Dismaland: POW Participating artists

Dismaland - Paul Insect / Bast

Amongst the 50 participating artists exhibited at Dismaland, Banksy invited a few from the POW roster: Bill Barminski (present at the 2011 Christmas show), Paul Insect, Bast, Escif, ESPO, Jimmy Cauty, Lush, Pure Evil and David Shrigley.

Dismaland - Bill Barminski
Bill Barminski

Dismaland - ESPODismaland Bemusement Park

Dismaland - Paul Insect / Bast Dismaland - Paul Insect / Bast
Paul Insect and Bast

Dismaland - Paul Insect
Paul Insect

Dismaland - Escif
Escif – American Peace (Piss)

Dislamand - LushDismaland - Lush

Dismaland - James Cauty
Jimmy Cauty

Dismaland - Guerilla Island
Pure Evil

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Until 27 September 2015