Marrakech Biennale 2016 – Tilt ‘Voyage Aller’ installation

Marrakech Biennale 2016

French graffiti artist Tilt has been selected for the OFF of the 6th Marrakech Biennale.
During his artistic residency at Jardin Rouge, in collaboration with the Montresso* Art Foundation, Tilt has created an installation entitled ‘Voyage Aller’ (Inbound Trip) featuring a vehicule overloaded with graffiti, composed of half of 404 Peugeot and his roof rack loaded with objects brought back from the Occident to the Orient.

Having traveled the world since 1988, Tilt has questioned the viewer about the expectations and prejudices, about our habits and ‘mind sets’, he tracks down the resistance to certain art concepts and proclaims loud and clear his graffiti artist status.

Marrakech Biennale 2016

In his thoughts about his participation to the Marrakech Biennale, Tilt continues  his questioning about the consequences of the practices and the experimentation in graffiti art, by fetishizing an object, the Peugeot 404 car, out of time, appreciated for its properties regardless of its practical, socials and cultural interests. Tilt sanctifies the object by vandalizing it; he breaks down the unstable and fluctuating barriers of the work of art.

From this, the artist reinterprets and mounts the images of those big summer migration flows on the Maghreb roads and of the meeting between two cultures through the round trip of these migrants, with his own language, graffiti.

Marrakech Biennale 2016
Marrakech Biennale 2016     Marrakech Biennale 2016Marrakech Biennale 2016Marrakech Biennale 2016

Here is  a video of the creative process for the “Voyage Aller’ installation


The ‘Voyage Aller‘ installation is currently exhibited at L’Blassa, Yougoslavie road, Marrakech until 8 May 2016.

View the full set of pics from the Marrakech Biennale here

The other half of the installation ‘Voyage Retour‘ will be presented at the museum Les Abattoirs in Toulouse in June 2016, the other side of the same car will be revealed to the public on his return version, with a roof rack loaded with objects brought back from Orient to Occident.

Tilt – Voyage Aller
Until 8 May
Marrakech Biennale 2016
L’Blassa, Yougoslavie road


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