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London: Urs Fischer – Melodrama

Urs Fischer - Melodrama

Swiss contemporary artist Urs Fischer is currently exhibiting “Melodrama” at Sadie Coles in London. Featuring 3,000 hand modelled plaster giant raindrops suspended throughout the gallery, the installation creates a pastel rainbow rainstorm cloud which weaves in a swirling movement through the space.

Underneath this multicoloured rain are a series reclining life sized beheaded nudes made out of clay, sometimes painted, sometimes in discarded state with just a carrot.
Putting the fun back into art.

Urs Fischer - Melodrama

Urs Fischer - Melodrama      Urs Fischer - Melodrama
Urs Fischer - MelodramaUrs Fischer - Melodrama     Urs Fischer - Melodrama Urs Fischer - Melodrama    Urs Fischer - Melodrama

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Urs Fischer – Melodrama
Until 18 Jan 2014
Sadie Coles
62 Kingly Street
London W1