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London: Nigel Cox – Oblivious

Nigel Cox - Oblivious

Irish artist Nigel Cox is currently showing a new body of works entitled “Oblivious’ with contemporary curatorial duo Coates & Scarry in London. Nigel Cox creates minimalistic oil paintings with an extraordinary realism and meticulous details.

Inspired by ordinary people going about their everyday lives and immersed in their own routine, he captures their moments unaware.

The abandonment of background detail focuses the viewer directly on the subject, whose face is not visible, and creates a feeling of inner calm and tranquillity.


Nigel Cox - ObliviousNigel Cox - Oblivious   Nigel Cox - Oblivious  Nigel Cox - ObliviousNigel Cox - ObliviousNigel Cox - Oblivious     Nigel Cox - ObliviousNigel Cox - Oblivious     Nigel Cox - Oblivious

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Nigel Cox – Oblivious
Coates & Scarry
Gallery 8
8 Duke Street

London SW1Y 6BN.