2017 Highlights

With 2017 coming to a close, we look back at the highlights of this incredible year.


Elusive artist Banksy has been very prolific throughout the year and politically engaged:  between the opening of a new venture with the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, returning to Palestine after 10 years, highlighting the complex question of the UK leaving EU with a Brexit themed mural in Dover and revisiting the Girl with Balloon, paying tribute to Jean Michel Basquiat  at the Barbican in London, to creating a new play with Film Director Danny Boyle ‘The Alternativity’


Space Invader at Musee en Herbe in Paris

Following a roaring success, ‘ Hello My Game is…  Invader’ featuring over 100 works and continues to be extented  until 8 January 2018.

Hello My Game is...

The Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art is now open in Berlin, a unique center for exhibitions, research and exchange on urban art with over 150 artists on its launch.

Magic City – The Art of the Street continues touring after Dresden and Munich is now in Sweden, showcasing international street artists as well as local graffiti writers with their different practices and tools.

Magic City - Dresden

A big THANK YOU to all the artists this year for their creativity and involvement!

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Best wishes for the Festive Season

Thank you for your continued support !

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Video: Creve Hivernale II


December 2016.  A wasteland surrounded by barbed wire with a view on passing trains, home to travellers, migrants and less fortunate people. This is not a picture taken in a distant country, but actually in the center of Toulouse, South of France.

With Creve Hivernale II, local and international artists highlight the current socio -political situation, the refugee crisis with the inhumane living conditions in Europe by gathering outside and settling up in this wasteland for over a month, facing the cold and harsh elements to create immersive art installations, visual and audio performances using uniquely objects and trash found on the site, as well as collaborative artworks with children and families living there.

Participating artists include:


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Video: Banksy ‘ Alternativity’ with Danny Boyle

Following the reveal of two new street pieces earlier in Bethlehem (covered here) Banksy will be premiering  The Alternativity film on BBC Two this Sunday, the 17th of December,  an unique observational arts and documentary film directed by Danny Boyle.

This hour-long film follows director Danny Boyle on his travels to Bethlehem to capture a festive performance of the nativity, directed in collaboration between the Oscar-winning director and the local theater director, performance artist, actress and teacher at Bethlehem University, Riham Isaac.

The film premiere was announced with a new artwork from Banksy that mixes his commonly used chalk doodle style with more elaborate stencil and hand painted elements. In this particular case, the characters are doodled as simple stickmen figures, with obvious emphasis put on the drone hoovering above, one of the separation wall towers “watching” over them, and a can of CS tear gas, commonly used by the Israeli forces, laying in front of the stable. The image is a hint on the theme of the play and the movie, which places the story of nativity in the context of modern day Bethlehem, described by Banksy as “the least Christmassy place on earth.”

In advance of the screening, a short teaser presents the movie:

Also coming out this week end, an interview in the Financial Times where Banksy discusses about his many travels to Palestine and involvement in Bethlehem.


When asked by Financial Times Art Director Jan Dalley about the possible effectiveness of his art, Banksy mentions “There aren’t many situations where a street artist is much use,” he says. “Most of my politics is for display purposes only. But in Palestine there’s a slim chance the art could have something useful to add — anything that appeals to young people, specifically young Israelis, can only help.”

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Berlin: Barbara Kruger ‘Forever’

Barbara Kruger - Forever

US artist Barbara Kruger, who initially inspired the logo for Supreme, has created an immersive installation called ‘Forever’ for the Berlin gallery Sprüth Magers. This exhibition marks exactly three decades since her first solo show at Monika Sprüth Gallery in Cologne.

The new site-specific work occupies all four walls and the floor of the gallery’s main exhibition space, with immersive room-wraps and several new vinyl works. Their boldly designed textual statements on the nature of truth, power, belief and doubt embody the distinctive visual language that Kruger has developed over the course of her forty-year career.

Barbara Kruger - Forever
Barbara Kruger - Forever

Since the late 1970s, Kruger has established herself as one of the most influential figures in contemporary art. Beginning with her earliest works, for which she combined language with mass media imagery culled from books and magazines, she has turned a critical eye toward consumerism, desire, political will, and the often-hidden mechanisms of power operating within contemporary society. In the mid-1990s, Kruger produced her first multichannel video works and room-wrappings, tapping into a long-standing interest in architecture and expanding the scale of her installations to envelop viewers in disorienting, but thought-provoking, environments. Her exhibition in Berlin extends these investigations, which are as timely as ever in a moment pervaded by pseudo-facts and alternative realities.

With ‘Forever’ Barbara Kruger takes a critical look at technology and humanity through her “bold textual statements about the nature of truth, power, belief, and doubt.” The exhibition transports viewers to contemplate iconic words typed in monochrome boxes and their connotations in relation to the wallpaper of the smartphone.

Barbara Kruger - Forever
Barbara Kruger - ForeverBarbara Kruger - Forever
Barbara Kruger - ForeverBarbara Kruger - ForeverBarbara Kruger - Forever

View the full set of pics here

Barbara Kruger – “Forever”
Until 22 December 2017
Sprüth Magers
Oranienburger Strasse 18

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Banksy’s ‘Alternativity’ in Bethlehem

Elusive artist Banksy is back at his “Walled Off Hotel” in the city of Bethlehem in Palestine with a new stunt to celebrate the festive season with a “festive spectacular” titled Alternativity, and continue to raise media awareness in one of the most troubled parts of the globe. Alternativity features a play directed by Rihaam Issac and Danny Boyle and other surprises.

As a nod to the biblical events, two versions of the Alternativity flyer feature a heavily pregnant Mary sitting on a donkey while Joseph is looking perplexed at the separation wall while the star is shining on the other side. How do they cross?

Nearby the hotel, Banksy just unveiled two brand new street pieces.

The first piece “Peace On Earth” is a text based work which reads “Peace on Earth *terms and conditions apply.” Located in front of the Milk Grotto Church. The clever text-based works juxtaposes the spiritual and universal ‘Peace on earth’ quote and religious Christmas Star with a consumerism message ‘Terms and conditions apply’, highlighting the sarcastic turn of our modern day society.

It also references to the delicate balance to maintain peace.

The second piece shows two stencilled angels, equipped with a crowbar and trying to breakthrough the separation wall. One of the angels is wearing a handkerchief to cover his face while the other has a little beanie in true vandal style to carry out their mischief. As usual with Banksy, its a perfect placement for this cute and cheeky artwork.

The piece was supposedly painted a few days / weeks ago and hidden in plain sight with a banner announcing the event.

Photos by John Cmakers



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London: ‘Everything at Once’ at 180 Strand

Everything at Once - 180 Strand

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Lisson Gallery, the gallery is partnering with The Vinyl Factory to stage an ambitious group exhibition called ‘EVERYTHING AT ONCE‘, inspired by a quote by John Cage in 1966 “Nowadays everything happens at once and our souls are conveniently electronic (omniattentive).”

More than ever before, contemporary art, like life, assaults us simultaneously from all angles and from anywhere on the globe, existing also as multi-sensory visions of an accelerated world. Time and space are no longer rational or linear concepts and great distances can be traversed with an instantaneous click.

Through 45 new and historical works by 24 artists, ‘Everything at once’ is a multi-sensorial experience, an interconnected journey exploring effect and event, invoking immediacy and immutability in the 180 Strand building, home to the Vinyl Factory.

Participating artists include :

In parallel to the exhibition, Ryoji Ikeda’s ‘Test Pattern [No.12]’ – commissioned by Store X The Vinyl Factory – is a discombobulating experience, in which black and white bar code-like patterns pulse in the darkness. The Japanese artist and electronic composer converts data from music and photography into monochrome binary patterns, immersing gallery-goers in a dazzling kinetic environment.

Everything at Once - 180 StrandEverything at Once - 180 Strand Everything at Once - 180 Strand

To kick off the exhibition, the ground floor contains important sculptural statements from the last century by Anish KapoorAt the Edge of the World II (1998) , a UFO like installation that floats above head height, receding seemingly impossibly into space and time – while Richard Deacon presents his own takes on materiality and multidimensionality.

Everything at Once - 180 Strand

Ai Weiwei’s giant wallpaper installation stretches 50m along the building and depicts people’s continuing movement across the globe, paired with a landscape of blasted tree roots – together speaking of displacement, conflict and alienation, a reference to the ongoing global refugee crisis.

Everything at Once - 180 Strand
Everything at Once - 180 Strand

Cory Arcangel’s video projection features ‘MIG 29 Soviet Fighter Plane and Clouds’ depicting elements of a hacked video game from the early 1990s.

Everything at Once - 180 Strand

Richard Long created a 60-metre long mud work called ‘Pelopennese Line’, using his hands dipped in slip from the river Avon.

Everything at Once - 180 Strand

Stanley Whitney  is exploring the formal possibilities of colour within ever-shifting grids of multi-hued blocks inspired by music and dance.
Everything at Once - 180 Strand

Works by Ryan Gander present four metallic sentinels in dramatic postures displaying a range of emotions while remaining faceless, as well as a draped mirror and a stairway to Heaven.

Everything at Once - 180 StrandEverything at Once - 180 Strand
Everything at Once - 180 Strand

‘Minster’ totemic sculptures by Tony Cragg built from scraps of rubber, stone, wood and metal recall the spires of a cathedral .

Everything at Once - 180 Strand

Susan Hiller’s installation entitled Channels,  showcases a series of 104 analogue television screens with a collection of audio accounts and oscilloscope recordings of people who have experienced death and returned to tell the tale. These vivid stories in many different languages constitute a remarkable contemporary archive, whether the accounts are regarded as metaphors, misconceptions, myths, delusions or truths.

Everything at Once - 180 Strand

Everything at Once
Until 10 December
180 The Strand,
London, WC2R 1EA

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London: Alexander Chappell – Nobody

Alexander Chappell - StolenSpace

London based artist Alexander Chappell debuted his solo show entitled ‘Nobody‘ at StolenSpace, exploring the path of anonymity in a society obsessed with being ‘somebody’.

Featuring 12 graphite portraits of graffiti writers: Astek, Bonzai, Chu, Conor Harrington, D*Face, Eine, Inkie, Insa, Joe Holbrook, Tizer and Xenz. Contrary to today’s obsession with fame, the depicted artists have led their artistic career through anonymity, using an alias and not showing their faces.

Alexander Chapell - StolenSpaceAlexander Chapell - StolenSpace
Alexander Chappell - StolenSpaceAlexander Chapell - StolenSpace

After photographing them, Alexander Chappell painstakingly recreated the portraits in fine detail using graphite and white marker. The depicted writers added their tagged signature in red on the framed portraits.
The show also features a self portrait of the artist, with a collaboration with Conor Harrington.

Alexander Chapell - StolenSpace
Alexander Chappell - StolenSpaceAlexander Chapell - StolenSpace
Alexander Chappell - StolenSpaceAlexander Chapell - StolenSpaceAlexander Chapell - StolenSpace

Alexander Chappell – Nobody
Until 19 November 2017
17 Osborn Street,
London UK E1 6TD

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Berlin: Olek’s “Keep Going” Crochet Performance

OLEK - Keep Going Performance in Berlin

In conjunction with the official opening of the Urban Nation Museum in Berlin, among the 150 invited artists, 35 were asked to do site specific installations in the Art Mile in Bülowstrasse. NY artist OLEK created an integrative neighbourhood project, where OLEK and her team took her crocheted art materials to the streets for a live performance.

OLEK looked for crocheters of all skill levels to join as performers. The public performance piece transforms the process of making art from a solitary act into a collective adventure. During three hours under the elevated subway between Bülowstraße and Nollendorfplatz stations, Team OLEK meditatively and silently performed “Keep Going” by crocheting bright pink naprons on a loop, while the crowd was passing through.

