Swoon on the East River State Park



For its inaugural Williamsburg Waterfront Sculpture Exhibition, the Urban Art Projects invited Brooklyn artists and writers to select eight local sculptors (Ursula Clarke, Rob De Oude, Sarah Fonzi, Yasmin Gur, Nathan Slate Joseph, Howard Kalish and Wu Ming Littlefish Farms) for a temporary installation on the East River State Park.

The jury for the remaining sculptors was comprised of Phong Bui, artist and publisher of the Brooklyn Rail, Boaz Vaadia, internationally known sculptor, and Debora Gilbert, writer curator and artist.


In addition to the selected sculptors, Swoon created a domed sculpture to raise awareness for her upcoming building project in Haiti.


Together with her partners at Konbit Houses Project, Swoon has been working on a development that will provide dwellings for inhabitants of disaster stricken areas like Haiti. While the artwork proposed for the East River State Park employs the same super adobe building material to be used in Haiti, the dome structure in Brooklyn is more an art installation rather than a dwelling in its own right.

The installation is on public display until June 6, 2010.


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