.

Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery     Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery  Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery     Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery

Always playful, amongst the trompe l’oeil realistic bronze sculptures is also featured a compressed can, found nearby the gallery during the opening.

Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery

Pimp (1996) , a  skip originally used as a container for the disposal of building waste, has been revamped with lacquered paint.  Pile (2004) features a bronze cast of six full black bin bags arranged in a pile, painted to look real. Ending the exhibition is an extra large version of the bin bag with American Bag (2016), symbol of our wasteful consumerist lifestyles.

Finding beauty in the trashy and ugly, Gavin Turk mentions ‘We are defined by what we throw away and conversely we are deconstructed by what we choose to display in our hallowed museum halls.’

Gavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery     Gavin Turk - Newport Street GalleryGavin Turk - Newport Street Gallery

Who What When Where How & Why is an impressive retrospective of Gavin Turk’s career and definitively not to be missed.

View the full set of pics here

Gavin Turk: Who What When Where How & Why
Until 19 March 2017
Newport Street Gallery, London SE11 6AJ

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Book release: Gris1 – Opus Delits #71


We are happy to have collaborated on the upcoming ‘Opus Delits’ #71, a monograph dedicated to the prolific French artist Gris1.

The subtitle ‘ Enjoy your life’ embodies Gris1′ energetic and cheerful artistic approach. For the past 20 years, the artist has been creating colourful  shapes and volumes that breathe happiness and fun, from his signature smileys to post-it notes installations.

The book features 96 pages with pictures of Gris1’s work on trains, murals and gallery installations throughout Paris, London, Toulouse, Melbourne, Berlin as well as his collaborative works with the DMV crew.

Released in stores in March 2017 by Criteres Editions, Gris1 – Opus Delits#71 can be ordered online here.

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Paris: Sowat – Studio Visit

SOWAT Studio Visit

From September 2015 to August 2016, French artists Lek & Sowat were the first Graffiti writers to become artists-in-residence at the prestigious Academy of France in Rome, the Villa Médicis. A mark of recognition for this atypical duo whose path has led them from the urban wastelands of the Mausolée project (covered here) to the underground ventilation shafts of the Palais de Tokyo (see more here).

We caught up with Sowat in his Parisian studio before he left for his residency and share  some behind the scenes pictures.

SOWAT Studio Visit     SOWAT Studio Visit SOWAT Studio Visit

Sowat thoroughly balances geometry, abstraction and alchemy, playing with the variety of reactions allowed by mixing china ink with chemical substances.
The vibrant colours provide a highly emotional impact to the works. Carefully chosen colour combinations of Blood and Light, Blue and Steel, Purple and Gold, Coal and Fire, evoke a universe, references, an invitation to dream, and seek to revive the ancient alchemical myth of transformation.

SOWAT Studio Visit     SOWAT Studio Visit
SOWAT Studio Visit

During his 12 months residency,  Sowat shared Ingres’ former studio with Lek, and created a new series of work that will be exhibited for his solo show ‘Tempus Fugit‘ at the Galerie Le Feuvre in Paris on 17 November 2016.


Thirty- nine large-sized works, scrupulously composed and staged in the gardens of the Villa explore his research into calligraphy, lines and movement, drawing as much inspiration from the engraved marble slabs of the Roman Codex as from Cholo Writing, the Latino gangs’ art from the Los Angeles of his youth, thus creating a tension between the primitive aspect of his work and the stone and plaster of antique statues.


Photos credit: Paris by Butterfly Art News, Rome courtesy of Sowat and Yulia Galycheva 

Sowat – Tempus Fugit
Opening 17 Nov from 6 PM
17 Nov – 17 Dec 2016
Galerie Le Feuvre
164 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris

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London: Frieze Sculpture Park

Frieze Sculpture Park 2016

One of the many highlights of the Frieze Art Fair in London remains its sculpture park.  Curated by  Clare Lilley (Yorkshire Sculpture Park), Frieze Sculpture Park features 18 artworks spread amongst Regent’s Park, with a mix of 20th century classics and new works on show, from Claes Oldenburg, Jean Dubuffet and Lynn Chadwick to contemporary artists including Conrad Shawcross ( pictured above) and Nairy Baghramian.

The Frieze Sculpture Park outlasted the 5 days Fair and will remain on show until January 2017.

Frieze Sculpture Park 2016
Claude Lalanne

Frieze Sculpture Park 2016     Frieze Sculpture Park 2016
Claes Oldenburg                                   Nairy Baghramian

Frieze Sculpture Park 2016     Frieze Sculpture Park 2016
Henry Krokatsis                                     Lynn Chadwick

Frieze Sculpture Park 2016
Matthew Monahan

Frieze Sculpture Park 2016
Fernando Casasempere

Frieze Sculpture Park 2016
Jean Dubuffet

Frieze Sculpture Park 2016
Zeng Fanzhi

View the full set of pics here 

Frieze Sculpture Park
Until January 2017
Regent’s Park, London

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London: Remi Rough – Studio Visit

Remi Rough - Studio Visit

We stopped by the studio of British artist Remi Rough while he prepares for his upcoming solo show  entitled ‘Post’ at the Speerstra Gallery in Switzerland.

Since his first gallery exhibition in 1989, Remi Rough has successfully transitioned from his early graffiti style to create his own abstract geometrical language, recognisable regardless of its form, whether  large scale murals or gallery works. Opening on 12 November, the ‘Post ’ exhibition will feature nineteen new works  on paper and canvas.

Remi Rough - Studio Visit
Remi Rough - Studio Visit     Remi Rough - Studio Visit   Remi Rough - Studio Visit     Remi Rough - Studio Visit

In this exhibition, Remi Rough redefines the idea of space and invites the viewer to travel into his parallel architectural universe with his layering of colourful lines and geometrical shapes, while lights and shadows give a sense of perspective and movement. Mastering abstract compositions with carefully thought balance of shapes and colours with a distinct precision of the lines.