OLEK - Keep Going Performance in Berlin OLEK - Keep Going Performance in Berlin

In OLEK’s work, the use of the pink colour is a symbol of a bright future filled with hope, but also a fight for freedom and equality, human rights regardless of gender and sexuality.  Her art has always sought to bring colour and life, energy, and surprise to the living space.

Gathering people of all cultural backgrounds and gender, the crocheters of Team OLEK peacefully showed that we are stronger together, giving a sense of unity, love and community.

OLEK - Keep Going Performance in BerlinOLEK - Keep Going Performance in Berlin
OLEK - Keep Going Performance in BerlinOLEK - Keep Going Performance in BerlinOLEK - Keep Going Performance in BerlinOLEK - Keep Going Performance in Berlin

‘Keep going’ is a tribute to the never ending flow and circle of life, an act of resilience despite obstacles.

A video by Director Ulle Hadding documents the performance and observes Team OLEK as they continue crocheting peacefully while surrounded by an unstoppable traffic of people.

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London streets: Ludo

London streets: Ludo

French artist Ludovic Vernhet aka Ludo (covered) is back to the London streets with new large paste ups. Continuing his ‘Nature Revenge’ series, Ludo created three artworks on the theme of love, violence and fame using his signature neon green paint and monochrome paste ups. Featuring hybrid creatures mixing nature and technology and weaponry, Ludo highlights societal and environmental issues.

London streets: Ludo
Ludo – Have a Nice Day, London 2017

London streets: Ludo
Ludo – Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes, London 2017

London streets: LudoLondon streets: Ludo
London streets: Ludo
Ludo – Love at first sight, London 2017

Here are further works from Ludo in the streets of London we enjoyed throughout the years:

London streets - Ludo
Ludo – London 2015

Ludo - Chaos Theory
Ludo – London 2014

Ludo – London 2011

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Bristol: Rowdy & Wilde at Clifton Fine Art Gallery

Rowdy & Wilde

One of Bristol’s most renowned street artist Rowdy is gathering forces with legendary London screenprinter Aida Wilde for a duo show ‘Rowdy and Wilde’ at Clifton Fine Art in Bristol.

Rowdy & Wilde

Aida Wilde was born in Iran and arrived in the UK in the mid 80’s as a political refugee. Aida’s artistic career has been a diverse one. She has been a professional screen printer for the last twenty years.

Her work has been featured at the Victoria & Albert Museum since 2011 and The Women’s Art Library (see our coverage here).  Her HASHTAG series of works was used for the Brandalism  project (covered) and the global project Subvert The City, which saw the world’s first coordinated international ad takeover & over 60 creative actions in 38 cities in 18 countries around the world. Aida still continues with her facilitating role with various workshops and community projects through Print Is Power – Reclamation Nation & more currently, Sisters In Print (All female international print collective).

Hailed by many as a screen-printing genius, Aida’s process is her art. She prides herself on her perfect printing technique and continually pushing the boundaries of this once traditionally considered art form. The artist’s skill is second to none when it comes to print making. Her unique style expresses her ongoing battle to bring  alternative elements together, the graphic and the classical, whether this is through pop colours, texture (glitter, velvet…) or through image. Aida’s most recent experiments feature the use of the screen as a mono-printing tool to develop her ‘Life: Still’ edition.

Rowdy & WildeRowdy & WildeRowdy & Wilde
Rowdy & WildeRowdy & Wilde

Rowdy, member of the Burning Candy crew, is an integral part of the Bristol graffiti scene. His work appears worldwide and can be found in the most unlikely places, from underground rural settings to highly visible urban reaches. Rowdy’s trademark crocodiles are often huge in scale and are indicative of the playful nature of the imagery in his work.

Burning Candy
Burning Candy Crew in London 2009

Rowdy’s abstract cityscape paintings show skyscrapers constructed out of the tiniest marks a spray-can can make, floating colour fields combined with 1980’s graffiti fades. Some are bustling and hectic, recalling markets and highways, motion and change, whilst others show a more meditative side to the city, haze and city lights hover within an expansive luminous ground.

Rowdy & Wilde

The two artists bring an explosion of vibrant colours with bright, uplifting, and innovative works to Clifton Fine Art Gallery: upon entering the gallery a screen printed leopard rug with velvet feel by Aida Wilde is framed on the floor while abstract landscape paintings by Rowdy and still- life and neon pink screen-printed artworks by Aida adorn the walls. Rowdy signature monumental crocodile wooden sculpture is a playful delight for small children and guests.

Rowdy & Wilde Rowdy & Wilde Rowdy & Wilde
Rowdy & WildeRowdy & Wilde Rowdy & WildeRowdy & Wilde
Rowdy & Wilde
Rowdy & WildeRowdy & WildeRowdy & Wilde

View the full set of pics here

Rowdy & Wilde
Until 4 November
Clifton Fine Art
12 Perry Road, Bristol, BS1 5BG


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Paris: FIAC 2017 Highlights

After Frieze, the art world is gathering once more for the 44th edition of the International French Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) in Paris. As the fair drew to a close this week end, we look back at the highlights amongst the 193 modern and contemporary art galleries from 30 countries filling the Grand Palais , like  Flame of Desire  a five meters high golden sculpture by Takashi Murakami featured at Galerie Perrotin.

Jeppe Hein

Andrea Bowers

Tomas Saraceno

John Giorno

Kohei Nawa

Photo Credit: Celine Neveux for Butterfly Art News

18-22 October 2017

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London: Chapman Brothers – Disasters of Everyday Life

Jake and Dinos Chapman (covered), known for their provocative and pessimistic ruminations on human violence and barbarity , have created seven bronzes of suicide vests for Blain|Southern Gallery.

Made from images found online, the “life and death vests” are extremely detailed and real, apart from one which is based on a Hollywood film prop used in a Jackie Chan film.

The Chapmans’ work is often a response to the work of other artists. In this case, they were inspired by Jeff Koons’ Aqualung from 1985 (check our coverage on Jeff Koons retrospective here )

Jeff Koons Retrospective - Pompidou
Jeff Koons Aqualung 1985

The bronzes clearly address world events but the artists have declined to speak about the new works.  Each bronze is being sold as a one-off, apart from the one based on a prop used in the Jackie Chan film Rush Hour, which the brothers bought from a movie props website. That comes in an edition of six.

Chapman Brothers - Disasters of Everyday LifeChapman Brothers - Disasters of Everyday Life
Chapman Brothers - Disasters of Everyday Life
Chapman Brothers - Disasters of Everyday LifeChapman Brothers - Disasters of Everyday Life
Chapman Brothers - Disasters of Everyday Life

Also on display, Jake & Dinos Chapman continue to expand on their career-long preoccupation with Francisco Goya’s series of etchings, The Disasters of War. The Disasters of Everyday Life presents three full sets of Goya’s prints, each set substantially reworked in collage, watercolour and glitter by the Chapman brothers with their own wit to depict the absurdity of war.

Chapman Brothers - Disasters of Everyday Life
Chapman Brothers - Disasters of Everyday LifeChapman Brothers - Disasters of Everyday Life

Jake and Dinos Chapman
The Disasters of Everyday Life
Until 11 November 2017
4 Hanover Square London W1S 1BP

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London: Moniker Art Fair 2017

Moniker Art Fair 2017

For 2017, Moniker Art Fair has undergone an exciting evolution, tripling in size to accommodate 40 gallery stands, a young galleries initiative, a benefit auction, an industry conference, a curated film programme, a VIP programme and a New York style pizza restaurant.
While Moniker has previously venue-shared with The Other Art Fair, this October they moved to a new floor of the Old Truman Brewery as they boldly re-instate their dominance on the East End arts hub, focusing this year on the origins of urban art.

Few art forms rely on collectives and collaborations as much as urban art; born in the dust of the locomotive age as far back as 1914, it has evolved to see modern-day monikers spring up on walls worldwide, shifting in style and message as international artists meet and influence each other. Just over a century later, Moniker Art Fair remembers where it all began, taking visitors on a journey from the root of the burgeoning international street art scene and its importance today.

Moniker’s eighth edition titled ‘Transient Tales’ is dedicating more than 9,000-square-foot of space to immersive art installations. Upon entering visitors discover an installation by documentarian, photographer and film editor Bill Daniel featuring a train track and a tunnel.

Moniker welcomes the best of contemporary and urban art galleries from across the world, showcasing artists working beyond norms and conventions. The UK is represented by the likes of returning exhibitors Stolen Space, RISE, Jealous Gallery and Curious Duke Gallery as well as debuts from Well Hung Gallery and BleachBox Gallery. Meanwhile, international galleries debuting include Thinkspace Gallery from California, Station16 Gallery from Montreal and Gallery Itinerrance from France.

Few artists also painted murals in the surrounding streets of the Moniker Art Fair, like Dutch duo Telmo & Miel.

Moniker Art Fair 2017
Moniker Art Fair 2017Moniker Art Fair 2017
Moniker Art Fair 2017Moniker Art Fair 2017Moniker Art Fair 2017Moniker Art Fair 2017
Moniker Art Fair 2017

In parallel Moniker also gives the opportunity to showcase younger galleries like UK-Art from Japan, Jewel Goodby Contemporary and 1963 Gallery from the UK.

Moniker Art Fair 2017Moniker Art Fair 2017
Moniker Art Fair 2017Moniker Art Fair 2017
Moniker Art Fair 2017

A special section has been dedicated to installations by Ian Kualii and large photographs by Alex Fakso to name a few.

Moniker Art Fair 2017Moniker Art Fair 2017

Moniker Art Fair 2017

In terms of results, Moniker reports record-breaking sales figures from its opening night, having sold around £300,000 of art on its preview day. The Californian Thinkspace Gallery, who had eight booths and three artist solo shows sold out two solo shows by artists Audrey Kawasaki and Kevin Peterson over £100,000 worth of sales in the first five hours.

Moniker Art Fair 2017
Moniker Art Fair 2017Moniker Art Fair 2017
Moniker Art Fair 2017

The Art Conference, Talks & Short Film Programme featured films by Lek & Sowat, and talks by Vermibus.

Moniker Art Fair 2017

View the full set of pics here

Next step will be New York, as Director Tina Ziegler announced earlier that Moniker New York will have its inaugural edition at the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse in Brooklyn from May 3 to 6 2018, to coincide with Frieze New York, and she hopes the art fair will continue to grow over the next five years.

Moniker Art Fair
5-8 October 2017
Truman Brewery London

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London: Frieze Art 2017 Highlights

Frieze Art Fair 2017

For the  15th edition of the Frieze Art Fair in London we pick up some highlights amongst the 160 international galleries. You still have a few days to enjoy the Frieze sculpture park (covered here) featuring 23 international artists hosted in Regent’s Park.

Frieze Sculpture Park 2017

Often underrepresented in the art world, a need for rebalancing has been recognised by Frieze itself this year and a specially curated section showcases work by feminist artists from the 1970s and 1980s.  Andrea Bowers’ neon-glowing installation at Andrew Kreps, declares: My Body My Choice, Her Body Her Choice.

Frieze Art Fair 2017

Jeff Koons Gazing Ball sold for £2 millions at David Zwirner Gallery during the VIP opening.

Frieze Art Fair 2017

Gallerie Perrotin dedicated its booth solely to Kaws paintings and sculptures (including the sculpture park)

Frieze Art Fair 2017

Frieze Art Fair 2017Frieze Art Fair 2017

For their Frieze Project, Lucy & Jorge Orta invite you to become part of a collective world citizenship with their passport project Antarctica World Passport Office. At their deconstructed wagon-esque installation – actually made from a customised ex-army trailer and various army surplus – you’re asked to symbolically transfer your individual national identity to receive access to the no borders community. There are only 5,000 passports available during the fair, so be quick to join the new nation.

Frieze Art Fair 2017

Hauser & Wirth created an unconventional booth featuring solely on works made in bronze with artefacts on loan from various British museums and institutions, together with loans from private collections. Visitors can discover sculptures by the likes of Louise Bourgeois, Henry Moore and David Smith and more.

