Toulouse: Rose Beton


We are pleased to partner with the ROSE BETON Festival in Toulouse (FR), curated by la Mairie de Toulouse and the 50Cinq. The second edition of the festival is paying tribute to Graffiti, with a selection of 14 international artists.

Check our updated coverage below by clicking on the images and links:

8 August 2016: Miss Van

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

9 July 2016: Tilt installation voyage retour

Tilt - Voyage Retour

15 July 2016: Ben Eine

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

24 June 2016: POES and JO BER

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

June 2016: Honet ( StreetArtNews )

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

26 June: Aryz  ( VNA )

June 2016: ECB  ( StreetArtNews )

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse


23 June 2016: Chateau d’Eau 

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

Le Château d’Eau  is showcasing an historical flashback on the New York  graffiti scene with pictures from legendary Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant, while French photographer Sylvain Largot is presenting his snapshots from the current underground scene.

Rose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - Toulouse

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Montana Colors 
Arrested Motion

Works  by Futura , Craig CostelloTiltMist and  Boris Tellegen will take over the  Musee des Abattoirs with impressive installations.

Futura - IntrospectiveMarrakech Biennale 2016 Boris Tellegen - Surface

In parallel, international artists will be painting a series of murals across town including  Ben Eine,  Miss VanHendrik Beikrich, Honet, Reso and Aryz.

Eine   Mr Freeze - 50cinq   Hendrik Beikirch aka ECB - Tracing Marocco   Mulafest - AryzMr Freeze - 50cinq   Mapping the City - Somerset House

To finish this incredible line up the week end of 11 -12 June will be celebrated with the Open Summer Festival (covered) and a graffiti jam featuring 20 artists from the local and European scene that will take over the space at the 50cinq as well as walls across the pink city.

Participating artists include: Logan, Zeus, Pencil, Opium, Dizer, Katre , Aroe, Sike, Jober, Poes, Wow, Maye, Ofuske, Demon, Satone, Nes, Rokse, Orcke, Toncé, Macs, Oster, Eps, Stus, Padre, Atom, Panks, Redy, Stop, Ja, Reks, Oko, SweetUno, Seno, Mile, Corail, Momies, Zest.

Check the full programme below:

June – August 2016

Photographies – Chateau D’Eau
Martha Cooper / Henri Chalfant/ Sylvain Largot
2 June – 27 June  / Opening 10 June

EPOXY Exhibition at Les Abattoirs
Futura / Craig Costello / Tilt / Mist / Boris Tellegen
15 June – 28 August / Opening 10 June

Open Summer Festival – 50cinq
11 – 12 June 2016

So do not miss the 10-11-12 June in Toulouse and stay tuned as we go behind the scenes of ROSE BETON!


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