Toulouse: Rose Beton Biennale 2019

Rose Beton 2019 - MOMO

The third edition of The ROSE BETON FESTIVAL becomes a biennale dedicated to urban practices and cultures in Toulouse. National and international artists continue to  invade the Pink City walls and cultural venues.

Back in  2016 legendary graffiti artist FUTURA painted a train carriage in the courtyard of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Toulouse, Les Abattoirs ( see our coverage here ).

The 2019 edition, co-curated by TILT and Nicolas Couturieux, pursues the expansion of the ‘open air gallery’ with outside walls painted by RERO , MOMO, JEROEN EROSIE, MADEMOISELLE KAT, MOSES AND TAP, HENSE as well as installations by MARK JENKINS.

Rose Beton 2019 - MOMORose Beton 2019 - HENSERose Beton 2019 - HENSEHENSE

Rose Beton 2019 - EROSIE

Rose Beton 2019 - RERO

Rose Beton 2019 - MLE KAT
Mademoiselle Kat

Installation by Mark Jenkins © Benjamin Roudet

The second part of the Rose Beton Biennale will kick start on  26 September with an exhibition featuring works and installations from TANIA MOURAUD, TODD JAMES and CLEON PETERSON inside The Abattoirs, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Art Paris Art Fair 2018
Tania Mouraud Guest of honour of the Rose Beton Biennale

Cleon Peterson - Victory
Cleon Peterson

Todd James - Fantasy Island
Todd James

Many events, mediation, tours, workshops, and conferences are scheduled throughout the Rose Beton Biennale. For full programme, please visit the website

Photos © Butterfly Art News unless otherwise stated

26 September 2019 – January 5, 2020
Les Abbatoirs
76 allées Charles-de-Fitte
31300 Toulouse


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Grenoble: Obey Giant – 30 Years of Resistance

To kick start the 30th Year anniversary of Obey Giant, the Street Art Fest in Grenoble (France) presents the largest exhibition ever organized dedicated to the prolific career of American artist Shepard FAIREY.

Obey Grenoble 01

Starting in 1989, Shepard Fairey became known for his stickers featuring Andre the Giant, and then for the Obey the Giant campaign. He became world famous by producing Obama’s campaign poster “Hope” in 2008. In France, his ‘Marianne’ portrait, tribute to the victims of Paris terrorist attacks, adorns the office of the French President, while protesters have revisited this image with a blinded Marianne.

Obey Grenoble 04
Obey Grenoble 03

Spanning over 30 years (1989-2019), this comprehensive exhibition offers a global vision of the work of the artist with 600 works, with a selection of his best visuals, enriched with anecdotes and detailed information.
From his first hand-made stickers to his latest multilayered screenprints, visitors get to understand the esthetic and dissent messages by Shepard Fairey and his prolific body of work. A chronologic timeline presents a selection of 150 iconic screenprints, complemented by thematic sections like environment, politics, charities, peace, and music. The exhibition curated by Jérôme Catz provide a comprehensive picture of Shepard’s Fairey 30 years career.


Obey Grenoble 07
Obey Grenoble 12
Obey Grenoble Propaganda 01Obey Grenoble 15
Obey Grenoble Music 03
Obey Grenoble 05

View the full set of pictures here

In parallel to the exhibition, Shepard Fairey also painted a monumental mural entitled ‘Rose Girl’ in Grenoble (see our coverage here).

Obey Giant – 30 Years of Resistance
Ancien Musée de Peinture
Place de Verdun 38000 Grenoble
Until 27 October 2019
Wed – Sun from 1PM-7PM

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Mr. & Pharrell Williams ‘Call to Action’ (Paris)

Mr. & Pharrell Williams

The Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts (MNAAG) in Paris, home to the largest collection of Asian arts in Europe, gave ‘Carte Blanche’ to a site-specific installation created by Japanese contemporary artist Mr. and curated by Pharrell Williams : it’s a ‘Call to Action’.

Located on the fourth-floor rotunda beneath the dome of the main Guimet building, the exhibition runs until September 23, 2019. The project started five years ago based on an idea by Pharrell Williams–who is a self-proclaimed fan of Mr.’s work. The result of this long standing collaboration is an installation of bright, child-like figures sporting a military aesthetic while some carry firearms: the duo emphasizes the importance of younger generations in a world tormented by adult choices.

Pharrell Williams commented: “Kids run the world and this work is a challenge to leaders to do something immediately – for a better, bright future.”

Featuring painting, sculptures and neon signs, Mr. invites the viewer into an immersive pastel coloured world, which aims to represent a positive and peaceful momentum in finding solutions for today’s problems. “Amid the tension and crisis of uncertainty that we live in today, we need to believe in the hope that can be found in children, and take inspiration on the promise of their optimistic outlook and spirit. Kids have the power. With art, we start this dialogue in this way” says Mr.

The toy-looking rifles do not symbolise violence literally, but militance. Children’s best weapon, to be protected at all costs, is their creativity and imagination.

Mr. & Pharrell Williams
Mr. & Pharrell WilliamsMr. & Pharrell Williams Mr. & Pharrell WilliamsMr. & Pharrell Williams
Mr. & Pharrell Williams
Mr. & Pharrell WilliamsMr. & Pharrell Williams

View the full set of pics here

Carte Blanche to Mr. & Pharell Williams
A Call to Action
Musee National des Arts Asiatiques – Guimet
6 Place Iena, Paris
Until 25 September 2019

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Grenoble: Rose Girl Mural by Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey and the Obey Giant team kicked off the start of the Obey 30th world tour in Grenoble, France with a new mural titled ‘Rose Girl’ for the Street Art Fest curated by Jerome Catz.

The mural features a female figure adorned with three roses on her head, symbol of Grenoble. Located between the Alps, Grenoble is a city ecologically responsible and continues to improve upon it. The ‘Rose Girl’ mural is a reminder to preserve the environment and to be at peace between human beings and the planet.

Painted with the Obey Giant team, it can be seen on the wall of the CROUS, in the heart of the students area.

Location is key as it represents hope with the future generations, but it also can be visible from the mountains and gondola lifts.

The Mayor of Grenoble, the Crous director, the Students Union and Jerome Catz, curator of the Grenoble Street Art Fest joined Shepard Fairey to inaugurate the Rose Girl monumental artwork.

In parallel to the mural, l’Ancien Musee de la Peinture de Grenoble is dedicating a comprehensive print survey of Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant spanning over 30 years of resistance with 600 artworks.

Stay tuned as we will come back with further coverage…

Grenoble Street Art Fest
Shepard Fairey – 30 Years of resistance
Ancien Musee de la Peinture
Until 27 October 2019

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London: Banksy back to the Royal Academy

Banksy created a new artwork for upcoming The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition that will open to the public on 10 June in London.

Following last year’s participation with ‘Vote to Love’ (covered here) , Banksy created another politically charged artwork about Europe and Brexit.

The artwork features a closed shutter with a ‘Customs’ sign for arrival from the EU.

Looking at the bottom of the shutter, a cheeky stencilled rat stole the T of the ‘KEEP OUT’ sign to use it as a hammer over the padlock that keeps the borders closed.

Above Pics by Tagfinearts & Peter Jones

Banksy - Vote to Love

Vote Love – Banksy’s artwork for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018


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Banksy stunt during the Venice Biennale 2019

During the opening of the Venice Biennale a few stencils appeared across the city which gave indication of the presence of the elusive British artist.
While still unconfirmed yet, a politically charged piece shows a young child wearing a life jacket and holding a pink flare up in the air, a migrant calling for rescuers. It was spotted on the island of Dorsoduro.

On Banksy’s website and his social media the artist posted a video in Venice with following comment
‘ Setting out my stall at the Venice Biennale.
Despite being the largest and most prestigious art event in the world, for some reason I’ve never been invited.’

The stall presents a series of small oil paintings featuring a large cruise boat over the Venice canals

The popped up stall is reminiscent of his New York stunt in 2013 where he sold his canvasses for $60 to passers by.


Stay tuned for further update.

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Los Angeles: Josie Morway – Remediators

Lucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery

In parallel to the Lucky 13 Group show (covered), Corey Helford Gallery is also hosting a solo exhibit ‘The Remediators’ by Boston-based painter and designer Josie Morway. Combining technical influences of oil paintings from Dutch Masters and religious icon paintings with hyper-modern color and design elements, Josie Morway portrays surrealist paintings of wildlife and flora that are both politically charged and ethereally poetic.
Inspired by research into processes of bioremediation – by which plants, animals or microorganisms break down contamination in soil or water, the artworks present a new system by which nature might respond to crisis.

Lucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery
Lucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery
Lucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery
Lucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery

Josie Morway – Remediators
Until 11 May 2019
Corey Helford Gallery
571 S Anderson St
Los Angeles, CA 90033

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Los Angeles: Ben Frost – Pure Sugar

Australian artist, Ben Frost is currently featured at Corey Helford Gallery with an explosive exhibition of over 70 new works, entitled “Pure Sugar.

Ben Frost, who is coming off a recent collaboration with fashion designer Jeremy Scott for his Winter 2018 Moschino line, is known for his kaleidoscopic Pop Art, mash-up paintings that take inspiration from areas as diverse as graffiti, collage, photo-realism and sign-writing. “PURE SUGAR” is a playful and often confronting exploration of the nature of “excess” within our contemporary society. Using colorful and dynamic pop art motifs, the artist presents a series of satirical and provocative observations of western culture that is as sour as it is sweet.

The exhibition consists of over 70 new paintings, from large scale acrylic and spray paint stencils on canvas, to tiny hand painted “found” packages such as McDonald fry boxes, pharmaceutical packages, fashion bags and cereal boxes. Both a celebration and critique of consumerist culture, Frost’s work is paradoxically a love/hate affair with the colors, icons and logos of the advertising world that we are obsessively immersed within.

Lucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery
Lucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery


Ben Frost – Pure Sugar
Until 11 May 2019
Corey Helford Gallery
571 S Anderson St
Los Angeles, CA 90033

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London: Banksy new artwork supporting Extinction Rebellion protests

A new Banksy mural appeared in Marble Arch, London to mark the end of the 10 days of climate change protests by Extinction Rebellion activists.

The environmental artwork sprung up on a wall in Marble Arch around the time the demonstrators gathered nearby to celebrate the closing of their spell of disruption in central London. On Sunday Great Thunberg addressed the crowd and the Parliament on climate change issues. Massive Attack also played a concert on the Extinction Rebellion stage.

Although unconfirmed yet, the artwork bears all the marks (location, style and message). The multilayered stencil of the little girl has been used previously by Banksy in his Walled Off Hotel (covered here)

In her hand she is holding the logo of the Extinction Rebellion activists.

