London: Vestige Group show @ Coates & Scarry

Vestige - Coates & Scarry

Curated by Coates and Scarry, the group exhibition ‘Vestige’ brings together a new body of works that subtly or overtly reference historical imagery and objects.

Participating artists include Lisa Wright, Emma Vidal, Penny Byrne, Aaron Smith and Henry Hussey. 

Vestige - Coates & ScarryVestige - Coates & Scarry

Merging together fragments of history like ribbons, ruffs, wigs and petticoats, Lisa Wright’s historical portrait paintings and drawings are simultaneously rooted in the past and the present.

Vestige @ Coates & ScarryVestige - Coates & Scarry

Australian artist Penny Byrne transforms porcelain figures with wry humour and gives them a voice, highlighting current political conflicts and protests.

Vestige @ Coates & Scarry     Vestige @ Coates & ScarryVestige @ Coates & Scarry  Vestige @ Coates & Scarry   Vestige @ Coates & ScarryVestige @ Coates & Scarry

Using charcoal, French artist Emma Vidal creates drawings and three dimensional works with spiritual and cultural symbolism depicting a post-apocalyptic world in ruin.

Vestige - Coates & Scarry

Inspired by photographic portraits from the Edwardian and Victorian eras, LA based artist Aaron Smith gives a contemporary twist to male portrait paintings. By skilfully layering and interweaving text, imagery together with vintage, hand-dyed, printed fabrics and embroidery, UK artist Henry Hussey creates highly complex and colourful textile works.

Vestige @ Coates & Scarry  Vestige - Coates & Scarry   Vestige @ Coates & Scarry  Vestige - Coates & Scarry

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Vestige Group Show
Until 21 Feb 8
Duke Street
London SW1Y 6BN