Paris: Futura 2012 Expansions at Jerome de Noirmont


Graffiti legend and contemporary artist, Futura recently opened his newest exhibition Expansions at Galerie Jerome De Noirmont in Paris.

The new body of works on canvasses explore spontaneity and geometric abstract forms through a vibrant colour palette, where viewers might recognise either real or imaginary landscapes. Futura happily signed books and invites for the eager crowd.

Futura Nick Walker, Futura and Butterfly      Futura     FuturaFutura and Kan/DMV     Futura
Futura Futura      FuturaNick Walker and Kan/DMV at Futura  Futura     Futura

View the full set of pics of the opening HERE

Guillotine also did a video of the Futura mural in the gallery


Futura 2012 Expansions
Until 29 February 2012
Galerie Jerome de Noirmont Paris