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London: Aida Wilde for disConnect Project

During during the COVID-19 pandemic,ten international artists have been invited by Schoeni Projects in collaboration with HK Walls to create site specific installations inside a Victorian house in South London for  ‘disCONNECT’. The exhibition reflects on the creative and physical constraints of the current global crisis, exploring psychological and political reactions to the crisis, as well as the role of technology as conduit between the two.

We reached out to Iranian born, London based artist Aida Wilde for more information on her installations.

Her iconic pink dotted wallpaper has gone literally viral, morphing into a Covid-19 virus shape. Slogans on the walls mention ‘99% ARE IN THIS TOGETHER’, ‘STAY THE FUCK AT HOME’ with an hug Emoji wearing a Burberry hat and a LV protective mask (a reference to luxury brands announcing that they would produce non surgical masks and protective equipment for frontline workers).


She transformed one of the house’s toilets as a ‘Pandemic Mausoleum’ with her signature text works on wallpaper, floor lino with slogans sharing reactions to the pandemic.

The ‘Pandemic Mausoleum’ is adorned with a site-specific wallpaper, based around a traditional 16th century Damask fabric. Patterns include Emoji’s that tells the capsule story of the pandemic (covid-19) with elements ranging from bats (which many believe was the source of the virus) to masked toilet roll hugging head, palm trees, joggers, rainbows, a house in lockdown, post boxes and not forgetting clapping hands ‘for our heroes”. The lino floor has been covered with ‘FEAR LESS / LESS FEAR’

Surrounded by everyday objects which have become totemic of the contemporary climate – toilet roll tubes donated by neighbours, discarded objects from “lock-down” spring cleaning and bottles of bleach sourced locally from the independent manufacturer Zamo – the works are presented alongside hazard tape, demarcating ‘socially distanced’ two metre intervals.

Aida Wilde also created specific paraphernalia: ‘Covid 19 Germ Warfare’ Tshirt and face masks are an ode to Keith Haring’s 1987 “Aids Is Political- Biological Social (Germ) Warfare” slogans. Various comparisons/similarities can be made between the two epidemics in terms of the hysteria attached to it, who and what is targeted (specific demographics/ race/ gender) eg. Black Men are 4 times more likely to get Covid 19 and more men have contracted the virus than women. The T-shirt is displayed inside a vacuumed sealed bag to further enhance the message of being “Germ Free- Dust Free” that is all illuminated by UV lights to further represent the annihilation of even more germs.

Playing with UV light, the viewers can read ‘The powerful are powerless against the invisible’ .  Close to the T shirt display, a series of Baskeball caps ‘Make the world covid free again’, are inspired by D. Trump’s infamous red ‘ Make American Great Again’ and his announcement that wearing a hat could protect from the virus.

Curtain lace banners ‘Notes From A Phantom’ display writings/poems and call to action that occurred during the UK lockdown in collaboration with Minneapolis based artist Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski. The two pieces with their gray texts are screen printed onto black lace, reminiscent of traditional face coverings in mourning and are a reference to the unlawful murder of George Floyd in the US and the Black Lives Matter protests that took place subsequently after the killing. They speak about the importance and the power of Stillness and Silence from the maddening world around them.

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Aida Wilde also transformed a notice road sign to reflect the ‘Changed priorities Ahead’ since the lockdown has slowed a lot of people down and forced them to reassess their priorities, from the daily exercise to observing nature.

Images courtesy of the artist

DisConnect is on view until 24 August 2020. The exhibition is also accessible to online audiences, where each work is further activated through an accompanying programme of digital initiatives, including downloadable art works, online videos, virtual tours and an Instagram Live interview series.

Full list of participating artists include : Adam Neate (UK); Aida Wilde (Iran); Alex Fakso (Italy); Mr.Cenz (UK); David Bray (UK), Herakut (Germany); Icy and Sot (Iran); Isaac Cordal (Spain); Vhils (Portugal); ZOER (Italy).

Book free tickets to reserve your time slots here




Celebration of Female Artists

Swoon - Nuit Blanche Paris 14

We would like to celebrate our favorite female artists worldwide, who are pushing boundaries in graffiti /street art as well as contemporary art. The list is unlimited so we are sending much love and support to ALL the female artists.

Keep doing what you are doing!

