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London: D*Face archived and unseen exhibition (Stolenspace)

D*Face London 2020

StolenSpace Gallery is showcasing a unique collection of archived and unseen works by D*Face, featuring some rare gems and editions that were meant to have been released but never were, as well as a few more misprints tucked away.

Its a great opportunity to step into D*Face creative world and discover some insights in his recreated studio space, as well as enjoy some recognisable characters and imagery, some of which have been misprinted or played around with to create truly special one-offs.

Thanks for sharing the experimentation process that goes into creating the perfect print!

D*Face London 2020
D*Face London 2020
D*Face London 2020
D*Face London 2020
D*Face London 2020
D*Face London 2020

In parallel to the show, D*Face painted a large scale mural in London, next to Kings Cross station.


Paris: D*Face – ‘Fornever’

D*Face Fornever

After painting a large new mural Turn Coat (covered) in the 13th District of Paris, D*Face unveiled his first solo show in France at Galerie Itinerrance. Entitled FORNEVER, the exhibition presented canvasses, sculptures, installations, HPMs, prints, and more. The British artist also experimented with a new medium – ‘Memory Trays’ – assemblages of found objects to bring a narrative dimension to his portraits. Thus, his subjects are plunged into the past as if they were nothing but an accumulation of memories, a discrete stencil is hidden inside a old novel, the faded picture of a pin-up comes out of a small pocket, or a key floats inside a glass bottle. The new imagery deals with how nothing is forever, with the old replaced with the new and the tensions that come with it.

D*Face Fornever

The first wall of the showing presented a ‘blue period’ with a multitude of formats from sculptures, such as ‘Riot Bottles’ and ‘Memory Trays’. This section featured sad characters, with an omnipresent blue colour palette, bringing out melancholy and the souvenir of lost time.

D*Face Fornever
D*Face ForneverD*Face ForneverD*Face Fornever

Opposite these lonely characters, a series of colourful canvasses focused on love relationships through different stages, and also echoed some of D’s monumental murals and album cover for the music band Blink-182. The themes of duality, love and violence appeared throughout the exhibition, from the Coke bottles transformed into Riot motolov cocktails or rose vases, to the rusted and painted saws featuring the male and female gaze.

D*Face ForneverD*Face ForneverD*Face Fornever
D*Face ForneverD*Face ForneverD*Face ForneverD*Face Fornever

To describe the exhibition, D*Face mentions – ”From London to Los Angeles, Tokyo to Paris, I’ve lived and worked in cities my entire life, and if there’s one thing that all have had in common, it’s a tension between the old and the new. Progress seems inevitable, yet history and tradition remain treasured commodities – hard to let go. Likewise, artists throughout history, including myself, have faced the same obstacle – how do we evolve without abandoning what distinguished us in the first place? As the rate of change increases exponentially, so too does the value of society’s collective memory, along with the few relics which remain to uphold the past. It was my ambition with the Fornever show to set past and future in dialogue with one another.
To initiate this project, I chose to revisit the image of the Riot Coke Bottle, but this time as an imitation of the iconic petrol bomb – the poor man’s grenade. A familiar yet daunting object, it’s been used to spark the fire of countless revolutions throughout history, so for me it was an irresistible symbol for change – an incineration of the old in sight of the new. What remains then are vestiges of the past, salvaged, repurposed and marvellously outdated, they remind us that no matter how hard we may fight the wheel of change, nothing can last forever – there is only Fornever.”

D*Face ForneverD*Face Fornever
D*Face Fornever
D*Face Fornever

View the full set of pics here

D*Face – Fornever
Galerie Itinerrance

Paris: D*Face ‘Turncoat’ Mural

D*Face Turncoat

British artist D*Face (covered) has just completed his second mural in Paris, at 155 boulevard Vincent Auriol, part of the ongoing open air museum in the 13th District with Street Art 13 Mural program.

This is the mural version of his painting ‘Turncoat‘, here on 25 meters high and 15 meters wide. This monumental work marks a departure in D*Face’s work. The portrait is made from a blue colour palette, while most of its pieces are based on a plurality of colors.

D*Face Turncoat

The artist, explained it as follows: “The colour scheme is new to me, it’s a new direction, each artist goes through his blue period, at the moment it must be my turn. . ” This palette represents a certain melancholy in his view of the world. The woman lips are tinted with a vibrant electric red, highlighting her power of seduction while her frowning brows and rebellious hair show her strong temperament. D*Face also added his signature wings and pop imagery to the mural.

D*Face TurncoatD*Face TurncoatD*Face TurncoatD*Face TurncoatD*Face TurncoatD*Face TurncoatD*Face TurncoatD*Face TurncoatD*Face Turncoat
D*Face Turncoat

In parallel, the original painting ‘Turncoat’ is currently visible at the new solo exhibition ‘Fornever‘ at Galerie Itinerrance until 19 May.

View the full set of pics here

No Commission : London with The Dean Collection x Bacardi


Following the success of previous events in Miami  and New York,  The Dean Collection & Bacardi are presenting their immersive art and music event No Commission: London from December 8-10. Curated by music producer Swizz Beatz, the art fair is designed specifically to support both new and established artists. All participants are given their exhibition space for free and 100% of the sale of each artwork goes directly to the artists.

Participating artists include: Ricardo Cavolo, Sandra Chevrier, DANK (Dan Kitchener), D*Face, Ben Eine, Jamie Evans, FAILE,  Fanakapan, Hassan Hajjaj, HANDIEDAN,  Conor Harrington, Paul Insect, Kai and Sunny, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Miss Van, Jaybo Monk, Oker, Felipe Pantone, Lucy Sparrow, Matthew Stone, Gary Stranger, Jason Woodside. 

‘When Music meets Art’ 


“Our theme for No Commission: London is ‘Juxtaposition’ and celebrates the journey from street art to fine art.  Visitors will experience art and music, street art and fine art, street culture and high culture, a bit of grit, a bit of glamour,” explains Swizz Beatz. “It’s great to be in the UK. London in particular has a strong connection with graffiti and contemporary art. But it doesn’t stop here. We want to take No Commission around the world!”

In parallel to the art, guests also enjoyed immersive live music performances from Blood Orange, Emeli Sande x Ainey Zion, Swizz Beatz and Lady Leshurr.

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View the full set of pics here

The Dean Collection x Bacardi present

8-10 December 2016  
Visit here for more information.

London: D*Face Misprints & Misfits @ StolenSpace

D*Face - Misprints and Misfits

StolenSpace Gallery is hosting an exhibition called ‘Misprints & Misfits’, featuring a series of one off paper pieces by D*Face, from the deepest depths of D*Face’s print archives.

From the iconic ‘Dog Save the Queen’ to ‘Samo Butterfly effect’ and glittery ‘A Hole’, it’s a rare occasion to view unseen paper pieces, one offs, proofs, misprints and editions never before released. Hurry as the exhibition finishes on 1 May .

D*Face - Misprints and Misfits D*Face - Misprints and MisfitsD*Face - Misprints and MisfitsD*Face - Misprints and Misfits
D*Face - Misprints and Misfits     D*Face - Misprints and Misfits
D*Face - Misprints and Misfits     D*Face - Misprints and MisfitsD*Face - Misprints and MisfitsD*Face - Misprints and Misfits

D*Face Misprints & Misfits
Until 1st May 2016
Brick Lane , London