Remi Rough - Studio Visit Remi Rough - Studio VisitRemi Rough - Studio Visit Remi Rough - Studio VisitRemi Rough - Studio Visit
Remi Rough - Studio Visit

View the full set of pics here

Remi Rough – Post
Speerstra Gallery
12 Nov – 17 Dec 2016

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London: Frieze Art Fair 2016 – Projects

Frieze Art Fair 2016

In parallel to the regular booths at Frieze Art Fair (covered) , selected artists have been commissioned to create unusual projects.  Artist Julie Verhoeven intervened in one of its lavatories. Upon arrival, visitors are led by the pink and blue coloured carpets, only to get confused about what is going on in the facilities. Verhoeven’s project is called The Toilet Attendant … Now Wash Your Hands  with the artist dressed as the attendant while all the lavatories have been decorated with fun features, from menstrual pads decorations in the men section to artistic poo painting palette.

While it is hugely entertaining and brings some much needed fun to the sometimes too serious Fair, it also mixes genders and highlights the invisibility of certain working groups and labour ethics. With the enhanced experience,  visitors are leaving the playful installation with a big smile on their faces and sometimes taking away some felted poo.

Frieze Art Fair 2016 Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016
Frieze Art Fair 2016  Frieze Art Fair 2016   Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016   Frieze Art Fair 2016  Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016    Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016    Frieze Art Fair 2016

Wandering along the alleys of the Fair, Lloyd Corporation interventions (Carlos Ishikawa Gallery) presented random street vendors with Vuitton and Hello Kitty  bags visitors .

Frieze Art Fair 2016

Additional performances included a comedian miming different paintings expressions, foams where visitors were invited to interact with and relax.

Frieze Art Fair 2016    Frieze Art Fair 2016

In the Nineties Section of the Fair, with Air de Paris Projects, artist Pierre Joseph presented his series of “Characters to be reactivated”, living sculptures, moving or standing (not talking) with a policeman, a prisoner and a depressed Cinderella with her broom.

Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016

View the full set of pics here

Frieze Art Fair 2016
Regents Park

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London: Lucy Sparrow – Shoplifting

Lucy Sparrow - Shoplifting

British seamstress Lucy Sparrow launches her latest solo show in London this November. Banishing banality, Sparrow invites you in to her makeshift store at Lawrence Alkin Gallery to lift whatever you can get away with.

Shoplifting is a collection of works that focus the spotlight on one of the most common everyday criminal acts. Inspired by the artist’s time spent working in a supermarket, this show takes a humorous look at themes of larceny including the most frequently robbed items in the UK and the types of people who lift them.

Lucy Sparrow - Shoplifting    Lucy Sparrow - Shoplifting     Lucy Sparrow - Shoplifting    Lucy Sparrow - ShopliftingLucy Sparrow - Shoplifting

Punters (honest and otherwise) can expect to see rooms overflowing with temptation – with new pieces in perspex frames and cabinets stuffed with hand-crafted felt items to tempt all types of people looking for a five finger discount (i.e. everyone).

Lucy Sparrow - ShopliftingLucy Sparrow - Shoplifting   Lucy Sparrow - Shoplifting   Lucy Sparrow - Shoplifting

Statistics show that retail crime is on the increase, with the annual cost soaring to £613m in the UK last year – the biggest since records began – driven by criminal gangs stealing luxury goods to order. Shoplifting exists to prove that this is even more common than most people imagine. So put on a massive coat and make sure you’ve got some strong thighs, shoplifting has never been as bright, colourful and enticing as this. Remember, thieves will not be prosecuted.

Lucy Sparrow - Shoplifting

Lucy Sparrow – Shoplifting
Lawrence Alkin Gallery
Until 29 November 2016

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London: Frieze Highlights 2016

Frieze Art Fair 2016

The 14th edition of the London Frieze Art Fair gathered over 160 of the world’s leading galleries showcasing works by newly discovered artists alongside some of the most respected names in contemporary art.  We were lucky to visit the Fair ahead of the busy crowds and collectors so here are some of the stand-out pieces and booths.

Haus + Wirth created ‘L’ atelier d’artistes’, with a multitude of objects and materials in a fictitious artist’s studio. This booth is highly entertaining and provides in reality a jumble of small and large works by a multitude of artists from Louise Bourgeois to Martin Creed, Francis Picabia to Henry Moore, mixed with an abundance of artfully arranged material including bottles, palettes and fruits.

Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016

Gagosian has devoted its entire stand to a spare installation of the ceramics of author-artist Edmund De Waal while on Marianne Boeski’s booth, fans of Hans op de Beeck,  who missed his Collector’s House project in Basel earlier (covered) this year, could be transported to the Silent Library, a serene monochromatic white space .

Frieze Art Fair 2016 Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016

Visitors could play with the reflection of glossy artworks by Anish Kapoor or the snowman by Gary Hume, and discover the exclusive release of the limited edition of the ballerina by Jeff Koons at Almine Rech Gallery.

Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016

This year’s Frieze devoted an entire section to the Nineties with 14 galleries collaborating to recreate seminal exhibitions from Daniel Buchholz’s recreation of Wolfgang Tillmans’ very first show at his gallery in 1993 to the recreation of  Karen Kilimnik’s romantic Fountain of Youth with bucolic garden and maze at 303 Gallery.

Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016

In parallel to the Turbine Hall installation at the Tate Modern,  the Pilar Corrias Gallery
is showing Philippe Parreno’s balloons—Speech Bubbles together with Shahzia Sikander’s mesmerizing Singing Suns (2016) video animation.

Frieze Art Fair 2016

Galerie Perrotin featured a  broken glass and pink quartz encrusted boombox by Daniel Arsham,  as well as works by Takashi Murakami and  JR to name a few.

Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016

Galerie Martin Janda  is featuring a written banner with ‘ An Artist who Can Not Speak English is No Artist’ , an artwork by Croatian artist Mladen Stilinović, who recently passed away.  He was one of the leading lights of conceptual art in Croatia, detourning banners and signs repeating stock ideological phrases from communist political speeches  in the 1960s and ‘70s.  In this piece from the time of the Soviet Union’s disintegration, Stilinović seized upon a phrase that evoked the difficulty Croatian artists had in breaking into the Western art market, but which could also conceivably come from a nativist speech in Britain or the United States today.

Frieze Art Fair 2016

Victoria Miro presented sculptures and tapestry by Grayson Perry, Yahoi Kusama and Chantal Joffe. One of Grayson Perry’s tapestry illustrates the British sensor of humour post-brexit with “Britain is Best”  embroidery, below a nationalistic tribe riding a crowned, careening horse.

Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016

Giant bronze bells by French-Moroccan artist Latifa Echakhch lie shattered across the floor at Kamel Mennour booth in symbol of how time inflects its content and how easily important things can be forgotten.

Frieze Art Fair 2016

The highlight of P.P.O.W.’s booth is certainly Portia Munson‘s 1994/2016 Pink Project: Table, in which the artist collected hundreds of pink, plastic items—dolls, My Little Ponies, makeup receptacles, hair accessories, sex toys and mirrors among them—marketed at young girls and women and explores how pink has been embedded in the female subjectivity by consumerism.

Frieze Art Fair 2016

Wandering around the Fair, visitors were surprised by the impossible’ Infinity Column’ of stacked everyday objects by Ouyang Chun (ShanghART)  or gathered on Francis Uprichtard‘s  exhibition (Kate MacGarry), critique of a museum, with pastels coloured walls, while Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin’s hotel signs illuminated the aisle of the Rampa booth.

Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016

At Seventeen Gallery visitors could experience vitual reality by wearing Oculus Rift headsets and dvelve into Jon Rafman’s parallel apocalyptic universe, while seating on a giant sculptural snake eating its tail.

Frieze Art Fair 2016

Canada Gallery invited the viewers with Samara Golden’s new dimension, destroying the concept of gravity and what is physically possible as furniture, everyday objects and breakfast table food hang suspended from the wall.

Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016 Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016

View the full set of pics here

Regents Park

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London : Christian Hook @ Clarendon Gallery

Christian Hook

Christian Hook, 2014 Winner  of The Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year just unveiled his new collection of paintings and exclusive editions, as well as the release of his new hardback book ‘La Busqueda’ at Clarendon Gallery in London.

The exhibition features his infamous portraits from the Sky Art Series with actress Sue Johnston, singer Mick Hecknall from Simply Red and professional footballer Fabrice Muamba.

Christian Hook  Christian Hook   Christian HookChristian Hook
Christian Hook with actress Sue Johnston

The paintings of Christian Hook are rooted in tradition yet brim with freshness and vitality. The past and the present collide in each piece, creating alternating perspectives on one subject. There is a fascination with classical art and the broken image combined with an exploration of time and motion through subsequent layers of transparent paint.

Working between London and Gibraltar, Christian Hook is fascinated in capturing time and depicting motion, time and the moments that occur between events, hence the use of multiple view points to depict a single subject: “We are always on the move, if not physically, mentally.”

His ‘Monologues’ series reinterpret the timeless bather theme by depicting a female figure at different phases during bath time. Monologue because bathing time is a moment of self reflection.  Christian Hook also started collaboration with other artists to bring an additional element to the paintings. The painted subject comes alive with an ornate ladder sculpture and silver flip flops.

Christian HookChristian Hook  Christian Hook     Christian HookChristian Hook Christian Hook

Christian Hook also manages to capture the essence of a greyhound while it remains still for a millisecond, ready to spring and pays tribute to the Spanish Cartujano horse with a close study of the anatomy and its elegant movements.

Christian HookChristian HookChristian Hook      Christian HookChristian HookChristian Hook     Christian Hook    Christian Hook         Christian Hook     Christian HookChristian Hook     Christian Hook Christian Hook

View the full set of pics here

Christian Hook
Until 29 October 2016
Clarendon Gallery
46 Dover Street, London, W1S 4FF

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Toulouse: Bleu Bleu @ ‘Printemps de Septembre’ Festival

Bleu Bleu - Printemps de Septembre

We continue our coverage on the Printemps de Septembre Festival in Toulouse  with the Bleu Bleu Project (named after a mythical bar in Toulouse attended by the young art scene), a multifaceted project curated by Manuel Pomar.

Originating from a scenario and the eponymous play by Stephane Arcas, the Bleu Bleu exhibition borrows the play’s decor and some of its texts. The Lieu Commun space has been transformed into a decrepit student apartment whith emblematic artworks from the 90’s borrowed from regional collections of contemporary art (FRAC). Historical pieces are exhibited together with other works carried out by a selection of graduates artists of the Toulouse Fine Art School (isdaT) and EBABX. In parallel visitors can enjoy live performances of members of the collective 330 + 1 who reenact certain parts of the play. A report on the youth and the upheavals of the world.

Bleu Bleu - Printemps de Septembre Bleu Bleu - Printemps de SeptembreBleu Bleu - Printemps de Septembre     Bleu Bleu - Printemps de Septembre Bleu Bleu - Printemps de Septembre

View the full of pics from Printemps de Septembre here

Bleu Bleu
Until 23 October 2016
Printemps de Septembre Festival
Lieu Commun, Toulouse

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London: Save Yourselves @ Stour Space

Save Yourselves

For at least a decade, the urban art landscape of the East London area called Hackney Wick has shaped and developed the aesthetic of this unique pocket of London. Many of these artists have gone on to become some of the most prolific street artists of our time. As most buildings are doomed for demolition, subsequently so is the rich heritage of urban art in East London. Is there now anything left to Save, apart from ourselves?

Save Yourselves

Save Yourselves celebrates the art and the artists who have personal and emotional connections to the area. From 14th  October at Stour Space, curator artist Aida Wilde is gathering once again the ‘Lunatics’ from the recent takeover of the Lord Napier pub (Hackney Wicked 2016), bringing you an immersive, visual and historical experience.

By sharing personal photos and archival images and footage, the local people of The Wick, Hackney WickED and Save Hackney Wick have contributed to an extraordinary and emotional insight into this unique community past and present.

Save Yourselves

Exhibiting along with the ‘Lunatics’ will be the launch of the printed posters of Sisters In Print,  a collective of opinionated sixteen national and international female artists, sharing  the love of print and print making. The prints produced for the show are all printed in Aida’s studio in the heart of Hackney Wick.

Save YourselvesSave Yourselves

An installation recreates the Lord Napier’s Pub with collaborative messages about gentrification of Hackney Wick from ‘Shithouse to Penthouse’ and features a Sweet Toof real estate agent promoting the area as ‘Urban and Edgy’.

Save Yourselves highlights the wealth and diversity of creative talents of East London, sadly pushed away by real estate speculation.  A immersive show not to be missed !

