London: Post Pop – East meets West @ Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi East Meets West

The Saatchi Gallery is bringing together 250 works by 110 artists from China, the Former Soviet Union, Taiwan, the UK and the USA in a comprehensive survey celebrating Pop Art’s legacy. Post Pop: East Meets West shows the powerful influence of the Pop Art movement over artists from world regions regardless of their political ideologies.
The exhibition is presented through the framework of six themes:

Art History

Sui Jianguo    Ai WeiweiVitaly Komar & Alexander Melamio    Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamio
Vital Komar & Alexander Melamio  Glenn Brown  Vladimir Dubossarky & Alexander Vinogradov

Religion and Ideology

Grisha BruskinAidan SalakhovaSergey ShutovGu Wenda & Recycle Group     Gu Wenda

Sex and the Body

Julian OpieMarc QuinnMichael Craig-Martin   Paul McCarthy  Michael Craig-Martin

Advertising and Consumerism

Alexander KosolapovJeff Koons     Daniel ArshamTom Sachs

Celebrity and Mass Media

Oleg KulikDaniel Arsham     Daniel ArshamGeorge Pusenkoff     Gary Hume


Vladimir KosinClay Ketter     Bill Woodrow

View the full set of pics from the exhibition here

Full List of participating artists here

Post Pop – East meets West
Saatchi Gallery
Until 25 February 2015