London: Klimt Illustrated

Klimt Illustrated - Mode2

In celebration of the 150th birthday of Gustav Klimt, The Vienna Tourist Board with Lazarides Gallery  have invited 9 internationally renowned street artists to create their own versions of work inspired by this famous Viennese artist. Featuring Shepard Fairey, Lucy McLauchlan, Mode 2, Vhils, Know Hope, Christian Eisenberger, Bastardilla, Marlene Hausseger and Ron English. 

Klimt Illustrated - Vhils   Klimt Illustrated - Know Hope   Klimt Illustrated - Bastardilla Klimt Illustrated - Marlene Hausseger      Christian EisenbergerKlimt Illustrated - Shepard Fairey

The two part event includes a live painting session in London Grosvenor Gardens and completed paintings being showed at Lazarides Rathbone.  Looking closer on Mode2’s painting we can also notice a tribute to graffiti pioneers like Dondi and Rammellzee.

Klimt Illustrated -Lucy Maclaulan      Klimt Illustrated - Ron English Klimt Illustrated - Mode 2      Klimt Illustrated - Ron EnglishKlimt Illustrated - Mode 2
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Klimt Illustrated
24th August 2012 – 1st September 2012