London: Daniel Arsham – Pippy Houldsworth Gallery

Daniel Arsham

New York based contemporary artist Daniel Arsham launched a wall intervention called ‘Bound Figure’ at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery in London. Using fiberglass, a pair of shoes, and manipulating the surface, the artist created an optical illusion of a human figure trapped by the gallery walls.

Daniel ArshamDaniel Arsham     Daniel Arsham

The gallery is also displaying a series of signature artworks like a disused walkman, camera, guitar and boombox.

Daniel Arsham     Daniel ArshamDaniel Arsham     Daniel ArshamDaniel Arsham   Daniel Arsham  Daniel Arsham

View the full set of pics here

In parallel Daniel Arsham is also participating to the awaited show  Post Pop: East Meets West show at Saatchi Gallery.

Lastly to coincide with a new limited edition sculpture release, the artist premiered his film Future Relic 02 film, featuring James Franco.

Daniel Arsham – Pippy Houldsworth Gallery
Until 5 January 2015
6 Heddon Street
London W1B 4BT