Frieze Art Fair 2017Frieze Art Fair 2017 Frieze Art Fair 2017
Frieze Art Fair 2017Frieze Art Fair 2017
Frieze Art Fair 2017Frieze Art Fair 2017

At Frieze Masters, amongst the highlights are works by Lichtenstein and Jean Michel Basquiat ( in parallel of the current retrospective at Barbican ‘Boom for Real’).

Frieze Art Fair 2017Frieze Art Fair 2017

Frieze Art Fair 2017Frieze Art Fair 2017

But the main stand out was the recreation of Peter Blake studio, that brings together not only works for sale by the artist but also elements from his personal collection of paraphernalia that hugely informs his practice.

Frieze Art Fair 2017
Frieze Art Fair 2017Frieze Art Fair 2017

View the full set of pics here

Frieze Art Fair
5-8 October 2017
Regents Park London

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London: Glastonbury radical art at the Other Art Fair with ShangriLART

ShangriLART - Other Art Fair

As the world converges to London for the crazy art week with Frieze and all the exclusive shows and fairs, the activist artists from Glastonbury’s  ShangriLART have teamed up with the Other Art Fair to create accessible art for everyone and spreading a message of love, rebellion and humour .

Featuring works from Carrie Reichardt, Aida Wilde, Chris Hopewell, Darren Cullenn, Kennard/Phillipps, Pure Evil and Radiohead collaborator Stanley Donwood, the ShangrilART space at the Other Art Fair features immersive installations, live performance and giveaways, and showcases all of the mischievous political commentary that makes it such a unique creative space at the Glastonbury festival.

ShangriLART - Other Art Fair
Brexit inspired posters by Stanley Donwood

ShangriLART - Other Art FairShangriLART - Other Art Fair
Darren Cullen

ShangriLART - Other Art Fair
Carrie Reichardt

ShangriLART - Other Art Fair


OAShangriLART - Other Art FairF 11ShangriLART - Other Art Fair
Aida Wilde                                                                  Mobstr

ShangriLART - Other Art Fair
Ben Eine and Charming Baker

ShangriLART - Other Art Fair

The Other Art Fair
Until 8 October 2017
Truman Brewery London

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London: Dan Colen – Sweet Liberty

Dan Colen - Sweet Liberty

Newport Street Gallery is hosting a retrospective exhibition ‘Sweet Liberty’ by NY based artist Dan Colen. This is the first major solo show in London, surveying the entirety of the artist’s career to date and also featuring new paintings and large-scale installations.
Colen came to prominence in New York in the early 2000s alongside a group of young artists that was informally labelled the ‘Bowery School’. The group included Hannah Liden, Nate Lowman, Ryan McGinley, Agathe Snow and Dash Snow among others.

Dan Colen - Sweet Liberty

Playful and nihilistic, Colen’s work examines notions of identity and individuality, set against a portrait of contemporary America. ‘Sweet Liberty’ spans a period of seismic change in US history: the earliest painting in the show, Me, Jesus and the Children (2001–2003), was begun days after the 9/11 attacks, whilst the newest exhibited pieces were made in the wake of the 2016 presidential election.

Much of Colen’s work can be read as self-portraiture, or explorations of what the self means, particularly within the context of American masculinity. On entering the exhibition, the viewer is immediately confronted with The Big Kahuna (2010–2017), a giant American flag, with twisted flagpole and a 20-tonne concrete base, presented as if uprooted from the landscape. Barely contained by the gallery space, the flag was conceived as a self-portrait in 2010, after a challenging period in the artist’s life. Today, however, the political statement feels unavoidable; the flag’s bloated, patriotic machismo failed and laid to waste.

The show presents some of his well-known series of Gum paintings, made from countless individual pieces of chewed gum [Pop My Cherry! (2010). the use of trash objects appear widely in the composition of the paintings, the viewer can see a brush, a shoe amongst other objects.

Dan Colen - Sweet Liberty
Dan Colen - Sweet LibertyDan Colen - Sweet Liberty
Dan Colen - Sweet Liberty
Dan Colen - Sweet LibertyDan Colen - Sweet Liberty

The second gallery features Colen’s multi-layered Scooby Doo sculpture, Haiku (2015–2017), where fantasy and cartoon characters are transposed into the ‘real’ world.

Dan Colen - Sweet Liberty
Dan Colen - Sweet LibertyDan Colen - Sweet Liberty

The upstairs galleries feature a room full of hand blown glass chair cushions that look like pastel candy.

Dan Colen - Sweet Liberty
Dan Colen - Sweet LibertyDan Colen - Sweet Liberty

A significant collection of the artist’s Board works, in which slogans and phrases are seemingly spontaneously spray-painted, as well as paintings from Colen’s newest series, Viscera, also feature in ‘Sweet Liberty’. Conceived as details of rainbows, Viscera (2016) and Viscera (2016–2017) bear countless layers of unadulterated pigment in fractionally different shades, which combine to create dense hues.

Dan Colen - Sweet Liberty

The presence of Colen’s extraordinary 2012–2013 installation, Livin and Dyin, is felt throughout the exhibition, in negative spaces punched aggressively through the gallery walls that expose the underlying brickwork. When Livin and Dyin finally reaches its denouement, it does so in the collapsed shapes of the cartoon figures of Wile E. Coyote, Kool-Aid Man and Roger Rabbit, as well as a life-size sculpture of the naked artist himself. Colen considers the all-American, male characters to be self-portraits of sorts.

Dan Colen - Sweet LibertyDan Colen - Sweet Liberty
Dan Colen - Sweet LibertyDan Colen - Sweet Liberty
Dan Colen - Sweet Liberty
Dan Colen - Sweet Liberty
Dan Colen - Sweet LibertyDan Colen - Sweet Liberty
Dan Colen - Sweet Liberty

He has explained that he imagines Livin and Dyin “as an orgy where you don’t know if it’s after or before climax, it’s about that edge – where does it begin, where does it end?” He continues: “This show is about those dichotomies – form and content, material and narrative – opposing or not necessarily related things that are both pivotal parts of one’s experience.”

View the full set of pics here

Dan Colen – Sweet Liberty
Newport Street Gallery London
Until January 2018

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London: War Boutique – M*A*S*H*E*D

War Boutique - Mashed

Scottish artist War Boutique (covered) is currently showing at London’s Lawrence Alkin Gallery. The exhibition entitled M*A*S*H*E*D presents a new body of work using original military armour, weaponry and bullet-proof textiles.

War Boutique - Mashed

War Boutique’s work conveys strong anti-war messages, exposing the interface between the civil and military spheres, and playing on the parallels between the uniforms and tools of war and the development of mainstream cultural trends and fashions. M*A*S*H*E*D features more than 20 mixed-media pieces by War Boutique, spanning over a decade of his practice, and including his signature bulletproof vests, riot shields and batons.

The top floor of the gallery focusses on ‘military’ themed works, and a ‘civil defence’ theme downstairs, including some of his ‘wearable’ artworks.

War Boutique - Mashed

The show debuts his new “Camoufleur” series of large-scale oil paintings on military textiles. These canvases recollect the abstract expressionist movement, with references to the founding of the New York School, Jason Pollock and its initial promotion to the art world through a covert CIA program.  The Camoufleur series explores the interdependencies between war and art from two perspectives: the long history of military intelligence services ‘surprising ‘interventions’ in popular culture; and how artists themselves have been conscripted into war efforts, either consciously or covertly.

The exhibition also features new works from his new ‘Shot-At’ and ‘Blast’ series – subverting the traditions and history of the Action Art movement. The shot-ats are huge reflective metal shields contoured by the impact of 9mm rounds on a firing range. The works echo the patterns of star constellations, also a reminder on how faith and spiritual beliefs play a key role in the soldier’s ability to risk his life.

War Boutique - Mashed

War Boutique commented: “With these new works I wanted to physically manifest some of the real force and impact of modern-day weaponry, and perhaps invoke our collective responsibility and choices around the use and development of such forces”
“My art seeks to address the political and material dimensions of war, and the destructive patterns we are weaving into our cultural fabric”.

For ‘Bomber’, a NYPD jacket looks like a suicide bomber jacket, but on closer inspection instead of dynamite sticks, it has been filled with graffiti pens, suggesting that an alternative approach to change is always possible

War Boutique - Mashed

A key piece within the show is ‘Big Game’, a multi-layered textile artwork exploring the history and complexity of the conflict in Afghanistan. The title is taken from the term used to describe the strategic rivalry between Britain and Russia over trade routes through Afghanistan during the 19th century. The military fabrics that make up the letters are a chronological history of combat uniforms worn by British soldiers during the repeated Afghan wars from 1839 to the present day. This striking work is part of War Boutique’s “The Great Game” series, the first of which was acquired by the National Army Museum for its permanent collection in 2014. The Afghan Farsi version – ‘Big Game’ – was first shown at the Dresden Museum as part of the international touring exhibition ‘Caught in the Crossfire’, but M*A*S*H*E*D will be the first time this work has been shown in the UK.

War Boutique - Mashed

Peacemaker recycles original Police batons, while Filth is a full UK police riot uniform enhanced with S&M paraphernalia, questioning the balance between justified discipline and the abuse of power.

War Boutique - MashedWar Boutique - MashedWar Boutique - Mashed
War Boutique - MashedWar Boutique - Mashed
War Boutique - Mashed

War Boutique – M*A*S*H*E*D
Until 30 September 2017
Lawrence Alkin Gallery
42 New Compton Street London WC2H

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Berlin : Tavar Zawacki – Metamorphosis

Urban Spree Galerie in Berlin is currently showing a solo exhibition by visual artist Tavar Zawacki. entitled “Metamorphosis”, featuring twelve large format works on canvas with his signature hard edge painting style.

Tavar Zawacki (b. 1981), is a Californian born, Berlin-based contemporary artist. Tavar Zawacki under his then street name, ABOVE, has proliferated his artworks in over 100 cities spanning 50 countries around the world with his arrow icon and geometric patterns. He’s been a resident at Urban Spree for the past two years and this show marks a change of direction.

“The intention for the Metamorphosis exhibition was to transition into newer areas of my creativity with a fearless attitude. The past year I decided to slow down, and focus my attention inwards. My priority was to observe previous styles of artworks I had painted, and take them to a higher, more refined level. During this introspective period I was surprised to find that I had many barriers in my creativity that blocked my true visual style from being seen. It was disturbing for me to realize that I’ve been very fearful, and self conscious with my creative process. Metamorphosis is about transformation from one state into a newer dynamic one. With a lot of brutal honesty, and conviction for growth I was able to take inner inventory of what no longer served me. I was able to let go of the fears that were stifling my creative progression. I was prepared for feeling uncomfortable during this metamorphosis. I was learning how to unblock my personal censors, and be valiant in painting the styles of works I’ve previously been too reluctant to paint.

The Metamorphosis exhibition focuses on four different, and distinct styles of painting. Each painting style has it’s own unique personality. As a collective whole these twelve works on canvas best encompass my current interests of painting styles in my career. The restricted black and white designs display my attraction in sharp contrasting Op-Art visual effects. On the contrary, the CMYK designs are full of color achieved from overlapping secondary and tertiary shapes. The painting style of trompe l’oeil  has been a highlight of mine during this creative process. The manipulation of shadows, and illusion of depth added a nice dimensional element to Metamorphosis body of work. The fourth, and final painting style examines the relationship between both straight, and curved lines. The intention for this style was to have a balance within each of these defined compositions.
During the designing process of this exhibition I had achieved my goals of stepping out of my creative comfort zone, while pushing forward in these aforementioned styles of my creative interest. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the show.”

Many artists joined the awaited opening with  Nick Walker, curator Rolland Henry from VNA magazine, Skewville, Borondo and more.

Tavar Zawacki – Metamorphosis
Until 8 October 2017
Urban Spree Galerie
Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin

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Paris: Urban Week in La Defense

For its 4th edition the Urban Week festival returns to the business district of La Defense in Paris from 20 -23 September 2017 with a series of events celebrating street culture from street art, music, sports and food.

