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Usugrow UK Solo Show

Following the success of Shiganist at Stolenspace, Usugrow returns to the UK with his premier solo show. The new collection of work takes the viewer inside the mind of Hasadhu, a fictional character created by Usugrow to reflect his own thoughts. 

Usugrow describes the art work itself as a big storm which will engulf everybody around him and the process of making artwork as the calm night before the storm. Those nights are a quiet and personal moment that he enjoys with happiness, clarity and peace.


 Photos by Butterfly

‘Hasadhu, In The Night Before A Storm’
By Usugrow 

02.04.10 – 18.04.10






Shinganist Show curated by Usugrow at StolenSpace

In anticipation of the imminent release of his new book “Shinganist,” Usugrow has rallied the book’s contributors , USUGROW, MOZYSKEY, TOSHIKAZU NOZAKA, BENE and JUN KANEKO to action for this show at StolenSpace, London.

Together, these five Japanese artists took over the walls of the Gallery with stunning new works on canvas, paper, wood and felt, straddling the fine line of street art, skate and tattoo culture, while simultaneously drawing inspiration from centuries of traditional Japanese imagery.

“Shinagist” is running from 23 July 09  to 09 August 09

StolenSpace, London

Shiganist Show StolenSpace

Shiganist Show Stolenspace

Shiganist Show Stolenspace

Shiganist Show Stolenspace

Shiganist Show Stolenspace

Photos by S.Butterfly