Paris: Kan at the Tour 13

Tour Paris 13 - Kan

Following our recent coverage on La Tour 13 in Paris, we interviewed French artist Kan about his installation.

When I saw the room I was invited to paint, the ceiling inspired me straight away… and then it hit me … the Sistine Chapel!
The ceiling is my interpretation of “The Creation of Adam” with the infamous “finger touch” by Michelangelo. For the walls, I was inspired by various scenes found in the chapel, while I also represented mosaics on the floor. My technique of pointillism may seem abstract for visitors, as it needs to be seen from a distance, so in the center of the room I installed a chrome ball that has the effect of condensing my work. When the visitor enters the room, he is surrounded by colored dots and when looking closer at the chrome ball he can see the reflection of the “Creation of Adam” and the other figures.

Tour Paris 13 - Kan Tour Paris 13 - Kan     Tour Paris 13 - Kan      Tour Paris 13 - Kan     Tour Paris 13 - KanTour Paris 13 - Kan Tour Paris 13  - Kan

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