London: David Bray – Wrong Turn @ Stolenspace

David Bray - Wrong Turn

Gallery One at StolenSpace is currently showing a new body of works by British artist David Bray in a solo exhibition titled ‘Wrong Turn‘. Featuring works on wood with paint, pen and pencil with frames using reclaimed wood, the imagery is heavily influenced by hand poked tattoos, simple line drawings and erotic ladies, but also inspired by Eric Gill, James Ensor, Eric Stanton, Bart Simpson as well as ancient Greece. David Bray explains that many of the images comes from getting lost in America when on a trip with musician Georg Lubitzer, which in turn led them to meet someone called Yossarian who gave the artist names, subjects and compositions that he should use.

David Bray - Wrong TurnDavid Bray - Wrong Turn     David Bray - Wrong TurnDavid Bray - Wrong TurnDavid Bray - Wrong Turn  David Bray - Wrong Turn   David Bray - Wrong TurnDavid Bray - Wrong Turn     David Bray - Wrong Turn


David Bray – Wrong Turn
StolenSpace Gallery
Until 12th April 2015