Save Yourselves     Save Yourselves Save Yourselves


MOBSTR, Donk, Zombie Squeegee, Static, Fatherless, Edwin, Mighty Mo, Sweet Toof, Dscreet, Unga, Deso, Malarko, Float, DONE, Gregg Abbott (The Hidden Print), Vesna Parchet, Teddy Baden, John Atherton, Hin, Sony, Darren John, RUN, Ronzo, Rowdy, Neoh, David O’Shaughnessy, Cristina Lina, Brenda Goodchild, Helen Ashton, Jo Hicks, Anna Chilton, Xenz, Busk, Fifth Wall TV, Rosa Romeo, Felicity Taylor, Gina Pellicci, Juliette Stuart, Allie Li, Ego. A. Sowinski, Pang, Tek33, ODC & Nudo de Víboras.

Save Yourselves     Save Yourselves
Save YourselvesSave YourselvesSave Yourselves     Save YourselvesSave Yourselves  Save YourselvesSave YourselvesSave Yourselves Save Yourselves  Save Yourselves   Save Yourselves Save Yourselves

View the full set of pics here

Save Yourselves
Curated by Aida Wilde

Until 31 October 2016
Stour Space, 7 Roach Road,
Hackney Wick, London, E3 2PA

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Toulouse: David Shrigley @ ‘Printemps de Septembre’ Festival

David Shrigley - Problem in Toulouse

The Printemps de Septembre (Spring in September) returns this year after a three year hiatus to Toulouse in Southern France. The festival, which was recently redefined as a Biennal by founder Marie-Thérèse Perrin, takes place throughout the city with a programme of exhibitions, concerts, screenings and performances.

Fresh from his recent inauguration of the ‘Really Good’ sculpture on the 4th Plinth in Trafalgar Square in London, British artist and Turner Prize nominee David Shrigley has designed and manufactured all the elements to organise a music festival in partnership with the Higher Institute of Arts in Toulouse: the instruments, stage setting and rehearsal studio, posters and even the lyrics of songs, where bands can register and play.
The installation is called ‘ David Shrigley – Problem in Toulouse’.

David Shrigley - Problem in Toulouse

The display is featured in the Palais des Arts school , as well as a series of David Shrigley’s distinctive black and white quick-witted drawings and hand-rendered texts with satirical comments on everyday situations.

David Shrigley - Problem in Toulouse     David Shrigley - Problem in Toulouse
David Shrigley - Problem in ToulouseDavid Shrigley - Problem in Toulouse David Shrigley - Problem in Toulouse David Shrigley - Problem in Toulouse     David Shrigley - Problem in ToulouseDavid Shrigley - Problem in Toulouse David Shrigley - Problem in Toulouse David Shrigley - Problem in Toulouse     David Shrigley - Problem in Toulouse David Shrigley - Problem in Toulouse

View the full set of pics here

David Shrigley – Problem in Toulouse
Until 23 October 2016
Printemps de Septembre
Institut Superieur des Arts de Toulouse

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London: Frieze Masters Highlights

Frieze Masters

As the entire art world collides to London for a plethora of exhibitions and fairs, Frieze Masters presents antique works from the Egyptian era to Modern Masters, 130 international galleries with 1000 years of art under one roof.   We selected some highlights from Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol , JM Basquiat, Rene Magritte, Miro, Fernand Leger, Roy Lichtenstein. 

Frieze MastersFrieze Masters     Frieze MastersFrieze MastersFrieze Masters Frieze MastersFrieze MastersFrieze MastersFrieze Masters   Frieze Masters   Frieze Masters Frieze Masters     Frieze MastersFrieze Masters     Frieze MastersFrieze Masters

View the full set of pics here 

Frieze Masters
6-9 October 2017
Regent’s Park, London

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London: Moniker Art Fair and Other Art Fair

Moniker Art Fair 2016

During a week, all the art world gathers in London, from collectors, curators, galleries and artists. The Truman Brewery building in Eats London is hosting 3 satellite Fairs to the infamous Frieze Art Fair.

Moniker Art Fair, now in its seventh year, has established itself as a key satellite event of London Art Week, showcasing emerging contemporary urban talent. Visitors engaged with numerous installations throughout the building, including an 18-metre digital ‘playground’ created by Maser, a virtual reality Oculus Rift immersive experience by Jose Montemayor  as well as workshops and conferences by TAC.  Visitors could watch artist Max Zorn create spontaneous tape art on Plexiglas, and live printing sessions at Jealous Gallery.

Moniker Art Fair 2016Moniker Art Fair 2016 Moniker Art Fair 2016Moniker Art Fair 2016Moniker Art Fair 2016     Moniker Art Fair 2016Moniker Art Fair 2016     Moniker Art Fair 2016Moniker Art Fair 2016Moniker Art Fair 2016Moniker Art Fair 2016
Moniker Art Fair 2016Moniker Art Fair 2016     The Other Art Fair

The Hepatitis C Trust’s Art on a Postcard is back for its second year at Moniker with postcards and customised car bonnets. The Postcard Lottery was a huge hit giving visitors the chance to own an original artwork by one of the many world renowned artists involved from the likes of Paul Insect, Pure Evil, Eelus, Harland Miller, Peter Blake, Brad Downey and more.

Moniker Art Fair 2016Moniker Art Fair 2016     Moniker Art Fair 2016Moniker Art Fair 2016

The Other Art Fair continues to inspire art lovers with a selection of 130 artists presenting directly their artworks like neon sculptures by Mark Beattie. In parallel  the fair also showcased workshops, talks and children’s activities.

The Other Art FairThe Other Art Fair     The Other Art FairMoniker Art Fair 2016Moniker Art Fair 2016     Moniker Art Fair 2016Moniker Art Fair 2016     Moniker Art Fair 2016Moniker Art Fair 2016

View the full set of pics here

6 – 9 October 2016
Truman Brewery

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Toulouse: Mister Freeze Festival

Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016

Following the recent Rose Beton Festival back in June ( see our full coverage here), the French pink city is currently hosting Mister Freeze ( a nod to the infamous art fair in London).

Thirty international graffiti and street artists have been invited to paint murals and showcase their artworks.

To kick start the festival, Brusk and Kan from the DMV crew painted a gigantic mural with a ferocious dog surrounded by a fire extinguisher and pointillist flames.

Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016

Inside  and outside a former aerospace warehouse of 8000 square meters, visitors can wander around and discover playful and colourful characters by POES , JO BER, Maye or Mademoiselle Kat, as well as installations by Popay and Katre to name a few

Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016     Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016
Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016     Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016Mister Freeze Toulouse 2016

Mister Freeze
Until 9 October 2016
Espace Cobalt
55 Rue Louis Briguet
Toulouse, France

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London: Ryan Hewett @ The Unit

Ryan Hewett - Order

South African artist Ryan Hewett is returning to London for a third solo show at the Unit London called ‘Order‘.

Moving away from his chaotic creative process of construction and destruction towards a more considered and confident approach, the new body of works includes self-portraits, portraits of Lucian Freud, Egon Schiele, Marcel Duchamp, Samuel Beckett and Audrey Hepburn and, for the first time ever, landscapes.

Ryan Hewett - OrderRyan Hewett - Order

While paint is still applied impasto – brushes and masks are employed alongside the palette knife to create hard lines and graded blocks of colour.  While representing a significant step change for the artist, Hewett’s new works retain the unsettling beauty for which he has become renowned.

Ryan Hewett - OrderRyan Hewett - Order    Ryan Hewett - Order
Ryan Hewett - Order    Ryan Hewett - OrderRyan Hewett - OrderRyan Hewett - Order     Ryan Hewett - Order    Ryan Hewett - Order     Ryan Hewett - OrderRyan Hewett - Order

View the full set of pics here

Ryan Hewett – Order
Until 26 October 2016
The Unit London

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London: START Art Fair 2016 Highlights

START Art Fair Saatchi 2016

START Art Fair returns to Saatchi Gallery in London for its third edition from 15-18 September 2016. The fair focusses on emerging artists and new art scenes featuring 70 international galleries from London, Seoul, Hong-Kong, Dehli, Cape Town to Taipei and Tokyo.

Amongst the highlights we enjoyed intricate microcosm breathing creature paintings by Mariane, a japanese artist (pictured above) from  Gallery Jin Projects, as well as delicate ceramics by young Korean artist Yunhee Lee (In and Out Art), hyper-realistic sculptures by Carole Feuerman (Aria Art), and a roaring lion made of stainless steel and used tires by Ji Yong Ho (ATELIER AKI – Korea) to name a few.

START Art Fair Saatchi 2016     START Art Fair Saatchi 2016START Art Fair Saatchi 2016
START Art Fair Saatchi 2016START Art Fair Saatchi 2016     START Art Fair Saatchi 2016START Art Fair Saatchi 2016     START Art Fair Saatchi 2016START Art Fair Saatchi 2016

Amongst the START Projects complementing the fair, visitors could experience ‘Baghdad Manifesto’, the debut London solo exhibition by Iraqi-born artist Mahmoud Obaid, who also curated a presentation of emerging artists who have recently taken part in the Artist in Residence Programme at the Fire Station in Doha, Qatar, titled ‘Identity, Construction & Deconstruction’. 

START Art Fair Saatchi 2016 START Art Fair Saatchi 2016     START Art Fair Saatchi 2016
START Art Fair Saatchi 2016START Art Fair Saatchi 2016  START Art Fair Saatchi 2016 START Art Fair Saatchi 2016   START Art Fair Saatchi 2016START Art Fair Saatchi 2016    START Art Fair Saatchi 2016     START Art Fair Saatchi 2016   START Art Fair Saatchi 2016START Art Fair Saatchi 2016     START Art Fair Saatchi 2016  START Art Fair Saatchi 2016     START Art Fair Saatchi 2016START Art Fair Saatchi 2016

To kick start the art season in London, START Art Fair is a breath of fresh air with its emerging artists and multicultural selection.

View the full set of pics here and browse through the complete list of participating
galleries here

START Art Fair 2016
15-18 September 2016
Saatchi Gallery

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London: Conor Harrington ‘ Watch Your Palace Fall’

Conor Harrington - Watch Your Palace Fall

After nine months of preparation,  Irish born, London based artist Conor Harrington is presenting a new solo exhibition Watch Your Palace Fall at Pace Gallery London in Soho.

Continuing his narrative of politically charged oil paintings, Conor Harrington depicts fights between military male characters dressed in 18th century uniforms, with all the rage and thirst for power.

conor-harrington-43-custom Conor Harrington - Watch Your Palace Fall     Conor Harrington - Watch Your Palace FallConor Harrington - Watch Your Palace Fall

The chase for power is certainly timeless and draws references to the contemporary political climate, as illustrated in Sluggers Paradise (2016), a large diptych featuring a tug of war and coloured to represent the classic blue and red of opposing political parties.


Amongst the eleven new canvases, six of them feature a ‘ Golden Mask’, a recurring theme in Conor Harrington’s body of work, where the portrait explores his alter ego.

Conor Harrington - Watch Your Palace Fall conor-harrington-35-custom

“These paintings are a nod to political deceit, the lies and half truths told to assume a role and gain power, the prevalence of social media selves at the expense of the real self and the graffiti alter ego, acquiring a pseudonym and hiding your true identity.” – Conor Harrington, August 2016.

Guests at the opening were also happy to taste beer with customised labels and browse in advance through the upcoming monograph Conor Harrington: Watch Your Palace Fall by HENI Publishing, a retrospective of Conor Harrington’s painting career.

Officially released on  27 October 2016, you can preorder a copy HERE.  A book launch event & signing event will be hosted on Sunday 2 October 2016, 11:30–2pm.

Conor Harrington - Watch Your Palace FallConor Harrington - Watch Your Palace Fall     Conor Harrington - Watch Your Palace Fall     Conor Harrington - Watch Your Palace Fall     Conor Harrington - Watch Your Palace Fallconor-harrington-36-custom

View the full set of pics here

Conor Harrington – “Watch Your Palace Fall’
Until 8 October 2016
6-10 Lexington Street, London

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Video: ‘Saving Banksy’ Documentary New Trailer


‘Saving Banksy’ is a documentary following art collector Brian Greif who removed a stencilled Rat by Banksy from the side of Red Victorian, a building located in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district. His initial intention to preserve and donate the rat to a museum for the public proved unsuccessful (because no museum would accept graffiti as art). However this triggered interest from art dealers and auction houses…


Though Banksy’s street work is deemed illegal by authorities, and will not be authenticated by Pest Control, his works have been removed by art dealers and re-sold at auctions for hundreds of thousands of dollars, while the artist himself receives nothing.