A slogan next to her reads “From This Moment Despair Ends And Tactics Begin”.


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Los Angeles: Lucky 13 at Corey Helford Gallery

Lucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery

Corey Helford Gallery is currently celebrating its 13th Anniversary with a group show co-curated by graffiti artist Kelly (RISK) Graval : LUCKY 13- FINE ART OF STREET & GRAFFITI

When Corey Helford opened in Culver City in 2006 and street art and graffiti was still seen as marginalized or criminal back then. But they continued to champion and support artists from the urban art movement and pop surrealism that went to become internationally acclaimed artists.

Participating artists include: Ron English, Miss Van, Buff Monster, D* Face, Eine , Hush , Risk , Pure Evil , Herakut , Logan Hicks, Okuda San Miguel , Lauren YS , Ramiro Davaro-Comas , Jillian Evelyn , Angela Ho “Ahoy” , Bisco Smith , seenaeme , La Belle Epoque , Faith XLVII , Cryptik , Jecks , Aspire , Zlism , Senna , Hoxxoh , Estevan Oriol , Defer , Bio Tats Cru , Sel , CES , TAZ , Candybird , Caratoes , Mauy , Messy Desk , Starman , Bates , RISK x HOXXOH , Kwest , Barlo , Simple Bao , Seen , Og Abel , Quick , Skeme , Sever , kaNO

Lucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery

View full set of pics here

Lucky 13 Anniversary
Until 11 May 2019
Corey Helford Gallery
571 S Anderson St
Los Angeles, CA 90033

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Los Angeles: Takashi Murakami – GYATEI2

Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2

Japanese artist Takashi Murakami is currently showing a new exhibition entitled GYATEI² at the Gagosian Gallery in Los Angeles.

The exhibition title comes from the Buddhist Hannya Shingyo (Heart Sutra), an incantation often chanted by Zen groups before or after a meditation and translates roughly to “gone, gone, gone beyond, gone completely beyond, enlightenment, svāhā.”

GYATEI² reveals myriad variations of interconnected imagery, each permutation and combination generating new meaning.

Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2

Murakami’s first character, Mr. DOB—a whimsical, sharp-toothed Mickey Mouse–like character—reappears in different forms, as does the ubiquitous rainbow flower.

Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2

Elsewhere, images of doorways, graffiti of the word “viral,” and a self-portrait of the artist and his dog are overlaid onto dense graphic patterns.

Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2
Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2

A Statue of Flower Parent and Child (2019), cast in bronze and covered in gold leaf, stands sixteen feet tall and shows an enormous flower character with its flower offspring. Similarly, the rabbit like Kaikai and three-eyed, smiling Kiki (both 2019) are rendered in cast bronze covered in platinum leaf, the cute yet imposing characters illustrating Murakami’s interest in paradox, as kikikaikai describes something that is dangerous yet appealing.

Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2

The seventeen-panel Qinghua (2019) reinterprets a motif originally painted on a vase from the Chinese Yuan Dynasty (c. 1206–1368), whose imagery mingled in Murakami’s memory with childhood trips to the riverside with his father, where fishers would haul enormous carp. At almost eight feet high and fifty-eight feet wide, the image proceeds panel by panel, like an enormous storyboard, or a vase that has been unrolled like a long scroll along the gallery’s walls.

Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2

View the full set of pics here

Takashi Murakami – GYATEI²
Gagosian Gallery
456 North Camden Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Los Angeles: Hisham Echafaki at The Other Art Fair

London based artist Hisham Echafaki is currently exhibiting a new series of large scale multidimensional paintings at The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles.

Continuing to push the limits, the trompe l’oeil effects are so intricately done, that the eyes can be deceiving in believing these are real insects, butterflies and dragonfly. But, no , the visual effect are the results of a long and detailed process of acrylic paint and layers of resin. Even a closer look can leave the visitors puzzled as to whether these specimen really exist.

Playing with depth, iridescence and transparence, Hisham Echafaki imaginary creatures seem to be floating in space. A magical moment not to be missed.

Hisham Echafaki
The Other Art Fair – Los Angeles
Booth 95
The Magic Box – The Reef
Los Angeles 90015 CA

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Paris: Jean-Michel Othoniel ‘Oracles’

Jean Michel Othoniel - Oracles

Galerie Perrotin presents a new solo show of French contemporary artist Jean-Michel Othoniel in Paris, following several important personal exhibitions in Canada, USA and France in 2018.

Jean-Michel Othoniel’s enchanting aesthetics revolves around the notion of emotional geometry. Using the repetition of modular elements such as bricks or his signature beads, which are his most recurring motif, he creates exquisite jewelry-like sculptures whose relationship to human scale ranges from intimacy to monumentality

Jean Michel Othoniel - Oracles

The exhibition entitled ‘Oracles’ brings together fifteen minimalistic, enigmatic sculptures made of glass or metal bricks, the artist has systematized the use of a module that entered his work in 2009, after a journey to India. On the road from Delhi to Firozabad, a city with an age-old glassmaking tradition, he was struck by the stacks of bricks accumulated in the hope of building a house and by the countless altars covered in offerings and multicoloured necklaces. Since then, he has called on the knowledge of Indian glassblowers to blow blue, amber, yellow and grey glass bricks.

Monumental yet delicate, the sculptural installations allow the viewers to inhabit his world through reflection and motion.

Jean Michel Othoniel - Oracles
Jean Michel Othoniel - OraclesJean Michel Othoniel - Oracles
Jean Michel Othoniel - OraclesJean Michel Othoniel - Oracles Jean Michel Othoniel - OraclesJean Michel Othoniel - OraclesJean Michel Othoniel - OraclesJean Michel Othoniel - OraclesJean Michel Othoniel - Oracles

View the full set of pics here

Jean Michel Othoniel – Oracles
Until 8 June 2019
Galerie Perrotin, Paris


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Celebration of Female Artists

Swoon - Nuit Blanche Paris 14

We would like to celebrate our favorite female artists worldwide, who are pushing boundaries in graffiti /street art as well as contemporary art. The list is unlimited so we are sending much love and support to ALL the female artists.

Keep doing what you are doing!

Aida Wilde

Barbara Kruger - Forever

Aya Takano

The Art of Politics

Chiharu Shiota

Faith47 - London



Aiko -Unstoppable Waves

Marrakech Biennale MB6 Street Art


Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse


Olek - London

MIMA - Swoon

Tara McPherson

Yayoi Kusama

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London : el Seed – Tabula Rasa

el seed 01

Tunisian-French contemporary artist, eL Seed has just opened his first UK exhibition entitled Tabula Rasa at Lazinc in London. We documented his previous visit to the UK capital in 2015 ( see here), where he painted a mural with this signature style: an adaptation of traditional Arabic calligraphy.

El Seed - London

Within his intricate compositions, el Seed emphasises the curves and loops of the script removing a layer of legilibility and adding mystery to the meaning behind the words he chooses.

eL Seed commented: “I truly believe that art is a way to open dialogue. I like to think that my artwork can cut through the boundaries that we place between ourselves; whether physical, cultural or linguistic. My exhibition at Lazinc represents a new style of painting, where I am attempting to break down my thought process into layers. It also asks the audience to question the way they think and how much they have been affected by assumption or misconception.”

el seed 03

For this exhibition, the artist has developed on his process, stripping down the works, in an effort to access his own ‘tabula rasa’.
The concept of ‘tabula rasa’, pioneered by 17th Century philosopher, John Locke, argues that at birth the human mind is a complete, but receptive blank slate, upon which experience imprints knowledge. In relation to his canvases, eL Seed has taken the idea of the tabula rasa as a starting point, with the aim to alter deep-seated preconceptions that are commonly held about the Arabic script and culture.

el seed 02

In contrast to eL Seed’s usually polished and perfected canvases, the works at Lazinc appear with an unfinished aesthetic. The surface calligraphy is ripped and torn to reveal phrases and imagery below, which materialise slowly and differently with each viewing.
The layering of words and ideas offer an insight into the thought process of the artist.

el seed 07el seed 08el seed 05el seed 10el seed 09
el seed 06

Guests are invited to reconsider all that they previously thought about Arabic and immerse themselves in the calligraphic experience.

el seed 12

View the full set of pics here

elSeed – Tabula Rasa
Until 9 march 2019
Lazinc Sacksville
29 Sackville Street
London W1S 3DX

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Banksy News

Three major headlines related to Banksy

London: Banksy enters the permanent collection of the British Museum

The British Museum in London has acquired its first work by the anonymous artist, a fake £10 banknote depicting Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, which will join its collection of coins, medals and other currency.
The work, entitled Di-faced Tenner, was one of thousands of copies produced by the artist in 2004 as part of a planned art performance. Unlike ‘Peckham Rock’, a fake cave painting on concrete , which was part of a 2005 stunt and loaned again to the museum for a recent exhibition on dissent and protest in 2018 (see our coverage here), the note has been donated to the museum by the artist’s representative Pest Control.

It is the only official banknote ever released by Banksy. Any other kind of currency note are simply NOT by the artist, so fans and buyers beware. And the Banksy Di-Face Tenner indicates on its back ‘Trust No One’.

Palestine: Banksy creates a new artwork at the Walled Off Hotel

Two years after the official opening his artivist hotel in Bethlehem, Banksy just revealed a new artwork inside the Walled Off Hotel.

Conveying a message of Love and Peace, the artwork depicts a little veiled girl playing with coloured 3d block shapes looking at a giant heart shaped hole in a concrete wall which shows a neon light blue sky. Looking closer the 3D block shapes on the floor are iconographic symbols of all monotheist religions, from the cross to the start and crescent. Messages of peace are graffitied on the wall while Banksy’s signature is engraved in the concrete.

Paris: Banksy’s tribute to Bataclan’s victims is stolen

Sadly less than seven months after Banksy painted his tribute on the fire-exit door of the Bataclan theatre, where Islamist militants killed 90 people three years ago, the artwork has been stolen, the venue has said.
The work, one of a series of murals during Banksy’s invasion of the French capital last June, showed a veiled female figure in a mournful pose. ( Check our initial coverage about the artwork  here)
We are today filled with a deep sense of indignation. The work of Banksy, a symbol of contemplation belonging to all – residents, Parisians and citizens of the world – has been taken from us,” the Bataclan said in a Twitter post. A police investigation continues.

