Paris: Levalet – ‘Nobodies’ solo show

After five years of touring France and abroad with his in-situ characters,  French street artist Levalet is presenting a new solo show in Paris at Galerie  BRUGIER-RIGAIL entitled ‘Nobodies’.
The exhibition plays on identity and judgement. Even though « you can’t judge a book by its cover », normative orders of promotion, advertising and institutions influence our dress codes.

A series a faceless portraits in period costume with mirrors  invite the spectators to project their own real-life experiences, emotions and culture. Nobodies clothes and the absence of visible bodies are an open window on history, sometimes universal, sometimes specific.

Levalet revisits art history where the body was omnipresent and echoes the dehumanization phenomenon which has been developed with social media and technology.

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Levalet – Nobodies
Until 6 May 2017
40, rue Volta 75003 Paris