Jef Aerosol – 40 years of stencils

Jef Aerosol - 40 ans de pochoirs

2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the first stencil by Jef Aerosol, French multi-talented artist (stencil artist, painter and musician) and one of the pioneers of Street Art and renown internationally.
Part of the first wave of street art in the 1980s, Jef Aerosol painted his first stencil in Tours, France in 1982, illustrating a self-portrait. Spanning across 40 years, Jef Aerosol’s work has been displayed in the streets and galleries worldwide, influencing many younger artists.

Under the curation of the Mathgoth Gallery, hundreds of artworks have been gathered for an extraordinary exhibition, hosted in a raw space of 600 square meters opposite the François Mitterrand Library in Paris. With free entry, the show runs until 5 November.

Jef Aerosol’s work is two folds. A part of the work is created in the public space, using multi-layered stencils to paper collages to creating black and white life size figures and animals in various situations, with a signature bright red arrow. Jef Aerosol often creates portraits of popular figures such as Elvis Presley, Gandhi, Lennon, Hendrix, Basquiat, Dylan, etc. But most of his work focuses on anonymous people from the streets: musicians, passers-by, beggars, children, and so on. The other takes place in calm and the intimacy of the studio in Lille where the artist designs his stencils and produces the pieces dedicated to the collections and to the galleries.

Jef Aerosol - 40 ans de pochoirs
Jef Aerosol – London 2008
Jef Aerosol - 40 ans de pochoirs
Jef Aerosol – London Cans Festival 2008

Like his practice, this XXL exhibition is conceived in two folds, showcasing the work in the streets and the work conceived in the studio.

Jef Aerosol - 40 ans de pochoirs

Upon entering, a large wall section features some photos, personal documents and videos that allows the public to discover the universe of the artist, his inspirations and witness the evolution of his 40 years of creation.

Jef Aerosol - 40 ans de pochoirs

This space brings together studio works using recurring themes in Jef Aerosol’s work such as children, music, self-portraits, city landscapes and people.

Jef Aerosol - 40 ans de pochoirs
Jef Aerosol - 40 ans de pochoirs

But the jaw dropping space hosts a monumental immersive installation echoing the urban environment and its chaos, featuring 200 spray painted life-size figures on cardboard.

Jef Aerosol - 40 ans de pochoirs
Jef Aerosol - 40 ans de pochoirs
Jef Aerosol - 40 ans de pochoirs

Jef Aerosol could not resist spraying in the surrounding areas :

Jef Aerosol - 40 ans de pochoirs
Jef Aerosol – Paris 2022
Jef Aerosol - 40 ans de pochoirs
Jef Aerosol & Jace – Paris 2022

Jef Aerosol – 40 ans de pochoirs
147 avenue de France, 75013 Paris
From 24 September 2022 to 05 November 2022

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Lek and Sowat Sandcastle for the LaBel Valette Festival

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Marking the fifth anniversary of the LaBel Valette Festival in France, artists Lek and Sowat have given a new identity to this 19th century castle, by painting all its surfaces and transforming it into a monumental sandcastle.

Located in Pressigny-les-Pins, around one hour from Paris by train, Château de la Valette sits on just under 100 acres of wooded land and is comprised of the castle, a chapel, and two three-storey dormitory buildings. After the colourful works of Okuda (2018), 3ttman (2019), the giant calligraphy of L’Atlas (2020) and the optical illusions of Astro (2021), this mythical duo open the LaBel Valette festival that will take place on August 26 and 27, 2022.

The LaBel Valette Festival, organised by UAC (Urban Art Crew) and U2A (Urban Art Agency), will take place on August 26 and 27, 2022 at La Valette estate in Pressigny-les-Pins.
The two days programme includes graffiti battles, a musical production competition, live painting, workshops as well as a series of music concerts. Full programme here

Check pictures of the work in progress below:

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Lek and Sowat were struck by the intense history of the ‘Domaine de La Valette’. Firstly belonging to the estate of a Count and a Countess, it then became property of Franco, followed by the Spanish republicans. It was later transformed into a college, then fell into abandonment. And was bought by an individual. The castle holds eventually a strong position of Street Art in France thanks to the LaBel Valette Festival project.

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

The artistic duo decided to work around the image of the sandcastle, which refers to the ephemeral nature of Street Art, and pixels, which evoke the aesthetics of the 80s.
Using bright blue and neon colours, they painted 10 000 square meters to transform the castle entirely.
Lek and Sowat ’s Sandcastle illustrates this year’s theme of the festival “Believe in your dreams”: A sandcastle can be erased by the rising tide but is rebuilt thanks to the venue of a new artist.  A sandcastle is fragile, requires attention and commitment. It is imagined, hoped for, then built.

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

Lek & Sowat - LaBel Valette Festival 2022

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Animal Secrets by Mark Ryden (Perrotin Paris)

Animal Secrets - Mark Ryden

Perrotin and Kasmin are presenting a jointly organized exhibition of new work by American artist Mark Ryden (b. 1963, US). Running until 30 July, ‘Animal Secrets’ comprises 10 paintings and 12 works on paper that further develop the artist’s series of portraiture, featuring mysterious and mythical creatures created during lockdown.

Animal Secrets - Mark Ryden

Conceived alongside the artist’s most recent exhibition at Perrotin Tokyo, the resulting gallery of enchanted characters embodies the artist’s meticulously-realized signature blend of archetype, kitsch, and narrative mysticism.

Mark Ryden’s imaginative artistic play manifests itself through deep layers of meanings and connotations: mythology and folklore mingle in this baroque universe as if to better explain the secret order of the universe.

Animal Secrets - Mark Ryden

His interest in the subject of animals as spiritual entities was first explored in his series. For his exhibition ‘Anima Animals’ in Shanghai gallery, Mark Ryden completed his paintings in early 2020, just as the entire world went into Covid lockdown. During this time of isolation in his Pacific-Northwest studio, Mark Ryden began a new series that further explored his reverence for these animal beings that act as guides through a landscape of the unknown. The figures in these paintings are neither human nor animal, they are spiritual entities that create a bridge between the human and animal worlds in which so much disharmony exists.

Animal Secrets - Mark Ryden

The artist’s practice is an ode to craftsmanship and refined materiality, from exquisite pictorial imagery to lavishly carved and embellished frames. At the same time, the artist probes into the invisible and secret order of the universe and interprets the life of things that are filled with
spiritual essence.

Mark Ryden explores intimate anxieties and archetypes with a pop surrealist vision. Aesthetics juxtaposed with a certain folkore, taste for the bizarre, his style is distinguished by a remarkable technical mastery, with intricate details and symbols.

Several works in the exhibition are presented as ‘tavolettas,’ a handheld form common in Italy between the 14th and 17th centuries for devotional instruments of consolation.
The Tavoletta series’ composition resembles a full-face representation of Christ and other saints in the tradition of byzantine icons and late medieval portraiture. Animal Secrets - Mark RydenAnimal Secrets - Mark Ryden Animal Secrets - Mark RydenAnimal Secrets - Mark Ryden
A figure rendered in a symmetrical pose in the center of the picture directly looks at the viewer. This time-honored, artistic craftsmanship elevates heavily sentimentalized elements of American tradition and antiquity, collected as though for a cabinet of wonders. The laborintensive canvases deftly rework centuries of art history, combining the grandeur of Spanish and Italian religious painting with the layered richness of Old Master compositions.

Animal Secrets - Mark Ryden

Ryden’s enigmatic characters dwell in harmony with nature amidst idealized landscapes. His tranquil sceneries evoke the nostalgia of Romantic imagery with a dream of the lost Golden Age from classical antiquity to the present day. The power of this iconography is in its simplicity and balance, where an unavoidable piercing gaze of the mythical entity entices the beholder into a silent conversation. A longing for harmonious coexistence with nature, with each other, and oneself.

Animal Secrets - Mark Ryden

Animal Secrets - Mark Ryden

Animal Secrets - Mark RydenAnimal Secrets - Mark Ryden

The friendly surroundings, pastel colours, fluffy coats, pale children with large melancholy eyes, reveal worrying signs. The perception of the half-unveiled mystery becomes a lyrical invitation to dream. The reminiscences of childhood and the mystical essence of cruel tales constitute the essence of a form of pantheistic spirituality through which, under the brush of the painter, the human being tries to reconcile with nature.

Animal Secrets - Mark Ryden

Animal Secrets - Mark Ryden

Animal Secrets become spiritual guides to connect us with the surrounding world with a sensitive, humanist philosophy.

Animal Secrets - Mark Ryden

Animal Secrets, Mark Ryden, Perrotin Matignon, 2bis avenue Matignon Paris 8.

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Hisham Echafaki – Mirabilia Naturae at Musee Jean Larcena

Hisham Echafaki

The Museum Jean Larcena, in Val d’Ocre, Burgundy, France, is pleased to open an exhibition of works by London based artist Hisham Echafaki entitled Mirabilia Naturae ( Wonders of Nature), curated by Butterfly Art News. The exhibition runs until 19 June 2022.

Hisham Echafaki
Hisham Echafaki

Hisham Echafaki is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist who has been exhibiting internationally for over fifteen years. The artist’s style is a mix between realism and surrealism and sometimes uses the trompe-l’oeil technique.

In 2013, for the David Bowie exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Hisham Echafaki produced an anthropomorphic portrait of the singer composed entirely of 66 animals with a surprising trompe-l’oeil effect to celebrate the 66th Birthday of the singer.

Hisham Echafaki

In 2019 Hisham Echafaki was invited by the Musée de la Poste in Paris to illustrate the facade with a 13-meter fresco retracing the history of mailboxes and artistic movements.

