London: Reka / Twoone @ StolenSpace

Reka - Stolenspace

StolenSpace Gallery is opening the new season in London with two concurrent solo shows from Australian artists based in Berlin: Reka’s “Trip the Light” and Two One’s “The Hunted Hunter’s Head.

Reka’s new body of work is inspired by his mother who was a ballerina. His brushstrokes reflect the graceful movements of a female dancer though a monochrome palette. Referenced in John Milton’s 1645 poem L’Allegro, to “trip the light fantastic” alludes to those who dance without inhibition.

Reka - StolenspaceReka - Stolenspace     Reka - StolenspaceReka - StolenspaceReka - Stolenspace     Reka - Stolenspace

In parallel Reka has given a new life to disused rusted spray cans found throughout his adventures and repurposed them into new works of art.

Reka - StolenspaceReka - Stolenspace  Reka - Stolenspace   Reka - Stolenspace

Japanese born Hiroyasu Tsuri aka Two One emigrated to Australia before relocating recently to Berlin. Continuing his ongoing series that he calls “Psychological Portrait”, Two One uses patterns and human-animal hybrids portraits to show more of the inner character and personality.

Twoone - StolenspaceTwoone - StolenspaceTwoone - Stolenspace    Reka / Twoone at Stolenspace

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Reka – Trip the Light
TwoOne – The Hunted Hunter’s Head
Until 4 October 2014
StolenSpace Gallery