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Art Paris Art Fair: TILT Solo Exhibition

With Switzerland being the guest of honour at Art Paris Art Fair (covered here), the Swiss Kolly Gallery focuses on the universe of French graffiti artist Tilt by dedicating a Solo Show. Tilt has won the First Prize of the … Continue reading

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Marrakech: Tilt – Voyage Retour

We continue our coverage behind the scenes in Marrakech at Jardin Rouge with French Graffiti artist TILT as he works on the second instalment ‘ Voyage Retour‘ of his installation that is currently exhibited at Rose Beton Festival in Toulouse. … Continue reading

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Toulouse: Rose Beton Festival – Part 1

Curated by Tilt, this year’s Rose Beton Festival in Toulouse  is dedicated to the roots of graffiti and specially New York. So to kick start the three months festival in the pink city, a photographic exhibition held at the oldest art space … Continue reading

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Preview : ROSE BETON Festival (Toulouse)

We are pleased to partner with the ROSE BETON Festival in Toulouse (FR), curated by la Mairie de Toulouse and the 50Cinq. The second edition of the festival is paying tribute to Graffiti, with a selection of 14 international artists. Le Château … Continue reading

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Toulouse: Open Summer Festival

For the 4th year running, the Open Summer Festival invited twenty international artists in Toulouse at the new creative hub Cinquante Cinq / Espace Cobalt. Outside the exhibition space, guests enjoyed live painting sessions with a Graffiti Jam, but also … Continue reading

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London: Brazilian invasion

Brazilian artists are currently bringing lots of colours to the streets of London. After his solo show at Montana Barcelona ( covered here) Cranio has been hitting the streets with his witty characters. In parallel, two São Paulo street artists, Mateus … Continue reading

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Streets: MSK crew in London

The MSK crew was in London over the week end taking advantage of the great weather. AROE and the rest of the crew completed this mural undisturbed under the watchful eye of some “special visitors”.        

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Paris: La Tour 13

Over looking the Seine ,  La Tour Paris 13 ‎  is a project curated by Mehdi Ben Cheikh from Galerie Itinerrance. During a year the entire building was painted by 100 international street and graffiti artists, each leaving their mark with murals and installations … Continue reading

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Streets: Gris1

While in Brest, super prolific artist Gris1 has been colouring walls and shutters accross town with his bubbly characters.

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Paris Opening: Mausolee with Lek x Sowat

On August 12, 2010,  French graffiti artists Lek and Sowat found an abandoned supermarket of 430,000sq. ft  in the north of Paris. For a year, in the greatest of secrets they invited forty French graffiti artists to collaborate and create an illegal graffiti Mausoleum. … Continue reading

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London: Hypnagogia By ROA

After portraying large scale monochrome animals in London’s city streets and on derelict buildings all over the world, Belgium artist ROA returns to London for a solo show titled ‘Hypnagogia’ at Stolenspace. The exhibition is held in two spaces, featuring … Continue reading

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Paris: Mausolee – Lek x Sowat

Imagine an abandoned four storey supermarket in the North of Paris occupied by squatters, then deserted again. On August 12, 2010, French graffiti artists Lek (RAW crew) and Sowat (DMV) discovered the place much to their delight. For a year, in the greatest of … Continue reading

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Streets: Melbourne

Wandering through the streets of Melbourne, here is a selection of street and graffiti art, from Anthony Lister, Swoon to local artists like Reka, Fred Fowler, the AWOL crew with Adnate and Slicer.              More pics here

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Melbourne: Da Mental Vaporz – Le Venin Part 2

After mentioning the top floor installation (covered here) we continue our coverage about the Da Mental Vaporz exhibition at Rtist Gallery. With a brand new series of works by all nine crew members consisting of Bom.k, Blo, Brusk, Dran, Kan, … Continue reading

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Melbourne Streets: New Mural by the DMV crew

As the Da Mental Vaporz crew is currently in Australia for an exhibition at Rtist Gallery,  they couldn’t resist leaving a massive mural. Combining a patchwork of their different styles, the DMV crew consisting ofBom-K, Blo, Brusk, Dran, Gris1, ISO, Jaw, … Continue reading

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Melbourne: Da Mental Vaporz – Le Venin Part 1

Aboard “Le Venin”, the French graffiti crew Da Mental Vaporz crossed oceans and snow storms for a spectacular show at Rtist Gallery in Melbourne.  The top floor of the gallery has been totally transformed with a massive installation. The tunnel shaped space … Continue reading

