Hisham Echafaki

Hisham Echafaki

We recently had the chance to visit pop-surrealist painter Hisham Echafaki‘s studio. Using acrylic and oil paint, the London-based artist loves exploring symetry and patterns, as well as depicting animals in a surreal environment, as shown in his kufic and butterflies series.

Hisham Echafaki     Hisham EchafakiHisham Echafaki Hisham Echafaki  Hisham Echafaki  Hisham Echafaki

We were fortunate to document some of the painting process of his Anthropomorphic Bowie pieces as he prepared for the upcoming group show The Many Faces of David Bowie at the Opera Gallery London.

Hisham Echafaki Hisham Echafaki     Hisham Echafaki Hisham Echafaki     Hisham Echafaki

Here are some of his surrealist series:

Hisham Echafaki Hisham Echafaki     Hisham Echafaki     Hisham Echafaki     Hisham Echafaki

View the entire set of pics by Butterfly here

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