Through the project SAATO, 18 international artists are doing live painting sessions: MUG (AUS), BRUSK (FR), VESOD (IT), MONSTA (FR), STOM 500 (FR), BANE&PEST (CH), WISE TWO (Kenya), KALOUF (FR), MR CENZ (UK), BELIN (ES), NEAN (BE), DOES (NL) DEGE (FR), RNST (FR), MOMIES (FR), INSANE 51 (GR), RUSS (FR), MR DHEO (PT).

Photo credit : Celine Neveux for Butterfly Art News

20 -23 September 2017
Paris La Defense

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London: Jean-Michel Basquiat ‘Boom for Real’

Discover the work of American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960—1988), the pioneering prodigy of the 1980s downtown New York art scene at the Barbican Centre in London from 21 September 2017.

This unprecedented exhibition brings together an outstanding selection of more than 100 works from international museums and private collections. Engage in the explosive creativity of Basquiat who worked with Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Blondie, among others. Featuring rare film, photography and archive material, the show captures the spirit of this self-taught artist, poet, DJ and musician whose influence, since his death at 27 in 1988, has been enormous.

Jean-Michel Basquiat – Boom for Real
21 Sep 2017 — 28 Jan 2018
Barbican Centre
Silk Street, London

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London: Banksy pays tribute to JM Basquiat

Banksy JMB - Butterfly art News

Ahead of the upcoming Museum show about Jean Michel Basquiat at the Barbican opening this week, elusive artist Banksy painted a series of murals on the adjacent walls leading the museum and released pictures on his Instagram account.

Banksy JMB 065 - Butterfly art News.jpg

The first one depicts JM Basquiat as a graffiti artist with his dog being searched by the Metropolitan Police, while a second one feature people queuing for London Eyes Wheel where the capsules have been replaced by iconic JMB crowns.

Banksy JMB Wheel 01 - Butterfly art News
Banksy JMB Wheel 03 - Butterfly art News
Banksy JMB Wheel 02 - Butterfly art News

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Berlin: ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art

Urban Nation

After several years in the making, the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART will open its doors to the public on 16 September 2017. The Museum is literally ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ ,not even by the police…

This center for exhibitions, research and exchange on urban art is unique in the world. For the inaugural exhibition, a team of ten curators led by executive creative director Yasha Young selected some 150 leading artists to create exclusive artworks for URBAN NATION. They include outstanding international figures such as Shephard Fairey, Vhils, Nick Walker, Sandra Chevrier, Know Hope.  

On the opening weekend, Bülowstrasse will be transformed into an open-air art gallery with an extensive program featuring live painting and performances by renowned artists like Blek Le Rat, Zezao,  Olek, Herakut or Mademoiselle Maurice. workshops, show acts and much, much more.

The neighbouring streets are buzzing with new street art and installations for the upcoming Art Mile and open air festival during the inaugurational week end.  We caught up with some international artists while they were painting new murals during the countdown of the Grand Opening.


Mademoiselle Maurice
Mademoiselle Maurice

Isaac Cordal
Isaac Cordal 

James Bullough
James Bullough

UrbanNation 1Up


Blek Le Rat
Blek Le Rat

Tank Patrol
Tank Patrol

Louis Massai
Louis Masai

David De La Mano

Stay tuned for our coverage of the opening!

Bülowstrasse 7, 10783 Berlin-Schöneberg
Opening weekend:
16 September 2017, 7 pm to 10 pm
17 September, 10 am to 6 pm

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London: Frieze Sculpture Park

Frieze Sculpture Park 2017

Ahead of the awaited annual  international Art Fair in October with Frieze London and Frieze Masters, Frieze is launching its  first ever summer outdoor exhibition open to the public in The Regent’s Park in London as an exciting teaser .

“It’s fantastic that the free Frieze Sculpture park will open as part of an exceptional summer of culture in the capital, showing that London is open to innovation, creativity, and to visitors from around the world,” London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has said in a press release. “I’m delighted that this incredible exhibition will bring new audiences to contemporary art, inspiring Londoners and tourists alike.”

Frieze Sculpture Park 2017
Frieze Sculpture Park 2017Frieze Sculpture Park 2017

The new and significant works on display this year have been selected and placed by Clare Lilley, director of programs at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. “From the playful to the political, these 23 works explore contemporary sculpture’s material and technical dexterity, together with its social role and reflection on the human condition and our environment,” said Lilley.

Featuring 23 international artists : Magdalena Abakanowicz, Rasheed Araeen,  Reza Aramesh,  Miquel Barceló,  Anthony Caro, John Chamberlain,  Tony Cragg,  Michael Craig-Martin,  Urs Fischer,   Gary Hume, KAWS, Takuro Kuwata,  Alicja Kwade,  Mimmo Paladino, Eduardo Paolozzi, Jaume Plensa, Thomas J Price,  Peter Regli,  Ugo Rondinone, Sarah Sze,  Hank Willis Thomas,  Bernar Venet,  John Wallbank,  Emily Young.

A series of public tours throughout the summer as well as a free Frieze Sculpture Audio Tour app featuring commentary by Lilley will be organized by Frieze programming partner Art Fund.
In addition, the free London Summer Art Map, co-produced by Art Fund, Art on the Underground, Frieze, the Mayor of London, and Sculpture in the City, will be available to guide you through the season of public artwork across the capital, including the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square and Sculpture in the City.

View the full set of pics here

Frieze Sculpture Park
Until 8 October 2017
Regent Park – London

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London: Herakut – ‘Sad but Happy’ Solo Show

Herakut - Sad but Happy

After five years travelling and painting throughout the world , the German duo Herakut is returning to London for a new solo exhibition at Stolenspace entitled ‘Sad but Happy’.

Hera and Akut first came to London in 2010 when they painted their enigmatic character on the walls of the Moniker Art Fair, followed by a solo show in 2012.

Herakut at the Moniker Art Fair in 2010

The public discovered the magical energetic duo with their spraycans with Hera starting the figurative outlines and setting the rhythm like she’s dancing graciously while Akut focusses on photorealistic feature details like the eyes, conveying a myriad of emotions.

Additionally, the incorporation of poignant messages in their works creates a sense of wonder when observing their art. Specifically, their words take you into what seems to be the childlike, pure essence behind Herakut while delivering a punch to the imagery they provide.

What’s more, the recurrent theme of both animal imagery and hildren subjects transport us back to our childhood where innocent imaginary friends were an embraced accompaniment to our creative minds.

On the title for the show ‘Sad But Happy’, the duo stated; ‘It fits every single piece, we think, and fits our style in general. Ambivalence. Schizophrenia even. That’s us. That’s the essence of Herakut.’

Herakut - Sad but HappyHerakut - Sad but Happy
Herakut - Sad but HappyHerakut - Sad but Happy

This series of new works sees the duo progress with their distinctive and dark style. Depicting children and animals with large emotive eyes, they draw the viewer in to their mysteriously eerie world, making them contemplate the statements scribbled across the canvas and their relationship with the characters in the works.

Their dark use of colour contrasts with the bright and fast use of movement and brush work. Their style welcomes a kind of imperfect perfection, the brushstrokes seeming erratic and fluid but also so beautifully placed.

Herakut - Sad but Happy
Herakut - Sad but HappyHerakut - Sad but Happy

Their joint creative art process is about storytelling, the creation of imaginary worlds and inspiring their figures with individual characters:

The message on a canvas where two little girls with kitty masks hidden in a cardboard box says ‘She said lets go back to when all was perfect’,  while a portrait of a thoughtful little girl mentions ‘ Stop destroying my city says the dragon’.

Herakut - Sad but Happy
Herakut - Sad but HappyHerakut - Sad but Happy
Herakut - Sad but HappyHerakut - Sad but Happy
Herakut - Sad but HappyHerakut - Sad but Happy
Herakut - Sad but Happy

View the set of pics here

Herakut – Sad but Happy
Stolenspace Gallery
Until 1 October 2017
17 Osborn Street, London UK E1 6TD

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The Other Art Fair Bristol Highlight: Hisham Echafaki

London based multidisciplinary artist Hisham Echafaki is presenting his new solo exhibition at the Saatchi TOAF (The Other Art Fair) in Bristol.  His body of works focuses on the complex and ever changing relationship between humans and the animal world, exploring themes of anthropomorphism, endangered species and the delicate balance between mankind and nature.

His source of inspiration includes vintage scientific illustrations, taxidermy, cabinet of curiosities, patterns in art as well as animal fables. One of the paintings is directly inspired by The Dove and the Crow Fable by Greek author Aesop ‘To enjoy our blessings we must have freedom’.

HE 01

‘Family portrait’ depicts a moving scene in an abandoned house where nature takes back its course and a doe and her baby pay tribute to a deer trophy head.

His three dimensional paintings are intriguing and fascinating, and visitors are often wondering how these fauna and flora have been created. The 3D and trompe l’oeil effect is achieved by meticulously painting on multiple layers of resin.


Hisham Echafaki
The Other Art Fair Bristol
1-3 September 2017
16 Narrow Quay , Bristol

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Norway: NuArt Festival 2017 in Stavanger

Mais Menos

The city of Stavanger in Norway is getting ready for the world leading street art festival, NuArt. For its 17th edition, the festival will take place from the 31 st of August until the 3rd of September, with their indoor exhibition at Tou Scene staying on view through the 15th of October.

This year’s theme is POWER and through their work, the artists will discuss who has it, who doesn’t and how street art can challenge established power structures. “Nuart’s programs are designed specifically to explore and silently challenge the mechanisms of power and politics in public space” says Nuart Festival Founder and Director, Martyn Reed, and adds “This year’s Nuart Festival will bring together a diverse combination of  artists, activists and academics to reflect upon the fluidity of this transgressive new movement.”

12 artists from 10 countries spanning 4 continents will descend upon Stavanger:  Ampparito (ES),  Bahia Shehab (EG),  Carrie Reichardt (UK),  flyingleaps presents Derek Mawudoku (UK),  Ian Strange (AU),  John Fekner (US),  Know Hope (IL),  ±maismenos± (PT),  Igor Ponosov (RU),  Ricky Lee Gordon (ZA), Slava Ptrk (RU) , Vermibus (DE).

John Felkner - NuArt

John Felkner - NuArt

American artist John Fekner created a series of environmentally conceptual works consisting of words, symbols, and dates spray painted throughout the five boroughs of New York in the 1970s. He continued these text based interventions over the next few decades and earned a place in numerous museum collections across the US and Europe.

The Art of Politics

British ‘craftivist’ Carrie Reichardt blurs the boundaries between craft and activism, using the techniques of muralism, mosaics and screen-printing to create intricate, highly-politicised works of art. Active in community and public art projects for over 15 years, she has been designing and consulting on large-scale mosaic murals in various local communities.

know hope

Israli artist Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope is best known for his emotive work that mixes written word and illustrative elements or photographs and even sculptures. Through his distinctive work, he often makes connections between difficult social-political situations and emotional conditions

Maismenos - NuArt

±MaisMenos± is the working title of an interventional art project by Portuguese visual artist and graphic designer Miguel Januário that started back in 2005 and became an entity of its own. As a part of this project, Januário has been producing thought-provoking, cutting-edge work both indoors and outdoors in a variety of media – from video to sculptural installations to painting and performance.

Aside from creating and showing new works by the participating artists, the festival will include its well known satellite program Nuart Plus consisting of academic and industry debates, artist presentations, film screenings, workshops and guided tours.

NuArt Festival
Until 15 October
Tou Scene
Kvitsøygata 25
4014 Stavanger, Norway

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The Best Street Art in Marrakech

The Moroccan city of Marrakech has stood for close to a thousand years, a city of history and culture. Also known as the Red City, Marrakech is one of the most evocative places in the world,  a place to engage the senses from the vibrant colourful souks, enticing smells and spices, relaxing hammams  to the architectural wonders from exquisite gardens to ornate mosques and minarets.