Directed by Colin Day and narrated by Paul Polycarpou, the film features interviews with renowned street artists from all across the globe including Ben Eine, Risk, Revok, Niels Mueman, Blek Le Rat, Anthony Lister, Doze Green, Hera and Glen E Friedman.

Some quotes from the interviewed artists:

Ben Eine: “Right now, today, I wouldn’t want one of my paintings preserved. In a hundred years time, when I’m dead, and none of them exist, I would love to have one of my paintings preserved. It’s a double-edge sword.”

RISK: “You can love my stuff, you can hate my stuff, you can steal my stuff . . . but give me the right to decide what I wanna sell or not sell.”

Doze Green: “It’s selfish to take something down that was put there for the public to love . . . or hate, but it was meant for the public.”

The documentary raises awareness about the complex political, legal situation, and question of ownership of art left in the streets.

The film premiered at the Nashville Festival earlier in April and will be released this autumn. More info on

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Streets: Invader Pink Invasion (Toulouse)

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_03

Invader recently completed his first invasion wave of Toulouse, with Ten space invaders made with various shades of pink as a tribute to the town nicknamed ‘Pink City’ due to the pinkish terracotta bricks used in its architecture.. Toulouse is the 66th city to be invaded and Flash Invaders game lovers will add 330 Points to their total score. Happy hunting !

Photo courtesy of Invader

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_03

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_04

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_05

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_06

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_08

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_09

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_10

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MIMA City Lights with Faile

MIMA - Faile

For the exhibition ‘City Lights’ at the MIMA Museum in Brussels, the artistic duo Faile have covered the internal walls of the museum with their  stencils similarly like they have been doing on the New York streets for the past 15 years.

MIMA - Faile

The lavatories adorn their signature narrative imagery  and characters.

MIMA - FaileMIMA - Faile   MIMA - Faile  MIMA - FaileMIMA - Faile     MIMA - Faile

Initially shown in the center of Times Square last autumn, a huge wooden sculptural installation with a spinning prayer wheel looks like a temple with consumerism slogans. The public eagerly interact with the installation and play with the wheel.

MIMA - FaileMIMA - Faile    MIMA - Faile

The adjacent walls feature two panels with juxtaposed imagery engraved in wood.

MIMA - FaileMIMA - Faile

Wandering on the nearby streets of the museum, we were pleased to stumble upon a few stencils by the infamous artistic duo.

Faile - Brussels

View the full set of pics here

Stay tuned for the rest of our coverage of ‘City Lights’ with Maya Hayuk.

MIMA Museum – City Lights
Until 31 December 2016

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Toulouse: Miss Van for Rose Beton

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

Miss Van is back to Toulouse with a new mural for the Rose Beton Festival (covered here).

‘La symphonie des songes’ mural  features her signature sensual female character in a dreamlike landscape playing with colourful folklore masks from various continents, transporting us from China to Latin America.

Rose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - Toulouse_DSC0560_edited-1Miss Van-1-99 v1  Miss Van-1-29 v1   Miss Van-1-81 v1_DSC0436v2_edited-1Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse     Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse
Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse     Rose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - Toulouse     Rose Beton Festival - ToulouseMiss Van-1-105 v1Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse_DSC0707_edited-1

If you are in Toulouse, you can view it on 5 rue du Pont de Tounis

Photo credit: ButterflyBenjamin BigAddict Roudet and @juliemorize 

View the full set of pics of the festival here

Until end of August 2016


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MIMA ‘ City Lights’ with MOMO


We continue our visit of the new Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art (MIMA) in Brussels ( see Swoon here). The permanent collection over two floors features works by Mobstr, Parra, Barry McGee, Horfee, Huskmitvan to name a few.

MIMA - ParraMobstr

For the exhibition ‘City Lights’ presented by Alice Gallery,  US artist  MOMO has created a bespoke installation, where he questions the space and lines through geometric patterns and sculptures. Visitors are invited to navigate through the installation to get different perspectives and surprises like drawings hidden behind a fake wall.


View the full set of pics here

Stay tuned for the rest of our coverage of City Lights with Faile and Maya Hayuk.

MIMA Museum – City Lights
Until 31 December 2016

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Toulouse: Ben Eine for Rose Beton

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

UK artist Ben Eine recently created a new mural with his signature font on one of the walls of the Universite Paul Sabatier in Toulouse for the Rose Beton Festival. The colourful mural stating ‘STORYTELLING’  is already the favorite amongst the students.

Check the pics of the work in progress.

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse     Rose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - Toulouse

View the full set of pics here

Until 28 August 2016

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Marrakech: Tilt – Voyage Retour

Tilt - Voyage Retour

We continue our coverage behind the scenes in Marrakech at Jardin Rouge with French Graffiti artist TILT as he works on the second instalment ‘ Voyage Retour‘ of his installation that is currently exhibited at Rose Beton Festival in Toulouse.

The first part of the installation ‘Voyage Aller’ ( covered)  was featured at the Marrakech Biennale ealier this year.

Tilt - Voyage Retour

Gathering items from the souk and local markets in Marrakech, Tilt and his assistant Gauthier set up the second version of the sectioned car with a roof rack loaded with objects brought back from Orient to Occident.  Carefully assembled and defying laws of gravity, ‘Voyage Retour’ pays tribute to the big summer migration flows.

Tilt - Voyage RetourTilt - Voyage Retour     Tilt - Voyage RetourTilt - Voyage Retour

Then Tilt adorns the installation with graffiti, tags and flops and secret messages.

Tilt - Voyage RetourTilt - Voyage Retour     Tilt - Voyage RetourTilt - Voyage Retour     Tilt - Voyage RetourTilt - Voyage Retour Tilt - Voyage Retour     Tilt - Voyage Retour  Tilt - Voyage Retour    Tilt - Voyage Retour

Here is a snapshot of the before / after result:

Tilt - Voyage Retour     Tilt - Voyage RetourTilt - Voyage Retour

Some spots have been deliberately  left open for additional graffiti writers to add their touch to the final installation in Toulouse displayed at the Musee des Abattoirs. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

View the full set of pics here

Tilt – Voyage Retour
Rose Beton Festival
Until 28 August 2016

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MIMA ‘City Lights’ with Swoon

MIMA - Swoon

Inaugurating the new Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art (MIMA) in Brussels, created by Florence and Michel Delaunoit, Alice van den Abeele, and Raphaël Cruyt, four pillars of the New York Street Art scene, MOMO, Swoon, Faile, and Maya Hayuk are showing their unique street practice.