Stay tuned for further updates


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Paris: André x Futura – Chez Nous

Andre x Futura - Chez Nous

André & Futura have joined forces for a unique collaborative show at Danysz Gallery in Paris with their signature pictorial characters. Aptly entitled André x Futura – Chez Nous, the show presents a series of unseen works where they answer each other and merge their energetic painterly gestures. Futura (whose real name is Lenny McGurr) otherworldly characters, such as the Pointman, echo Saraiva’s Mr A. whimsical dancing figures, as if their pictorial alter ego were enjoying themselves as much as both artists did in this adventure.

Andre x Futura - Chez Nous
Andre x Futura - Chez Nous
Andre x Futura - Chez Nous
Andre x Futura - Chez Nous
Andre x Futura - Chez Nous
Andre x Futura - Chez Nous

View the full set of pics here

André x Futura – Chez Nous
Until 9 February 2019
Magda Danysz Gallery, 78 rue Amelot, Paris

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Banksy ‘ Season Greetings ‘

For the festive season, Banksy just revealed a new artwork in Port Talbot, South Wales. As usual placement is key and the image appears on two sides of a garage depicting a child enjoying snow falling – while the other side reveals it is a fire emitting ash.

Later a video posted on his social media account confirmed the artwork.

View this post on Instagram

. . . . Season’s greetings . . .

A post shared by Banksy (@banksy) on

Speculation that the piece was a genuine Banksy piece was fuelled when a sketch bearing striking similarities to the latest piece emerged. It appeared in a documentary last year, featuring exchanges between the film director Danny Boyle and Banksy, as they collaborated on an alternative “nativity” play in Bethlehem.

Photos: Banksy, Wales News Service

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London: Sweet Toof – Mid Nite Crisis

Sweet Toof - MidNite Crisis

Legendary UK street artist Sweet Toof is returning to the London East End (118 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 7NY) with a solo exhibition entitled Mid Nite Crisis. Opening on the 14th of December, the exhibition features paintings, sculptures, ceramics, miniature portraits, linocut prints and more surprises. With bright colours and his signature gums and teeth, there is a bit of eye candy for everyone during the festive season. Check out some preview images of the not to miss show below…

Screenprint Queen Aida Wilde is celebrating 10 years anniversary of print collaborating with Sweet Toof with a special release : From EAST END SUCKS to GentriFUCK


View this post on Instagram

From EAST END SUCKS➡️GentriFUCK❗️ 10 YEARS & MORE AFTER….. We've been through the Highs, the Lows & everything in between. Many misadventures were had & if you were there with us, then you know. Thought it was time I celebrate one of my longest working partnerships with a new collaborative screen print with the artist & friend who opened so many doors for me way back when, that was the 'golden age' of the street art world…. We've Gentrifucked our way through the East End & here we are now! A little glimpse into our legacy. Here's to the next decade @thesweettoof🍾🍭 . MidNite Crisis Sweet Toof Solo Exhibition 118 Stoke Newington High St N16 7NY 14.12.18 PV Tonite 8pm⬆️ . . . #gentrifuck #gentrifuckation #sweettoof #aidawilde #gentrification #eastendsucks #eastend #print #screenprint #serigraphy #streetart #urbanart #eastlondonstreetart #midnitecrisis #rocketbarbers #eastend #highrollersociety #printmaking #legacy #history

A post shared by Print Is Power (@aida_wilde) on

Sweet Toof - MidNite CrisisSweet Toof - MidNite Crisis
Sweet Toof - MidNite CrisisSweet Toof - MidNite CrisisSweet Toof - MidNite Crisis
Sweet Toof - MidNite Crisis
Sweet Toof - MidNite CrisisSweet Toof - MidNite Crisis
Sweet Toof - MidNite CrisisSweet Toof - MidNite Crisis

MidNite Crisis
Sweet Toof Solo Exhibition
118 Stoke Newington High St
London N16 7NY

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London: Art Car Boot Fair Christmas Wrap Party

Art Car Boot Fair Christmas

Running for the 15th year, The Art Car Boot Fair  brings together 70 arists in a covered venue in the heart of Vauxhall’s gallery district for its Christmas Wrap Party. Artists show up in person to flog their specially made just-for-the-day ware to the public. So with incredible Christmas gift bargains, mystery prizes, raffles, pass the art parcel, art bingo and the Secret Santa Casino, hand finishing and personalisations directly by the artists, there is something for everyone. 

Art Car Boot Fair ChristmasArt Car Boot Fair Christmas
Art Car Boot Fair Christmas
Art Car Boot Fair ChristmasArt Car Boot Fair Christmas
Art Car Boot Fair Christmas
Art Car Boot Fair Christmas
Art Car Boot Fair Christmas
Art Car Boot Fair Christmas
Art Car Boot Fair ChristmasArt Car Boot Fair Christmas

Participating artists include: Rachel Howard . Geraldine Swayne . Jessica Voorsanger . Polly Morgan . Kristjana S Williams . Marcus Harvey . Bob & Roberta Smith . Mat Collishaw . Gavin Turk . Mr Bingo . Patrick Hughes . Barry Reigate . Kate Knight . Carrie Reichardt . Amelia Troubridge . True Rocks . Christabel McGreevy . Laura New . Sara Pope . Camille Phoenix . Colin Self . Andrew Weatherall . James Birch . Justin Robertson . Silvia Ziranek . Matt Small . Charming Baker . Trolley Books & TJ Boulting . Cob Gallery & Help Refugees . Ian Dawson. Ava May Hayward . Turps Painters . Jake Clark . David Batchelor . Dion Kitson . Christian Furr . Wildcat Will . Rennaissance Selfies . Keira Rathbone Typewriter Artist . L-13 with Jamie Reid . Liam Ryan . Sadie Hennessey . Paul Sakoilsky . Wilfred Wood . Tony Beaver . Stephanie Carlton Smith . Holly Allan . Ruth Fox . James Joyce . David David . Cate Halpin and the Outside World . The Misfortune Teller . Meanmail . Wilma Johnson . Alice Herrick & Rachel Megawhat . Jennifer Binnie . Christine Binnie . Paul Davis . Elli Popp . Morel Books . Flying Leaps . Lady Muck . Sean Worrall . Emma Harvey . Quiet British Accent . Julie Maddison . Misha Milovanovich . Kelly-Ann Davitt . Wildcat Will . Jane Howard . Atom Gallery . Richard Clegg & Zach . Keeler Tornero . Alteria Art with Nancy Fouts . Jealous Gallery with Charming Baker, Chris Levine, Ben Eine, Ceal Warnants, Dave Buona Guidi + . Moniker Projects with Matt Small and Lucas Price . Art on a Postcard with Russian Dolls (more details soon) . The Beauty Papers with Gillian Wearing, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Julie Verhoeven + . Bumble & Earwig . Joseph Gibson . Smithson Gallery with Frea Buckler, Gillian Garnica, Sarah Duncan, Jason Lilley . Jono Boyle, Rose Emerson, Andrew Millar, Charlotte Farmer and Claire Halifax . Abigail Fallis . Aster Guinness . Beatrice Brown.Bertie Bannerman with Orfeo & Fred.

Art Car Boot Fair Christmas Wrap Party
9 December 2018
26 Lambeth High Street SE1

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London: Seth- Chambrum Rangeam

Dorothy Circus Gallery is currently showing a double solo shows in Rome and London, with French street artist Seth. Julien Malland, aka SETH, portrays children, dwelling in imaginary environments that, like in a trompe l’oeil painting, belong to our reality while also opening up to a new visionary dimension. His children float in a timeless space where everything is eternal and contemporary at the same time. Moving away from an ‘easy’ graffiti code made of skulls and enraged icons, Seth celebrates innocence and simplicity by depicting extremely coloured and ordered compositions where the viewers get loose.

The title of the show, ‘Chambrum Rangeam’ means “clean up your room” – words everyone has heard from his/her mother when you are young, too young to care, too lost in a parallel universe of images, colours, and floating thoughts often too deep to describe with words. The same universe is brought back to life by the French artist who, through lines and hues and figures, helps us recall the dreams we dreamt in our bedrooms.
Each image is an invitation to navigate through the memories of a lost time where we can still find our inner child. The chambre where we meet the artist is the same room where we can find our lost fantasy, our purest emotions – the magic pixie dust that helps us fly.

Seth – Chambrum Rangeam
Until 7 December 2018
Dorothy Circus London and Rome

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London: Choose Love – Help Refugees and win a Banksy

Choose Love - Help Refugees

In the middle of Carnaby street in London during the busy Christmas shopping period, a new pop up shop opened with a mission: help refugees.

Choose Love - Help RefugeesChoose Love - Help RefugeesChoose Love - Help RefugeesChoose Love - Help Refugees

Choose Love is the world’s first shop where you can buy real products for refugees. From emergency blankets to school bags and medical equipment, you can shop to your heart’s content, leave with nothing, and feel great. All funds raised will go directly to Help Refugees, supporting our work across Europe and the Middle East.

Choose Love - Help RefugeesChoose Love - Help Refugees
Choose Love - Help RefugeesChoose Love - Help Refugees

Help Refugees is a pioneering organisation working on the frontline of the refugee crisis in Europe and beyond. Founded in 2015 as part of a grassroots movement of volunteers, in just two years they have become one of the most prominent and effective humanitarian aid organisations working directly with refugees.

Josie Naughton, CEO of Help Refugees, said: “It’s easy to forget how lucky we are to have a bed, a blanket and a roof over our heads. For thousands of refugees this winter, these basic human needs are completely out of reach. This shop is all about one simple idea: that we should all Choose Love and help those in need.”

Banksy Boat raffle
Elusive artist Banksy has teamed up with Choose Love and is putting his remote controlled  ‘ dream boat’ up for a raffle competition. This coin operated sculpture was created as part of his acclaimed theme park Dismaland. Is it a darkly satirical work of art or a remote control toy in very bad taste? It might be both. It certainly is unique and it could be yours in time for Christmas…
Make a minimum donation of £2 and guess the weight until 22 December  here.

Choose Love - Help Refugees

The items on sale include emergency blankets, children’s shoes, warm socks, mobile phone credit and more. Costs range from £4.99 to £499 – to ‘buy the store’.

You can also visit the online shop here.

Choose Love - Help RefugeesChoose Love - Help Refugees

Until January 2019
30-32 Fouberts Place, Carnaby, London, W1F 7PS
Hours: Monday – Saturday 11 – 6 pm, Sunday 12 – 6 pm

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Milan: Tavar Zawacki – Shapeshifting ( Wunderkammern)

While in Milan we popped by to see the latest exhibition of Californian based artist Tavar Zawacki aka Above, whom we previously met in Berlin ( see our coverage here) in 2017.