The artist will well appreciated with the local residents of Val d’Ocre as in 2018 he painted a giant fresco featuring an Iberian tortoise to warn about this endangered species. The mural has been the mascot of Val d’Ocre since.

MIRABILIA NATURAE – Wonders of Nature

From the end of the XVII th Century, explorers illustrated their discoveries of new animal and plant species and named them in Latin.

With the exhibition ‘Mirabilia Naturae’, Hisham Echafaki pays tribute to these ancient explorers who show us the wonders of nature, and transports us to a universe where the beauty and diversity of fauna and flora are celebrated in all their patterns and colours.

The series on display includes works on canvas, works on paper and multi-dimensional paintings on resin or plexiglass.

Hisham Echafaki

Beyond aesthetic imagery and the celebration of the beauty of nature, the themes of the exhibition  highlight issues of biodiversity, the conservation of threatened species and habitats, and the impact of Man on the evolutionary changes of animal species.

Hisham Echafaki

In parallel with his paintings, Hisham Echafaki has also created a particular and very meticulous technique of painting on resin and plexiglass whose rendering is three-dimensional. His almost realistic animal works are based on multiple superimposed and meticulous layers of paint, resin, creating an effect of perspective.

Hisham Echafaki
Hisham Echafaki

This series of multi-dimensional works attempts to capture the beautiful complexity and diversity of the animal world. Detailed pieces can take up to 15-30 layers and several months to complete.

Whether based on real or imaginary specimens, butterflies, fishes or bees are immortalized giving the optical illusion that they could have been living creatures. Presented as “faux taxidermy”, animals often have anthropomorphic features on their wings or bodies with recognizable patterns from art, design, science while others, such as aquatic creatures, are just more realistic.

Hisham Echafaki would like to thank all the people that helped him on this exhibition: local residents of Val d’Ocre, the core team of the Museum with Francoise Richez, Patrice Lagrange, Sylvie Marchand, Bernard Curnier, and also Bassim, David Chaumet and Butterfly who worked on the preparation of the exhibition.

Here are some pictures from the set up and the opening:

Hisham Echafaki
Hisham Echafaki
Hisham Echafaki

Hisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham Echafaki

Hisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham Echafaki

Hisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham EchafakiHisham Echafaki

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Yoko Ono – Imagine Peace

Fifty-three years after Bed-In, Yoko Ono is staging a global intervention by pausing commercial advertisements on the world’s most prominent digital screens to share a message of peace with the global community. An invitation for the world to unite, Ono is broadcasting her powerful, universal mantra IMAGINE PEACE every evening at 20:22.

The public art installation presented by CIRCA in collaboration with Serpentine, will feature local translations of Yoko Ono’s message to the world. Launching 3 March on London’s Piccadilly Lights and screening across the CIRCA network in Los Angeles, Milan, Melbourne, New York, and Seoul every evening throughout March 2022.


To coincide with this commission, Yoko Ono has created a new time-limited edition silkscreen print, available to purchase for one month only, with 100% of print proceeds to be donated to the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF).

Available exclusively on CIRCA.ART from 1 – 31 March 2022.

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Rome: Damien Hirst Archaeology Now at Villa Borghese

Archaeology Now is a Solo exhibition by British artist Damien Hirst presenting over 80 works from the Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable series, hosted in the sumptuous halls of Galleria Borghese, in a creative dialogue with the magnificent masterpieces of the museum.

The project stems from one of Hirst’s most original research in the last twenty years, on display for the first time in 2017 in Venice. The artist worked with different materials – natural, technological and precious – with exceptional technique and skill.  His works – made from marble, bronze, rock crystal, and semi-precious stones – cross the boundary between reality and fiction, enhancing the desire for the eclecticism of Cardinal Scipione Borghese, the Gallery founder.

Hirst’s sculptures come with an elaborate (and untrue) backstory. Purportedly 2,000 years old, they were supposedly uncovered in the cargo of a sunken ship rescued off the coast of East Africa in 2008, part of an underwater archaeology venture funded by the British artist (hence the coral and barnacles encrusting some of the works). The original “Treasures” exhibition, which reportedly cost $65 million to produce, debuted at the Palazzo Grassi and the Punta della Dogana in 2017.

Curated by Anna Coliva and Mario Codognato Archaeology Now brings together sculptures, both monumental and small, made from materials such as bronze, Carrara marble, and malachite.

Furthermore, alongside the Gallery permanent collection, the Colour Space paintings are displayed for the first time in Italy. Hirst defined them as “cells under the microscope”: They break the idea of ​​a unified image, float in space, colliding and merging with one another, with a sense of movement that contradicts the stasis of the canvas.

Of great visual impact is the colossal Hydra and Kali sculpture, visible in the outer space of the Secret Garden of the Birdhouse.

Damien Hirst , Archaeologia Now at Galleria Borghese, Piazzale Scipione Borghese 5, Rome, June 8–November 7, 2021

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New Banksy artworks in Lowestoft, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth and Cromer

Elusive artist Banksy seems to be enjoying a staycation on the British seaside this summer. Several stencilled artworks have popped up in Suffolk, in Lowestoft, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth and Cromer. With a careful selection of locations, the artworks play with their surroundings: a child is building a sand castle on the pavement, reminiscent of the 1968 French student’s uprising ‘ Sous les paves la plage’ ( beneath the pavement, the beach). Another artwork features three children who seem to empty buckets of water and stare at the horizon while a message reads ‘ We all in the same boat’.

An elderly couple are dancing away on a bus shelter while a guy is playing accordeon.

A giant seagull is about to pick up what looks like ‘chips’ from a dip, while on the beach a rat is laying on a sun-chair sipping a martini glass, and crabs approach a sign ‘Luxury rentals’ to become hermit crabs.

Photos PA and @leandajaineillustrations

Enjoy the English Summer!

Update 8.8.2021

A new model of a miniature stable, which appears to have been signed by the artist, was found at Merrivale Model Village in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, on Sunday morning. On the side of the miniature stable a cheeky message states ‘Go big or go home’ with his signature rat character.

Photos Merrivale Model Village

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Banksy’s Game Changer generates £16.7 millions for the NHS charities

Earlier in March, it was announced that Christie’s auction house would be auctioning off Game Changer, the painting made by the elusive street artist Banksy in order to pay homage to NHS healthcare workers in the United Kingdom. The painting, which depicts a young child ignoring his superhero toys in favour of playing with one representing a nurse, has reportedly just sold for £16.7 millions (or approximately $22.9 millions), which is by far the highest price Banksy has ever fetched at auction. It’s both a great victory for the artist and for healthcare workers, because the money generated by the sale will be going to UK health charities.

Previously, the highest price Banksy had generated at auction was £9.9 millions, which was shelled out in 2019 for Devoted Parliament, the artist’s cheeky canvas depicting members of Britain’s parliament as chimpanzees. The higher price for the NHS-affiliated painting may have had something to do with the altruistic intent behind the sale; Banksy will donate the proceeds to “help support health organisations and charities across the UK that enhance the care and treatment provided by the NHS.” Additionally, in a statement regarding the sale of Game Changer, Christie’s said that the auction house will also “donate a significant portion of the Buyer’s Premium to these causes.”

When Game Changer first appeared in Southampton General Hospital (see our coverage here), it was almost stolen by a would-be thief brandishing a cordless drill. Fortunately, the saga of the painting appears to be ending quite well.

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Studio Visit: Geb Le Maudit

Geb Le Maudit

Geb Le Maudit  (translated as Geb the Cursed) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toulouse. Coming from a graffiti background, he expanded progressively to tattoo and dark arts.  Inspired by the esthetism of funeral art, dark romantism or illustrations by Gustave Dore, Geb Le Maudit impressively mixes dark macabre elements which repel and at the same time entice the observer.

Geb Le Maudit

Stepping inside his studio, you are greeted by a Grim Reaper on the wall and surrounded with a cabinet of curiosities featuring vanitas, taxidermy animals like a stuffed sparrow and other religious symbols and iconography.

Geb Le MauditGeb Le Maudit

A master of tenebrism, also called chiaroscuro, Geb Le Maudit shows an incredible ability to paint light while using only shades of grey and black with blue to brown nuances.

Geb Le MauditGeb Le Maudit
Geb Le Maudit

His characters are depicted within a fog, an eerie scenery, often ornated with poppies, symbol of eternal sleep.

Geb Le MauditGeb Le Maudit

For the Belgian Metal Band Amenra, the prolific artist designed a limited version of the cover artwork.

Geb Le MauditGeb Le Maudit

Juxtaposing symbols from religious beliefs and folklore, Geb also paints on found human bones and sculpts its bespoke frames to create surrealist dark artworks both evocative and timeless. Symbols are in effect, the mediator, presence, and real (or intelligible) representation of the holy in certain conventional forms.

Geb Le Maudit’s creations are both hypnotic and riveting. They tap into an inner consciousness and push us to examine our feelings and relationship with death and the inbetween worlds, the transition or the ‘passage’, hence the presence of psychopomps through various forms.

Find out more on

Pictures @butterflyartnews and courtesy of the artist

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London: D*Face archived and unseen exhibition (Stolenspace)

D*Face London 2020

StolenSpace Gallery is showcasing a unique collection of archived and unseen works by D*Face, featuring some rare gems and editions that were meant to have been released but never were, as well as a few more misprints tucked away.

Its a great opportunity to step into D*Face creative world and discover some insights in his recreated studio space, as well as enjoy some recognisable characters and imagery, some of which have been misprinted or played around with to create truly special one-offs.

Thanks for sharing the experimentation process that goes into creating the perfect print!

D*Face London 2020
D*Face London 2020
D*Face London 2020
D*Face London 2020
D*Face London 2020
D*Face London 2020

In parallel to the show, D*Face painted a large scale mural in London, next to Kings Cross station.

