C215 - PARIS (Vitry)

If you going to Paris, visit Vitry-sur-Seine, or should we say C215-sur-Seine…

The city walls have been refreshed with colourful artworks by C215, showcasing images and portraits from his trips around the world as well as his daughter Nina. “I wanted to bring my travel memories back to my new hometown. People from all generations have been very supportive and local feedback has been overwelming.” mentioned Christian Guemy aka C215.

Wandering through the streets you can see an impressive and evergrowing display of works.

C215 - PARIS (Vitry) C215 - PARIS (Vitry) C215 - PARIS (Vitry) C215 - PARIS (Vitry) C215 - PARIS (Vitry)

In the city center, you can contemplate this extremely detailed stencil of Chinatown, inspired by a picture from Logan Hicks. Show & Tell Gallery is hosting the first joint exhibition between Logan Hicks and C215 in Canada on 7th November. “Parallel Universe” will feature several collaborative works as well as pieces that are inspired by one another.

We were lucky to have a sneak pic into C215 studio before getting ready for an improvised live painting session.

C215 - PARIS (Vitry) C215 - PARIS (Vitry)C215 - PARIS (Vitry)

View the full set of pics here

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