For twenty years (1996–2016) the artist created and signed all of his artworks with his street artist pseudonym, ‘ABOVE’. In January 2017, he decided to step out of his self-imposed shadow of anonymity and start signing artworks with his real birth name – allowing more freedom of creative exploration, as well as liberation from the arrow icon he has associated himself with. His painting styles with mural works in large scale, as well as his indoor fine art are characterized by the use of hard-edge painting, color field, geometric abstraction, Op art, and Trompe-l’oeil painting styles. Since 2005 the artist displayed his work in galleries and creative institutions around the world.

The solo exhibition ‘Shapeshifting‘ at Wunderkammern Gallery reflects on the concept of metamorphosis intended in a personal and artistic sense, where the artist is testing himself with the use of different types of shapes and colors. The exploration of different forms and their intersections is seen by Tavar Zawacki as a stimulating game and a continuous experimentation, materializing in a visual aesthetic and in a use of techniques that enhance the color. The geometric shapes are combined freely as if they were puzzles. Playing with size, shapes and colours, canvases and sculptures leave the viewer the opportunity to look at his works from multiple angles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Tavar Zawacki – Shapeshifting
Until 22 December 2018
Wunderkammern Milano
Via Ausonio 1A, 20123 Milano

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Milan: The Art of Banksy – A Visual Protest

Various exhibitions of Banksy’s work have taken place in art galleries, but until now no public museum has ever given the artist a solo exhibition.

The Italian culture museum in Milan, MUDEC – Museo delle Culture – is presenting for the first time a solo exhibition of elusive artist Banksy. The unauthorised retrospective titled ‘ The Art of Banksy. A visual protest”, curated by Gianni Mercurio, unites under one roof more than 70 works, including paintings, sculptures and prints by the artist, and accompanied by objects, photographs and video. For the first time a public institution takes a retrospective look at the work, socio-political context and philosophy of Banksy.

Stay tuned for further updates and behind the scenes access.

“The Art of Banksy. A Visual Protest”
21 November 2018 – 14 April 2019

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Paris: FIAC Highlights 2018

Two weeks after FRIEZE in London, Paris attracts the center of the art world for a week with FIAC (Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain).

Located in the spectacular venue of the Grand Palais, the 45th edition of FIAC featured 195 galleries from 27 countries. The five-day fair, held in the majestic setting of the Grand Palais, combines contemporary and modern art under one soaring steel-and-glass roof, and attracts about 75,000 visitors, according to the organizers. The Frieze and Frieze Masters fairs, which separate contemporary and modern, each attract 60,000.

Here are some highlights from this year’s edition

Yael Bartana

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

FIAC – 18-21 October 2018
Grand Palais

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London: Moniker Art Fair 2018


Moniker Art Fair returned to East London last week, celebrating their 10th edition, by taking over the upper floor of The Old Truman Brewery and extending their 30,000 square foot fair space outdoors with their first-ever Formula-E art car painted by British street artist D*Face, as part of their ongoing collaboration with Kaspersky Lab.

Uncensored presented in partnership with Urban Nation

For the 10th edition, Moniker Art Fair has also partnered with Berlin’s Urban Nation Museum to present ‘UNCENSORED, a wholly unfiltered and unrestricted celebration of the revolutionary elements of urban contemporary art with a series of immersive installations.

Upon entering the upper floor of the Truman Brewery, visitors were greeted by a giant maze by French duo Lek & Sowat and had to navigated through to get to the entrance of Moniker.


Uncensored Installation Hall Co-Curated by Urban Nation features the works of Lek & Sowat (France) / Herakut (Germany) / FaithXLVII (South Africa) / Ann J Lewis (USA) / Li’Hill (Canada) / David Mesguich (France) / Dan Rawlings (UK)


In parallel Moniker also featured Artists Open Studios with VESOD (Italy) Vermibus (Spain) / Bom.K (France) / Axel Void (USA) / Dont Fret (USA) / Skewville (USA) / Louis Masai (UK)


Moniker also hosted a series of talks and conferences in partnership with the Nuart Journal, and film screenings including X Art documentary


Galleries and international artists showing works at the Fair include :
Under The Radar Gallery (London, UK) / Jewel Goodby Contemporary (London, UK) / Thinkspace Projects (Los Angeles CA, USA) – Solo show by Kaili Smith / Jealous Gallery (London, UK) / Landmark Street Art (Carlisle, UK) / BSMT SPACE (London, UK)/ 1963 Gallery (London, UK)/ Egle Zvirblyte (Lithuania) / Curious Duke Gallery (London, UK) / The Art Hound Gallery (Cambridge, UK) – Solo show by Lauren Baker / Well Hung Gallery (London, UK) / Graffik Gallery (London, UK) / Spoke Art Gallery (NYC and SF, USA) – Solo show by Erik Jones / The Moleskine Project presented by Spoke Art / The Secret Art Prize / Fοusion Gallery (Barcelona, Spain) / Fanakapan (London, UK) / Vinyl on Vinyl (Manila, Philippines)


Click below to view a photo gallery of the London Moniker Art Fair 2018


Moniker Art Fair
4-7 October 2018
Truman Brewery

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London: Banksy self destructs live at Sotheby’s

With the crazy art week and all the collectors gathered in London for the Frieze Art Fair and plethora of glamourous art events, a series of artworks by elusive artist Banksy were presented at prestigious auction house Sotheby’s, including his iconic Girl with Balloon for the evening auction of 5 October 2018.

Girl with a Balloon (2006) was the final lot of the night, and just as the canvas hammered at £953,829 ( totally 1,042,000 GBP after taxes) — exactly the same figure as the artist’s previous auction record, achieved in 2008 — an alarm was triggered inside the work of art. Onlookers turned just in time to see the canvas slip through its faux-gilt frame and be shredded into pieces.


Pics courtesy of Sotheby’s

“It appears we just got Banksy-ed,” said Alex Branczik, the auction house’s head of contemporary art, Europe, immediately after the sale. “He is arguably the greatest British street artist, and tonight we saw a little piece of Banksy genius,” he said, adding that he was “not in on the ruse”, although it is not clear whether other members of staff were. Some commented on the unusually thick frame, which could have easily concealed a shredding mechanism.

After a man dressed in black sporting sunglasses and a hat was seen scuffling with security guards near the entrance to Sotheby’s shortly after the incident, speculation mounted that the elusive artist had himself pressed the button that destroyed the work. According to the provenance, Girl with a Balloon was acquired directly from the artist in 2006.

“We are busy figuring out what this means in an auction context,” Branczik said. “The shredding is now part of the integral art work. We have not experienced a situation where a painting has spontaneously shredded, upon achieving a record for the artist.”
One potential outcome, according to a spokeswoman, is that the destroyed painting could be preserved as a document of the guerrilla tactic. “You could argue that the work is now more valuable,” Branczik said. “It’s certainly the first piece to be spontaneously shredded as an auction ends.”

On his social media account Banksy captured the moment with a caption ‘Going, Going, Gone…’

View this post on Instagram

Going, going, gone…

A post shared by Banksy (@banksy) on

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London: PAD Art Fair

The 12th edition of the Pavilion of Art and Design (PAD) fair kicks off on October 1 with a fine line-up of 58 returning exhibitors. Set in Berkeley Square, Mayfair, PAD focusses on masterpieces across design, art, antiquities, tribal art and collectible jewellery.

10 new exhibitors join the prestigious roster of returning galleries and include: Achille Salvagni (London), Veta Stefanidou Tsoukala (Athens), 18 Davies Street (London), Karen Swami (Paris), and Robert Zehil (Monaco) in the fields of design and decorative arts; Hélène Bailly (Paris) in the field of 20th century art; Walid Akkad (Paris), Lorenz Bäumer (Paris), Valery Demure (London) and G by Glenn Spiro (London) in the field of collectible jewellery. With the arrival of these new renowned exhibitors, the fair will have a focus on collectible jewellery this year with a dedicated alley.

With the recent launch of PAD Genève and the ever-growing success of PAD Paris, PAD reinforces its position as Europe’s leading cross-collecting fair group based in three prime locations.

Here are some selected highlights.  Click on the images for more information.

PAD Art + Design Fair
1-7 October 2018
Berkeley Square
London W1J 5AX

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Paris: District 13 – International Art Fair

The first District 13 – International Art Fair will be held from 26 – 30 September in Paris at Drouot, an iconic institution of art history. Located in the heart of the capital, District 13 offers the public a curated selection of international galleries and international renowned street artists.

District 13 finds its inspiration in the city’s 13th district, with a long history of supporting street art with Street Art 13, an open air museum led by Galerie Itinerrance and the Mayor of the 13th District, as well as the more recent project Tour 13 (covered here).

Opened in 1852 in Paris, Hotel Drouot is the world’s largest auction house. Over the years, this institution has forged a place as a focal point for contemporary art. Works from the greatest names throughout the history of art, including Picasso, Matisse, Braque and Dalí, have been sold under the hammer of Drouot’s auctioneers.

For the first time ever, Drouot will be hosting a fair dedicated to Urban Art – a movement that is undergoing a complete transformation and lies at the heart of the debate and future of contemporary art.

District 13 will host a series of events.

Participating exhibitors include a carefully selected range of galleries and international street artists (from Paris, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, etc): Garey The Third (OTI),Galerie Itinerrance, Subliminal Projects, Galerie LJ, Corey Helford Gallery, Dorothy Circus Gallery, 39.63 Project, Hellion Gallery, HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture, Galería Lira, Pure Evil Gallery, Art & Craft Galerie, Avenue des Arts, Orlinda Lavergne Gallery, Yosr Ben Ammar Gallery , GCA Gallery, France Albin Michel Editions Beaux Livres, Galerie At Down, France Backside Gallery,France Swinton Galler, Graffik Gallery, What’s Art Gallery, Lavo//Matik.

The programme also features conferences, meeting with artists, guided tours, and an auction for the final day of the fair.

District 13 International Art Fair
26- 30 September 2018
9, rue Drouot
75009 Paris, France

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London: Static ‘Modern Muses’

Since 2006 London based artistic duo STATIC, made of Tom Jackson and Craig Evans have been producing bold original work abstractly exploring duality and conflict through figurative assemblages.

Mixing stencil and spray paint with vivid collages with feathers and glass, lego, mother of pearl inlays; STATICs aesthetic is as dynamic as it is intricate.

Blending pattern with portraiture, their signature style is heavily influenced by modern ‘tribes’ and mythologies.
Mixed media creations primarily examine perception with colours and shapes seemingly suspended through the use of layered materials.
Through iconic signs and symbols charged with their own histories, STATIC are looking to challenge the viewer to examine their own cultural identity.