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Banksy funds refugee rescue boat Louise Michel

In 2019 elusive artist Banksy announced that he would finance a boat to rescue refugees attempting to reach Europe from north Africa.

The vessel, named Louise Michel after a French feminist anarchist, set off in secrecy on 18 August from the Spanish seaport of Burriana, near Valencia, and is now in the central Mediterranean where on Thursday it rescued 89 people in distress, including 14 women and four children.

It is now looking for a safe seaport to disembark the passengers or to transfer them to a European coastguard vessel.

Painted in bright pink with an extinguisher and featuring Banksy artwork depicting a girl in a life vest holding a heart-shaped safety buoy, the Louise Michel sails under a German flag. The 31-metre motor yacht, formerly owned by French customs authorities, is smaller but considerably faster than other NGO rescue vessels.

The crew, made up of European activists with long experience in search and rescue operations, had already assisted in two other rescue operations involving a total of 105 people, who are now onboard the NGO vessel Sea-Watch 4.

Donations are welcome to support the missions of the Louise Michel Lifeboat such as  medical supplies, SAR equipment, legal fees, boat maintenance, fuel and food so they can continue to save lives.

Pictures courtesy of MV Louise Michel / Ruben Neugebauer

Update – 29 August 2020

After rescuing 219 persons, with unfortunately one person passing away before reaching the boat, the Italian Coastguard have evacuated 49 of the most vulnerable guests on board of Louise Michel. They still need the support of European Authorities.

You can follow their live feed here

and donate here

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London: Aida Wilde for disConnect Project

During during the COVID-19 pandemic,ten international artists have been invited by Schoeni Projects in collaboration with HK Walls to create site specific installations inside a Victorian house in South London for  ‘disCONNECT’. The exhibition reflects on the creative and physical constraints of the current global crisis, exploring psychological and political reactions to the crisis, as well as the role of technology as conduit between the two.

We reached out to Iranian born, London based artist Aida Wilde for more information on her installations.

Her iconic pink dotted wallpaper has gone literally viral, morphing into a Covid-19 virus shape. Slogans on the walls mention ‘99% ARE IN THIS TOGETHER’, ‘STAY THE FUCK AT HOME’ with an hug Emoji wearing a Burberry hat and a LV protective mask (a reference to luxury brands announcing that they would produce non surgical masks and protective equipment for frontline workers).


She transformed one of the house’s toilets as a ‘Pandemic Mausoleum’ with her signature text works on wallpaper, floor lino with slogans sharing reactions to the pandemic.

The ‘Pandemic Mausoleum’ is adorned with a site-specific wallpaper, based around a traditional 16th century Damask fabric. Patterns include Emoji’s that tells the capsule story of the pandemic (covid-19) with elements ranging from bats (which many believe was the source of the virus) to masked toilet roll hugging head, palm trees, joggers, rainbows, a house in lockdown, post boxes and not forgetting clapping hands ‘for our heroes”. The lino floor has been covered with ‘FEAR LESS / LESS FEAR’

Surrounded by everyday objects which have become totemic of the contemporary climate – toilet roll tubes donated by neighbours, discarded objects from “lock-down” spring cleaning and bottles of bleach sourced locally from the independent manufacturer Zamo – the works are presented alongside hazard tape, demarcating ‘socially distanced’ two metre intervals.

Aida Wilde also created specific paraphernalia: ‘Covid 19 Germ Warfare’ Tshirt and face masks are an ode to Keith Haring’s 1987 “Aids Is Political- Biological Social (Germ) Warfare” slogans. Various comparisons/similarities can be made between the two epidemics in terms of the hysteria attached to it, who and what is targeted (specific demographics/ race/ gender) eg. Black Men are 4 times more likely to get Covid 19 and more men have contracted the virus than women. The T-shirt is displayed inside a vacuumed sealed bag to further enhance the message of being “Germ Free- Dust Free” that is all illuminated by UV lights to further represent the annihilation of even more germs.

Playing with UV light, the viewers can read ‘The powerful are powerless against the invisible’ .  Close to the T shirt display, a series of Baskeball caps ‘Make the world covid free again’, are inspired by D. Trump’s infamous red ‘ Make American Great Again’ and his announcement that wearing a hat could protect from the virus.

Curtain lace banners ‘Notes From A Phantom’ display writings/poems and call to action that occurred during the UK lockdown in collaboration with Minneapolis based artist Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski. The two pieces with their gray texts are screen printed onto black lace, reminiscent of traditional face coverings in mourning and are a reference to the unlawful murder of George Floyd in the US and the Black Lives Matter protests that took place subsequently after the killing. They speak about the importance and the power of Stillness and Silence from the maddening world around them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Aida Wilde also transformed a notice road sign to reflect the ‘Changed priorities Ahead’ since the lockdown has slowed a lot of people down and forced them to reassess their priorities, from the daily exercise to observing nature.

Images courtesy of the artist

DisConnect is on view until 24 August 2020. The exhibition is also accessible to online audiences, where each work is further activated through an accompanying programme of digital initiatives, including downloadable art works, online videos, virtual tours and an Instagram Live interview series.

Full list of participating artists include : Adam Neate (UK); Aida Wilde (Iran); Alex Fakso (Italy); Mr.Cenz (UK); David Bray (UK), Herakut (Germany); Icy and Sot (Iran); Isaac Cordal (Spain); Vhils (Portugal); ZOER (Italy).

Book free tickets to reserve your time slots here



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Covid’Art: Banksy’s intervention on the London tube

Following recent announcements that protective masks should be strongly recommended or mandatory when in public transport. Elusive artist is spreading his message to wear a mask in a humoristic way. He recently shared a video on his social account showing his latest intervention on the London underground.

Dressed in protective gear, he sprayed his signature rats in funny situations and playing around with masks. Lastly he sprayed his Banksy tag inside the carriage.

Images courtesy of Banksy. View the video here

View this post on Instagram

. . If you don’t mask – you don’t get.

A post shared by Banksy (@banksy) on

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Black Lives Matter

Photo Courtesy of Nadia N. Aziz via Twitter.


The Mayor of Washington, DC, just had ‘Black Lives Matter’ painted in 35-foot-wide letters on the protest route leading to the White House. It was intended to send a message of support and solidarity to Americans outraged over the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis.

“There is a lot of distrust of police and the government. There are people who are craving to be heard and to be seen and to have their humanity recognized,” the mayor said. “We had the opportunity to send that message loud and clear on a very important street in our city.”

The artists community voiced their support to the Black Live Matter movement


@le_mur_93 // @artmur_freestyle @jmrks93 @lek_______75019 @tcheko_cercle19 @berthetone @___kraken__ @sowat_dmv Pic by Dominique Dasse

Shepard Fairey



Support Black Lives Matter here

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Covid’Art: Banksy ‘Game Changer’ gift to the NHS

Banksy has donated a new piece of artwork to be displayed in a hospital corridor of Southampton General Hospital.

The piece, entitled Game Changer shows a boy dressed in dungarees playing with a nurse superhero toy, with figures of Batman and Spiderman in a basket on the floor.

The nurse, wearing a cape, face mask and a white apron featuring a red cross, has her arm raised as if she is flying.

Banksy left a note for hospital workers, saying: “Thanks for all you’re doing. I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if its only black and white.”

Paula Head, chief executive of University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Here at Southampton, our hospital family has been directly impacted with the tragic loss of much loved and respected members of staff and friends.

“The fact that Banksy has chosen us to recognise the outstanding contribution everyone in and with the NHS is making, in unprecedented times, is a huge honour.

“It will be really valued by everyone in the hospital as people get a moment in their busy lives to pause, reflect and appreciate this piece of art.

“It will no doubt also be a massive boost to morale for everyone who works and is cared for at our hospital.”

The hospital previously paid tribute to members of staff Mike Brown, 61, and Katy Davis, 38, who both died after testing positive for coronavirus.

Mr Brown, a linen porter who had been with the organisation for 20 years, died on April 29 after receiving care in the hospital’s critical care unit.
He was described as a well-recognised and popular member of staff who shared his good sense of humour with those around him.

Ms Davis, who worked in child health, had been unwell for some time before her admission to hospital and died on April 21 after testing positive for Covid-19.
She was described by Ms Head as a “nurse people would aspire to be like”.

The one meter sized artwork is now visible to staff and patients on level C of the Southampton General. It will then be auctioned to raise money for NHS charities this autumn.

Pictures courtesy of Banksy’s instagram and Nurse Jennifer Hammond

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Covid’Art: More colouring packs from your favourite artists

We have gathered additional colouring pages from your favourite artists to let your creativity loose during these uncertain times. You can also check our previous selection here.

  • Illegal painting from Toulouse presents 2 volumes of colouring pages (link)  featuring 62 artists including Miss Van, Mademoiselle Kat, Tilt and more

  • Romero Britto is sharing a free colouring book (link)

  • Japan Society – Yoshitomo Nara (link)

  • Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans  / ThePangaseed Foundation offers 5 volumes of colouring books (link) to help save our seas
    Illustration below by Mateus Bailon

  • Library Street Collective – We All Rise ebook (link)
    with 100% of proceeds to benefit Living Arts Detroit, a non-profit with the goal of igniting creativity in the lives of Detroit youth through the performing, visual and media arts.


Participating artists include: Virgil Abloh, Nina Chanel Abney, Doug Aitken, Daniel Arsham, McArthur Binion, Amoako Boafo, Nick Cave, Dabls, Torkwase Dyson, Conrad Egyir, Shepard Fairey, Sam Friedman, Beverly Fishman, FriendsWithYou, Haroshi, Carole Harris, KAWS, Eddie Martinez, Tiff Massey, Charles McGee, Allie McGhee, Simphiwe Ndzube, Jordan Nickel, Jose Parla, Jason REVOK, Julia Wachtel, Austyn Weiner, Wendy White, and Tyrrell Winston.

