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Paris: Urban Week in La Defense

For its 4th edition the Urban Week festival returns to the business district of La Defense in Paris from 20 -23 September 2017 with a series of events celebrating street culture from street art, music, sports and food.

Through the project SAATO, 18 international artists are doing live painting sessions: MUG (AUS), BRUSK (FR), VESOD (IT), MONSTA (FR), STOM 500 (FR), BANE&PEST (CH), WISE TWO (Kenya), KALOUF (FR), MR CENZ (UK), BELIN (ES), NEAN (BE), DOES (NL) DEGE (FR), RNST (FR), MOMIES (FR), INSANE 51 (GR), RUSS (FR), MR DHEO (PT).

Photo credit : Celine Neveux for Butterfly Art News

20 -23 September 2017
Paris La Defense


Paris: Belin ‘Post Neo Cubism’ Solo Show

Belin - Post Neo Cubism

Having exhibited in Europe, US, Canada and Mexico, Spanish artist Miguel Ángel Belinchón aka Belin is currently showing his first Parisian Solo Show called ‘Post Neo Cubism’,  curated by Nicolas Couturieux.

Self-taught artist Belin has grown internationally as one of the leading hyper-realistic graffiti artists. For over the past 15 years, Belin’s mastering technique of the spraypaint has been his signature style, free hand flowing directly from the realism of his imagination without the use of preparatory stencils, with the precision of lines and proportions so crucial in hyperrealism.

A visit to Málaga in 2016, home town of Spanish master, Pablo Picasso, has been decisive in his career and triggered a new artistic style for the artist: Post – Neo Cubism, a balance between cubism and realism.
Belin started to deconstruct his hyperrealist style and break the mould of reality, free from forms and rules, with the representation of multiplied view angles, mixing geometrical elements, patterns and textures, along with vibrant colours to create dynamic portraits, fusing hyperrealism with abstraction.  People’s faces and bodies, disassembled and then reassembled, multiply their human nature to illustrate all the nuances and differences of expressions and feelings.

Using  spray cans, oil painting and pencil, these dynamic portraits have such accurate expressive details of the faces, the wrinkles, the eyes, ears, noses, and mouths, that they seem incredibly ‘alive’.

Belin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo Cubism

Through twenty canvasses and ten pencil drawings, the current exhibition features icons and persons who captured Belin’s life as well as symbols from France to Andalucia. Family members and friends are illustrated as well as a deconstructed self portrait. Belins pays also homage to the great masters with portraits of Pablo Picasso, Dali, Keith Haring to Frida Kahlo and female icons like Mona Lisa.

Belin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo Cubism

Many artists turned up to celebrate the opening with Belin such as Ogre, Thomas Canto and Miss Van to name a few.

Belin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo Cubism
Belin - Post Neo Cubism
Belin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo CubismBelin - Post Neo Cubism

In parallel to the exhibition, Belin is also releasing a puzzle version of his ‘Marion’ painting and a show poster.

View the full set of pics here

Belin – Post Neo Cubism
Until 25 June
24 Rue Beaubourg