So it’s no surprise that the city is becoming more and more active with the street art scene, and more and more international artists are creating public art both in the old city and the French quarter, known as Gueliz. Hidden away, down unassuming side streets and inside cafes and galleries, it’s not that easy to discover Marrakech’s emerging street art installations. So we give you some tips to discover the best public art installations in town and surrounding areas.

On the side of a building on Avenue Mohamed VI, a large portrait of Marrakchi ‘Aziz’ by Beikrich greets visitors exiting the main train station. In collaboration with the Montresso Art Foundation, German artist Hendrik Beikrich pays homage to the disappearing tradesmen in Morocco, at least in the manner that they continue to work today, including zellig artists, masons, shepherds and more.  Beikirch has a fascination for everyday people, those who are often photographed in the souks but never really honoured.
Rue des Vieux Marrakchis is host to one of the leading contemporary and urban art gallery David Bloch with immersive installations from international graffiti artists like REMED, Lek, Sowat, MIST.

In terms of Art festivals, since its creation in 2004 the Marrakech Biennale has grown amongst the top 20 biennales in the world, and Street Art being an inherent part of the cultural programme. In the rooftops of the souks in the Medina,  Bahia Palace area, and the walls around Gueliz, the new part of Marrakech, a dozen of murals by international artists can be found wandering through the narrow colourful streets: Mad C (Germany), Dotmaster (UK), Giacomo RUN (Italy), Dag Insky (France), Kalamour (Morocco), Alexey Lucas (Russia), LX.ONE (France), Lucy McLauchlan (UK), Remi Rough (UK), Sickboy (UK) and Yesbee (UK).

Marrakech also feature the largest mural in Morocco by French artists POES and JO BER,  a monumental 360 sqaure meters in the the college Tariq Ben Ziad, the largest mixed college with 2200 children. Both artists wanted to revisit the infamous board game “The game of Life”, designed to look like a video game. The Master of the game with robotic features invites the children through different seasons in a playful world, with joyful characters, and share a creative vision of life based on knowledge, sign of cultural openness and that the student aspirations and ambitions are supported regardless of their background or gender.

Last but not least the hidden gem of Marrakech is Jardin Rouge (from the Montresso Art Foundation), an artistic residency and private heaven for contemporary and street artists to experiment monumental works (with visits on appointment only).

All photos by Butterfly Art News  

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Paris: Elzo Durt – Colors & Glory

Elzo Durt

With the 10th year anniversary of the music label Born Bad Records and the release of a monograph entitled “Complete Works”, Belgian graphic designer and illustrator Elzo Durt is showing 13 years of illustration in an exhibition called ‘Colors & Glory’ at the Gallery du Jour in Paris

With more than a hundred exhibitions to his credit, dozens of projects and album covers, Elzo Durt is one of the most prolific and recognizable illustrators. After a good decade spent imposing a heavy and abrasive style made of creepy and psyche collages within the punk and techno scenes of Brussels, he has, in a few years, colonized the imagination of the French rockers by becoming the main illustrator of Born Bad Records and creating his own label, Teenage Menopause.

The exhibition starts in a psychedelic kitchen from the 1950s, giving the visitor a feeling of drunkenness but also inviting him into a psychedelic universe to discover one hundred and thirty works (posters, record covers …) including 15 of its most iconic pieces as well as some previously unseen works and ends in a gothic-punk church of the future.


Elzo Durt
Elzo DurtElzo Durt
Elzo DurtElzo Durt

As the ultimate fan of underground music, Elzo, and his Parisian friend Francois Froos, launched their own music label Teenage Menopause Records in 2011, dedicated to punk and techno.
A monumental fresco of 1.80 meters by 4 meters bringing together forty small paintings into a futuristic pope is dedicated to his friend Froos.

Elzo Durt

Elzo Durt

But Elzo Durts’ universe does not resonate only with these two styles or movements, as he multiplies borrowings and winks, drawing from the world history of graphic design and posterism: from military propaganda of the twentieth century Sci-fi comics; Art Nouveau to Russian constructivism; or from the psychedelic art of the 1960s and 1970s to the flyers of the late 1980s announcing the first raves.

Elzo DurtElzo DurtElzo Durt
Elzo Durt
Elzo Durt
Elzo DurtElzo DurtElzo Durt
Elzo Durt

View the full set of pics here

Elzo Durt – Colors & Glory
Galerie du Jour
Rue Cinquapoix Paris

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Paris: John Giorno

John Giorno

Cahier d’Arts in Paris presents a series of prints of the works by New York artist John Giorno, as well as four new painting poems until the end of August.

Part of the New York underground scene in the mid sixties, John Giorno was the main actor in Andy Warhol’s first film ‘Sleep’ in 1963. He was also very close to the ‘beat’ movement and to William S. Burroughs. His main concern at the time was to make poetry accessible to popular culture.

In 1965, he founded Giorno Poetry Systems, a non-profit organization that started several musical groups and also became a label that published about forty albums. In 1968, he created Dial-a-Poem, a mass telephone service (in fact the first of its kind) that offered poems to the people who dialed the number and received millions of calls. Giorno has published a dozen collections of poems, as many albums, video works, and has given many performances since the past forty years.

A portfolio of recent works of the artist is illustrated in the last issue of the magazine Cahiers d’Art 2016-2017 and presented at the Palais de Tokyo.

John GiornoJohn Giorno
John GiornoJohn Giorno
John GiornoJohn Giorno
John Giorno Cahier D'artsJohn Giorno Cahier D'arts
John Giorno Cahier D'arts
John Giorno Cahier D'arts

View the full set of pics here

John Giorno – Cahier D’Arts
Until end of August
14-15 rue du Dragon 75006 Paris

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London: Ashley Bickerton – Ornamental Hysteria

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria

NewportStreet Gallery is currently showing a retrospective of works by US artist Ashley Bickerton.

Ornamental Hysteria’ spans more than three decades of Bickerton’s career and features 51 works, including a significant display of new and previously unexhibited pieces. It is the artist’s first UK show since 2009 and runs throughout all six spaces at Newport Street Gallery.

Bickerton moved to New York in 1982 and after working as a painting assistant to Jack Goldstein, he emerged as a key figure on the newly exploding East Village art scene. Within the context of the culture of commodification sweeping America he rose to prominence as part of an amorphous movement that was branded ‘Neo-Geometric Conceptualism’. Alongside artists such as Haim Steinbach and Jeff Koons, Bickerton endeavoured to reframe the practice of art production in response to the new, seductive mechanisms of desire at work in society.
Bickerton abandoned New York in 1993, eventually settling in Bali, where he still lives and works.

Throughout his career, Bickerton has challenged what we consider or define a painting
Multidisciplinary artist, Ashley Bickerton uses a variety of medium, from photocollage,  digital image, paint and sculpture  to create technical assemblages on the themes of opposition and duality: representation and reality, creativity and commodity, nature and artifice, idyll and apocalypse.

The gallery 1 presents a critique of contemporary consumer culture and the commodification of the ‘art object’ via steel and aluminium wall-mounted ‘Culturescapes’ from the ‘Logo’ and ‘Non-Word Word’ series.

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental HysteriaAshley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria
Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental HysteriaAshley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria
Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria

The monumental 5 Snake Heads  in the Gallery 2 showcasing a five-bodied, technicoloured serpent is a parody of the mythological figure of a self portrait of the artist.

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental HysteriaAshley Bickerton - Ornamental HysteriaAshley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria

Colourful paintings like ‘Smiling Woman’ based on distorted and retouched photographs, illustrate models, family members and friends with heavy make-up as an overtly satirical and lurid vision of life on a generic Pacific / Caribbean island.

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental HysteriaAshley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria
Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental HysteriaAshley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria
Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria

Galleries 3 and 4 feature Bickerton’s ‘Sea’ and ‘Landscapes’ – offering a tragic view of the devastating impact of man on the ecosphere.

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental HysteriaAshley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria
Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria

View the full set of pics here

Ashley Bickerton – Ornemental Hysteria
Until 20 August 2017
Newportstreet Gallery London

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Paris: Okuda – The Dream of Mona Lisa

Okuda - The dream of Mona Lisa

Anna Dimitrova from Adda Gallery and Montana Gallery and Valériane Mondot from Taxie Gallery join forces to celebrate a collaborative new gallery ADDA & TAXIE and present a monographic and the first Parisian exhibition of Spanish artist OKUDA SAN MIGUEL called ‘The Dream of Mona Lisa’.

Inspired by the city of Paris, according to Okuda, the enigmatic Mona Lisa dreams of human figures and muses of the great classic masters. Being a creator and contemporary master, Okuda interprets these icons through his own surrealist prism using intense psychedelic colors and geometric harmonies.

Blending rainbow geometric landscapes with organic shapes, headless animals, figures, and personal iconography, his works produces mental stimulation and visually pleasing content. The artist continuously tries to balance the gray scale with his vibrant palette, using colors as a symbol of life and nature and the latter as a symbol of cement, death, dust and the material of classic sculptures.

In his latest series, Okuda San Miguel expresses his own vision of what the human being is made of. Humans are confronted with their roots, between its natural and ideal part, represented by trees and different types of animals and the capitalist society, represented by bricks. Showing us the world where human beings and animals are created equal, the artist distils his own personal vision of God. This conceptual research is the result of his journeys and continuous contact with different environments. The artist sums up the contradictions between existentialism, universe, infinite, freedom, modernity and the meaning of life as an inextinguishable thirst.

Okuda - The dream of Mona LisaOkuda - The dream of Mona LisaOkuda - The dream of Mona Lisa
Okuda - The dream of Mona LisaOkuda - The dream of Mona Lisa
Okuda - The dream of Mona LisaOkuda - The dream of Mona LisaOkuda - The dream of Mona LisaOkuda - The dream of Mona Lisa
Okuda - The dream of Mona Lisa
Okuda - The dream of Mona Lisa

View the full set of pics here

In parallel Okuda painted a monumental portrait of Mona Lisa in the 13th District of Paris (covered here)

Okuda -The Dream of Mona lisa
Adda & Taxie Gallerie
Until 29 August
35 Avenue Matignon, Paris

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Paris: Xu Zhen – Civilization Iteration @Galerie Perrotin

Xu Zhen - Civilization Iteration

‘Civilization Iteration’ is the first solo exhibition of Chinese artist Xu Zhen at Galerie Perrotin in Paris, showcasing Xu’s important series of works since 2013 when he started a brand in his own name. Iteration refers to the way of achieving a desired result through repeated feedback. The exhibited series shows how an artist, amidst increasing globalization and networking of art, can approach the future of art with his own formula.

As early as 2001, Xu participated in the 49th Venice Biennale, then the youngest Chinese artist to exhibit works at this international art event. Having made a name at 20 as an artist, he has since created a large number of works based on his own consciousness. In 2009 he decided to establish the art creation enterprise MadeIn Company in Shanghai. Since then his works have been produced in a corporate fashion and his “artist” identity has been plunged into the center of controversy. Meanwhile, Xu’s creative focus has begun to shift to the relationship between art and business.

From the “individual artist period” when he concerned himself with the consciousness of identity, to “Xu Zhen brand”, Xu has moved on to repeatedly examine the current culture and transition as a reflection of the tremendous changes in human history over the past decades. Admittedly, the extension of consciousness unleashed by the Internet has eliminated temporal and spatial disparity. Yet, in the process, cultural learning in the traditional sense has been destroyed by information overload, giving way to recurrent cultural stagnation and dysfunctional standards. The information highway makes one feel unreal, and boundaries between meaning, values and reality gradually blur. In the course of time, after endless destruction and reconstruction, the boundless reformulations and iteration are opening up a new paradigm for civilization in the present.