  • Tara Mc Pherson is offering 6 colouring pages with her iconic characters (link)

Thank you to all the artists for their generosity !! We love you

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Covid’Art: Get creative with colouring packs from your favourite artists

During this quarantine period, we would like to thank artists who are offering generously their artworks for download as colouring sheets to keep the little ones busy but also get everybody to show their artistic sides. Only requirement is to either print the templates or use a tablet and then share your input back to the artists.

But feel free to donate or purchase artworks to support living artists. Stay home , stay safe and get creative!

Here is a first compilation :

  • Eelus has launched the Contagious Creativity Club with multiple templates (link)             
  • Editions Terrain Vague have produced a 31 pages colouring book (link) with 1984 crew and their friends including Lek and Sowat

  • Illegal Painting has gathered 25 artists in their Street Art Kit (link) including Mademoiselle Kat, Sherio, and Tilt

  • Phlegm is doing a Pandemic diary with multiple drawings to download ( link)

  • Italian association ‘Il Cerchio e le Gocce‘ created a colouring pdfColoravirus featuring over 150 artists (link)


  • Speedy Graphito is offering a Cahier de Jeux (link)

  • Urban Signature has gathered 57 graffiti and street artists templates. Just indicate your email HERE to get the link to download  or try this

ARDIF – Cameleon Mechanimal

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Covid’Art: Artists tribute to Healthcare support staff – Free Download

With the COVID-19 pandemic, artists around the world are creating Thank You tributes to all essential frontline workers in all fields who help provide our food and services, and to all the doctors and nurses and medical professionals that are making great sacrifice.
To encourage them in these challenging times, to lift their spirits and send them love and appreciation, when so much is expected of them and so many people depend on their work, you can download the following artworks, print them and display them on your window.

Many artists have uploaded their artworks on like Thomas Wimberly  (cover image)

Here is a selection below:

Shepard Fairey – Angel of Hope

Fake – Super Nurse

Michelle Kato – Nurse of No Mans Land

British artist Damien Hirst has also created a rainbow and a butterfly heart of hope in support of the NHS and the Evening Standard charity campaign to help the hungry.

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Artist Focus: Icy & Sot (IR)

Icy & Sot - Crystal Ship

During this period of lockdown, we look through the artistic journey of Iranian brothers  Icy & Sot and their recent show ‘Fences Faces’ at Magda Gallery in Paris.

Iranian refugees now living in New York, they started their practice using stencils to highlight political and social messages. We first met them in Norway in 2014 for Nuart (covered) and again in 2015 in Berlin for Urban Nation (covered here).

Icy & Sot - NuArtIcy & Sot - NuArt
Icy & Sot - NuArtUrban Nation PM7 - Icy & Sot
Icy Sot 18

For the past four years the brothers have detached themselves from stencils and moved on to experimenting with new materials which helped them sharpen and strengthen their political and social messages.

They created sculptures like the refugee boat in Dresden (Magic City 2017) or in-situ installations made of iron and barbed wire in Berlin (Urban Nation 2017), Ostend (Crystal Ship 2018), or London (Watch this space 2019) which we were fortunate to witness.

Magic City - DresdenIcy Sot - Urban Nation 2017 - 04Icy Sot - Urban Nation 2017 - 02
Icy Sot - Urban Nation 2017 - 03Icy Sot - Urban Nation 2017
Icy Sot - London 2019

While exploring new techniques and tools, they have continued questioning and reflect on immigration, borders, refugees, social issues, women rights, freedom and capitalism.

The result is a new body of work presented earlier this year at ‘Fences Faces’ , their first solo in Paris at Magda Gallery.

The show features sculptural installations using raw material like barbed wire, iron wire, old rusty shovels or oil cans, new paintings created with a self- made cut-out steel tool, as well as photographs of previous ephemeral installations they built in different countries.

Icy & Sot 24
Icy & Sot 23Icy & Sot 22Icy & Sot 30

Through their unique visual language, they are delivering powerful, moving universal statements on the human condition, with poetry and fragility, while letting the door open to hope and dreams.

Icy & Sot 21
Icy & Sot

View the full set of pics here

Icy & Sot – Fences Faces
Magda Gallery

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London: Watch this space @ Lazinc

Watch this space 19

Remi Rough – Watch this space

Since November the ‘Watch This Space‘ project has transformed the Lazinc gallery in London into an open studio where over 25 artists share their processes and create site-specific works in front of the visitor’s eyes. Curated by Magda Danysz ,this ephemeral project is being played out over both floors of the gallery. The phrase ‘watch this space’ denotes a period of transition and impermanence, and reflects Lazinc’s own phase of transformation.

This ongoing project showcases the creative processes of a diverse range of artists all entering into a unique dialogue with one another.

Featured Artists include 1010 (Poland), Andre (France) Tarek Benaoum (Lebanon), Craig Costello (USA), Faith XLVII (SA), Icy & Sot (Iran), Jan Kalab (Czech Republic), Dan Lam (Vietnam), Ludo (France),Miaz Brothers (Spain), Charles Petillon (France), Sebastien Preschoux (France),Remi Rough (UK), Okuda San Miguel (Spain), Alex Senna (Brazil), Gary Stranger (UK), Slinkachu (UK), Jan Vormann (The Netherlands), Vhils (Portugal), Nick Walker (UK),YZ (France)

Watch this space 04Watch this space 12Watch this space 06Watch this space 16Watch this space 14Watch this space 15
Watch this space 11Watch this space 02
Watch this space 03Watch this space 10Watch this space 21Watch this space 22

By creating new works live in the gallery, the artists highlight the ephemeral nature of contemporary life.

View the full set of pics here

On view until 7 March 2020

Watch this space
Lazinc Gallery
Sacksville, London

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Bristol: Banksy new mural for Valentines

A new mural popped up in Banksy’s hometown yesterday baring all the hallmarks of the elusive artist. Located in Barton hill, precisely where he started painting graffiti in his early days, the new artwork depicts a little girl holding a slingshot toward the sky with an explosion of red roses and poppies.

It’s a clear nod to his iconic artwork Girl with Balloon, but the heart balloon is smashed in pieces of roses and poppies. The girl is in the rebellious pose, reminiscent of his Flower Thrower image.

Barton Hill Girl – Detail

Flower Thrower image courtesy Stephen C.

Barton Hill mural – Detail

It is the second attempt to destruct this image. We think about ‘Love is in the bin’ performance in 2018 where the artist self destructed his artwork live during Sotheby’s auction.

Timing is also essential, as it coincides both with the recent auction sale of Vote for Love for 1,15 million pounds (here) at Sothebys , and Valentines day.

Banksy - Vote to Love

So is there no hope now for Love?

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Daniel Arsham ‘Paris 2030’ at Galerie Perrotin

Daniel Arsham 2030 - 08

Galerie Perrotin in Paris is currently showing ‘Paris 2030‘ an exhibition of new works by New York-based artist Daniel Arsham (covered here), through March 21, 2020.

For this exhibition, Daniel Arsham is presenting a new suite of large-scale sculptures based on iconic busts, friezes and sculptures from classical antiquity. Over the past year, Arsham has been granted privileged access to the Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais (RMN), a 200-year-old French molding atelier that reproduces masterpieces for several of Europe’s major encyclopedic museums. Arsham was able to use molds and scans of some of the most iconic works from the collections of the Musée du Louvre in Paris, Acropolis Museum in Athens, the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna and the San Pietro in Vincoli as source material for this new body of work.

Daniel Arsham 2030 - 03
Daniel Arsham 2030 - 10

Ranging from Michelangelo’s Moses to the Vénus de Milo, each item was cast in hydrostone to produce a perfect to scale replica of the original sculpture, a process that shares formal qualities with historic wax casting. Similar to those used by classical sculptors, Arsham utilizes natural pigments such as volcanic ash, blue calcite, selenite, quartz, and rose quartz. From that, individual erosions are chiseled into the surface of the hydrostone, a nod to the sculpting techniques of the Renaissance sculptors. Finally, Arsham applies his signature tactic of crystallization.

Daniel Arsham 2030 - 07Daniel Arsham 2030 - 08b
Daniel Arsham 2030 - 16Daniel Arsham 2030 - 02

Arsham is best known for visually transforming ready-made objects of the last half century into subtly eroding artifacts. Historically, he has focused on items that act as containers of memory like an original Apple computer, a Mickey Mouse phone, or Leica cameras. Arsham continues his decade long exploration into fictional archaeology as a fictionalized account of the past, as well as a tool with which to collapse the past and the present. Making use of classical and ancient objects, this new body of work experiments with the timelessness of certain symbols, furthering Arsham’s previous investigations into objecthood.

Daniel Arsham 2030 - 17

For Paris, 3020, Arsham borrows display strategies from the modern museum, including elevated plinths, dimmed lights, and a series of nested exhibition spaces. By appropriating the visual language of the encyclopedic museum, Arsham makes deliberate reference to how museums have showcased and shaped object history, specifically as a vehicle that canonizes objects within a greater narrative of progress.

In parallel to the sculptural works are a series of graphite process drawings by Arsham depicting eroded icons of classical antiquity. Displayed together, these new works are transformed to compress time, at once referencing the past, informing the present, and reaching towards a crystallized future.