Aida Wilde

Barbara Kruger - Forever

Aya Takano

The Art of Politics

Chiharu Shiota

Faith47 - London



Aiko -Unstoppable Waves

Marrakech Biennale MB6 Street Art


Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse


Olek - London

MIMA - Swoon

Tara McPherson

Yayoi Kusama

London: Sweet Toof – Mid Nite Crisis

Sweet Toof - MidNite Crisis

Legendary UK street artist Sweet Toof is returning to the London East End (118 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 7NY) with a solo exhibition entitled Mid Nite Crisis. Opening on the 14th of December, the exhibition features paintings, sculptures, ceramics, miniature portraits, linocut prints and more surprises. With bright colours and his signature gums and teeth, there is a bit of eye candy for everyone during the festive season. Check out some preview images of the not to miss show below…

Screenprint Queen Aida Wilde is celebrating 10 years anniversary of print collaborating with Sweet Toof with a special release : From EAST END SUCKS to GentriFUCK


Sweet Toof - MidNite CrisisSweet Toof - MidNite Crisis
Sweet Toof - MidNite CrisisSweet Toof - MidNite CrisisSweet Toof - MidNite Crisis
Sweet Toof - MidNite Crisis
Sweet Toof - MidNite CrisisSweet Toof - MidNite Crisis
Sweet Toof - MidNite CrisisSweet Toof - MidNite Crisis

MidNite Crisis
Sweet Toof Solo Exhibition
118 Stoke Newington High St
London N16 7NY

Streets: Aida Wilde – Less Homes 4U

Aida Wilde

London based artist AIDA WILDE continues her interventions denouncing the rapid gentrification of London’s iconic and creative areas like Hackney Wick.
Her powerful text based street interventions incorporate social media terminology as a tool for activism.

Earlier in September, during the Art on the Streets conference, she presented her work about the gentrification of Hackney Wick, the curation of the Lord Napier project for Hackney Wicked ( from Shithouse to Penthouse), and A Hackney Wick Funeral, uniting countless artists in homage to Hackney Wick’s vibrant artistic past.

Croydon, a borough located south of London, often nicknamed ‘Cronx’ due to its infamous and controversial reputation, from Kate Moss to the 2011 London Riots, has been undergoing a lot of real estate development and revitalisation in a bid to change its image and attract new crowds.

In the city center many of the local shops have now closed to give way to big brands and so on.

Aida WildeAida Wilde
Aida Wilde

For the Croydon Rise Festival, a street art festival curated by Monoprixx, Wherethereswalls and Rise Gallery, aimed to become the largest free open air museum in Europe, Aida Wilde decided to create a bespoke shop front window namely apt ‘Less Homes 4U’.

Using her signature vibrant neon pink dotted wallpaper and black block text imagery, Aida Wilde continues to denounce the gentrification process.

Aida WildeAida WildeAida Wilde
Aida WildeAida Wilde
Aida WildeTeam Pic by @Wherethereswalls

Together with her glamorous assistants Aida pasted up bold messages on the shop window:


A sign next to the window indicates ‘WHERE ONLY THE 1% COUNT’, with the O being strategically stroked off.

Aida Wilde

In parallel in the Rise Gallery, the public is invited to add notes to Aida Wilde’s installation ‘My mother’s aspiration for me was…’


London: Print is Power with Sisters in Print

Print is power - Sisters in Print

During the Other Art Fair in London, Aida Wilde (covered) and Sisters in Print held a series of workshops to share their skills and passion for printmaking, from cutting like a Ninja, print like a Butterfly to Macho only workshops.

Print is power - Sisters in Print
Print is power - Sisters in Print

The workshops featured all the techniques from monoprint, stencils, collages, screenprints and tools of the trade and their secrets.

Print is power - Sisters in PrintPrint is power - Sisters in Print
Print is power - Sisters in PrintPrint is power - Sisters in Print
Print is power - Sisters in PrintPrint is power - Sisters in PrintPrint is power - Sisters in Print

While the fierce ladies focussed on their techniques and prints with vibrant imagery and powerful slogans, men couldn’t help but cut a bold happy willy…
Expression in all its forms and good laughs were in order

Print is power - Sisters in PrintPrint is power - Sisters in Print Print is power - Sisters in PrintPrint is power - Sisters in Print

Big up to the energetic Queen Printmaker Aida, Juliette Stuart and the Sisters in Print, as well as GFSmith papers, Great Art UK and Screentec for providing the prints!

Print is power - Sisters in Print
Print is power - Sisters in PrintPrint is power - Sisters in Print
Print is power - Sisters in PrintPrint is power - Sisters in Print

Full set of pics HERE