The Rmn – Grand Palais moulding workshop is a little-known source of inspiration and a production workshop for artists searching for the classical canons (Xu Zhen today, Klein 50 years ago, Picasso and Dali 70 years ago, Rodin a century ago, etc.). After the Winged “Victory of Samothrace” inverted on the head of Buddha exhibited at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in winter 2015-16, the Perrotin gallery is currently presenting several works by Xu Zhen, two of which include reproductions from the Rmn – Grand Palais moulding workshop: “Aphrodite Holding Her Drapery” and “Belvedere Torso” from the “Eternity” series.

Xu Zhen - Civilization Iteration
Xu Zhen - Civilization IterationXu Zhen - Civilization Iteration
Xu Zhen - Civilization IterationXu Zhen - Civilization IterationXu Zhen - Civilization Iteration
Xu Zhen - Civilization IterationXu Zhen - Civilization IterationXu Zhen - Civilization Iteration
Xu Zhen - Civilization Iteration

XU Zhen – Civilization Iteration
Galerie Perrotin
Until 29 July
76 rue de Turenne 75003 Paris

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Paris: Lek & Sowat

Lek & Sowat - Carre Baudouin

The 400 square meters of the contemporary art space of the Pavillon Carré has been transformed by the duo of artists Lek and Sowat. Invited by Elise Herszkowicz from Art Azoï, they have created immersive installations from the floors to ceilings. Through their multidisciplinary approach both artists invite the viewer into their urban, experimental and subversive universe through ephemeral wall paintings, stained-glass windows made of urban furniture, installations built from the ruins of the previous exhibition, as well as photos from their practice at Mausolee (see here), Lasco project at Palais de Tokyo (see here) or residency at Villa Medicis and movies like Traces Directs (watch here) which is part of the permanent collection at Centre Pompidou.

By investing this new place, they continue to push the boundaries of traditional graffiti and mix their architectural abstractions. Impressive and captivating, their work fits perfectly into the history of the Pavillon Carré and surroundings as it offers great art accessible to all.  For street artists, accustomed to urban exploration (Urbex), industrial ruins and illegal interventions, Lek and Sowat raise questions about the paradoxes of the institutionalization of urban art and its legitimity. Is having a self-taught and independent art practice enough to constitute a “circonstance attenuante” (mitigating circumstance)?  Through this multidisciplinary exhibition, Lek and Sowat invite us to reflect on the place of street art in art history.

Lek & Sowat - Carre BaudouinLek & Sowat - Carre Baudouin
Lek & Sowat - Carre Baudouin
Lek & Sowat - Carre BaudouinLek & Sowat - Carre Baudouin
Lek & Sowat - Carre Baudouin
Lek & Sowat - Carre Baudouin
Lek & Sowat - Carre BaudouinLek & Sowat - Carre Baudouin
Lek & Sowat - Carre Baudouin 
Lek & Sowat - Carre Baudouin
Lek & Sowat - Carre BaudouinLek & Sowat

In parallel the prolific duo experimented with the techniques of the silver print for Polka Magazine to reinvent the works of another duo, Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre (published in Polka # 33). They also produced a large fresco of interpellation by Emmanuel Macron from the images of twelve photographers (Issue Polka # 38)

Lek & Sowat - Polka

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

View the full set of pics here

Lek & Sowat – Circonstances Attenuantes
Pavillon Carré de Baudouin
Until 22 July
121 rue de Ménilmontant, 75020 Paris

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London: Festival Iminente 2017

Festival Iminente - Mais Menos

This  Summer,  a  European  cultural  invasion  hits  the  heart  of  Brexit  Britain  as  the  very  first  UK   edition  of  Festival  Iminente  opens  at  London’s  Old  Truman  Brewery.  A  two-­‐day  festival  of   explosive  and  experimental  Portuguese  art  and  music,  Festival  Iminente  brings  the  soul  of   Lisbon  to  the  heart  of  London,  following  its  successful  debut  in  the  Oeiras  region  of  Lisbon  in   September  2016.

Curated  by  Portuguese  artist  Vhils  and  Lisbon’s  Underdogs  Gallery,  Festival  Iminente  not  only   offers  Brits  mourning  Brexit  a  chance  to  immerse  themselves  in  the  most  innovative  new   music  and  art  from  Portugal  but  also  enlists  some  of  Europe’s  most  creatively  exciting  artists   to  invade  the  capital  with  their  best  work.  The  Old  Truman  Brewery  on  Brick  Lane,  London   will  overflow  with  art  from  a  line-­‐up  of  Europe’s  hottest  visual  artists,  creating  immersive  and   in  some  cases,  political  pieces  tackling  the  state  of  Europe  and  the  current  human  condition.     Enter  through  European  Border  Control,  policed  by  Portuguese  interventionist  artist  Mais   Menos  and  prepare  to  party  in  an  alternative  European  Union  of  art,  music  and  creativity.


Artists  include:       Add  Fuel  (POR),  AKA  Corleone  (POR),  Andre  da  Loba  (POR),  Ben  Eine  (UK),  Bordalo  II  (POR),   Conor  Harrington  (IRL),  Draw  &  Contra  (POR),  Halfstudio  (POR),  Mais  Menos  (POR),  Mar   (POR),  Pixel  Pancho  (IT),  Sick  Boy  (UK),  The  Caver  (POR),  Vhils  (POR),  Wasted  Rita  (POR)  

Festival Iminente - VhilsSee No Evil - Conor HarringtonMAISMENOS - NuArtSee No Evil - Pixel Pancho
Vhils - Nuit Blanche Paris 14See No Evil - SickboyMagic City - DresdenFestival Iminente - Wasted Rita

The  93  Feet  East  live  music  venue  gives  a  platform  to  urban  underground  musicians  from   across  Europe,  but  with  a  strong  Portuguese  flavour.  Full  line  up:     28th  July:  DJ  Glue  (PT),  DJ  Kking  Kong  (PT),  DJ  Big  (PT),  Francis  Dale  (PT),  Slow  J  (PT),  DJ  Ride   (PT),  Shaka  Lion  (PT),  Batida  (PT/AO),  DJ  Nigga  Fox  (AO)     29th  July:  DJ  Glue  (PT),  DJ  Big  (PT),  Cachupa  Psicadélica  (CV),  Chullage  (PT),  Halloween  (PT),   Scuru  Fitchadu  (CV),  Novelist  (UK),  Rita  Maia  presents  Migrant  Sounds  (PT),  LV  &  Joshua   Idehen  (UK),  DJ  Firmeza  (PT)

  Festival  Iminente  combines  the  best  new  music  with  new  art  in  an  experience  of  intense   collective  intimacy,  with  food  trucks  and  a  bar  that  only  accepts  Euros.  We’ll  see  you  there.     *****************


Tickets  on  sale  at  www.buytickets.at/iminentefestival
Afternoon  £10,  Evening  £15

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Paris: Chiharu Shiota ‘Destination’ @Galerie Templon

Chiharu Shiota

Following her eye-catching project at the Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Paris in early 2017, Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota is returning to both Galerie Daniel Templon‘s spaces with a spectacular site-specific installation and a series of new sculptures.

Chiharu Shiota
Chiharu ShiotaChiharu Shiota

She has likened her artistic practice with yarn to that of a calligrapher. It’s a fitting parallel: Chiharu Shiota trained in painting before gravitating toward three-dimensionality. Having studied in Braunschweig, Germany, under Marina Abramović, she moved to Berlin in 1997 where she lives today. Her immersive environments and intricately wrought objects, enigmatic yet deeply physical, are the results of painstaking labor.

Her protean artistic practice explores the notions of the body, temporality, movement, memory and dreams. Her site-specific installations are often the theatre for performances designed by the artist to engage mentally and physically with viewers.

‘Destination 2017’, is a site-specific, room-engulfing labyrinth that has the sprawl of an uncontrollable fungus, a haywire cat’s cradle, or a webbed cathedral in red. Like her installation The Key in the Hand, 2015—made from second-hand keys ensnarled in massive amounts of scarlet string for the Japan pavilion at the Fifty-Sixth Venice Biennale—the work engages directly with the volume of its surroundings.

She explains: “I have been using boats since my exhibition at the Japan Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2015; I wanted to create one oversized boat representing the topics I have touched on in my most recent works. Ships carry people and time. They feature a defined direction, with no other choice but to keep moving forward. Though we may not know where we are heading, we can never stop. Life is a journey of uncertainty and wonder, and the boats symbolize the bearers of our dreams and hopes.”

Chiharu Shiota

A huge 5-metre boat, the frame of its hull resembling a human skeleton, floats in a sea of red yarn. Following on from this environment, the Skins painting are depicting ambiguous yet poetic representations of the body, its surface, its networks of connections.

Chiharu ShiotaChiharu Shiota Chiharu ShiotaChiharu Shiota
Chiharu ShiotaChiharu Shiota

A series of yarn sculptures envelops various objects, such as a chair and loose papers floating in space, creating an ensemble that raises the metaphysical questions that face us as humans, the difficulty we have understanding the world, and the complex relations that link us.
‘During humanity’s early years, death used to be connected to human life’s destination. It could be easier to find an answer to the question of our purpose in life. We were more aware of the creative process and the different steps along the way. Nowadays, we build and create on a massive scale, including things we don’t need, with no clear goal in sight, at a vertiginous speed…’

Chiharu Shiota
Chiharu ShiotaChiharu Shiota

View the full set of pics here

To mark Le Havre’s 500-year celebration, from May 27 to October 8, 2017, Chiharu Shiota will be presenting Accumulation of Power, a site-specific installation at the famous St. Joseph Church in Le Havre designed by architect Auguste Perret.

Chiharu Shiota – Destination 2017
Until July 22
Galerie Daniel Templon
30 rue Beaubourg, Paris

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London: Harland Miller – One Bar Electric Memoir

Harland Miller - One Bar Electric Memoir

UK artist Harland Miller, renowned for his satirised Penguin paperback paintings, is returning to the  White Cube  this summer for a new exhibition called ‘One Bar Electric Memoir’. Featuring two series of paintings, the works on show are a continuity of Miller’s investigation into the relationship between viewer, text and image.

Harland Miller - One Bar Electric MemoirHarland Miller - One Bar Electric Memoir Harland Miller - One Bar Electric MemoirHarland Miller - One Bar Electric Memoir

The first series of large-scale works is based on Miller’s extensive archive of psychology and social science books, dating from the 1960s and ‘70s. Characterised by their bold and colourful abstract covers, these books embraced a positive attitude and the possibility of ‘fixing’ disorders through a process of self-help. The geometric cover designs reminded of  contemporary abstract paintings  but also provided a foil to the darker aspects of social neurosis addressed by the books’ content.

Harland Miller - One Bar Electric MemoirHarland Miller - One Bar Electric MemoirHarland Miller - One Bar Electric Memoir

In another series of fictional book cover paintings, Miller depicts the outlines of letters in a range of typefaces and colours, intersected or layered over each other to create short, enigmatic words such as ‘Up’, ‘If’, ‘Ace’, ‘Pot’.  With their bold, saturated colours, these paintings reference American abstraction and, in particular, Robert Rauschenberg and Ed Ruscha’s use of vernacular signage and motifs.

Harland Miller - One Bar Electric MemoirHarland Miller - One Bar Electric MemoirHarland Miller - One Bar Electric Memoir

The shapes stand out from the saturated mute backgrounds, as do the paired fictional but witty titles such as Reverse Psycology Isn’t Working, 2017. In both series of paintings Miller uses his own name as author. The inclusion of his own name, not only alludes to his authorship of both image and text, but to the fine line that exists between fiction and reality.

Harland Miller - One Bar Electric Memoir

View the full set of pics here

Harland Miller – One Bar Electric Memoir
Until 9 September 2017
White Cube, Mason’s Yard, London

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Paris: Okuda paints monumental Mona Lisa

Okuda - Mona Lisa

Spanish artist Okuda is brightening up a nineteen storey building in Paris by giving it a contemporary makeover. Using more than 450 spraycans, Okuda painted one of Europe’s tallest murals at 50 metres (164 feet) high by 15 meters wide during less than five days.