Daniel Arsham 2030 - 09
Daniel Arsham 2030 - 06Daniel Arsham 2030 - 13
Daniel Arsham 2030 - 05Daniel Arsham 2030 - 01Daniel Arsham 2030 - 19Daniel Arsham 2030 - 18
Daniel Arsham 2030 - 21

View the full set of pics here

Daniel Arsham, Paris 2030
Solo Show
Until 21.02.2020
Galerie Perrotin
76 rue de Turenne 75003 Paris

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Book Release: Street Art Today 2

Following the 2016 book release Street Art Today, we are pleased to have contributed again to a new version of the book entitled Street Art Today 2 with Björn Van Poucke and Elise Luong by Lannoo Publishers.

Street Art Today 2 gives an overview of the 50 most relevant artists now. Including the likes of Banksy, Shepard Fairey, JR, Okuda, MadC, Wasted Rita, Icy & Sot, Faith47, Axel Void, etc.

The book features introductionary essays, preface and interviews with a wealth of colourful images structuring the most relevant 50 artists in four sections: Abstract, Figurative, Realism and Urban Interventionism.

Artists who serve as an example of what street art is today and will be tomorrow. Over the last few years, we see street art festivals rising up around the world, companies hiring artists to paint billboards in the city and city councils attracting artists to gentrify neighbourhoods. The questions rises: ‘Is street art still street?’. Having escaped the underground scene in many instances, how has it evolved and what is its future?

Street Art Today 2
Product form: Hardback
Number of pages: 272
Dimensions: 280×220 mm
EAN: 9789401461597
Publisher: Lannoo

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Birmingham: Banksy festive artwork to highlight homelessness

Banksy has unveiled new artwork in Birmingham to highlight homelessness this Christmas.

The painted mural appeared on a brick wall on Vyse Street in the city’s jewellery quarter on 9 December. In a video posted to Banksy’s Instagram page, a homeless man named Ryan can be seen having a drink before settling down on a bench with his belongings. As the camera pans outwards, a pair of reindeers can be seen painted next to the bench, appearing to carry him away into the star-filled sky.

The caption with the video reads: “In the 20 minutes we filmed Ryan on this bench passers-by gave him a hot drink, two chocolate bars and a lighter – without him ever asking for anything.”

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London: Stormzy portrait goes on display at the National Portrait Gallery

The cover art for Stormzy’s upcoming album has been hung in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

The photographic portrait by Mark Mattock is on display in the gallery from December 5 and displays the south London artist holding the Banksy stab-proof vest from his Glastonbury performance with the letters H.I.T.H serving as a crown.

H.I.T.H. stands for Heavy Is The Head, the title of his forthcoming album to be released on 13 December.

The stab vest was also visible recently at the Gross Domestic Product pop up shop (featured here) designed by Banksy in Croydon, birth city of Stormzy.

Gross Domestic Product TM Pop up Store

Stormzy at Glastonbury Festival 2019

The Gallery director Nicholas Cullinan commented “Stormzy has undoubtedly had a significant influence on British culture today, both through his music and work with minority groups and young people, and we hope our visitors will enjoy the juxtaposition of this new work with historic paintings of influential figures from the Victorian era, from politicians, royalty and radicals to artists, sporting heroes and singers.”


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Video: Hisham Echafaki for the Musee de la Poste


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Paris: Okuda & Remed “Temples et Ames”

Okuda & Remed

ADDA & SARTO Gallery in Paris is currently showing a duo exhibition with artists OKUDA and REMED titled ‘ Temples et Ames’.

One is from Lille in France, the other from Santander in Spain. Madrid adopted them both and they each developed in their own way a very particular style of urban art. On one side the poetry of REMED, on the other side the inexhaustible energy of OKUDA, both playing with sunny colours inspired by the Spanish sun.

OKUDA SAN MIGUEL and REMED worked together for the first time in 2011 on two canvases, linking their styles within their work. In 2012, under the direction of Anna Dimitrova, they began a long serie of collaborations together that took them to more than 20 countries around the world. From Moscow to Miami via Oslo, Madrid, Mexico… These are the cities that inspire them and where they accumulate life experiences closely linked to their creations. They are multidisciplinary artists: from walls to giant sculptures, canvases, boats…

A real synergy has been developing between them and their work. Evolving through the years, their creativity gave birth to a third artist.

Okuda & Remed

While they both continue their path with exhibitions around the world and notable mural interventions, their strong creative connection remains present.

“Temples and Souls” showcases just how contemporary their work is, far from their debut on the streets

Okuda San Miguel & Remed collaborative pieces

Okuda & RemedOkuda & Remed
Okuda & Remed

Okuda San Miguel

Okuda  invites the viewer into a psychedelic vortex of colours and geometric patterns.
In his work, rainbow geometric architectures blend with organic shapes, bodies without identity, headless animals and symbols. His works often raise questions about existentialism, the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, and the contradictions of the false freedom of capitalism, showing a conflict between modernity and our roots.

Okuda & Remed
Okuda & RemedOkuda & Remed


Remed works harmoniously with geometry and calligraphy, developing a universal language of shapes and colors. Playing with the visible and invisible, figurative and abstract, he makes his figures disappear within vivid colours and flat patterns. He also loves playing words and created several typographies His artworks tell intricate stories and poems on the significance of life and love.

Okuda & RemedOkuda & RemedOkuda & RemedOkuda & Remed
Okuda & RemedOkuda & Remed
Okuda & Remed

View the full set of pics here

Okuda san Miguel & Remed ‘Temples et Ames’
Adda & Sarto Gallery
35 Avenue Matignon
Until End December 2019


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Paris: Hisham Echafaki for the Musee de la Poste

The Musee de la Poste has been undergoing massive transformation and architectural refurbishing during the past 6 years. To celebrate its reopening, we have collaborated with artist Hisham Echafaki to create specific artworks for the facade of the new building.

Hisham Echafaki - Musee de la Poste 2019

A series of festive panels illustrate different postal boxes through the years and pays tribute to many art movements from Art Nouveau, Art Deco to Pop Art and more.
In parallel, Hisham Echafaki integrated messages about the acceleration of the fauna extinction ( from trophy hunting to the increased plastic pollution).

Hisham Echafaki - Musee de la Poste 2019Hisham Echafaki - Musee de la Poste 2019
Hisham Echafaki - Musee de la Poste 2019Hisham Echafaki - Musee de la Poste 2019
Hisham Echafaki - Musee de la Poste 2019
Hisham Echafaki - Musee de la Poste 2019

The last panel represents bees taking over a postal box and launching an S.O.S.

Hisham Echafaki - Musee de la Poste 2019

The Musee de la Poste will open to the public on 23 November.

Hisham Echafaki - Musee de la Poste 2019Hisham Echafaki - Musee de la Poste 2019Hisham Echafaki - Musee de la Poste 2019Hisham Echafaki - Musee de la Poste 2019
Hisham Echafaki - Musee de la Poste 2019
Hisham Echafaki - Musee de la Poste 2019

View the full set of pics here

L’Adresse Musee de la Poste, 34 Bd de Vaugirard, 75015 Paris

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Banksy’s online store: ‘Why does art matter?’

GDP homepage

Two weeks ago Banksy opened a homewares store called Gross Domestic Product TM in Croydon, South London ( see our coverage here ). He made it clear that interested buyers weren’t in for a regular shopping experience and while the store attracted crowds, it physically did not open and it was not possible to purchase anything. Now that the pop up display shop has closed, the Gross Domestic Product TM official website reveals the homewares brand from BanksyTM.

In true subversive and irreverent Banksy style, the English artist continues to offer an unconventional retail experience where fans can, not purchase, but apply to purchase some of the pieces that were displayed in the Croydon pop-up.

The Gross Domestic Product online store offers merchandise with prices starting at £10 ($13) for a Banksy branded aerosol of paint to £850 for the stab vest as worn by Stormzy at the Glastonbury Festival in June.

Welcome mat

A “Banksy Welcome Mat,”  is “hand stitched using the fabric from life vests abandoned on the beaches of the Mediterranean,” the website says. The product is produced in collaboration with the organization Love Welcomes, which works with refugee women to produce mats from “life vests and blankets worn by frightened, exhausted Syrians as they wash up on European shores” and directs proceeds back to the refugee weavers.

The site also warns customers that they may have a “disappointing retail experience,” explaining, “Everything is produced by a handful of people using recycled material wherever possible in a workplace culture of daytime drinking. So there isn’t loads of it and it’s not all ready to ship straight away.”

Each Banksy’s creations will be sold to the most deserving bidder, as determined by his good will. There are some strict specific rules.

The website is clear from the outset that the store doesn’t work on a “first come, first serve” basis. Until October 28, shoppers can browse the items and sign up to a list. Each buyer can only sign up for one item—so choose wisely.

Those who want a Banksy original must answer the question ‘Why does art matter?’, with the ‘Why’ crossed out, in 50 words or less, and supply their contact information.

The reply to this question will be vital—if demand spikes, they will be used to help evaluate who gets to make the purchase. In fact, buyers are asked to make their answers “as amusing, informative or enlightening as possible.”

Applications will be randomly selected and then narrowed down. According to the website, answers will be assessed by an impartial and independent judge, namely a professional stand-up comedian. Winning registrants will receive word that they have won the option to purchase the selected item.

The original products, which will be awarded a certification of authenticity on the second anniversary of the purchase, are priced far below market value.

In fact, Gross Domestic Product isn’t aimed at the high-end collector. A disclaimer on the store’s website actually states that wealthy art collectors should “refrain from registering at this time,” in order to give lower-income art lovers a chance at this piece of history.

It will be interesting to see if Banksy’s safeguards keep these items out of the hands of people looking to flip the work and make a profit and, instead, into the homes of those who could never afford a $12 million painting.

