Remed UK Solo Show at Pure Evil Gallery

Remed UK Solo Show at Pure Evil Gallery


Originally from Lille in France, Remed takes his inspiration from Art Nouveau and Cubism, and loves to play with words and figures. Having lived in many countries like Morocco, Brazil, Spain, Remed feels comfortable with any form of expression, whether sketch, canvas, sculpture or large scale murals. Every piece is thoroughly thought beforehand and depicts his feelings or moment of life, which are also universal.

Here are some pieces from his Solo Show at Pure Evil Gallery:

Remed explores the notion of time, is there really a beginning and an end?
Words are written in reverse:  El spmet – Le temps (Time), Essap – Passe (Past), Rutuf – Futur (Future), so it’s up to the spectator to decide which direction to go.   

It says “tout est ephemere, le tout est permanent”, which translates as everything is ephemeral, the whole is permanent.  
Remed mentionned “the only true thing is present…the only real thing, everliving is the movement. Thats why you got the word “le mouvement” written under past present futur.”


 Remed   Remed    Remed

When Remed saw the lower ground space of the gallery, he thought of Marcel DUCHAMPS canvas “Nu descendant l’escalier” ( Nude going down the stairs) and wanted to show movement.  This resulted in 600×350 cm multicolored mural titled “Steps” . Steps by Remed

Remed explains ” The wall came out to be a sum up of all the paintings I did lately, as if on this image, I put all the pieces (the latest period) of my life/art together. The fear of loosing past, the acceptation of the end of a cycle, death, then rebirth of a new self, and the beginning of a new cycle.”


More photos from the show by Butterfly HERE

Remed @ Pure Evil Gallery is running until 23 June 2010


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