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New York: New Banksy invasion

We are always excited to see new works by elusive artist Banksy. He’s back to the streets of New York with a new stencil, featuring a rat running in a clock turned wheel, reminiscent of the incessant rat race.

It can be viewed between 14th and 6th Ave in Greenwich Village, so get there quick to see it in its glory before it gets ‘plexified’ or else.

New update:

On Thursday 15 March the famous Bowery Wall, which was previously painted by renown artists like Keith Haring, Os Gemeos, or  more recently Logan Hicks, unveiled a 70 feet new mural by Banksy, with the collaboration with graffiti artist Borf.

The mural protests the imprisonment of the Turkish artist and journalist Zehra Dogan, who was sentenced last March for painting the destruction of a Turkish town of Nusaybin, which was partly destroyed in 2015, with the country’s flag flying over rubble.

A screen shows a picture of Zehra Dogan’s painting with a message saying ‘sentenced to 2 years nine months and 29 days in jail for painting this picture’.

A series of hash bars like days in prison cell are numbered across the mural with one showing  Ms. Dogan looking at out of one of the cells, with her left hand gripping a bar that doubles as a pencil. “Free Zehra Dogan” is written in the bottom right corner

And there are more to come…. Stay tuned

Photo Credit: Banksy, nekyromero


Video Teaser : JR – Les Bosquets @Tribeca Festival

French artist JR will be presenting his latest movie “Les Bosquets“, on a music by Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams and Woodkid, as a world premiere at the NY Tribeca Film Festival in April. Inspired by Portraits of a Generation (2005), where he shot portraits of residents in the French suburbs during the riots of 2005, and following his New York City ballets projects (2014), JR returns to the guetto of Montfermeil.

The film “Les Bosquets” brings the audience in a place where art, social uproar and the power of image interweave. The film is a continuation of his first project, Portraits of a Generation, for which he uses various means of expression and narration : video archives, choreography and testimony.

The short film will be presented exclusively in galleries and museum shows.

Some shots from Portraits of a Generation below:


NY streets: Tek33

NY Streets: Tek33

Walking through the streets of New York, UK based artist Tek33 has been particularly prolific as his signature trident can be seen everywhere, on stickers, shutters and even rooftops.

NY Rooftops: Skewville, Tek33 and Rainman
NY streets: Tek33  NY streets: Tek33

NY Opening : Michael Murphy – “Look” @ Gallery Nine 5

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Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy

Studio Visits: Skewville

Skewville Studio Visit

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The twin brothers Ad Deville and Droo who make up Skewville first came to prominence around 1999, when their wooden sneakers became an ubiquitous sight hanging from New York power lines. They have continued to push the boundaries of street communications. Since meeting them in London  earlier this year (see here) ,  I was fortunate enough to visit their studio hidden in a basement in Bushwick, NY as they prepared for their upcoming show entitled Anti-Social Networking at the Black Book Gallery in Denver opening on October 7th.

Skewville Studio Visit     Skewville Studio Visit
Skewville Studio Visit  Skewville Studio Visit  Skewville Studio VisitSkewville Studio Visit

Ad Deville showed their entire collection of wooden flying dogs since the 2000′s, and their matching screen layers. We were then taken to a vault where even rarer dogs are stored. Skewville also shared their unique stamping techniques, leveraging everyday DIY tools.

Skewville Studio Visit  Skewville Studio Visit  Skewville Studio VisitSkewville Studio Visit Skewville Studio Visit

Anti-Social Networking will be featuring a selection of works on paper, mix media, wood, metal and concrete. It will be a commentary on social networking and how street art and art in general is not about who you know or who knows you, but who knows your work. The exhibit will be arranged so the artwork is connected to represent social networking and also include a very large and gritty piece from BAST.

Skewville Studio Visit     Skewville Studio Visit

View the full set of pics HERE .