So to enter the competition to purchase an item from Banksy’s online store, please provide your answer to the question “Why does art matter?”  on by 28 October 2019

Photo credit: Gross Domestic Product website

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Toulouse: Rose Beton Biennale Part II

We continue our coverage of the Rose Beton Biennale in Toulouse ( check our previous report here). In parallel to the open air gallery, with street walls being painted throughout the city, the Museum of contemporary art, Les Abattoirs is hosting an exhibition featuring three international artists: Tania Mouraud, Todd James and Cleon Peterson.

Patron of the Biennale,  Tania Mouraud (b.1942) is a French multidisciplinary artist whose practice has been deployed since the late 1960s through paintings, installations, performances and videos. Her distinctive calligraphic style  is highlighted by seven kakemonos from the series Mots-Mêlés  surrounded by a large mural ‘Only the sound remains’, playing between letters, barcodes and graphic design.

Los Angeles based artist Cleon Peterson (b. 1973) painted a monumental and dystopic mural. Using a restricted colour palette, Cleon Peterson depicts a violent and chaotic world, inspired by mythological tales, historical facts as well as the current reality of our world.

New York based graffiti artist Todd James (b. 1969) showcases a series of fierce and acidulous paintings. Inspired by pop culture and action painting, his sexy curvaceous blonde character is playful, and grin in the face of machines and destruction.

Pictures by Prune Mahe for Butterfly Art News

Rose Beton – Les Abattoirs
Until 5 January 2020

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Smashing record of £9.8m for Banksy Devolved Parliament at Sotheby’s London

Banksy’s painting depicting chimpanzees sitting in parliament has sold for more than £9million at auction, breaking the record price for a work of the elusive British artist.

‘Devolved parliament’, in which chimpanzees replace politician in the House of Commons, measures 4 meters long, making it Banksy’s largest known canvas. Despite being painted in 2009, many commentators have drawn comparisons to current-day politics, and the chaos witnessed in the House of Commons over Brexit.

It was first unveiled as part of the Banksy versus Bristol exhibition in 2009, and was lent to the Bristol Museum earlier this year, marking both the exhibition’s 10th anniversary and Britain’s original planned exit from the EU on 29 March. At the time, Banksy wrote ‘I made this 10 years ago. Bristol museum have just put it back on display to mark Brexit day. Laugh now, but one day no one will be in charge.’

‘Devolved Parliament’ surpassed its estimated price tag of £1.5m to £2m, with the auctioneer declaring ‘history is being made’ at one point during the sale that was being streamed live. After bidding that lasted 13 minutes, the2009 artwork from a private collection sold to loud applause for a hammer price of £8.5m, giving a final price of £9,879,500 ($12.2m) with added fees.

‘Record price for a Banksy painting set at auction tonight. Shame I didn’t own it.’ Banksy wrote on his instagram feed. He added a quote by critic Robert Hugues about the value of artworks: ‘ The price of a work of art is now part of its function, its new job is to sit on a wall and get more expensive. Instead of being the common property of humankind the way a book is, art becomes the particular property of someone who can afford it.’

Before Thursday ‘s sale, the auction record for Banksy work was £1.4m for ‘Keep it spotless’ which sold at Sotheby’s in New York in 2008. It also comes a year after another Banksy canvas, ‘Girl with Balloon’, shredded itself in front of shocked onlookers at Sotheby’s auction just as it was sold.

Watch the live stream of the bidding here


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London: Kaws – Black Out at Skarstedt

KAWS just opened a new solo exhibition called ‘BLACK OUT’ at Skarstedt in London. Featuring a series of ten new abstract paintings and two new sculptures. BLACKOUT coincides with KAWS: COMPANIONSHIP IN THE AGE OF LONELINESS at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, which follows a further solo presentation, ALONE AGAIN, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. This exhibition continues to further explore the emotional content of the artist’s work.

While retaining his colourful acrylic palette, the abstract compositions within his paintings contain figurative elements that suggest traps, pathways, bridges and boundaries. This imagery alludes to the artist’s underlying concern about the divisions within and across societies. He reminds us that despite living in a time of connectivity and constant communication we are separated by the toxic nature of current political and public discourse that also permeates social media.

With the sculptures KAWS uses two of his characters to convey opposing human attitudes.

In SHARE, the Companion is secure and looks outward, holding but not attached to the toy in its hand. KAWS’ figures, as ever, poignantly reveal to us the human condition in the contemporary world and also offer an alternative way of being.

In the sculpture TAKE, the BFF holds a child Companion defensively, pulling it back in a gesture of mistrust as if to prevent someone else from touching it; the child cowed looks to the ground, the fear is transferred.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Until 9 November 2019

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London: Banksy – Gross Domestic Product Installation

During the busy Frieze Art week 2019, elusive artist Banksy has opened a new pop up store overnight in Croydon, South London called Gross Domestic Product.
In a statement Banksy mentions it follows a legal dispute over Banksy’s trademark.
“[It is] possibly the least poetic reason to ever hold an art show,” Banksy says.


The homeware store – essentially a window display that will never actually open—is selling a range of items, from mugs, spray cans, prints, t-shirts to editions of the stab vest worn by the artist Stormzy at Glastonbury, welcome mats hand-stitched by women in detainment camps in Greece. The objects have all been installed in a series of window displays along with often-reproduced paintings such as Banksy’s Flower Thrower.

Prices start at £10, but the merchandise range will only be available to buy online after the shop shuts in two weeks. Until then, collectors will have to settle for window shopping. Proceeds from the merchandise will go to purchase a boat for the refugees to replace the one that was confiscated by Italian authorities.

Banksy says an unnamed greeting card company is contesting his trademark rights to his own name and imagery, “so they can legally use it to sell their fake Banksy merchandise”. He adds: “I think they’re banking on the idea I won’t show up in court to defend myself.”
Describing Banksy as “the most infringed artist alive”, DACS chairman and media lawyer Mark Stephens says: “What you have here is frankly ludicrous litigation, but the law clearly states that if the trademark holder is not using the mark then it should be handed to someone who will.” His solution? Create a merchandise range and open a shop.
Everything in the store “has been created specifically to fulfil a particular trademark category under EU law”, Banksy says. “I had the legal sheet pinned up in the studio like a muse.” He adds: “John Lennon said: ‘I’m an artist, give me a tuba and I’ll get something out of it.’ I feel the same way about a trademark dispute.”

“If Banksy wants to keep enforcing any of his trademarks in courts around the world, and avoid the risk of them being cancelled for lack of use, he will need to show judges stronger evidence of his brands being used in the market,” Enrico Bonadio, a senior lecturer in intellectual property law at City University of London, noted at the time. “This probably means he needs to start regularly producing and selling his own branded merchandise through a specialised commercial vehicle. The problem is that Banksy is a contradictory character. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started a proper business plan, while also continuing to send out his anti-consumerist message,” he says.

Banksy stresses that, despite trying to defend his rights in this particular case, he hasn’t changed his position on copyright. “I still encourage anyone to copy, borrow, steal and amend my art for amusement, academic research or activism. I just don’t want them to get sole custody of my name,” he says.



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Paris: District 13 Art Fair 2019

District 13 Art Fair 2019

The second edition of District 13 – International Art Fair returns to Drouot auction house in Paris from 25 to 29 September 2019.
Featuring 17 international galleries, the District 13 – International Art Fair presents a global landscape of emerging and established artists from the street art and contemporary art scene.

In addition to an eclectic mix of international exhibitors, the fair is bringing together a comprehensive side program including book releases ( D*Face Monograph for example), print releases, conferences and more.

Here are a few highlights from the second edition

District 13 Art Fair 2019District 13 Art Fair 2019
District 13 Art Fair 2019District 13 Art Fair 2019
District 13 Art Fair 2019
District 13 Art Fair 2019District 13 Art Fair 2019
District 13 Art Fair 2019
District 13 Art Fair 2019
District 13 Art Fair 2019
District 13 Art Fair 2019
District 13 Art Fair 2019

District 13 Art Fair
25-29 September 2019
Drouot Paris

For tickets and programme please visit

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Toulouse: Rose Beton Biennale 2019

Rose Beton 2019 - MOMO

The third edition of The ROSE BETON FESTIVAL becomes a biennale dedicated to urban practices and cultures in Toulouse. National and international artists continue to  invade the Pink City walls and cultural venues.

Back in  2016 legendary graffiti artist FUTURA painted a train carriage in the courtyard of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Toulouse, Les Abattoirs ( see our coverage here ).

The 2019 edition, co-curated by TILT and Nicolas Couturieux, pursues the expansion of the ‘open air gallery’ with outside walls painted by RERO , MOMO, JEROEN EROSIE, MADEMOISELLE KAT, MOSES AND TAP, HENSE as well as installations by MARK JENKINS.

Rose Beton 2019 - MOMORose Beton 2019 - HENSERose Beton 2019 - HENSEHENSE

Rose Beton 2019 - EROSIE

Rose Beton 2019 - RERO

Rose Beton 2019 - MLE KAT
Mademoiselle Kat

Installation by Mark Jenkins © Benjamin Roudet

The second part of the Rose Beton Biennale will kick start on  26 September with an exhibition featuring works and installations from TANIA MOURAUD, TODD JAMES and CLEON PETERSON inside The Abattoirs, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Art Paris Art Fair 2018
Tania Mouraud Guest of honour of the Rose Beton Biennale

Cleon Peterson - Victory
Cleon Peterson

Todd James - Fantasy Island
Todd James

Many events, mediation, tours, workshops, and conferences are scheduled throughout the Rose Beton Biennale. For full programme, please visit the website

Photos © Butterfly Art News unless otherwise stated

26 September 2019 – January 5, 2020
Les Abbatoirs
76 allées Charles-de-Fitte
31300 Toulouse


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Grenoble: Obey Giant – 30 Years of Resistance

To kick start the 30th Year anniversary of Obey Giant, the Street Art Fest in Grenoble (France) presents the largest exhibition ever organized dedicated to the prolific career of American artist Shepard FAIREY.

