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Paris: District 13 – International Art Fair

The first District 13 – International Art Fair will be held from 26 – 30 September in Paris at Drouot, an iconic institution of art history. Located in the heart of the capital, District 13 offers the public a curated selection of international galleries and international renowned street artists.

District 13 finds its inspiration in the city’s 13th district, with a long history of supporting street art with Street Art 13, an open air museum led by Galerie Itinerrance and the Mayor of the 13th District, as well as the more recent project Tour 13 (covered here).

Opened in 1852 in Paris, Hotel Drouot is the world’s largest auction house. Over the years, this institution has forged a place as a focal point for contemporary art. Works from the greatest names throughout the history of art, including Picasso, Matisse, Braque and Dalí, have been sold under the hammer of Drouot’s auctioneers.

For the first time ever, Drouot will be hosting a fair dedicated to Urban Art – a movement that is undergoing a complete transformation and lies at the heart of the debate and future of contemporary art.

District 13 will host a series of events.

Participating exhibitors include a carefully selected range of galleries and international street artists (from Paris, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, etc): Garey The Third (OTI),Galerie Itinerrance, Subliminal Projects, Galerie LJ, Corey Helford Gallery, Dorothy Circus Gallery, 39.63 Project, Hellion Gallery, HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture, Galería Lira, Pure Evil Gallery, Art & Craft Galerie, Avenue des Arts, Orlinda Lavergne Gallery, Yosr Ben Ammar Gallery , GCA Gallery, France Albin Michel Editions Beaux Livres, Galerie At Down, France Backside Gallery,France Swinton Galler, Graffik Gallery, What’s Art Gallery, Lavo//Matik.

The programme also features conferences, meeting with artists, guided tours, and an auction for the final day of the fair.

District 13 International Art Fair
26- 30 September 2018
9, rue Drouot
75009 Paris, France


Paris: Live painting session

During the busy art week in Paris, a series of leading international artists have been invited to paint in front of the Drouot building for the Digard Street Art Auction: Nick Walker (UK), Logan Hicks (US), Mear One (US), Miss Tic (FR), Seth (FR), Katre (FR), Cope 2 (US) and Indie 184 (US) . Legendary photographer Martha Cooper was also onsite to document the events.

Paris Live Painting - Nick Walker Paris Live Painting - Nick Walker & Martha Cooper     Paris Live Painting - Nick WalkerParis Live Painting - Katre  Paris Live Painting - Katre & Seth Paris Live Painting - Katre     Paris Live Painting - Seth Paris Live Painting - Logan Hicks Paris Live Painting - Martha Cooper & Logan Hicks Paris Live Painting -  Logan Hicks     Paris Live Painting - Cope2 & Indie184Paris Live Painting - Cope2 Paris Live Painting - Mear One Paris Live Painting -     Paris Live Painting - Mear One

The artworks will be auctioned in May 2014

View the full set here