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Studio Visit: Mike Dargas in Cologne (DE)

We dropped by the studio of hyper-realist painter Mike Dargas in Cologne, Germany ahead of his upcoming solo exhibition at Opera Gallery  in London, curated by Jean-David Malat and  opening on 6th July. Drawing his inspiration from masters like Dali, … Continue reading

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London: Andy Denzler @ Opera Gallery

Swiss painter Andy Denzler is having his first London solo show at Opera Gallery.  Featuring a series oil canvasses and bronze sculptures, the exhibition “Between Here and There” explores the romantic idea of young urban creatives’ existence in the inner … Continue reading

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London: Seen Superheroes @ Opera Gallery

The world renowned ‘Godfather of Graffiti’  SEEN is currently showing at the Opera Gallery in London.  The exhibition takes inspiration from the ever-growing American comic book cultural phenomenon.  Colourful large scale paintings depict the world’s most iconic crime fighters and villains, including Batman, Wonder … Continue reading

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London: The Many Faces of David Bowie

We attended the opening of “The Many Faces of David Bowie” at the Opera Gallery London (previewed here) where contemporary and street artists pay tribute to the iconic rock star. Participating artists include: Lita Cabellut, David Mach, Joe Black, C215, The London … Continue reading

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Preview: The Many Faces of David Bowie (London)

From June 21st, Opera Gallery London will be pleased to present a collection of David Bowie-inspired art, in parallel to the Victoria and Albert Museum milestone retrospective “David Bowie Is“. The group exhibition “The many faces of David Bowie” will offer a contemporary vision of ‘Bowie … Continue reading

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Paris Match group show at Opera Gallery

Celebrating the 64th anniversary of French magazine Paris Match, in partnership with Opera Gallery in Paris, 19 artists paid tribute by revisiting some of their iconic covers in paintings, sculptures, photos and other mixed media. Participating artists included Speedy Graphito, C215, Blek Le Rat, … Continue reading

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London: Urban Masters

Butterfly in association with Opera Gallery London and ANV are pleased to present URBAN MASTERS – an alternative art installation giving street and urban artists a chance to render homage to the masters, masterpieces and muses that have influenced their journey through the … Continue reading

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Paris: Nick Walker TMA

To close the loop on a year long project I have been following (covered here) British artist Nick Walker was in Paris for the release of the awaited TMA print, The Morning After, at the Opera Gallery. Nearby luxury shop … Continue reading

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Nick Walker: The Morning After Paris

Last year I joined British artist Nick Walker on a special mission, as he wanted to  develop his vandal series with a Paris focus.  From accompanying him on Paris rooftops to get some inspiration, to following the different steps of the creative … Continue reading

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London: Blek Le Rat at Opera Gallery

Xavier Prou aka Blek Le Rat opened a new exhibition at the Opera Gallery in London. Despite exhibiting all over the world, this is the French artist’s first London exhibition since 2008. With this being his 30 year career anniversary, the new body of work … Continue reading

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London: Philippe Pasqua at Opera Gallery

Opera Gallery London is providing a complete insight into the art of self-taught French artist Philippe Pasqua through a broad collection of artworks featuring paintings, drawings and sculptures. The show includes monumental provocative nudes, as well as sensual up close and … Continue reading

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London: Mr Brainwash at Opera Gallery

As featured in Street Art News Opera Gallery London is exhibiting a selection of works by Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash for his first UK solo show.                        Many people from the cinema and West End made it … Continue reading

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London: Rancinan at Opera Gallery

French photographer Gerard Rancinan comes to London’s Opera Gallery as his first stop on a world tour, taking in Hong Kong, Miami and New York,  with his larger-than -life images, Metamorphoses, Hypotheses, Wonderful World and Portraits. The artist, who has … Continue reading

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Bling Bling at Opera Gallery

Featured artists: Marcelline Lapouffe, Laurence Jenkell, Vincent Poole, Meredith Ostrom Opera Gallery London

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Colin and SAS Christian at Opera Gallery London

Sas and Colin Christian are an edgy pair. This husband and wife duo has a new show on display at the Opera Gallery in London called Inner Space. Colin Christian’s silicone sculptural works are influenced by old sci-fi movies, pinup … Continue reading

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Lori Earley at Opera Gallery

http://www.juxtapoz.com/Current/lori-early-premieres-laments-and-lullabies Lori Early (Juxtapoz cover #55) premiered her solo show Laments and Lullabies at a private viewing last night to a packed house at London’s Opera Gallery. As Early’s most ambitious series to date, Laments and Lullabies is everything her … Continue reading

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