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London: Frieze Art Fair 2016 – Projects

Frieze Art Fair 2016

In parallel to the regular booths at Frieze Art Fair (covered) , selected artists have been commissioned to create unusual projects.  Artist Julie Verhoeven intervened in one of its lavatories. Upon arrival, visitors are led by the pink and blue coloured carpets, only to get confused about what is going on in the facilities. Verhoeven’s project is called The Toilet Attendant … Now Wash Your Hands  with the artist dressed as the attendant while all the lavatories have been decorated with fun features, from menstrual pads decorations in the men section to artistic poo painting palette.

While it is hugely entertaining and brings some much needed fun to the sometimes too serious Fair, it also mixes genders and highlights the invisibility of certain working groups and labour ethics. With the enhanced experience,  visitors are leaving the playful installation with a big smile on their faces and sometimes taking away some felted poo.

Frieze Art Fair 2016 Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016
Frieze Art Fair 2016  Frieze Art Fair 2016   Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016   Frieze Art Fair 2016  Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016    Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016    Frieze Art Fair 2016

Wandering along the alleys of the Fair, Lloyd Corporation interventions (Carlos Ishikawa Gallery) presented random street vendors with Vuitton and Hello Kitty  bags visitors .

Frieze Art Fair 2016

Additional performances included a comedian miming different paintings expressions, foams where visitors were invited to interact with and relax.

Frieze Art Fair 2016    Frieze Art Fair 2016

In the Nineties Section of the Fair, with Air de Paris Projects, artist Pierre Joseph presented his series of “Characters to be reactivated”, living sculptures, moving or standing (not talking) with a policeman, a prisoner and a depressed Cinderella with her broom.

Frieze Art Fair 2016Frieze Art Fair 2016     Frieze Art Fair 2016

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Frieze Art Fair 2016
Regents Park