Their new exhibition ‘Modern Muses’ features four layered glass originals, a series of hand painted multiples that accompany the originals and 10 hand painted multiples featuring their signature Chinook Chandeliers.

Check their social media as they will also be running competitions to win this week.

@ Robi Walters Gallery
12 Ingestre Place, London W1F 0JF
27th – 30th September 2018

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London: Conor Harrington ‘The Story of US and Them’

Conor Harrington - the Storyof Us and Them

Irish born painter Conor Harringtonreturns to London with a new solo exhibition “The Story of Us and Them” at HENI Gallery in London. Fascinated by art history, Renaissance and the Baroque era, Conor Harrington continues to explore patriotism and contemporary social political themes, combining classical oil painting techniques and graffiti influences.

The exhibition features 12 new large scale works featuring two fictional male figures dressed in ornate baroque uniforms fighting each other and brandishing their bright coloured flags as weapon.

The viewer is immediately transported in this semi fictional tale, through bold red and blue vibrant colours, while the energetic brushstrokes accentuate the feeling of drama and movement.
Duality is an omnipresent theme : realism vs onirism, a sense of political division occurs through the use of colours, flags.
Conor Harrington’s painting techniques have also evolved with more loose paint gestures, the use of solvent and extinguishers to create some blurring effects while some elements of the composition are in focus with intricate details such as the uniforms or expressions of the faces.

Conor Harrington - the Storyof Us and ThemConor Harrington - the Storyof Us and ThemConor Harrington - the Storyof Us and ThemConor Harrington - the Storyof Us and Them

“The works are set against a background of a fictional nation state and feature two so-called ‘blind patriots’ engaged in combat,” the gallery says. “By using predominantly red and blue in their apparel and the flags they brandish, Harrington draws on the various political and cultural connotations associated with this pairing to make a comment on society today.”

Conor Harrington - the Storyof Us and ThemConor Harrington - the Storyof Us and Them
Conor Harrington - the Storyof Us and ThemConor Harrington - the Storyof Us and Them

Conor Harrington - the Storyof Us and Them
Conor Harrington - the Storyof Us and ThemConor Harrington - the Storyof Us and Them
Conor Harrington - the Storyof Us and ThemConor Harrington - the Storyof Us and Them
Conor Harrington - the Storyof Us and ThemConor Harrington - the Storyof Us and Them

View the full set of pics here

Conor Harrington: The Story of Us and Them
14th September — 13th October 2018

HENI Gallery
6-10 Lexington St, London W1F 0LB

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Streets: Aida Wilde – Less Homes 4U

Aida Wilde

London based artist AIDA WILDE continues her interventions denouncing the rapid gentrification of London’s iconic and creative areas like Hackney Wick.
Her powerful text based street interventions incorporate social media terminology as a tool for activism.

Earlier in September, during the Art on the Streets conference, she presented her work about the gentrification of Hackney Wick, the curation of the Lord Napier project for Hackney Wicked ( from Shithouse to Penthouse), and A Hackney Wick Funeral, uniting countless artists in homage to Hackney Wick’s vibrant artistic past.

Croydon, a borough located south of London, often nicknamed ‘Cronx’ due to its infamous and controversial reputation, from Kate Moss to the 2011 London Riots, has been undergoing a lot of real estate development and revitalisation in a bid to change its image and attract new crowds.

In the city center many of the local shops have now closed to give way to big brands and so on.

Aida WildeAida Wilde
Aida Wilde

For the Croydon Rise Festival, a street art festival curated by Monoprixx, Wherethereswalls and Rise Gallery, aimed to become the largest free open air museum in Europe, Aida Wilde decided to create a bespoke shop front window namely apt ‘Less Homes 4U’.

Using her signature vibrant neon pink dotted wallpaper and black block text imagery, Aida Wilde continues to denounce the gentrification process.

Aida WildeAida WildeAida Wilde
Aida WildeAida Wilde
Aida WildeTeam Pic by @Wherethereswalls

Together with her glamorous assistants Aida pasted up bold messages on the shop window:


A sign next to the window indicates ‘WHERE ONLY THE 1% COUNT’, with the O being strategically stroked off.

Aida Wilde

In parallel in the Rise Gallery, the public is invited to add notes to Aida Wilde’s installation ‘My mother’s aspiration for me was…’


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London: Banksy at the British Museum

Banksy British Museum

Back in 2005, Banksy installed this ‘cave painting’ titled ‘Peckham Rock’ in one of the galleries of the British Museum without permission, and without anyone noticing.
He gave it a fake identification number and label, and it remained on the wall for three days before the Museum was alerted to the prank via Banksy’s website.

This time the British Museum has invited Banksy back to the Museum to ‘officially’ exhibit the hoax piece in the upcoming ‘I Object‘ exhibition opening on 6 September 2018, highlighting the history of dissent and protest around the world.

More info on the British Museum website

I Object
6 September – 20 January 2019
British Museum

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Giant Turtle mural by Hisham Echafaki

We are pleased to share a new project we have been collaborating with London based artist Hisham Echafaki in Saint-Aubin Chateau-Neuf in Val d’Ocre, France.

Initially known for his intricate surrealist compositions and three dimensional paintings (covered here), the contemporary artist braved the intense heatwave to paint this hyperrealistic monumental turtle.

Strong advocate and protector of the fauna and flora, Hisham Echafaki wanted to pay tribute to one of the endangered species as well as a nod to a Hermann turtle, member of the village since the past 45 years.

See more pictures of the work in progress.

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Paris: Banksy Festive Rats

To conclude Banksy  invasion of Paris, the elusive artist celebrated also the festive spirit of the French capital with a series of stencilled rats.

Popping champagne bottles while happy rats are flying high on top of cork bottles.

Location as always: Montmartre first, and then in the Marais district with a Bar called ‘Chez Marianne’, of course.

To complicate things further, Banksy returned several times on the same locations, updating the stencils in colours and shape as you can see on the little animations, giving them a lively feel, as they were getting stolen, repainted or covered under plexi .

In the overcrowded area of the contemporary art centre ‘Centre Pompidou’, the elusive artist returned to paint a bigger mischief rat holding a cutter.

Lastly the  City of Love is celebrated with a little rat couple dressed in 19th century outfits, lovingly gazing at the Eiffel Tower in the background from under a bridge.

Such a romantic! Happy Summer !



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Paris: ‘Illustres- C215 autour du Pantheon’

Illustres! C215 autour du Pantheon

Portraits of illustrious men and women painted by the French street artist Christian Guémy, better known as C215, adorn the French National Monument Pantheon and surrounding streets in the fifth arrondissement of Paris until 10 October.

This year, the Centre des Monuments Nationaux is presenting “Sur les murs, histoires (s) de graffiti” on nine monuments of its network (see our previous coverage here). On this occasion, the artist C215 was invited to make portraits of men and women honored at the Pantheon, and thematic visits are also set up in the monument, to discover the many historical graffiti present in the heights of the monument, spaces usually inaccessible to the public.

Christian Guémy pays tribute to the figures of the resistance, like Brecht, Zola or de Gaulle, whose names are associated with streets, squares and institutions. In all, 28 portraits of historical personalities, some of which are buried inside the Pantheon, are painted on the walls of the 5th district.

Illustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du Pantheon
Illustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du Pantheon

The tour titled “Illustres! C215 autour du Pantheon ” begins in the crypt of the monument, which hosts an exhibition of the artistic approach and the techniques used by the artist to create these colourful portraits: stencils, blades. A series of photographies illustrate the artist’s creative process, while a movie presents an interview of the artist.

Illustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du Pantheon
Illustres! C215 autour du Pantheon

Within display cabinets, C215 is creating a dialogue between the illustrious portraits and symbolic objects. Thus, literary works, handwritten letters, and professional objects of Marie Curie, Germaine Tillion, Andre Malraux, Victor Hugo or Antoine de Saint-Exupery are exhibited and highlight the area for which these illustrious people are honoured.

Illustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du Pantheon
Illustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du Pantheon
Illustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du Pantheon

Punctual visits to the upper parts of the Pantheon allow the public to discover some of the historical graffiti.

Illustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du Pantheon
Illustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du Pantheon

At the same time, C215 painted 28 portraits in the streets of the 5th arrondissement surrounding the Pantheon and invite the viewer to discover the lives of these extraordinary personalities.
For example a huge portrait of Marie Curie adorn the walls of the Institut Marie Carie.

Illustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du Pantheon
Illustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du PantheonIllustres! C215 autour du Pantheon

A full map of the C215 Illustres tour is available here

Illustres ! C215 Autour du Pantheon
Until 10 October
Place du Panthéon
75005 Paris

CMN ‘Sur les Murs, Histoire(s) de Graffiti’


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London: Hope to Nope – Graphics and Politics 2008-2018

Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18

We are pleased to be part of the latest exhibition at the London Design MuseumHope to Nope – Graphics and Politics 2008-18′.

Design can influence public perception, but great design can change it. From campaign designs to protest symbols, ‘Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008-2018’ explores the impact of graphic design in political and social movements over the last ten years.

Alongside traditional posters and banners, the exhibition charts the rise of digital media and social networking, which have given graphic iconography an extraordinary new reach.  The political events featured include: the 2008 financial crash; the Barack Obama presidency; the Arab Spring; the Occupy movement; the Deepwater Horizon oil spill; the Charlie Hebdo attacks; Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency.

The exhibition is structured in three distinct sections: power, protest and personality – which explore how design is used in politics to change public perceptions.

‘Power‘ starts off with the Obama campaign’s unofficial, but hugely popular, ‘Hope’ poster by Shepard Fairey, which is later compared to the failings in the design of the Remain campaign’s materials. It also features examples of Brandalism subverts advertising posters from 2015 Brandalism ad takeover in Paris (covered) with VW spoof ad by Barnbrook and Curfew Zone by Dr.D.

Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18

Regarding UK politics, the Power section highlights the Union Jack flag made with fragile tape by Sarah Boris, which was featured during several marches against Brexit in 2016 as well as designs from the RemaIN campaign.

Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18
Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18

Examples show how graphic design is used by the establishment to assert national and political authority like the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, or used by its opponents like Soviet posters which were turned into a gay rights campaign and Dread Scott’s flag in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18

A large graphic timeline dissects the gallery, charting the role of new communication technologies such as Facebook and Twitter in global events of the last decade.

Protest displays graphic design by activists and demonstrators. The largest section in the exhibition, it includes newspapers from the 2011-12 Occupy London camp, an umbrella used during the 2014 Hong Kong ‘Umbrella Revolution’ and a 2m-high replica of the inflatable duck from the 2016 protests against Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff. This section also looks at the 2015 Je Suis Charlie and Peace for Paris marches, as well as responses to the 2017 Grenfell Tower disaster with the 24 hearts initiative by Sophie Lodge, demonstrating the important role played by graphic design in channelling anger and creating solidarity.

Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18
Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18

An installation film by Paul Plowman evokes the experience of public protest, combining hastags, forage and images from five protests : #womensmarch,  #grenfell, #turkey, #catalonia, and #southafrica. These demonstrations cover diverse political viewpoints, from fighting for democracy to calling for justice, and emotions ranging from solidarity to fierce anger.

The final section, Personality, examines the graphic representation of leading political figures. Donald Trump’s trademark features are caricatured across the covers of more than 50 international magazines, including The Economist, TIME and Der Spiegel.

Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18

As we approach the ‘Nope’ of the exhibition we are faced with a scary and entertaining animation: an animatronic (mis)fortune telling machine tells and distributes messages by the new US President. This is the work by Nathaniel Lawlor, Andy Dao, Jon Barco and Bryan Denman.
‘With the over-saturation and bombardment of Trump in the news cycle, we saw how easy it was becoming for people to tune out the banter of these soundbites and Facebook headlines, so we thought—what better way to remind people of their gravitas than by showing them this could be their actual future?”

Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18
Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18
Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18Hope to Nope : Design & Politics 2008-18

View the full set of pics here

Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008–18
Until 12 August 2018
Design Museum London

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Paris: Banksy Bataclan Tribute

Continuing his Paris invasion, Banksy chose a poignant subject and spot on location.
A new stencil appeared on the exit door of the Bataclan theatre in the 11th district of Paris.

Extremely strong symbolic as it is this exact exit door where victims of terrorist attacks tried to escaped during mass shooting on 13 November 2015, leaving 89 dead and over 300 injured.

Painted on the black background of the exit door, a white stencil features a woman with a lace veil, which gives a mystical and protective aura like a Madonna.

Her face is inspired by a marble sculpture by Italian artist Giovanni Battista Lombardi from 1869.
She is dressed in a uniform , reminiscent of the rescuers that did everything to save the victims that night.

The mourning woman is holding some files in one hand, maybe the victims reports and a delicate lace handkerchief on the other.

Using just a monochrome stencil, Banksy creates a strong moving memorial to the victims of terrorism in Paris, as well as a big up to the rescuer teams.

For further updates on Banksy in Paris check here

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Paris: Artists and Robots at the Grand Palais

Artists & Robots - Patrick Tresset

The Grand Palais (RMN) in Paris is currently showing an impressive exhibition ‘Artists and Robots’ dedicated to AI: artificial imagination, a common term to design robotic art, generative art and algorithmic art.

The exhibition invites audiences to experience works created by artists with the aid of ever more intelligent robots. Around thirty works offer visitors a glimpse into an immersive and interactive virtual world, a tangible experience of augmented reality, of space and time overturned.

Artificial intelligence is now transforming human existence and also affecting the very nature of the artist’s artwork , from its production, exhibition, to its distribution, conservation and reception.

Immersive works, paintings, sculptures, mobiles, cinema, design, and music: all the creations presented in this exhibition arise from artists working with robotic programs invented and provided for the purpose of art.

Artists & Robots - Leonel Moura

With the use of increasingly powerful software, artists gain a greater autonomy  and an infinite capacity to work with shapes and interactivity. The software programs employed are not only intelligent, but also generate new shapes and figures that allow to see and give pause for thought.

The exhibition is structured in three folds.
The first section present ‘The creative machine’. Robots are always on the move and their movements are sometimes so ‘physical’ and amusing that it is could be easy to give them an animal or human dimension, or even a ‘psychology’.
Featuring works by Jean Tinguely, Nam June Paik, Nicolas Schöffer, Leonel Moura, Patrick Tresset, So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi, J. Lee Thompson, Arcangelo Sassolino.

Artists Robots - Jean TinguelyArtists & Robots - Leonel Moura Artists Robots - Arcangelo SassolinoArtists & Robots - So Kanno & Takahiro Yamaguchi 01Artists & Robots - Patrick TressetArtists & Robots - Patrick TressetArtists & Robots - Patrick Tresset

The second section is about ‘Programmed artwork’, where the robot is becoming invisible. Computing and algorithmic programmes infuse the artwork and technical expertise is set aside as we, the spectators, marvel at the majesty of infinite shapes that change according to the movements of our bodies.

Featuring works by Manfred Mohr, Vera Molnar, Iannis Xenakis, Demian Conrad, Raquel Kogan, Ryoji Ikeda, Pascal Dombis, Elias Crespin, Jacopo Baboni Schilingi, Edmond Couchot and Michel Bret, Miguel Chevalier, Joan Fontcuberta, Michael Hansmeyer and Peter Kogler.

Artists & Robots - StelarcArtists & Robots - StelarcArtists & Robots - Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer
Artists & Robots - RYOJI IKEDAArtists & Robots - Stelarc
Artists Robots - Edmond Couchot & Michel Bret
Artists & Robots - Miguel ChevalierArtists & Robots - Michael Hansmeyer
Artists & Robots - Peter Kogler

And lastly the space is dedicated to The robot frees itself’.
Deep Learning is making robots even more intelligent and active, to the point where they seem not only to rival humans, but to augment them, fuse with them, taunt them and possibly even duplicate them.

Featuring works by Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau, Catherine Ikam and Louis Fléri, Stelarc, Nicolas Darrot, Fabien Giraud and Raphaël Siboni, Koji Fukada, Oscar Sharp, Daft Punk, Pascal Haudressy, Memo Akten, ORLAN, Takashi Murakami.

Artists & Robots - OrlanArtists & Robots - Nam June PaikArtists & Robots - Tkashi MurakamiArtists & Robots
Artists & Robots - OrlanArtists & Robots - Tkashi Murakami

The contemporary works presented in this exhibition give us a good idea of the questions artists are asking, which mirror our own: What is an artist? What is an artwork? What can a robot achieve that an artist cannot? If it has artificial intelligence, does a robot have imagination? Who decides: the artist, the engineer, the spectator, all of us? Can we talk about a collective artwork?

View the full set of pics here

Artists & Robots
Le Grand Palais
Until 8 July 2018

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Paris: Banksy joins the celebrations of Mai 68 riots

While Paris has been celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the May 68 Riots with multiple exhibitions, elusive artist Banksy has hit the streets of the French capital with a series of new artworks.

May 68 in France – Ten million workers on strike, young people in the streets, public services at a standstill, a paralysed economy: the state faced a major social crisis which threatened to shake its very foundations. The entire country was affected, including all sectors of activity.

Facing the entrance of La Sorbonne University, Banksy put up a dark stencil of a man hiding a saw behind his back while an amputated dog is salivating looking up at a bone. Could be a play on words ‘Saw Bone’ which sounds similar to ‘Sorbonne’, but also is a very cynical symbol of our society, raising questions of sacrifice and perceived rewards from the powers in place.

Placement and context are always very important. This is where the major student demonstrations took place. Interestingly, less than 10 meters away from this ‘Saw & Bone’ stencil, Invader placed a pixelated commemoration plaque on the Place de La Sorbonne earlier this May.

Click on the pics to enlarge

Banksy painted additional little rats characters, with the tag 1968 and the 8 falling apart and being transformed into the bow of the famous Minnie mouse, nod to Disneyland, symbolising with his stencils that the 1968 uprising has lost its luster and morphed into capitalism.

Next to the Centre Pompidou, which hosts Le Musee d’art Moderne, the largest museum of modern art in Europe, Banksy painted a mischief rat, which was later transformed into a bigger one holding a cutter. He posted the caption on his Instagram: ‘Fifty years since the uprising in Paris 1968. The birthplace of modern stencil art.’ 


The entire city is celebrating the 50th Anniversary, from the streets to institutions. For further historical context about the 1968 riots, the Hotel de Ville is presenting historical pictures by photograph Gilles Caron who documented the student revolts while the Archives Nationales are showing the events of May-June 1968 as seen by the authorities of the time. Earlier in May we also shared the intervention of Spanish artist ESCIF on the external walls ‘Open Borders’ of the modern art institution Palais de Tokyo ( see full coverage here).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned as we continue our coverage of Banksy invasion of the French capital…

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London: Banksy Vote Love

Banksy - Vote to Love

For the 250th Anniversary of the Summer Exhibiton at the Royal Academy in London, Banksy submitted an artwork under the pseudonym Bryan S Gaakman, anagram of ‘banksy anagram’ and it was refused. However when curator Grayson Perry contacted him to submit something, Banksy did it again and it is now displayed in the gallery 3.

The artwork features a heart shaped balloon with plaster over a political board that was used for the Brexit referendum vote. The initial board favoured the ‘Leave’ campaign.
With his humorous style, the ‘Leave’ campaign has been replaced by a ‘Love’ statement. To add further irony, the price tag on the artwork is £350 millions, a nod to the infamous ‘Leave bus’ claiming that Britain would save £350m a week after Brexit.

The heart shaped balloon is an image close to Banksy, starting with his iconic Girl with Balloon (2002) who was also used worldwide for the #withSyria campaign in 2014

#Syria - Banksy London

The first Love Heart Balloon with plaster appeared at the MOCA exhibition ‘Arts in the Streets’ in Los Angeles in 2011.

Pic by BirdMan

A Heart Balloon mural was painted in the streets of New York in 2013 during his artistic residency Better Out than In.

And a painted canvas  with the Heart Balloon was then sold in 2014 to support the Haitian Charity Auction for $650K.

Pic by Banksy

Throughout the years, Banksy expressed his views on political issues, and specially the Brexit.  We recall the mural in Dover in May 2017 featuring a worker chiselling away a star from the European Flag (see our previous coverage here).

Banksy in DoverBanksy in Dover

This was followed by the release of a revisited version of the Girl With Balloon featuring a heart with the Union Jack flag  for the UK Elections  in June 2017, which was later recalled due to criminal offence (covered)

Pic by Banksy

Banksy - Vote to Love

The 250th Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy features 1300 artworks from internationally renowned artists and exciting new talents.

Come back again soon for our full coverage on the exhibition.

250th Summer Exhibition
Royal Academy
Until 19 August 2018
Burlington House, Piccadilly,
London, W1J 0BD

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Paris: Banksy for World Refugee Day

A new mural appeared in the streets of Paris . A black and white stencilled little girl standing on a wooden palette is painting a pink wallpaper over a Nazi cross.

It bears all the tales of Banksy. Timing and locations are key: It’s world Refugee Day and the artwork is located on the wall of dismantled refugee camp in the north of Paris.

Banksy - Porte de La Chapelle

It’s the first time that Banksy paints in Paris

The image is reminiscent of his 2009 artwork ‘Go flock yourself’, with the same wallpaper pattern.

