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Paris: INTI ‘Profane’ at Galerie Itinerrance

Inti - Profane

Chilean artist INTI retuns to Paris for a third solo show called ‘Profane’ at Galerie Itinerrance, featuring new paintings and an impressive site specific installation.

For years Inti kept on traveling all around the world to paint murals . His wall paintings often show the Kusillo, a character originated from the south-american carnival, or figures coming from religious imagery. These intense creations organized through rich and meaningful compositions allow him to approach social issues. The artist draws symbols from different cultures and various fields, he takes them out of their context to give them a new meaning by juxtaposition.

For «Profane», Inti selected a dozen of his murals he recently executed across the world from Lisbon to Miami and China. Based on the subjects represented on each of them, he adapted his artistic practice to the size of the canvas and changed some elements to better clarify his intention.

Inti also created an immersive installation by covering the floor with stencilled skulls while a spectacular Pietà sit prominently in the center of the gallery space.

Inti - ProfaneInti - Profane
Inti - Profane
Inti - ProfaneInti - Profane

This 8.5 feet high installation is the result of a long work for Inti who experimented with a new medium. It took him 6 months of work and 12 hours a day to finish it. Beyond a technical challenge, Inti managed to represent in volume a traditional figure of religious iconography and reappropriated it with his own codes.

Inti - ProfaneInti - Profane
Inti - Profane

Through this new body of work, Inti addresses various issues , like the conflicts between science and religion, with a critical eye without expressing a definitive answer. The same way he spreads numerous iconography and symbols in each of his paintings, he injects in his compositions a multitude of elements and leave the spectator free to interpret them. «Profane» transcribe very well the journey Inti experienced since his last exhibition. His numerous travels can be felt through his openness to the world and his sensitivity.

Inti - ProfaneInti - ProfaneInti - Profane
Inti - Profane

«Profane» challenges us to reflect on the banality of our beliefs and dogmas, as opposed to the delicate, ephemeral and natural beauty of life.‘ – Inti

Inti - Profane

View the full set of pics here

Inti – ‘Profane’
Until 31 March 2018
Galerie Itinerrance
24bis boulevard du Général Jean Simon
75013 Paris


Paris: Bom.K – “Vertiges & Somnolences”

Bom.K - Vertiges et Somnolences

French graffiti artist Bom.k has launched his first ever solo show, Vertiges et Somnolence (Dizziness & Drowsiness), at Galerie Itinerrance in Paris, showcasing a series of large scale canvases, drawings, and sculptures. With a unique way to paint with spray cans, distorting caps for an ultimate precision of the lines, the founder of the Da Mental Vaporz crew invites the viewer into his world of disturbing hybrid creatures and urban landscapes. The result is breathtaking.

Bom.K - Vertiges et Somnolences  Bom.K - Vertiges et Somnolences  Bom.K - Vertiges et Somnolences
Bom.K - Vertiges et Somnolences Bom.K - Vertiges et Somnolences  Bom.K - Vertiges et Somnolences  Bom.K - Vertiges et Somnolences
Bom.K - Vertiges et Somnolences     Bom.K - Vertiges et Somnolences Bom.K - Vertiges et Somnolences  Bom.K - Vertiges et Somnolences  Bom.K - Vertiges et Somnolences Bom.K - Vertiges et Somnolences

View the full set of pics here

Bom.K – Vertiges & Somnolences
Until 1 June 2013
Galerie Itinerrance
7 bis rue René Goscinny, 75013 Paris