London: 7 shows on 7/7

It seemed that all the London galleries decided to have a show on 7/7, so I set my target to attend 7 shows on the same night:

Laz print shop The Outsiders was having a solo show with Hungarian born illustrator  David Foldvari.  

Charming Baker new show in Covent Garden is featuring a selection of new paintings and a collection of bronze busts.

Charming Baker

Moving to the London East End, I attented  the opening of “Birth of Namahage”, new monotype prints by  Grady Gordon at Pure Evil Gallery.

Grady Gordon - Pure Evil Gallery

Burning Candy Fight Fire with Fire

Burning Candy - Fight Fire with Fire

Stolenspace Group show

Stolenspace Summer Group Show

C215 & Romanywg Border Line at Signal Gallery

C215 & Romanywg Border Line

Nuevo Mundo Book launch at POW

'Nuevo Mundo' book launch