Paris: Pan solo show at Axelle B.

Pan Solo Show

Parisian based artist PAN plays around images from the urban environment to create surreal and oniric landscapes.

His “Phares” series focuses on distorted urban landscapes reflected from car lights, while  his “Spheres” represent an introspective world issued from the vegetal era.

Drawing inspiration from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period, the “affichiste-ensemblier” artist has expanded his vision to a series of bespoke furniture for his second solo show, featured at Axelle B. until 5 November 2012.

Pan Solo Show
Pan Solo Show     Pan Solo Show  Pan Solo Show     Pan Solo ShowPan Solo Show     Pan Solo Show
Pics from the opening here

Pan at Axelle B.

5 Oct – 5 Nov 2012
26 Rue d’Epernon
78550 Houdan