We start off with a look at Swoon’s intricate hand-cut paper patterns and wheat-pasted figures. A large portrait of ‘Ice Queen‘ featuring Olivia Katz (which was first seen at the MOCA in 2011) adorn the outside wall of the museum.

MIMA - SwoonMIMA - Swoon     MIMA - Swoon

In the basement Swoon created an immersive installation looking like a maze with her signature characters featuring family and friends she met through her various encounters: from a portrait of her mum surrounded by buddhist protectors ‘Dharmapalas’, Walki, a young boy from Haiti who benefited from the Konbit Shelter Project, George, an inmate from Philadelphia who worked with Swoon, to her latest portrait of Sonya.

MIMA - SwoonMIMA - Swoon MIMA - Swoon    MIMA - SwoonMIMA - Swoon    MIMA - Swoon  MIMA - Swoon     MIMA - Swoon     MIMA - Swoon
MIMA - Swoon    MIMA - Swoon            MIMA - SwoonMIMA - Swoon  MIMA - Swoon   MIMA - SwoonMIMA - Swoon MIMA - Swoon

View the full set of pics here

Stay tuned for the rest of our coverage of City Lights with Faile, Momo and Maya Hayuk.

MIMA Museum – City Lights
Until 31 December 2016

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ART|BASEL 2016 Part 2

Art|Basel 2016

After reviewing Unlimited and Scope Art Fair we continue our coverage of ART|BASEL 2016 and bring to you the highlights of the 47th Edition of the Fair featuring 4,000 artists across stands by 287 galleries from 33 countries.

Visitors to the fair could enjoy masterpieces by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Lichtenstein, Dali,  Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, George Condo,  Julian Schnabel, Duane Hanson, Gerard Richter,Louise Bourgeois, Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, Yoshimoto Nara, Daniel Arsham, Anish Kapoor, Shepard Fairey and more…

Art|Basel 2016Art|Basel 2016     Art|Basel 2016
Art|Basel 2016Art|Basel 2016  Art|Basel 2016     Art|Basel 2016Art|Basel 2016     Art|Basel 2016
Art Basel 2016Art|Basel 2016    Art|Basel 2016Art|Basel 2016    Art|Basel 2016Art|Basel 2016 Art|Basel 2016     Art|Basel 2016Art|Basel 2016     Art|Basel 2016 Art|Basel 2016     Art|Basel 2016   Art|Basel 2016  Art|Basel 2016     Art|Basel 2016       Art|Basel 2016     Art|Basel 2016

View the full set of pics here

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Brussels: dran ‘Tiens’ @ Adda Gallery

dran 'Tiens'

Six years after his last major solo show at POW, French artist dran comes back to the scene with a comprehensive solo exhibition ‘Tiens’ curated by Adda Gallery in Brussels.

‘Tiens’ presents an ‘ABCD’aire’, an A to Z series of canvases illustrating anecdotes, popular expressions and tales,as well as drawings, earlier artworks on cardboard ,  hand finished prints and a new book. We can see the evolution of dran’s mood from the past two years throughout his paintings.

In the entrance large monochrome free-hand paintings remind us of his installation at Palais de Tokyo in 2014. A wink to his 2015 London performance ‘Public Execution’ (covered) is shown with the maid sweeping all the questions, and ‘Execution‘ featuring a painter being shot by red dots.

dran 'Tiens'    dran 'Tiens'
Dran - Public Execution Show  dran 'Tiens'  dran 'Tiens'
London 2015                       Brussels 2016

Apart from a few grey tones canvasses,  dran sets the tone with ‘Tiens’ featuring a depressed arlequin sitting down approached by a little girl who gives him a coloured card to inspire him and cheer him up.

The ABCd’Air series starts with a breadth of fresh air (bol d’air), with a cloud having breakfast. Many of the depicted characters are happy, screaming with joy and open arms in the air from ‘aaaa‘, a little boy standing on his bed,  a cry from the heart, a little girl smiling under a shower of coloured paint to the series of 88 hand finished prints.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Topics include the everyday life: addiction to social media, education, house hunting, environment issues with ‘La Semeuse’, French traditional symbol, seen polluting by throwing away batteries, love (X croisement), trust (Pont)…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Animals have anthropomorphic features. A lion puts some make up, lipstick and glitter to disguise as a zebra. ‘Faire le zebre’ means ‘fool around / put up a show’. The world is upside down, when a bear contemplates his profits selling his own skin, while a rabbit is taking revenge on hunters on the run.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In ‘Urgent’ a grim reaper is laughing out loud (Mort de rire) while ‘Graffiti’  plays on the art of buffing and the various shades of grey. ‘Toile’ may come as a surprise but it is a witty trompe l’oeil featuring the back of a canvas with the signature of Elmyr, an hommage to the infamous forger Elmyr de Hory, who forged over 1000 canvasses from Matisse to Picasso and are exhibited in museums worldwide and still not identified. While Elmyr was imprisoned and committed suicide in 1976, no one knows his real painting style.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A second room presents earlier works, drawings, artworks on cardboard as well as 88 hand finished prints. The Thinker is wrapped with fragile tape.  A large scale canvas ‘Ciao’ featuring a mouse leaving a big boat sounds premonitory of the current Brexit situation.  Last but not least, energetic characters like a little ballerina full of colours thank the audience.

View the full set of pics here

dran ‘Tiens’
Until 10 July 2016
ADDA Gallery
51 Rue de la Madeleine

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Studio Visit: Mike Dargas in Cologne (DE)

Mike Dargas - Studio Visit

We dropped by the studio of hyper-realist painter Mike Dargas in Cologne, Germany ahead of his upcoming solo exhibition at Opera Gallery  in London, curated by Jean-David Malat and  opening on 6th July.

Mike Dargas - Studio Visit

Drawing his inspiration from masters like Dali, Caravaggio and HR Giger, Mike Dargas studied various techniques and since his youth developed a passion for realism, which he narrowed down to hyperrealism over the years.

