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London: Shok-1- X Rainbow

Shok1 X Rainbow

London graffiti artist SHOK-1 is currently showing X-Rainbow at Pictures on Walls.

Within black painted walls, a multicolored skeleton overlooks the exhibition space from the ceiling while a heart shaped noose hangs high. Mastering the spraycan since the 80s, SHOK1 created a series of translucent x-ray inspired prints, canvases in a rainbow palette, featuring femur bones, hands and insects.

Shok1 X Rainbow    Shok1 X Rainbow     Shok1 X Rainbow     Shok1 X Rainbow     Shok1 X RainbowShok1 X Rainbow Shok1 X Rainbow     Shok1 X RainbowShok1 X Rainbow     Shok1 X Rainbow

View the full set of pics here

Shok1 – X Rainbow
Until 19th Dec 2013

Pictures on Walls
46-48 Commercial Street