The little girl is homeless as shown with her teddy bear and duvet stencilled on the lower part of the wall. Banksy continues to fight against xenophobia and continue to raise awareness about the refugee crisis.

Banksy - Porte de La Chapelle

Stay tuned for more Banksy news to come…

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London: Sandra Chevrier – Les Cages: We Can’t Be Tamed

Sandra Chevrier

StolenSpace Gallery is currently showcasing the latest body of work by Canadian born artist, Sandra Chevrier, as she makes her long awaited return to the UK. Evocatively titled ‘Les Cages; We Can’t Be Tamed’, the exhibition features a fresh series of Chevrier’s iconic ‘Cage Paintings’ – juxtaposing feminine subjects with comic book iconography in order to explore concepts of social expectation via the female gaze.

”A man can believe until his last breath that he is different from a Caged animal in a Zoo. But through all his life until his death; he will be living in a prison without walls and will still believe he is free when in fact, everyday he will be shackled, whipped, and exist in captivity. We are all slaves of something, of someone, of an idea.”

“The Cages series as been revolving around submission, oppression, unfreedom, confinement and imprisonment. Cages are Cages, whether they were build with steel or from the fabric of the mind. We cannot be free outside the Cage unless we are able to experience the freedom within it. The freedom is inside us. Freedom within a Cage. I have a dream. A dream that freedom is not just an idea or a word. Only; I am not sure what it is… Not yet.”

Sandra Chevrier

By applying the comic book trope of the masked figure, Sandra Chevrier conceals the identity of her subjects, rendering them as simultaneously heroic, yet restricted.
Obscured by scenes of hostility and struggle, they peer from the canvas, challenging the viewer to look beyond their own preconceived notions of femininity. Often the artist applies scenes of heroic downfall to her collages – images that display the vulnerability of their super-powered subjects and remind us of their limitations. Sandra Chevrier’s intention is to make clear the often impossibly high standards that society holds women to.

Sandra ChevrierSandra Chevrier
Sandra ChevrierSandra Chevrier
Sandra ChevrierSandra Chevrier

Sandra Chevrier
Les Cages: We can’t be tamed
Until 1 July 2018

StolenSpace Gallery

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La Rochelle: Graff on Tour(s) with Lek & Sowat

Lek & Sowat - Graff on Tour(s)

The Towers of La Rochelle, managed by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux (CMN), are currently presenting Graff on Tour(s) until 25 June 2018 with a focus on historical graffiti as well as artistic interventions by contemporary artists ( see our first preview here. Following a month residency, internationally renowned graffiti duo Lek & Sowat were given total freedom to create contemporary artistic installations in the Saint Nicolas Tower and the city of La Rochelle.

After having archived and documented graffiti on the national monuments as traces of history and archeology for decades, and referenced graffiti on thirty historical monuments, the CMN is dedicating its 2018 cultural season on historical graffiti with a series of exhibitions and events called “Sur les murs, histoire(s) de graffiti“ on nine of its national monuments curated by Laure Pressac .

Wandering in La Rochelle, a few signs announce an atypical invasion.
Local buses adorn abstract geometric and dynamic shapes…

Bus Yelo La Rochelle, Lek & Sowat ©Théo Larmaillard/CMN

Looking up we noticed that the French flag on the Saint Nicolas Tower has been replaced by a pirate flag floating high with graffuturism and calligraffiti letters. There is no doubt: Lek and Sowat have taken over La Rochelle.

Lek & Sowat - Graff on Tour(s)

Known for their interventions both in abandoned places such as Mausolee ( see here) or institutions such as the Palais de Tokyo ( more here), Lek and Sowat were particularly interested by the historical monument of the Saint Nicolas Tower due to its architecture, context and history.

Some quick historic facts: during the 14th century La Rochelle was a centre of maritime trade and the Towers were controlling entry to the port by the many trading ship. From the 16th to 18th centuries, the Saint Nicolas Tower and the Chaine Tower were also used as prisons for Huguenots (French protestants) and foreign sailors, followed by military prisoners from the 19th century. Over 600 graffiti have been recorded, engraved in the walls of the Rochelle Towers, as testimony of imprisoned sailors during the various wars.

Lek & Sowat were inspired and intrigued by the story of the junction between the Saint Nicolas Tower and the Chaine Tower, mentioned in an old historical book of La Rochelle, added to the calculations of the architect Juste Lisch whose illustrations concurred with the possible existence of an arch between the two towers.

Illustration by Juste Lisch (1864)

Based on this historical and utopian idea, they have imagined a graffuturist gateway with the help of their friend David ‘Tcheko’ La Tulipe.

Lek & Tcheko - Graff on Tour(s)
Lek & Tcheko

In the continuity of their work done at the Pavillon du Carre Beaudoin , both artists pursue their quest to push the boundaries of graffiti and contemporary art, this time by creating a multisensorial and immersive installation inside the Saint Nicolas Tower.

They wanted to recreate the feelings of fear and unknown so present when doing urbex (urban exploration), not knowing what you might find, but being excited as the same time.
Visitors descend the Saint Nicolas Tower’s stairs in total darkness until their feet touch the floor of the lower ground space. Then the adrenaline kicks in: Boom !

It’s an explosion of lighting effects and shadows, revealing a three dimensional metallic bridge with geometric shapes, reminiscent of the abstract geometric shapes found in Lek & Sowat graffiti paintings.

Vibration sensors connected to a set of nine lights trigger an infinite combination of light variations which evolve through the stamps of visitors. All the surfaces from the floor to ceiling are transformed and the shadows appearing from the metallic structure create characters and shapes on the walls of the Tower.

The immersive installation creates a new dynamic dialogue between the viewer and the historical tower, a vibrant and interactive display for all ages, where the viewer is also an active participant in the creation of the installation.

Shy visitors start an impromptu dynamic dance to activate additional lighting and discover more fractal shadows and projections, characters and shapes. The interaction is fun, liberating and addictive.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

View the full set of pics here

The arched shape of the ground floor combined with the artistic installation also reminds us of a cathedral and its colourful stained glass windows with the graffuturist metallic structure recreating the stained glass windows outlines, giving a sacred aura to the historical space.

With their installation Lek and Sowat successfully take graffiti and contemporary art to another dimension, while giving a second life to the historical monument.

Simply magical.

In addition to their installation, Lek & Sowat are releasing a special limited edition Tote Bag to support the protection of the French cultural heritage, available in CMN’s gift shops.

Stay tuned as we continue our visit of the CMN Cultural season across the summer
“Sur les Murs, Histoire(s) de Graffiti”.

Graffs on Tour(s)
Until 25 June
Saint Nicolas Tower
Lantern Tower
La Rochelle

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London: Mark Jenkins – BRD SHT

Mark Jenkins- BRD SHT

American artist Mark Jenkins returns to London for his third solo exhibition with Lazinc Gallery.
The show follows Jenkins’ success of his recent art installation, Project84, atop of London’s ITV building, raising awareness of male suicide.

Together with his collaborator, Sandra Fernandez, Mark Jenkins creates sculptural street installations that take the form of life-sized bodies, often interacting with the surrounding environment.
The physical casting process ordinarily uses either Mark or Sandra’s own bodies, essentially cloning themselves out of many layers of sellotape to create dark humoured and often sinister sculptures and place them within the public space. The work is intended to explore the conventional process in which we experience and view artwork and the pedestrian boundaries between art and life.

“BRD SHT, the show’s title, nods to a license plate in the film Brewster McCloud. In the film, it was a murderous substance and while I understand here in the UK it’s good luck, for me I’ve always thought about the frequency birds do it as a condition for reducing weight to allow flight. It’s a useful metaphor to understand that our own ability to sustain flight mentally is a matter of reducing our own emotional baggage, or shit if you will.” – Mark Jenkins

The exhibition features nine sculptures, three canvases and works on paper, as well as an installation on the gallery front of a fisherman figure hanging from the balcony.

Mark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHT
Mark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHT
Mark Jenkins- BRD SHT
Mark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHT
Mark Jenkins- BRD SHT
Mark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHT

View the full set of pics here

Mark Jenkins – BRD SHT
Until 30 June 2018
Lazinc Sackville

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Paris: Miss Van Retrospective at Galerie Openspace

Miss Van Retrospective

OpenSpace Gallery in Paris is paying tribute to leading female urban contemporary artist Miss Van with a special Retrospective. The exhibition, curated by Samantha Longhi and Nicolas Chenus presents more than 90 works from 2003 to today, and is running until June 14th.

Spanning across 15 years, the exhibition showcases her prolific body of works on paper, wood, and canvas. It’s quite an emotional journey which present her incessant sources of inspiration and Miss Van’s signature female characters set in diverse oniric situations.

Upon entering the gallery, early works with acrylic on canvas, are featured along side the most recent oil paintings Gitanas series.

Miss Van Retrospective
Miss Van RetrospectiveMiss Van RetrospectiveMiss Van Retrospective
Miss Van Retrospective

Key highlights include her little madonnas or ‘Virgen’, Princessas, Bailerinas, Twinkle, a room dedicated to circus with artworks from here 2008 ‘Still Little Magic’ series, as well as the ‘Atame’ painting who graced the cover of the Juxtapoz magazine.

Miss Van RetrospectiveMiss Van RetrospectiveMiss Van Retrospective
Miss Van RetrospectiveMiss Van Retrospective
Miss Van Retrospective

On the lower ground space hosts the ‘Hypnotic flower’, a wooden installation that was featured at the MOCA in LA in 2011 for Arts in the Streets and her masks series.

Miss Van RetrospectiveMiss Van RetrospectiveMiss Van RetrospectiveMiss Van Retrospective
Miss Van RetrospectiveMiss Van RetrospectiveMiss Van Retrospective

The evolution of body of works is simply spectacular. Her lolitas have blossomed into sensual Gitanas with a stunning colour palette and precision of the brushstrokes.

Miss Van Retrospective
Miss Van Retrospective

View the full set of pics here

Miss Van Retrospective
Until 16 June 2018
OpenSpace Gallery
116 Bd Richard Lenoir
75011 Paris

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La Rochelle (FR): Graffs on Tour(s) with the CMN

The Centre des Monuments Nationaux (CMN) is France’s biggest cultural and tourism operator. Its mission is to preserve cultural heritage and provide public access to 100 national historical monuments throughout France.

After having archived and documented graffiti on the national monuments as traces of history and archeology for decades, and referenced graffiti on thirty historical monuments, the CMN has decided to focus its 2018 cultural season on historical graffiti with a series of exhibitions and events called Sur les murs, histoire(s) de graffiti on nine of its national monuments curated by Laure Pressac .