Obey Grenoble 01

Starting in 1989, Shepard Fairey became known for his stickers featuring Andre the Giant, and then for the Obey the Giant campaign. He became world famous by producing Obama’s campaign poster “Hope” in 2008. In France, his ‘Marianne’ portrait, tribute to the victims of Paris terrorist attacks, adorns the office of the French President, while protesters have revisited this image with a blinded Marianne.

Obey Grenoble 04
Obey Grenoble 03

Spanning over 30 years (1989-2019), this comprehensive exhibition offers a global vision of the work of the artist with 600 works, with a selection of his best visuals, enriched with anecdotes and detailed information.
From his first hand-made stickers to his latest multilayered screenprints, visitors get to understand the esthetic and dissent messages by Shepard Fairey and his prolific body of work. A chronologic timeline presents a selection of 150 iconic screenprints, complemented by thematic sections like environment, politics, charities, peace, and music. The exhibition curated by Jérôme Catz provide a comprehensive picture of Shepard’s Fairey 30 years career.


Obey Grenoble 07
Obey Grenoble 12
Obey Grenoble Propaganda 01Obey Grenoble 15
Obey Grenoble Music 03
Obey Grenoble 05

View the full set of pictures here

In parallel to the exhibition, Shepard Fairey also painted a monumental mural entitled ‘Rose Girl’ in Grenoble (see our coverage here).

Obey Giant – 30 Years of Resistance
Ancien Musée de Peinture
Place de Verdun 38000 Grenoble
Until 27 October 2019
Wed – Sun from 1PM-7PM

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Mr. & Pharrell Williams ‘Call to Action’ (Paris)

Mr. & Pharrell Williams

The Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts (MNAAG) in Paris, home to the largest collection of Asian arts in Europe, gave ‘Carte Blanche’ to a site-specific installation created by Japanese contemporary artist Mr. and curated by Pharrell Williams : it’s a ‘Call to Action’.

Located on the fourth-floor rotunda beneath the dome of the main Guimet building, the exhibition runs until September 23, 2019. The project started five years ago based on an idea by Pharrell Williams–who is a self-proclaimed fan of Mr.’s work. The result of this long standing collaboration is an installation of bright, child-like figures sporting a military aesthetic while some carry firearms: the duo emphasizes the importance of younger generations in a world tormented by adult choices.

Pharrell Williams commented: “Kids run the world and this work is a challenge to leaders to do something immediately – for a better, bright future.”

Featuring painting, sculptures and neon signs, Mr. invites the viewer into an immersive pastel coloured world, which aims to represent a positive and peaceful momentum in finding solutions for today’s problems. “Amid the tension and crisis of uncertainty that we live in today, we need to believe in the hope that can be found in children, and take inspiration on the promise of their optimistic outlook and spirit. Kids have the power. With art, we start this dialogue in this way” says Mr.

The toy-looking rifles do not symbolise violence literally, but militance. Children’s best weapon, to be protected at all costs, is their creativity and imagination.

Mr. & Pharrell Williams
Mr. & Pharrell WilliamsMr. & Pharrell Williams Mr. & Pharrell WilliamsMr. & Pharrell Williams
Mr. & Pharrell Williams
Mr. & Pharrell WilliamsMr. & Pharrell Williams

View the full set of pics here

Carte Blanche to Mr. & Pharell Williams
A Call to Action
Musee National des Arts Asiatiques – Guimet
6 Place Iena, Paris
Until 25 September 2019

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Grenoble: Rose Girl Mural by Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey and the Obey Giant team kicked off the start of the Obey 30th world tour in Grenoble, France with a new mural titled ‘Rose Girl’ for the Street Art Fest curated by Jerome Catz.

The mural features a female figure adorned with three roses on her head, symbol of Grenoble. Located between the Alps, Grenoble is a city ecologically responsible and continues to improve upon it. The ‘Rose Girl’ mural is a reminder to preserve the environment and to be at peace between human beings and the planet.

Painted with the Obey Giant team, it can be seen on the wall of the CROUS, in the heart of the students area.

Location is key as it represents hope with the future generations, but it also can be visible from the mountains and gondola lifts.

The Mayor of Grenoble, the Crous director, the Students Union and Jerome Catz, curator of the Grenoble Street Art Fest joined Shepard Fairey to inaugurate the Rose Girl monumental artwork.

In parallel to the mural, l’Ancien Musee de la Peinture de Grenoble is dedicating a comprehensive print survey of Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant spanning over 30 years of resistance with 600 artworks.

Stay tuned as we will come back with further coverage…

Grenoble Street Art Fest
Shepard Fairey – 30 Years of resistance
Ancien Musee de la Peinture
Until 27 October 2019

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London: Banksy back to the Royal Academy

Banksy created a new artwork for upcoming The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition that will open to the public on 10 June in London.

Following last year’s participation with ‘Vote to Love’ (covered here) , Banksy created another politically charged artwork about Europe and Brexit.

The artwork features a closed shutter with a ‘Customs’ sign for arrival from the EU.

Looking at the bottom of the shutter, a cheeky stencilled rat stole the T of the ‘KEEP OUT’ sign to use it as a hammer over the padlock that keeps the borders closed.

Above Pics by Tagfinearts & Peter Jones

Banksy - Vote to Love

Vote Love – Banksy’s artwork for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018


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Banksy stunt during the Venice Biennale 2019

During the opening of the Venice Biennale a few stencils appeared across the city which gave indication of the presence of the elusive British artist.
While still unconfirmed yet, a politically charged piece shows a young child wearing a life jacket and holding a pink flare up in the air, a migrant calling for rescuers. It was spotted on the island of Dorsoduro.

On Banksy’s website and his social media the artist posted a video in Venice with following comment
‘ Setting out my stall at the Venice Biennale.
Despite being the largest and most prestigious art event in the world, for some reason I’ve never been invited.’

The stall presents a series of small oil paintings featuring a large cruise boat over the Venice canals

The popped up stall is reminiscent of his New York stunt in 2013 where he sold his canvasses for $60 to passers by.


Stay tuned for further update.

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Los Angeles: Josie Morway – Remediators

Lucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery

In parallel to the Lucky 13 Group show (covered), Corey Helford Gallery is also hosting a solo exhibit ‘The Remediators’ by Boston-based painter and designer Josie Morway. Combining technical influences of oil paintings from Dutch Masters and religious icon paintings with hyper-modern color and design elements, Josie Morway portrays surrealist paintings of wildlife and flora that are both politically charged and ethereally poetic.
Inspired by research into processes of bioremediation – by which plants, animals or microorganisms break down contamination in soil or water, the artworks present a new system by which nature might respond to crisis.

Lucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery
Lucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery
Lucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery
Lucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery

Josie Morway – Remediators
Until 11 May 2019
Corey Helford Gallery
571 S Anderson St
Los Angeles, CA 90033

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Los Angeles: Ben Frost – Pure Sugar

Australian artist, Ben Frost is currently featured at Corey Helford Gallery with an explosive exhibition of over 70 new works, entitled “Pure Sugar.

Ben Frost, who is coming off a recent collaboration with fashion designer Jeremy Scott for his Winter 2018 Moschino line, is known for his kaleidoscopic Pop Art, mash-up paintings that take inspiration from areas as diverse as graffiti, collage, photo-realism and sign-writing. “PURE SUGAR” is a playful and often confronting exploration of the nature of “excess” within our contemporary society. Using colorful and dynamic pop art motifs, the artist presents a series of satirical and provocative observations of western culture that is as sour as it is sweet.

The exhibition consists of over 70 new paintings, from large scale acrylic and spray paint stencils on canvas, to tiny hand painted “found” packages such as McDonald fry boxes, pharmaceutical packages, fashion bags and cereal boxes. Both a celebration and critique of consumerist culture, Frost’s work is paradoxically a love/hate affair with the colors, icons and logos of the advertising world that we are obsessively immersed within.

Lucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery
Lucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery


Ben Frost – Pure Sugar
Until 11 May 2019
Corey Helford Gallery
571 S Anderson St
Los Angeles, CA 90033

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London: Banksy new artwork supporting Extinction Rebellion protests

A new Banksy mural appeared in Marble Arch, London to mark the end of the 10 days of climate change protests by Extinction Rebellion activists.

The environmental artwork sprung up on a wall in Marble Arch around the time the demonstrators gathered nearby to celebrate the closing of their spell of disruption in central London. On Sunday Great Thunberg addressed the crowd and the Parliament on climate change issues. Massive Attack also played a concert on the Extinction Rebellion stage.

Although unconfirmed yet, the artwork bears all the marks (location, style and message). The multilayered stencil of the little girl has been used previously by Banksy in his Walled Off Hotel (covered here)

In her hand she is holding the logo of the Extinction Rebellion activists.

A slogan next to her reads “From This Moment Despair Ends And Tactics Begin”.


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Los Angeles: Lucky 13 at Corey Helford Gallery

Lucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery

Corey Helford Gallery is currently celebrating its 13th Anniversary with a group show co-curated by graffiti artist Kelly (RISK) Graval : LUCKY 13- FINE ART OF STREET & GRAFFITI

When Corey Helford opened in Culver City in 2006 and street art and graffiti was still seen as marginalized or criminal back then. But they continued to champion and support artists from the urban art movement and pop surrealism that went to become internationally acclaimed artists.

