NuArt Festival: Borondo

Borondo - NuArt

Known for his large scale expressionistic portraiture and his “glass scratching’ painting technique, Spanish artist Borondo created an oudoor mural as well as an indoor installation for the Nuart Festival.

Borondo -  NuArt
Borondo - NuArt

The indoor installation features a quirky wooden house which lines look like they come out of a Scandinavian fairy tale.
In parallel a selection of scratch-painted windows have been suspended. Playing with light and shadows, viewers can see an image on the window, while its shadowy reflection on the wall shows added or different elements. For example a skull projects a shadow of a face, a tree of life comes out of a female body, and so on. The public reaction is impressive as they are left confused and wondering how did this happen?

Borondo - NuArt
Borondo - NuArtBorondo - NuArt

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