From 31 March to 25 June 2018 the historical sites of La Rochelle Towers present “Graffs on Tour(s)” with a focus on historical graffiti as well as artistic interventions by contemporary artists. Over 600 graffiti have been recorded,  engraved in the walls of the Rochelle Towers, as testimony of imprisoned sailors during the various wars.

Following a month residency, internationally renowned graffiti duo Lek & Sowat (covered) have created a series of contemporary installations in the Saint Nicolas Tower and the city of La Rochelle, which we will focus on in more details shortly.

To kick start the cultural season with the Quinzaine du Numerique (QZN), five artists including Philippe Boisnard (FR), Vincent Dubois (FR), Collectif Impact (FR), Julia Masvernat (AR) and Julia Suero (AR), invaded the Lantern Tower  by creating a transmedia journey with digital installations, visual mapping, videos, and sound installations.

Through the ascending progression of the Lantern Tower, this transmedia path evokes the transition from figuration to abstraction as well as the transformation from analog material into digital material.

Upon entering the tower, visitors are given a booklet and at each stage of the journey, the public can discover more about the architecture of the building, historical graffiti and artistic installations and interpretations of the QZN.

QZN - Graffs on Tours - Vincent Dubois 06

On the second floor, Collectif Impact highlights the most important graffiti (depending on their quality, size and state of conservation) with visual mapping on the prison doors, while a life-size projection features testimonies of the past left by sailors, pirates and prisoners. A dark room reveals invisible graffiti using black UV light.

QZN - Graffs on Tours - Collectif Impact 03
QZN - Graffs on Tours - Collectif Impact 02QZN - Graffs on Tours - Collectif Impact 01

On the third floor, also nicknamed ‘dorm room’, graffiti are even more prolific. Through lighting effects, Vincent Dubois presents selected graffiti in a museum setting, with audio creations by Julia Suero for a full immersive experience.

QZN - Graffs on Tours - Vincent Dubois 04QZN - Graffs on Tours - Vincent Dubois 03
QZN - Graffs on Tours - Vincent Dubois 02QZN - Graffs on Tours - Vincent Dubois 01

A room with interactive games and books let you discover more about the history of graffiti.

QZN - Graffs on Tours La Rochelle 02QZN - Graffs on Tours - Vincent Dubois 05

The fifth floor features the first dungeon of the nineteenth century. Artistic installations by Julia Masvernat and Julia Suero invite the viewers into an oniric journey with ‘Magic Lanterns’ . Through a projection, shadows reminiscent of historical graffiti evolve on the walls of the room.

QZN - Graffs on Tours - Julia Masvernat & Julia Suero 04
QZN - Graffs on Tours - Julia Masvernat & Julia Suero 03QZN - Graffs on Tours - Julia Masvernat & Julia Suero 02

For many years the Lantern Tower was a place of confinement, and graffiti are traces left by these isolated and immured people. Philippe Boisnard ‘s installation is a 270 ° mapping on the sixth floor of the Lantern Tower, which poetically and graphically opens horizons through these walls. Each stone has been visually mapped and transformed into a new skyline, a distant desert, burning fire, depth underwater. Through computer generated images, the prison walls disintegrate and show the viewers  how imagination can go beyond confinement.

QZN - Graffs on Tours - Philippe Boisnard

Stay tuned as we continue our visit of the CMN Cultural season
“Sur les Murs, Histoire(s) de Graffiti”.

Graffs on Tour(s)

Until 25 June
Saint Nicolas Tower
Lantern Tower
La Rochelle

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Paris: BLO – ‘Anywhere, Out of this mind’

Berlin based artist BLO, from the Da Mental Vaporz crew, is currently showing a new exhibition entitled Anywhere, Out Of This Mind at Galerie 42b in Paris.

The new body of work features a series of oniric painted assemblages with a mix of grayscale abstract shapes and surrealist female portraits. The figurative intertwines with the abstraction of lines and textures. Painted figurative cut outs inspired by found contemporary images are pieced together with energetic abstract brushstrokes. Playing with textures, focus and blur, light and shadows, it creates a dialogue between the real and subconscious.

BLO - Anywhere Out of This Mind

A seductive choreography is set up by a series of assemblages, contrast and accumulation, layering of paint, erosion of textures and images. A dialogue is established between actions and reactions. Energetic abstract brushstrokes recall the gesture of the tag which blends with finesse and elegance onto the female body while silk and drapes bring elegance, lightness and sensuality to the female figures. Mastering anatomy and pose with great detail, the cut out paintings bring our focus on hands, legs, a mouth while the woman’s face remains blurred, as to transport us into a nostalgic and dreamlike world.

BLO - Anywhere Out of This MindBLO - Anywhere Out of This Mind
BLO - Anywhere Out of This MindBLO - Anywhere Out of This MindBLO - Anywhere Out of This Mind

We asked BLO a few questions to find out more.

How long have you been preparing for this show?

BLO: After a year experimenting with abstraction, and following my artistic residency in Perpignan (FR) in November/December 2017, I decided to return my focus to figurative painting while exploring fragmented compositions. So, I have been preparing for my current show for the past five months.

BLO - Anywhere Out of This Mind

What is the inspiration behind the exhibition title Anywhere, Out Of This Mind?

BLO: The title of the exhibition is a reference to a poem by Baudelaire, Anywhere Out Of This World, with the last world being replaced by ‘mind’, as an invitation into the subconscious world.

What are your sources of inspiration and creative process?

BLO: Based on contemporary photography and textures I have observed in the urban environment, I created preparatory collages on paper that served as first sketches for my canvasses and then let my inspiration flow on canvas until I am satisfied with the composition.

BLO - Anywhere Out of This Mind

What materials did you use?

BLO: For the first time, I have used very little spray paint. I focused on acrylic, oil paint, using pigments, varnish, and different types of inks and enamels to create a variety of textures on canvas.

Some of your artworks are purely in black and white while others are colourful. Can you tell us more?

BLO: After the past two years, I wanted to create grayscale paintings again as a tribute to drawings, specially ink drawings, with a focus on textures.

BLO - Anywhere Out of This MindBLO - Anywhere Out of This MindBLO - Anywhere Out of This MindBLO - Anywhere Out of This Mind

Photo credit: Butterfly Art News, Eli Cornejo, Nicolas Giquel.

Anywhere, out of this world
Until 16 June 2018
Galerie 42B, Paris

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Paris: Oli Epp ‘Epiphanies’

Oli Epp - Epihanies

Semiose Galerie in Paris is currently showing ‘Epiphanies‘, a solo exhibition by British artist Oli Epp. Born in 1994, Oli Epp is a recent graduate of the City & Guilds of London Art School and has taken the art world by storm. Despite his young age, Oli Epp has already taken part in a series of exhibitions from Australia, Denmark, the US and Spain and has a huge following on social media.

His body of work are inspired by his everyday experiences and observations. Often autobiographical, they share situations that involve the artist and his encounters with a touch of humour.

Oli Epp - EpihaniesOli Epp - Epihanies
Oli Epp - Epihanies

Using flatness and realism, simplified characters are portrayed with oversized heads, with an absence of facial features, self-absorbed in their post digital age with a focus on their branded items and communication pieces. Oli Epp’s paintings are a visual play between real and digital lives and a satirical representation of human interactions in a world of consumerism and communication.

Oli Epp - EpihaniesOli Epp - Epihanies
Oli Epp - Epihanies

Oli Epp – Epiphanies
Semiose Galerie
Until 6 June 2018
34 rue Chapon
75003 Paris

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Interview: Zoer (FR)

We wanted to find out more about French artist Frederic Battle aka Zoer, as he painted a mural together with Velvet at the Crystal Ship Festival in Ostende.

He accepted to answer a few questions:

Can you tell us more about your background?

Graduated from an industrial design school, I have been drawing since I know how to hold a pencil. Kid, I used to break my car toys myself to create new forms then draw car crashes or trafic jam. I started to write by scratching, tagging with a maker without any idea of what was happening then my best friend came and said “hey, why don’t you try to make some drawing on walls” and I start to write ZOER. Where I come from, at that time they were no so much graffity for this reason my letter was quickly combined to figurative elements inspired by comics, architecture and automobile with my drawing style. Then, I moved to Paris and met Velvet (Kryo) and get a stronger interest in graffity. In 2011, the association “Sans pression” from Nantes invited me to take part of “Voyage à Nantes” first edition. This invitation was the starting point of painting murals.

What / who are your sources of inspirations?

Comics, architecture and automobile.
Gerard Richter and Ron van der Ende
Sonic PNC
Electronic music which is really important for me, the first musical emotions, I’ve felt was with Daft Punk ep ” Musique” in 1993. Laurent Garnier is certainly the artist I listen the most.


You are a multidisciplinary artist, so what is your creative process and your preferred medium?

Painting is my favorite medium but I like challenge so I can not stop to explore and explore by combining different technics, mediums and styles.
Object are the key element of my creating process, I focus on it, try to extract the abstract part of it to make growing up a subject from realistic object but not used in a realistic way.

Can you tell us more about your artworks and how you would define your style? You seem to incorporate a lot of vehicules /cars in your artworks. Is there a specific meaning behind it?

My style is definitely figurative, generally in my painting, the chaos of the pictured scene is paradoxically balanced by the accurate depiction of the objects.
Automobile is the most complicated invention of the XX century in its technological contraints as much its social impacts. Whether it’s the subject or the support, cars, from a toy to an industrial shape, embodies the culture, aspirations and desires of succeeding generations. I tried to express this ideas in my painting.

How did you end up with Kaikaikiki and Takashi Murakami?
Can you tell us about your experience in Japan?

I was in a middle of the Mercantour (French Alpes) when I received this email from Takashi Murakami saying “I love you work, I would like to make an exhibition”. Few months after, I was in Tokyo.
Work with Kaikai Kiki gallery is a great opportunity, really inspiring. It is an incredible possibility of creation. Japan is mesmerizing

You are doing a collaboration with DrColors and Velvet for the Crystal Ship? Can you tell us more?
We were invited with Velvet to paint this mural and Dr Colors, old friend, came very nicely to give us a hand.
I met Velvet at design school we paint and make most of the projects together, we have created DIE_CAST_STUDIO.

What are your next projects as well?
My opening of my next show, La Forme, will be on April 7th at SC Gallery in Bilbao. Then I will go to Rabat / Morocco for a mural and in Saint-Gervais les Bains for the second edition of 2KM3, an innovative cultural project started last year, 11 artists was invited to paint an interior car park.

Photos courtesy of the artist

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