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Toulouse (FR): Da Mental Vaporz – Squatters

Back in summer 2011, while they were showing in Toulouse at the GHP Galerie, the Da Mental Vaporz crew couldn’t resist leaving their mark on an iconic building: the former Palais des Congres of Toulouse (exhibition center). Famous for its … Continue reading

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Studio Visit / Streets with Tilt

I was fortunate to visit French graffiti artist TILT in his studio in Toulouse as he prepared for multiple shows in London at POW, Singapore and Manila, and to follow him across the streets. When not painting graffiti on naked … Continue reading

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London Streets: New Mural by Tilt

French graffiti artist TILT is currently painting a massive Union Jack flag with his legendary bubble letters on the walls of Village Underground in London. Check out the work in progress:      More pics here

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Doodle by Dran Pix by Butterfly http://damentalvaporz.tumblr.com

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NY streets: Tek33

Walking through the streets of New York, UK based artist Tek33 has been particularly prolific as his signature trident can be seen everywhere, on stickers, shutters and even rooftops.   

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St Etienne (FR): Les Potos Carres Festival

View also the coverage on Street Art News.net Les Potos Carres is a festival celebrating hip hop through graffiti, music, dance and cinema. For the seventh year running, many international graffiti artists have been invited to participate: Soten, Ogre, Monster, Aroe, … Continue reading

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Lyon (FR): DMV Chez les Morues

As part of the artistic event organised by Arts Pentes (regrouping craftsmen, artists and creators of the Croix-Rousse in Lyon), ubercool vintage shop and cafe Chez Les Morues  invited the Da Mental Vaporz crew for a live performance with Brusk (Lyon), Gris1 … Continue reading

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Da Mental Vaporz at Galore Festival 2011

The French graffiti crew Da Mental Vaporz painted this massive mural for the Galore Festival in Copenhagen. Featuring Bom.k, Blo, Brusk, Dran, Gris, Jaw, Kan and Sowat. The mural is a satyrical reference to unscrupulous people who are willing to deface … Continue reading

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Copenhagen (DK): Galore Festival 2011

Situated around the cultural area of Valby in Copenhagen, aka Toftegårds Plads and their surrounding culture houses KraftWerket and Valby Culture Centre, the Galore Festival is an uncensored, raw and wild exhibition celebrating several forms of art, from classic art, performance, … Continue reading

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Graffiti Art Magazine #12

For the 3rd year anniversary of GRAFFITI ART magazine, I was pleased to contribute to the #12 Issue and shared my experience of Los Angeles, from the multiple openings to the Art in the Streets exhibition at the MOCA. If you … Continue reading

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Toulouse (FR): Dran book signing session

Similar to the London book launch last winter, an endless queue of fans waited eagerly to meet French artist Dran and get their books signed at the GHP gallery in Toulouse, France.   The DMV show ( previously covered) is … Continue reading

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Anthony Lister at POW

Fresh from his recent trip to Berlin, Australian artist Anthony Lister has been hitting the streets of London with new murals and stickers. Lister has also been busy customizing his latest series of prints at Pictures On Walls. Launching this … Continue reading

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Toulouse (FR): Da Mental Vaporz Opening

French graffiti artist Dran has returned to his hometown of Toulouse to hold an exhibition with his DMV crew, Da Mental Vaporz. There were many occasions to celebrate. All nine crew members gathered for the first time in ten years: … Continue reading

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Toulouse (FR): Da Mental Vaporz show set up

From Marseille, Paris, Lyon and Toulouse, all 9 members from the French graffiti crew Da Mental Vaporz (DMV), have come in force to inject their unique style to Toulouse for the last show of the GHP Gallerie. Featuring Dran, Bom-K, … Continue reading

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Stolenspace -Never Judge

The art of book with Pinguin.

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Best Ever – Anatomy of Melancholy

Pictures from the opening

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Fresh DRAN and BRUSK Mural in London

Following their live performance at the second Lawnfest Charity event hosted by Camilla Al Fayed and sponsored by Gallery Nosco, French artists Dran and Brusk from the DMV crew  left their mark in East London. Dran and Brusk actively painted a … Continue reading

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ROA hits NY

Fresh from his London show at the Pure Evil Gallery, ROA has now landed in NY. A lovely bird has appeared in the Lower East Side, and it’s just the beginning… Photo by Butterfly Factory Fresh will be presenting a … Continue reading

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Roa hits the London Streets

New animal paintings from Belgium graffiti artist Roa have appeared in East London.   Photos by Butterfly

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