London: Edouard Martinet @ Sladmore

Edouard Martinet

French artist Edouard Martinet has been collecting every day objects and scrap metal from flea markets for decades. He then hand crafted intricate sculptures of life-like animals melting metal and using small screws. From a dragonfly, frog to a beetle, the results are breathtaking. The collection is on display at London’s Sladmore Contemporary until January 31 2014.  

Edouard Martinet     Edouard Martinet
Edouard Martinet  Edouard Martinet   Edouard Martinet
Edouard MartinetEdouard Martinet     Edouard Martinet Edouard Martinet     Edouard MartinetEdouard Martinet Edouard Martinet     Edouard Martinet

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Edouard Martinet
Sladmore Gallery
32 Bruton Place
London W1J 6NW


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