MIMA City Lights with Faile

MIMA - Faile

For the exhibition ‘City Lights’ at the MIMA Museum in Brussels, the artistic duo Faile have covered the internal walls of the museum with their  stencils similarly like they have been doing on the New York streets for the past 15 years.

MIMA - Faile

The lavatories adorn their signature narrative imagery  and characters.

MIMA - FaileMIMA - Faile   MIMA - Faile  MIMA - FaileMIMA - Faile     MIMA - Faile

Initially shown in the center of Times Square last autumn, a huge wooden sculptural installation with a spinning prayer wheel looks like a temple with consumerism slogans. The public eagerly interact with the installation and play with the wheel.

MIMA - FaileMIMA - Faile    MIMA - Faile

The adjacent walls feature two panels with juxtaposed imagery engraved in wood.

MIMA - FaileMIMA - Faile

Wandering on the nearby streets of the museum, we were pleased to stumble upon a few stencils by the infamous artistic duo.

Faile - Brussels

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Stay tuned for the rest of our coverage of ‘City Lights’ with Maya Hayuk.

MIMA Museum – City Lights
Until 31 December 2016