London: Urban Masters

Urban Masters is a group show we have been curating together with Opera Gallery London and ANV. We asked international artists from the street art and graffiti scene to pay tribute to the masters that inspired them with their own tools and techniques. The response has been phenomenal as we received participation from fantastic artists from all over the world: Australia, US, Latin America and Europe.

Participating artists: Bom.K (FR) – Blo (FR) – Brusk (FR) – Gris1 (FR) – Jaw (FR) – Kan (FR) – Sowat (FR)- Lek (FR)- Roa (BE) – David Shillinglaw (UK) – Zezão (BR) – Sweet Toof (UK) – Blek Le Rat (FR) – Ron English (US) – Mac1 (UK) – Matt Small (UK) – Alexandros Vasmoulakis (GR) – El Mac (US) – C215 (FR) – Joe Black (UK) – Seen (US) – Risk (US) – Remi Rough (UK) – Sixeart (ES) – Zeus (UK) – Mentalgassi (DE) – Nick Gentry (UK) – The London Police (NL) – StinkFish (CL) – Rone (AUS) – Banksy (UK) – Kid Zoom (AUS) – Nick Walker (UK) – Shepard Fairey (US). Online catalogue

So a big THANK YOU to all the artists involved, everyone that helped contribute and support this project as well as the public that attended the exhibition at Factory 7 !

Euronews Coverage

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Full set of pics from the opening here

Interview by Beyonder

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