Weston-Super-Mare (UK): Banksy – Dismaland Bemusement Park

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Banksy is returning to the UK and curating a pop up festival / bemusement park entitled ‘Dismaland’. Located on the seaside front of Weston-Super-Mare, not far from Bristol, Dismaland will be running from 22 August until 27 September at the Tropicana, a former Lido.  Revisiting Disneyland with a sinister twist, the park features attractions, sculptures and installations, three galleries showcasing the largest contemporary artwork collection ever assembled in a north Somerset town, a model village, a Cinderella’s Castle, a Guerilla Island, a cinema, a puppet show, a circus tent and a mini Golf to name a few.

Here is a map from the Dismaland’s website:

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Dismaland presents a selection of international artists coming from a wide range of countries and backgrounds, with artists coming from Syria and the Middle East,   an installation from Burning Man, artists from the contemporary art scene, YBA and more: AAndreas Hykade (Bavaria), Amir Schiby (Israel), Axel Void (USA), Banksy (UK), Barry Reigate (UK), Ben Long (UK), Bill Barminski (USA), Block9 (UK), Brock Davis (USA), Caitlin Cherry (USA), Caroline McCarthy (UK), Damien Hirst (UK), Darren Cullen (UK), David Shrigley (UK), Dorcas Casey (UK), Dietrich Wegner (USA), Ed Hall (UK), El Teneen (Egypt), Escif (Spain), Espo (USA), Fares Cachoux (Syria), Greg Haberny (USA), Huda Beydoun (Saudi Arabia), James Joyce (UK), Jani Leinonen (Finland), Jeff Gillette (USA), Jenny Holzer (USA), Jessica Harrison (UK), Jimmy Cauty (UK), Joanna Pollonais (Canada), Josh Keyes (USA), Julie Burchill (UK), Kate MacDowell (USA), Laura Lancaster (UK), Lee Madgwick (UK), Leigh Mulley (UK), Lush (Australia), Mana Neyestani (Iran), Maskull Laserre (Canada), Michael Beitz (USA), Mike Ross (USA), Neta Harari Navon (Israel) , Nettie Wakefield (UK), Paco Pomet (Spain), Paul Insect & BAST (UK/USA), Peter Kennard & Cat Phillips(UK), Polly Morgan (UK), Pure Evil (UK), Ronit Baranga (Israel), Sami Musa (Palestine), Scott Hove (USA), Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė (Lithuania), Shadi Alzaqzouq (Palestine), Suliman Mansour (Palestine), Tammam Azzam (Syria), The Astronauts’ Caravan (UK), Tinsel Edwards (UK), Wasted Rita (Portugal), Zaria Forman (USA).


In parallel several live events will also be taking place every Friday night including Peanut Butter Wolf, Pussy Riots, Kate Tempest or Massive Attack.

Book your tickets now on  Dismaland.co.uk


Until 27 September 2015
Marine Parade BS23 1BE
Weston Super Mare


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