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Marseille: Gris1 solo show at Backside gallery

Gris1 - Backside Gallery

Gris1  from the  Da Mental Vaporz crew is having a solo show at Backside Gallery in Marseille, France, running until 8 November. Showcasing paintings and installations, Gris1 treats us with a reconstitution of his studio space, where post-it notes and smiley faces overtake the floors to the ceiling. But the most impressive part of the show is a creation of a miniature city and train station where the trains circulate featuring familiar throw-ups and tags from Gris1 and his friends, much to the delight of children and grown ups.

Gris1 - Backside Gallery   Gris1 - Backside Gallery   Gris1 - Backside Gallery
Gris1 - Backside Gallery
Gris1 - Backside Gallery      Gris1 - Backside Gallery
Gris1 - Backside Gallery      Gris1 - Backside Gallery
Full set of pics from the opening here

Backside Gallery
Marseille, France
Until 8 November 2008