‘The City of Paris and Mona Lisa are intricately linked, so it was a natural choice’. The street artist wanted to pay tribute to the French culture and to the iconic portrait at the Musee du Louvre.

Okuda - Mona LisaOkuda - Mona LisaOkuda - Mona LisaOkuda - Mona Lisa
Okuda - Mona Lisa

Internationally known Okuda is a surrealist pop artist with a psychedelic universe, his subjects are very colourful and this artwork is no exception.

With zebra hair and a rainbow cubic face, the reinterpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, also known as La Gioconda, depicts a standing woman in a starry sunset, with a bird on her shoulder and carrying a handbag. The handbag is decorated with repetitive patterns, reminiscent of a famous French luxury brand, as a nod to Paris as capital of Luxe and Fashion.
The multi-cultural-skinned woman is illustrated by different types of colourful fabric from dots, stripes and stars like different parts of the world.
While we have seen many reinterpretations of this famous portrait, it is also very unusual to see the Gioconda standing, we discover here the rest of her body with curvy shapes, standing in rainbow waters.
We were lucky to join Okuda on his cherry picker during the painting process, so here are some pics or the work in progress.

Okuda - Mona LisaOkuda - Mona LisaOkuda - Mona LisaOkuda - Mona Lisa
Okuda - Mona LisaOkuda - Mona Lisa
Okuda - Mona LisaOkuda - Mona Lisa

This modern colourful portrait celebrates Paris with culture, luxe and fashion but also its population from a multicultural background and diversity.

The project in collaboration with By Night Gallery and Ink and Movement was inaugurated by Jerome Coumet, Major of the XXIII District in presence of many local residents.
Okuda - Mona LisaOkuda - Mona LisaOkuda - Mona Lisa
Okuda - Mona Lisa

Okuda - Mona Lisa

Photos credit: Butterfly Art News
View the full set of pics here

Come back again soon for our coverage about Okuda‘s Parisian solo show ‘ The dream of Mona Lisa’  at Adda & Taxie Gallery running until the end of August at 35 rue Matignon.

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Paris: Ludo ‘I’ve been missing you’ Solo Show

French artist Ludo is returning to Paris after five years with a new solo show namely titled ‘I’ve been missing you’ at Magda Danysz Gallery.

After extensive travelling, creating installations in New York, monumental walls throughout the world and institutional projects, like at the Power Station of Art Museum in Shanghai, Ludo invites us for a journey through his multi-faceted works, whether photographs, paintings, drawings or sculptures.

In this exhibition LUDO also presents an installation made up of an army of fireflies whose phosphorescent light dazzles and envelops while letting emerge a certain question about the relation of man to technology. Hybrid creatures emerge from the artist’s imagination with botanical precision using a colour palette ranging from grey to his signature green.

The images of LUDO explore the environment, the future, the space, the human. His biotechnological creations come to colonize the three levels of the gallery and plunge us into a chimerical universe where we find the passions and multiple inspirations of the artist.

Ludo - I've been missing youLudo - I've been missing youLudo - I've been missing you

In parallel to the show, wandering through the streets of Paris in the 20th and 11th district, visitors can discover some of the artist’s latest creations, from a snake to a ‘BeeLice’ and a Grim Reaper.

Ludo - I've been missing you
Ludo - I've been missing you

View full set of pics here

Ludo – I’ve been missing you
Until 29 July 2017
Magda Danysz Gallery,
Rue Amelot, Paris

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Paris: Tristan Eaton ‘Uprise’ Solo Show

Tristan Eaton Uprise

US artist Tristan Eaton who is currently on the front cover of SC Exhibition Magazine is exhibiting in Paris at Galerie Itinerrance. The solo exhibition titled ‘UPRISE’ is a visual history of protest and resistance. A look back on human history reveals time and again how the powerless have risen to topple the powerful and how the little man can vanquish tyrants with peaceful protest and the power of ideas. This exhibition is a reminder of that awesome power, a reminder that protest and resistance is a human trait and a human right.

Tristan Eaton Uprise
Tristan Eaton Uprise

Tristan Eaton mentions:
‘UPRISE’ is a visual history of protest and resistance. As an artist, I am compelled to paint what consumes me. In the age of Donald Trump, rising racism and xenophobia, corporate greed and blatant human rights violations across the globe, I am consumed by the desire for change. I am consumed by hope for a better world and a need to throw out of power those who don’t deserve it. As we all know, history will repeat itself. A look back on human history reveals time and again how the powerless have risen to topple the powerful and how the little man can vanquish tyrants with peaceful protest and the power of ideas. This exhibition is a reminder of that awesome power, a reminder that protest and resistance is a human trait and a human right. Wether it’s Martin Luther King Jr. at Selma, an anonymous man in Tiananmen Square or a Palestinian child with a sling shot, change always comes at a price and with much endurance. In these works, I hope to honor those brave leaders of the past, while emboldening the freedom fighters of our future.

Many international artists attended the opening like Iranian female artist Golnaz Behrouznia, Ben Eine (UK) and C215 (FR) to name a few.

Tristan Eaton UpriseTristan Eaton Uprise
Tristan Eaton UpriseTristan Eaton UpriseTristan Eaton UpriseTristan Eaton Uprise
Tristan Eaton Uprise

In parallel visitors can wander in the streets of the 13th District enjoy a series of murals painted by Tristan Eaton like a water tower next to the nearby hospital.

Tristan Eaton Uprise
Tristan Eaton Uprise

UPRISE by Tristan Eaton
Until 8 July 2017,

Galerie Itinerrance
4 Boulevard du Général d’Armée Jean Simon
75013 Paris

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Paris: Belin ‘Post Neo Cubism’ Solo Show

Belin - Post Neo Cubism

Having exhibited in Europe, US, Canada and Mexico, Spanish artist Miguel Ángel Belinchón aka Belin is currently showing his first Parisian Solo Show called ‘Post Neo Cubism’,  curated by Nicolas Couturieux.

Self-taught artist Belin has grown internationally as one of the leading hyper-realistic graffiti artists. For over the past 15 years, Belin’s mastering technique of the spraypaint has been his signature style, free hand flowing directly from the realism of his imagination without the use of preparatory stencils, with the precision of lines and proportions so crucial in hyperrealism.

A visit to Málaga in 2016, home town of Spanish master, Pablo Picasso, has been decisive in his career and triggered a new artistic style for the artist: Post – Neo Cubism, a balance between cubism and realism.
Belin started to deconstruct his hyperrealist style and break the mould of reality, free from forms and rules, with the representation of multiplied view angles, mixing geometrical elements, patterns and textures, along with vibrant colours to create dynamic portraits, fusing hyperrealism with abstraction.  People’s faces and bodies, disassembled and then reassembled, multiply their human nature to illustrate all the nuances and differences of expressions and feelings.

Using  spray cans, oil painting and pencil, these dynamic portraits have such accurate expressive details of the faces, the wrinkles, the eyes, ears, noses, and mouths, that they seem incredibly ‘alive’.

Belin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo Cubism

Through twenty canvasses and ten pencil drawings, the current exhibition features icons and persons who captured Belin’s life as well as symbols from France to Andalucia. Family members and friends are illustrated as well as a deconstructed self portrait. Belins pays also homage to the great masters with portraits of Pablo Picasso, Dali, Keith Haring to Frida Kahlo and female icons like Mona Lisa.

Belin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo Cubism

Many artists turned up to celebrate the opening with Belin such as Ogre, Thomas Canto and Miss Van to name a few.

Belin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo Cubism
Belin - Post Neo Cubism
Belin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo Cubism

In parallel to the exhibition, Belin is also releasing a puzzle version of his ‘Marion’ painting and a show poster.

View the full set of pics here

Belin – Post Neo Cubism
Until 25 June
24 Rue Beaubourg

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Video: “Disaster Collection” by Majida Khattari

After the success of her art performances “Luxury, Oil & Arrogance” And “Merchant Migrant” at the FIAC Art Fair and Art Basel, for which she already created the  “Killy” Bags , in tribute to the”Kelly bag’ from Hermes, Majida Khattari is the link between this luxury accessory and political commitment.

The video-performance “Disaster Collection” is a response to the video by Louis Vuitton and Jeff Koons announcing the release of the “Masters Collection” .

Contemporary art is now becoming a factor of influence on the way of life of our Western societies in the same way as fashion and more particularly, the universe of luxury. Artists such as Jeff Koons know how to use the language of Marketing and Advertising to be successful. This is how art can be heard, spread to a wider audience and help disseminate its ideas.

Majida Khattari has been working on the links between fashion and society, luxury and art for more than twenty years. Inspired by the ‘Masters Collection’ by Jeff Koons for Louis Vuitton, the artist created a video- who wishes to question us about the influence of the universe of fashion and luxury on our perception of the world.

Because the backdrop of its bags are images of conflicts to attract our attention to victims: the war in Syria, the destruction of the cultural heritage, terrorist attacks in Istanbul, Paris, Manchester, the European calvary …
Using the same codes as fashion and luxury, Majida Khattari succeeded in raising awareness, and make us reflect on the current conflicts and their victims.

For more info: mkdisastercollection@gmail.com

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Paris: Brusk ‘ In Memoriam’ Solo Show @Galerie Strouk

Brusk - In Memoriam

Famous for his large scale multicoloured murals on his own or with his crew, the Da Mental Vaporz, French street artist Brusk, is back to Paris for a new solo show ‘In Memoriam’ at Galerie Laurent Strouk.  It is his second solo show ( see Ad Vitam Eternam coverage here) in Paris.

The prestigious front sign ‘Matignon’ has been cheekily striked through with black spray paint while highlighting the letters ART in the Gallery name.

Brusk - In Memoriam

Combining a Fine Arts background with more than twenty years of graffiti,  Brusk’s  gestural painting is instantly recognizable. The artist creates questions, variations, wanderings through a poetic fantasy, mastering his signature  multicoloured dripping effects to create an abstract-figurative lyrical mix where all the misery of the world is transformed by the force and tension of bodies and forms. For the artist, the drippings no longer define a style effect but rather a technique in its own right, Brusk successfully tames it to create movement, relief, lightness and fluidity.

The themes touched upon by the artist resonate with the formal duality mentioned:  opposing love to death, urbanity to animals, the nobility of creation to the triviality of news.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More recently, Brusk has started experimenting with volume and created two sculptures-installations for the exhibition, transferring his vision into sculpture.

Brusk - In Memoriam

References to his graffiti roots appear in numerous artworks from the high speed train ‘TG Vaporz’ to ‘Hors les Murs’ ripped building.

Brusk - In Memoriam
Brusk - In MemoriamBrusk - In MemoriamBrusk - In Memoriam

Often tainted with a touch of humour,  the artworks sometimes reveals a more acerbic and more committed criticism. Brusk is also politically engaged and aim to raise awareness about societal issues such as global warming, pollution and the migrant crisis.

Brusk - In Memoriam

At the core of the exhibition, a series dedicated to Refugees illustrates the often unfair fate of these populations in Europe. A sculpture represents at totem of refugees stacked on paper boat, while poignant sound recordings  from migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea play in the background ( these were recorded by  SOS Mediterranee, an association rescuing migrants across the Mediterranean Sea).   Deeply affected by the current situation, part of the proceeds of the artworks in the ‘Salle des Refugies’ will go to support SOS Mediterranee.

Brusk - In MemoriamBrusk - In MemoriamBrusk - In Memoriam
Brusk - In MemoriamBrusk - In Memoriam
Brusk - In MemoriamBrusk - In MemoriamBrusk - In Memoriam

The artist endeavours to demonstrate that art can modify our view, play a political role, and trigger actions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

View the full set of pics here

Brusk – In Memoriam
Until 15 July 2017
Laurent Strouk Galerie
2 Avenue Matignon
75008 Paris

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Bristol: Banksy Girl with UK Balloon Print – Product Recall

Coinciding with the UK elections, Banksy just announced on his website the free release on 9th June of an exclusive  new print, featuring his iconic Girl with Balloon with the heart being replaced by the UK flag. He hasn’t released any prints since 2010, so this is very exciting news. But there are some conditions.

