Wild Fantasies – A decade of Don’t Panic Posters

Starting in London in 2000, Don’t Panic packs became increasingly popular not only for their arts and culture information, but also for their highly collectable Posters.
Distributed in many cities hot spots, it provided a launch pad for emerging and established artists like Andrew Rae, Banksy, Pentagram, Lucy McLauchlan,  Eine, Elliot Thoburn, Paul Insect, David Shrigley, Jon Burgerman, Stanley Donwood and many more.

Curated by Leon Martyn, ‘Wild Fantasies’ features an exhibition of 50 of the most important Posters distributed through the Don’t Panic packs.  

Don't Panic - Wild Fantasies

Don't Panic - Wild Fantasies 

In addition ten new screenprints have been created to celebrate each year of the Don’t Panic Poster : D*Face, Word To Mother, Mr Jago, C215, Holly Wales, Shepard Fairey (litho print), Lucas Price, Pure Evil, Mudwig, and James Joyce.

Don't Panic - Wild Fantasies

See a video with D*Face being interviewed

Don't Panic - Wild Fantasies

Don't Panic - Wild Fantasies

Don't Panic - Wild Fantasies 

See more photos from the opening by  Butterfly

Wild Fantasies – A decade of Don’t Panic Posters
24 Sept –  3 October 2010
91 Brick Lane, London, EC1.


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