STATIC Ways of Seeing Solo Show

Tom and Craig set up STATIC five years ago in London.

Static - Ways of Seeing

Having initially met on a one year art foundation course before heading off to university, Tom completed a fine art based degree in Edingburgh while Craig went to Liverpool to complete a graphic communication degree. A year after graduating and experimenting with various part time work, they decided to set up their own studio and started working under the name STATIC.

Rather than tagging with their name, STATIC put up posters, stencils and wooden pieces of Chinook Chandelier everywhere they could. It soon became their logo, symbolising them being in different places.

For their first solo show “New ways of Seeing” at Art Republic, they got inspired by John Berger’s series of essays that look at consumerism and communication in different ways.

For the show STATIC produced a double headed Chinook, looking backward as well as looking forward, a reference to them as being a duo sharing ideas and bringing their visions together.

Static - Ways of Seeing

The gallery has been entirely redecorated with hand pulled screenprinted wallpaper and features three sections of works:

 – The “Fight for the Right” series, exploring the notion of getting your voice heard when confronted with social, political and economic injustice.

Static - Ways of Seeing

Static - Ways of Seeing
– The “Luxury Vandals” collection, drawing reference to Murakami collaboration with Louis Vuitton, focussing on the brand desirability, and how celebrities have now embraced street art. To this extend, STATIC have created the Luxury Vandals spraycans.

40  Static - Ways of SeeingStatic - Ways of Seeing

 – The Glass Casket Collection, consisting of dead cans (symbolised by the ace of spade) which found a new lease of life in these stencilled wooden boxes.

  Static - Ways of Seeing  Static - Ways of Seeing Static - Ways of Seeing Static - Ways of SeeingStatic - Ways of Seeing

 More pictures from the show here

STATIC is now preparing for their upcoming solo show in Japan end of August, so stayed tuned for more info.


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