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London: Saber – The Ugly American

Saber - the Ugly American

After Newcastle, LA based graffiti artist Saber launched the second installment of his first European solo show “The Ugly American” at The Outsiders London.

Suffering from epilepsy and being denied healthcare, the politically engaged artist decided to voice issues  and battles for universal care by attacking and transforming iconic images of US and Union Jack flags. Using found packing crates, the flags have been scratched and look raw and angry.  

Saber - the Ugly American Saber - the Ugly American

On the other hand Saber’s abstract paintings, made with layered collages and painted paper, juxtapose harmoniously a delicate texture with his strong and powerful sharp signature lines.

Saber - the Ugly American      Saber - the Ugly American     Saber - the Ugly American          Saber - the Ugly American     Saber - the Ugly American      Saber - the Ugly American     Saber - the Ugly American

View the full set of pics of the opening here

Saber – The Ugly American
Until 15 February 2014
The Outsiders