Alëxone T’as le look croco in Paris


Born in 1976, Alëxone lives and works in Paris. Coming from a graffiti background, he rose to fame in the early 90’s with his striking letter-based tags appearing on the streets of Paris, combining graffiti, calligraphy and street installations under the name of Oedipus.

Since then his distinctive work has won him a reputation far beyond France and exhibitions all over Europe, among them Paris with the Fondation Cartier (“Born in the Streets”), Espace Vuitton (“Ecriture Silencieuse”) , Hamburg, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, and London.

Alëxone returns for a second solo show titled “T’as le look croco”  at the Galerie LJ with his colorful fantasy world, full of wild animals and strange characters. This new body of work combines work on paper and canvas, presented as part of an interactive installation built in-situ.

Mainly working on paper over the last two years, his painting has become more mature, developing compositions sometimes so dense that they become almost abstract, although still discreetly showing his past as a graffiti writer.




More pictures HERE

The show is running until 7 July 2010

Galerie L.J.
12 Rue Commines 75003 Paris


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