Participating artists include: Ron English, Miss Van, Buff Monster, D* Face, Eine , Hush , Risk , Pure Evil , Herakut , Logan Hicks, Okuda San Miguel , Lauren YS , Ramiro Davaro-Comas , Jillian Evelyn , Angela Ho “Ahoy” , Bisco Smith , seenaeme , La Belle Epoque , Faith XLVII , Cryptik , Jecks , Aspire , Zlism , Senna , Hoxxoh , Estevan Oriol , Defer , Bio Tats Cru , Sel , CES , TAZ , Candybird , Caratoes , Mauy , Messy Desk , Starman , Bates , RISK x HOXXOH , Kwest , Barlo , Simple Bao , Seen , Og Abel , Quick , Skeme , Sever , kaNO

Lucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford GalleryLucky 13 - Corey Helford Gallery

View full set of pics here

Lucky 13 Anniversary
Until 11 May 2019
Corey Helford Gallery
571 S Anderson St
Los Angeles, CA 90033

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Los Angeles: Takashi Murakami – GYATEI2

Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2

Japanese artist Takashi Murakami is currently showing a new exhibition entitled GYATEI² at the Gagosian Gallery in Los Angeles.

The exhibition title comes from the Buddhist Hannya Shingyo (Heart Sutra), an incantation often chanted by Zen groups before or after a meditation and translates roughly to “gone, gone, gone beyond, gone completely beyond, enlightenment, svāhā.”

GYATEI² reveals myriad variations of interconnected imagery, each permutation and combination generating new meaning.

Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2

Murakami’s first character, Mr. DOB—a whimsical, sharp-toothed Mickey Mouse–like character—reappears in different forms, as does the ubiquitous rainbow flower.

Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2

Elsewhere, images of doorways, graffiti of the word “viral,” and a self-portrait of the artist and his dog are overlaid onto dense graphic patterns.

Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2
Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2

A Statue of Flower Parent and Child (2019), cast in bronze and covered in gold leaf, stands sixteen feet tall and shows an enormous flower character with its flower offspring. Similarly, the rabbit like Kaikai and three-eyed, smiling Kiki (both 2019) are rendered in cast bronze covered in platinum leaf, the cute yet imposing characters illustrating Murakami’s interest in paradox, as kikikaikai describes something that is dangerous yet appealing.

Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2

The seventeen-panel Qinghua (2019) reinterprets a motif originally painted on a vase from the Chinese Yuan Dynasty (c. 1206–1368), whose imagery mingled in Murakami’s memory with childhood trips to the riverside with his father, where fishers would haul enormous carp. At almost eight feet high and fifty-eight feet wide, the image proceeds panel by panel, like an enormous storyboard, or a vase that has been unrolled like a long scroll along the gallery’s walls.

Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2Takashi Murakami - GYATEI2

View the full set of pics here

Takashi Murakami – GYATEI²
Gagosian Gallery
456 North Camden Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Los Angeles: Hisham Echafaki at The Other Art Fair

London based artist Hisham Echafaki is currently exhibiting a new series of large scale multidimensional paintings at The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles.

Continuing to push the limits, the trompe l’oeil effects are so intricately done, that the eyes can be deceiving in believing these are real insects, butterflies and dragonfly. But, no , the visual effect are the results of a long and detailed process of acrylic paint and layers of resin. Even a closer look can leave the visitors puzzled as to whether these specimen really exist.

Playing with depth, iridescence and transparence, Hisham Echafaki imaginary creatures seem to be floating in space. A magical moment not to be missed.

Hisham Echafaki
The Other Art Fair – Los Angeles
Booth 95
The Magic Box – The Reef
Los Angeles 90015 CA

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Paris: Jean-Michel Othoniel ‘Oracles’

Jean Michel Othoniel - Oracles

Galerie Perrotin presents a new solo show of French contemporary artist Jean-Michel Othoniel in Paris, following several important personal exhibitions in Canada, USA and France in 2018.

Jean-Michel Othoniel’s enchanting aesthetics revolves around the notion of emotional geometry. Using the repetition of modular elements such as bricks or his signature beads, which are his most recurring motif, he creates exquisite jewelry-like sculptures whose relationship to human scale ranges from intimacy to monumentality

Jean Michel Othoniel - Oracles

The exhibition entitled ‘Oracles’ brings together fifteen minimalistic, enigmatic sculptures made of glass or metal bricks, the artist has systematized the use of a module that entered his work in 2009, after a journey to India. On the road from Delhi to Firozabad, a city with an age-old glassmaking tradition, he was struck by the stacks of bricks accumulated in the hope of building a house and by the countless altars covered in offerings and multicoloured necklaces. Since then, he has called on the knowledge of Indian glassblowers to blow blue, amber, yellow and grey glass bricks.

Monumental yet delicate, the sculptural installations allow the viewers to inhabit his world through reflection and motion.

Jean Michel Othoniel - Oracles
Jean Michel Othoniel - OraclesJean Michel Othoniel - Oracles
Jean Michel Othoniel - OraclesJean Michel Othoniel - Oracles Jean Michel Othoniel - OraclesJean Michel Othoniel - OraclesJean Michel Othoniel - OraclesJean Michel Othoniel - OraclesJean Michel Othoniel - Oracles

View the full set of pics here

Jean Michel Othoniel – Oracles
Until 8 June 2019
Galerie Perrotin, Paris


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Celebration of Female Artists

Swoon - Nuit Blanche Paris 14

We would like to celebrate our favorite female artists worldwide, who are pushing boundaries in graffiti /street art as well as contemporary art. The list is unlimited so we are sending much love and support to ALL the female artists.

Keep doing what you are doing!

Aida Wilde

Barbara Kruger - Forever

Aya Takano

The Art of Politics

Chiharu Shiota

Faith47 - London



Aiko -Unstoppable Waves

Marrakech Biennale MB6 Street Art


Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse


Olek - London

MIMA - Swoon

Tara McPherson

Yayoi Kusama

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London : el Seed – Tabula Rasa

el seed 01

Tunisian-French contemporary artist, eL Seed has just opened his first UK exhibition entitled Tabula Rasa at Lazinc in London. We documented his previous visit to the UK capital in 2015 ( see here), where he painted a mural with this signature style: an adaptation of traditional Arabic calligraphy.

El Seed - London

Within his intricate compositions, el Seed emphasises the curves and loops of the script removing a layer of legilibility and adding mystery to the meaning behind the words he chooses.

eL Seed commented: “I truly believe that art is a way to open dialogue. I like to think that my artwork can cut through the boundaries that we place between ourselves; whether physical, cultural or linguistic. My exhibition at Lazinc represents a new style of painting, where I am attempting to break down my thought process into layers. It also asks the audience to question the way they think and how much they have been affected by assumption or misconception.”

el seed 03

For this exhibition, the artist has developed on his process, stripping down the works, in an effort to access his own ‘tabula rasa’.
The concept of ‘tabula rasa’, pioneered by 17th Century philosopher, John Locke, argues that at birth the human mind is a complete, but receptive blank slate, upon which experience imprints knowledge. In relation to his canvases, eL Seed has taken the idea of the tabula rasa as a starting point, with the aim to alter deep-seated preconceptions that are commonly held about the Arabic script and culture.

el seed 02

In contrast to eL Seed’s usually polished and perfected canvases, the works at Lazinc appear with an unfinished aesthetic. The surface calligraphy is ripped and torn to reveal phrases and imagery below, which materialise slowly and differently with each viewing.
The layering of words and ideas offer an insight into the thought process of the artist.

el seed 07el seed 08el seed 05el seed 10el seed 09
el seed 06

Guests are invited to reconsider all that they previously thought about Arabic and immerse themselves in the calligraphic experience.

el seed 12

View the full set of pics here

elSeed – Tabula Rasa
Until 9 march 2019
Lazinc Sacksville
29 Sackville Street
London W1S 3DX

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Banksy News

Three major headlines related to Banksy

London: Banksy enters the permanent collection of the British Museum

The British Museum in London has acquired its first work by the anonymous artist, a fake £10 banknote depicting Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, which will join its collection of coins, medals and other currency.
The work, entitled Di-faced Tenner, was one of thousands of copies produced by the artist in 2004 as part of a planned art performance. Unlike ‘Peckham Rock’, a fake cave painting on concrete , which was part of a 2005 stunt and loaned again to the museum for a recent exhibition on dissent and protest in 2018 (see our coverage here), the note has been donated to the museum by the artist’s representative Pest Control.

It is the only official banknote ever released by Banksy. Any other kind of currency note are simply NOT by the artist, so fans and buyers beware. And the Banksy Di-Face Tenner indicates on its back ‘Trust No One’.

Palestine: Banksy creates a new artwork at the Walled Off Hotel

Two years after the official opening his artivist hotel in Bethlehem, Banksy just revealed a new artwork inside the Walled Off Hotel.

Conveying a message of Love and Peace, the artwork depicts a little veiled girl playing with coloured 3d block shapes looking at a giant heart shaped hole in a concrete wall which shows a neon light blue sky. Looking closer the 3D block shapes on the floor are iconographic symbols of all monotheist religions, from the cross to the start and crescent. Messages of peace are graffitied on the wall while Banksy’s signature is engraved in the concrete.

Paris: Banksy’s tribute to Bataclan’s victims is stolen

Sadly less than seven months after Banksy painted his tribute on the fire-exit door of the Bataclan theatre, where Islamist militants killed 90 people three years ago, the artwork has been stolen, the venue has said.
The work, one of a series of murals during Banksy’s invasion of the French capital last June, showed a veiled female figure in a mournful pose. ( Check our initial coverage about the artwork  here)
We are today filled with a deep sense of indignation. The work of Banksy, a symbol of contemplation belonging to all – residents, Parisians and citizens of the world – has been taken from us,” the Bataclan said in a Twitter post. A police investigation continues.

Stay tuned for further updates


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