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London Streets: Olek


Polish artist Olek just completed a 26ft crocheted mural on Corbett Place by the Truman Brewery in East London. With her signature intricate and colourful patterns, an embroidered message says Let’s not get caught, Let’s keep going, a quote from Thelma and Louise‘s movie. Olek didn’t get caught and even managed to find time for a tango.

Olek      Olek Olek      OlekOlekOlek

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London: Olek and the Elephant Family

Olek - London

Currently on display in London Covent Garden are two multi-coloured crocheted
elephants by NYC Street artist Olek.

The  Elephant Family  – an initiative that aims to protect Asian elephants and their
habitat –  enlisted the help of a host of leading artists, designers, photographers and creatives like Christian Lacroix, Matthew Williamson, Mario Testino, Missoni,
Fabergé, Cartier to participate in their charity event named the Animal Ball at the Lancaster House.

Artists have been tasked to create a bespoke pair of masks that reflect their
interpretation of an endangered animal, as well as bespoke elephant sculptures that
will be auctioned for charity on 9 July.  In addition, each of the 24 rooms of the
Lancaster House will be transformed into a magnificent indoor jungle, including a
crochet rainforest by Olek.

Olek - London  Olek - LondonOlek - London Olek - London     Olek - London       Olek - London     Olek - London

View the full set of pics here