Portobello Film Festival

The Portobello Film Festival enters its 15th year in 2010, over which time it has established itself as one of London’s premier film festivals. All screenings and events are free, taking place at bars, studios, parks, galleries and cinemas in Notting Hill and Portobello.

Part of this years festival program is ARTIST’S EYE where selected artists do some live painting in the pop up cinema under the Westway and introduce the movie of their choice before the screening.

This year’s guest of honour is Blek Le Rat who is introducing the movie Performance.

Portobello Film Festival

The festival is also featuring many artists such as Dotmasters, Inkie,  SoloOne, 
Babooshka, Patrick Hughes, Andrew Logan, Michael Horovitz, BA5H  and more.  

Dotmasters painted a scene from the movie Holy Mountain.

Portobello Film Festival

Here are some pics from the artists at work:

Portobello Film Festival
Dotmasters and Blek Le Rat

Portobello Film Festival 
Blek Le Rat

Portobello Film Festival 

Portobello Film Festival 

Portobello Film Festival

Portobello Film Festival

From 2 – 19th Sept. 


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