A first look at Mike Dargas’ artworks, they can easily be mistaken for large scale photographs. Years of practice mastering the oil painting enabled him to create hyperrealist portraits with very intricate details. The German artist’s love for precision, in an almost obsessive manner, brings models to life under the brush stroke and draws one into a dreamlike world where time has suspended.

Like photography Mike Dargas loves to play with shadows, focus and depth of field to create mesmerising portraits. In his liquid-series, the photorealism of the dripping effect on the faces of his models is breathtaking and exults in sensuality.

Mike Dargas - Studio VisitMike Dargas - Studio Visit     Mike Dargas - Studio VisitMike Dargas - Studio VisitMike Dargas - Studio Visit     Mike Dargas Studio VisitMike Dargas - Studio Visit
Mike Dargas - Studio Visit    Mike Dargas - Studio Visit  Mike Dargas - Studio Visit        Mike Dargas - Studio Visit

View the full set of pics here

Mike Dargas – Opera Gallery
6 – 20 July
134 New Bond Street
W1S 2TF London

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London: Banksy SWAT van to be auctioned

Banksy SWAT Van

A van that was once used by the SWAT team and then spraypainted by elusive artist Banksy is to be auctioned in London at Bonhams on 29 June.

It was first displayed at the infamous Barely Legal exhibition in Los Angeles back in 2006,  where Banksy also featured a live painted elephant in the room.

On one side of the van, Banksy has spraypainted heavily armed special forces agents being hoodwinked by a small boy. On the other, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz is caught in a storm of graffiti. On the back it says: How’s My Bombing? Call 1-800-648-0403.

Ralph Taylor, senior director of  Bonhams’ postwar and contemporary art department, called it “probably the most significant piece by the artist to ever come to auction and without doubt the most ambitious”.  The work has been verified by Pest Control Office and comes with an estimate of £200,000-300,000.

Banksy Swat Van 05Banksy Swat Van 06Banksy SWAT VanBanksy SWAT Van

Photo credit: Butterfly & Bonhams

Update: The Banksy SWAT van sold for £218,500 inc. premium.

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Basel: Scope Art Fair 2016

Scope Art Fair 2016

Scope Art Fair, the satellite fair to ART|BASEL is celebrating its 10th Year anniversary with 85 international exhibitors and 10 breeder program galleries from over twenty countries.  Offering the best of their local and rising talents, as well as some rarities from their collections, Scope puts special attention to their Breeder Program which introduces new galleries to the contemporary market.

Here are some of our highlights from the fair.

Scope Art Fair 2016Scope Art Fair 2016      Scope Art Fair 2016Scope Art Fair 2016     Scope Art Fair 2016     Scope Art Fair 2016
Scope Art Fair 2016
Scope Art Fair 2016     Scope Art Fair 2016Scope Art Fair 2016     Scope Art Fair 2016
Scope Art Fair 2016Scope Art Fair 2016Scope Art Fair 2016 Scope Art Fair 2016     Scope Art Fair 2016Scope Art Fair 2016
Scope Art Fair 2016 Scope Art Fair 2016

View the full set of pics here

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Toulouse: POES and JO BER for Rose Beton

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

French artists POES and JO BER just completd this new mural for the ROSE BETON Festival in Toulouse, Southern France. They continue their collaboration like they recently did in Marrakech (covered) with a playful storyline about the Epic of Gilgamesh and his perilous journey to discover the secret of eternal life.

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse
Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse    Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse   Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse     Rose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - Toulouse
Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

View the full set of pics from Rose Beton Festival  here

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London: A. Giacometti and Yves Klein at the Gagosian

A. Giacometti & Yves Klein

Gagosian Gallery in London is currently presenting the first-ever exhibition to pair key works by Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966) and Yves Klein (1928–1962).

At first glance, Giacometti and Klein, artists born a generation apart, could not be more different: Giacometti was a master of material form, and of the representation of the figure; Klein was an influential theorist whose art married the conceptual with the cosmic. In the 1950s and early 1960s, the two artists lived and worked within a mile of each other, in Montparnasse, Paris, but there are few clues in their work to suggest that they shared the same artistic milieu. What they did have in common was an acute consciousness of the catastrophic effects of the Second World War and its aftermath on European culture. Each dealt with it in his own way: in his sculptures, Giacometti struggled to evince a vital human presence from nothing; Klein shunned the personal, autobiographical mark, attempting to dematerialise painting to the point of pure saturated colour.

Curated by Joachim Pissarro, Giacometti’s nervously modelled figures and heads are confronted by Klein’s intense and expansive colours. Each artist is generously represented by works on loan from the Fondation Alberto Giacometti, the Yves Klein Archives, the Beyeler Foundation, and distinguished private collections.

A. Giacometti & Yves KleinA. Giacometti & Yves Klein     A. Giacometti & Yves KleinA. Giacometti & Yves KleinA. Giacometti & Yves Klein A. Giacometti & Yves Klein     A. Giacometti & Yves Klein     A. Giacometti & Yves Klein     A. Giacometti & Yves Klein
A. Giacometti & Yves Klein

View the full set of pics here

Alberto Giacometti and Yves Klein
In Search of the Absolute
Gagosian Gallery
20 Grosvenor Hill
London W1K 3QD

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Toulouse: Rose Beton Festival – Part 1

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

Curated by Tilt, this year’s Rose Beton Festival in Toulouse  is dedicated to the roots of graffiti and specially New York.

So to kick start the three months festival in the pink city, a photographic exhibition held at the oldest art space for photography, Chateau d’Eau retraces iconic moments from the NY subway trains and graffiti scene with legendary graffiti photographers Martha Cooper  and Henry Chalfant.

Both had a very different approach when documenting the scene. Martha Cooper was interested in the overall scene as well as the context, while Henry Chalfant focussed on the graffiti itself.

Rose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - Toulouse

On the lower ground floor a 15 meters wide installation showcases for the first time  all the trains photographed by Henry Chalfant.

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse
Rose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - Toulouse    Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse
Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse    Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

In parallel the exhibition also presents works by Sylvain Largot focussing on illegal graffiti.

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse
Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse    Rose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - Toulouse    Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse
Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse
Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

View the full set of pics here

Photographies – Chateau D’Eau
Martha Cooper / Henri Chalfant/ Sylvain Largot
Until 27 June  2016

Until August 2016

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