Colin and SAS Christian at Opera Gallery London

SAS & Colin Christian - Inner Space

Sas and Colin Christian are an edgy pair. This husband and wife duo has a new show on display at the Opera Gallery in London called Inner Space.

Colin Christian’s silicone sculptural works are influenced by old sci-fi movies, pinup girl/supermodels, Anime, ambient electronic music and H.P. Lovecraft. He is not looking to create every imperfection and flaw, but to take the exaggerations and perfections of cartoons and turn them into a realistic 3D form. Colin creates their fashion according to a flashy neo-punk dress code, always suggesting their dominatrix spirit.

Colin’s wife Sas is a self-taught oil painter. When Sas went to museums and art galleries she was really impressed with the works of the “masters,” yet she was never inspired by one person in particular. The artists she most admired were Bouguereau, Tamara De Lempicka, and Mark Ryden. Like her husband, Sas is also inspired by the world of Anime and Japanese pop culture. Working in oil and acrylic on linen or board, she expresses her doubts, desires, and hopes as well as those of her generation through a gallery of feminine portraits with ever changing moods, but an unchanging aesthetic model of round heads and hypertrophied eyes.

SAS & Colin Christian - Inner Space SAS & Colin Christian - Inner Space   SAS & Colin Christian - Inner Space   SAS & Colin Christian - Inner SpaceSAS & Colin Christian - Inner Space      SAS & Colin Christian - Inner Space

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Sas and Colin Christian’s Inner Space is now on display at London’s Opera Gallery.

More info on Sas and Colin at


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