‘This limited edition artwork on archival quality paper is completely free, but is only available to registered voters in the Bristol North West, Bristol West, North Somerset, Thornbury, Kingswood and Filton constituencies. Simply send in a photo of your ballot paper from polling day showing you voted against the Conservative incumbent and this complimentary gift will be mailed to you.

Police said anyone taking part in the offer could also be prosecuted.

A police spokesman said: “We’ve received a number of complaints about an offer of a free Banksy print to people living in six Bristol constituencies in exchange for them voting in a certain way in the forthcoming election and we can confirm we’re investigating the offer. It is a criminal offence under the Representation of the People Act 1983 for any voter to accept or agree to accept a gift or similar in return for voting or refraining from voting. Any person participating in an offer to receive a gift is at risk of being prosecuted.”

As a result on 5 June a message on Banksy’s website is now mentioning a product recall.



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Paris: Aya Takano – The Jelly Civilization Chronicle

Aya Takano

Japanese painter, illustrator, sci-fi writer and manga artist Aya Takano, is exhibiting ‘The Jelly Civilization Chronicle’, a selection of 26 paintings and several drawings on celluloid, all preparatory studies for a 186-page manga, unveiled in its entirety at Galerie Perrotin in Paris.
Aya Takano belongs to the Superflat movement and Kaikai Kiki, the artistic production studio created in 2001 by Takashi Murakami. Inspired by all art forms, from erotic stamps of the Edo Period to impressionism, from Osamu Tezuka to Gustav Klimt, the artist has built a universe all her own.  Her mythology has constructed itself little by little, through her creations and visions of the unknown.

The 2011 tsunami that struck the north eastern coasts of Japan and led to the nuclear accident of Fukushima was a real wake-up call for the artist and this catastrophe deeply influenced her work. Preferring oil paint, which is more natural, to acrylic paint, for example, Aya Takano seems to pursue a new artistic quest, both humble and spiritual, influenced by a unique interest in science and guided by an absolute respect for nature and human life.

Aya Takano

Aya Takano has a special gift for storytelling, which she expands and enriches from one image to the next. She has created a 186-page manga entitled The Jelly Civilization Chronicle, exhibited in its entirety at the Galerie Perrotin, in English. After taking form in her imagination, the work came to life in very colourful preparatory oil paintings and drawings on celluloid. We find all the themes and obsessions of the artist from the beginning of her career, 20 years ago: self-discovery, feminine beauty, science fiction, the fight between light and shadow and the pursuit of an immaterial ideal, freed from all restraints of gravity.

Aya Takano

The manga stages the adventures of Naki and Minaka in a journey from the “Machine Civilization” to the “Jelly Civilization”. In a back-and-forth voyage between eras and spaces, the two characters meet in the sky and travel to the outer edges of the universe via unexplored places or planets with unknown magical powers…

Aya Takano

Initially dressed in emblematic high school uniforms, they are in turns nude or swathed in traditional kimonos or dreamlike clothing made of a mysterious jelly, a living organism that feeds off of water and oxygen. Surrounded by fabulous creatures, they are also accompanied by their ancestors, represented in the form of animals. They learn about the stars, meet a queen in an owl mask and encounter beings with star-tattoœd skin.
On the ruins of a nuclear reactor, after numerous trials and metamorphoses, the herœs return to the peaceful society they originally came from. This “Jelly Civilization” combines tradition, memory and eternity: “Memories of all the people wearing ‘jelly’, memories of all the ‘jelly’, memories of what is happening now, of what might happen…”
The result is the fruit of an imagination that feeds itself, full of every possibility of illusion, like an ideal space on the border of dreams and desires. “I think it is omnipresent inside ourselves and everywhere,” explains Aya Takano. The Jelly Civilization Chronicle represented a real challenge for the artist, who devoted herself to telling the recent story of Japan, while crystallizing within it her worries and obsessions as she never had before: it took an entire year to develop this original and ambitious work, presented and distributed first time in Paris, at the Galerie Perrotin.

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View the full set of pics here

Aya Takano
The Jelly civilization
Galerie Perrotin, Paris

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London streets: Fanakapan


Street artist Fanakapan recently completed series of murals  in the streets of East  London. Using a shiny silver inflatable 3D style, the artist painted a silver balloon dog,  a  duo of clown characters holding a smiley balloon , and a tribute to Peanuts fictional characters by Charles M. Schulz’s comic strip featuring a flying helium balloon of the bird  Woodstock and Snoopy.


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London: Ryoji Ikeda π, e, ø @Almine Rech

Japan’s leading electronic composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda is currently showing  a solo exhibition ‘ π, e, ø,’ organised with Olivier Renaud-Clement at Almine Rech Gallery in London

Ryoji Ikeda has gained a reputation as a unique artist working across both visual and sonic media. He elaborately orchestrates sound, visual materials, physical phenomena and mathematical notions into immersive live performances and installations.

The exhibition title π, e, ø stands for three important mathematical constants;

π (pi, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter)
e (the base of the natural logarithm)
ø (phi, golden ratio: a+b/a = a/b), all of which are infinite.

The show focuses on the essential characteristics of sound itself and that of visuals as light by means of both mathematical precision and aesthetics.
Through the use of mathematical vocabulary, the artist seeks to present infinity in a visual way.
The works on paper,  multiple variations of 1×1 surfaces of white and black from series of numbers,  the transcendental and the irrational, are exhaustively visualised in decimal expressions reaching 1.25 million digits a piece. These signs are beyond the limits of human comprehension or experience, and must be taken for wonders — apparitions of ominous and numinous beauty. A restrained elegance and minimalism reigns throughout, but the monochromatic surfaces belie the furious richness and staggering detail within.

Works from Ryoji Ikeda’s time and space series,  which convert the notion of Time onto 2-dimensional surfaces (Space), are presented together with works from the test pattern series that refers to the mathematical constants π, e, ø  and uses colors which are developed during the colour separation process of 16mm film.

More silent epiphanies are present in related works that elegantly visualise silence and time. 0’10” shows the numerical countdown from 10 to 0 that precedes films, making physically manifest the immaterial and temporal notion of ten seconds of 16mm film. Similarly, the work 4’33’, which consists of the physical equivalent of four minutes and thirty-three seconds of blank 16mm film with time code, clearly references John Cage’s hugely philosophical meditation on the impossibility of silence.

data.scan [nº1-9] is part of Ryoji Ikeda’s ongoing datamatics project (2006-) in which he explores the potential to perceive the invisible multi-substance of data which permeates our world. It is a series of experiments in various forms – audiovisual concerts, installations, publications and CD releases – that seek to materialise pure data. The audiovisual installations are composed of a combination of mathematics and the vast sea of data present in the world. Elaborately composed microscopic visualisations are shown on nine displays on plinths, all tightly synchronised with a minimal soundtrack and features sets of data from recent meta-scientific investigations mapping the human body and the astronomical universe (structures of errors, DNA sequence | chromosome nº11, morse code studies, molecular structure | protein, 4-dimensional hypercube | nodes). Positioned horizontally in intimate relation to the viewer’s body, the installation offers an intimate perception of each singular data investigation.

Echoing data.scan installation, is an ambiguous archeology of encoded knowledge from the systematics series.  Systematic patterns of data expression, from archival computer formats to contemporary technology referring to the technological progress of the digital age are displayed. These “primitive” systems, cultural artifacts and remnants of earlier technologies belong to a technological continuum beginning with the earliest stirrings of coded communication. The memory of a song forgotten in the piano roll, is now only silence, absence.

Ryoji Ikeda π, e, ø
Until 20 May
Almine Rech Gallery, London
Grosvenor Hill, Broadbent House,
W1K 3JH London UK


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Streets: Banksy Brexit mural in Dover

Banksy in Dover

When Banksy confirmed on Instagram a new mural in Dover last Sunday, it created an internet frenzy (covered).  We popped by to have a closer look at the biggest unauthorised work by the elusive artist in the UK .

As usual with the artist, location and message are key. Dover being a strategic location as a ferry port in South East England, and first port of entry and link between the UK and Europe. The mural has been painted on a building of a disused amusement arcade, at a crossing junction between York Street and the A20,where all the lorries drive by to the ferry port, while a large derelict sign ‘Welcome to Dover’ greets trucks on their way in.

Banksy in DoverBanksy in DoverBanksy in DoverBanksy in Dover

According to reports, Banksy created the work under cover of scaffolding. As the building is earmarked for demolition as part of a waterfront regeneration project, locals thought nothing of it. The three storey mural depicts a workman on a ladder chiselling one of the twelve stars of the European Flag, as a symbolic of the Brexit political process with the UK leaving the EU.

Attention to detail is remarquable, from the shading of the ladder and the stencilled lifesize workman, to the trompe l’oeil effects of the cracks in the European flag achieved by two layers of crisp lines, as well as the chips of the star falling off to the ground .

Banksy in DoverBanksy in DoverBanksy in DoverBanksy in Dover

Since appearing on the day of the French presidential elections on 7 May, the mural has generated  a great enthusiasm and pride from local residents and travellers curious to see it in person or photograph it, while a a few opportunists also started to chip some paint pieces from the ladder and scribble ‘The Clash’ on it.

When reality goes beyond fiction: with all the visitors, it appears that the council has instructed city workers to cut the grass around the unauthorised mural for a better photo opportunity ( cover photo), while CCTV and police are doing some random rounds to protect it from vandalism.

Banksy in DoverBanksy in Dover
Banksy in Dover

However there is also another sad twist: the owners of the building, the Godden Family, property developpers in the Kent coast, are planning to sell the mural for £ 1 million (source: Telegraph ) The Godden family said in a statement: “We can confirm that we are exploring options for the retention, removal or sale of the piece.” The family added that it “will look to benefit local charities with proceeds from any sale of the piece”.

Sad times indeed. So get there to see it in person while you can.

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Streets in France: Recognize! Vote!

With the historical Presidential election in France divided with candidates including Far Right, we followed anonymous activist artist < + + as he campaigned prolifically as the 12th candidate. His pasters  feature his signature peaceful and poetic futuristic creatures and guardians of an imaginary micronation, also known as totems or TTM on a monochrome blason, playing on the duality of night & day, while the slogans ‘Recognize!’ and ‘Vote!’ raise awareness to take action against intolerance and extremism.

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Streets: New Banksy in Dover

Banksy Dover.jpg

As the UK heads towards a general election and Britain prepares to leave the EU, a three-storey version of the European Union flag appeared painted on to a residential building, on Saturday morning, near the ferry port off the A20 in the Kent seaside town of Dover. The mural features a monochrome stencilled image of a man chiseling off one of the 12 stars.  The anonymous artist later confirmed his ownership by publishing two photos of the painting on his Instagram feed and website.

Photo: Banksy’s website

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Paris: JR – Wrinkles of the City Istanbul

Gallery Perrotin in Paris is currently showing the latest instalment of ‘Winkles of the City – Istanbul’, a project created by French artist JR, featuring monumental portraits across cities dedicated to the elderly people and their stories.

In May 2015, JR created works on 15 buildings all over Istanbul, a city seen as a link between Europe and Asia, and not far from new conflict zones. In the last chapter of his project ‘The Wrinkles of the City’, JR portrays older people who have lived through the changes and upheavals of their city – especially the secularization of Istanbul after 1924 – and enlarges their portraits to reflect the changes in the architecture of various areas of the city.


In parallel to the pictures and artworks exhibited, the show features a screening ‘Wrinkles of the City’.

JR- Wrinkles of the City Istanbul
Until 13 May
Galerie Perrotin
76 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris

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